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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 12, 2016 10:30pm-11:05pm CST

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ten country. >> kirk: you have to believe jim harbaugh may freeze him here with that last time-out. >> chris: keith duncan for a walkoff winner. from 33 yards. >> kirk: he's moving down. time-out. >> chris: and he will, as you suggested. give the young fella a little more time to think about it. >> kirk: don't forget what's at stake here. not only for iowa, trying to have a big moment, but for michig, >> chris: happy in happy valley. >> kirk: if you are a penn state, you are cheering like crazy for this field goal to be good and for iowa to upset michigan. and if you're an ohio state fan, you're cheering like crazy for him to miss this field goal and for michigan to win the game. >> chris: michigan has been so good at getting their hands on kicks. ucf, a p.a.t., a field goal. we know what they've done against punts.
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harbaugh can't ice him again. keith duncan, true freshman from north carolina from 33 yards and a walkoff winner. right through! and the hawkeyes have stunned the wolverines! michigan, unbeaten no more! respect between king and peppers
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the road for the first time, don't pass the test. and the hawkeyes, who have been questioned and criticized, very few of these folks mobbing the team believed this would happen tonight, kirk. what a scene. >> kirk: not after last saturday. this is a heck of a moment for kirk ferentz and for this iowa football team. >> chris: he's in that mob somewhere with samantha ponder. sam? are you there? >> samantha: well, coach, you put a true freshman out t win the game of this magnitude. how would you describe your confidence in him? >> i'm really proud of him. just really proud of our whole team. you know, a week ago, we weren't feeling so good about this time of night, so, the guys really did a great job. just played hard tonight. >> samantha: coach, you've been doing this for a long time. and you described what it was like last week in wanting to see how your team would respond, so, what can you say about the way they responded out here? >> just really proud of them.
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really, last week, we just kicked right in the teeth. and that's not much fun. been through it. done it, all that stuff, but you know, the guys got off the mat. they did a heck of a job all week. obviously competed tonight. >> samantha: coach what was the locker room like at halftime when obviously you guys had already proven you could hang with these guys? >> well, we knew we were in the game. i think they knew they were in the game. we knew there was a lot of football left to be played. a heck of a second half. >> samantha: coach, congratulations. real defiance. who knows what he said to his team, but after that embarrassment in happy valley, iowa comes home, regroups. the final drive was a short one. aided by a controversial face mask call. but then keith duncan, the true freshman, just drives it through and the wolverines beaten 14-13. in a game that is shades very much of that 1985 one versus two
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only 230 total yards by iowa. wadley accounted for 167 of them. and their defense played their tails off. it was a short-handed group. we talked about, you know, the freshman who made the interception in the second half. and they were not going to be able to pick on him tonight. >> kirk: this is why college football, for me, is the best. everything on paper, everything showed that michigan should win this game decisiv coming on the road, taking on a team they got embarrassed, one of their worst losses in 12 years. and they come back in front of these home fans in kinnick stadium, who are as loyal a fan base as anywhere in the country, and they did exactly what they needed to do. made it an ugly game. got it to 14-13 with the last second field goal and kirk ferentz, man, his emotion, so genuine after the game, he is so proud of this program that he
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one extreme of emotions last week at state college, to the other extreme of emotions tonight, just -- this is why it's the best. this is why college football is the best. >> chris: sure is. amen. and speaking of state college, this scene beneath us right on this field reminiscent of what we saw when penn state blocked the field goal, beat ohio state. the folks there were all white. these folks are dressed in all black. but it's an upset they'll never forget, an iowa team kicked around and a michigan team that just wasn't able to tonight on offense. wilton speight had a terrific season coming in here. did not have a very good night. they didn't really get the running game going until late. i don't think this loss, because of what happened at clemson, what happened in seattle, i don't think it knocks michigan out of playoff contention by any stretch, but it does raise some issues. >> kirk: it does. they've got the big game at the end of the year, still with ohio state. in columbus. still, there will be so much at stake for both teams. the winner is going to be in a
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gets into the driver's seat, if they were to win out, remember now, penn state would beat ohio state head to head. they would win the head to head tiebreaker, if ohio state beat michigan. penn state would then advance to indianapolis, so, that also could impact potentially the playoff at the end of the year. >> chris: we knew the big ten east was going to be a lot of fun. weren't sure it was going to be a three-team race. but penn state at rutgers, big favorites there. homeymy state. two wins and ohio state wins against michigan. you're right, they would go. and perhaps they would still be in playoff contention, even if they don't win the division. >> kirk: could be. a wild day. >> chris: it was a wild day, as three undefeated teams in the top four all go down. from death valley in clemson to out in seattle, here in the heartland at iowa, where a walkoff field goal by a true freshman, keith duncan, wins it for the hawkeyes.
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together to knock off the wolverines by a point. the ford wrapup show is up right now. thanks, chris. captain obvious, but we should be seeing some changes to the top four in the college football playoff rankings after a wild day. welcome into the ford wrapup, i'm cassidy hubbarth. we all know crazy things happen in november, but clemson has been dealing with crazy all season. as they've had six games decided by seven points or less. playing with fire all year. but today, they finally got burned. to death valley, with the tigers riding a 21-game home winning streak into their matchup with pitt. clemson up, deshaun watson. clemson turns it over on towns. just 32 yards of offense in the second half. chris blewitt hits the clutch 48-yard game winner. pitt stuns clemson, 43-42,
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for an acc record 583 yards and three tds. is up upsets didn't stop th. usc and washington. 287 yards for the freshman qb. washington's 12-game winning streak snapped. 26-13, the final. number eight, texas a&m taking on ole miss. rebels down 28-26. 41 seconds left. gary o gary oner litch. aggies, 3-8 in conference games. auburn and georgia. maurice smith picked off. georgia would add two field goals to win 13-7, and with the tigers loss, bama clinches the s.e.c. west. georgia tech and virginia tech. marcus marshall up the middle. breaks through. 56 yards for the score. the yellow jackets with their third straight 300-yard rushing
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30-20. of all the upsets this may be the biggest. in division three, mount union's 112-game regular season win streak coming to an end under john car rroll. too the ranked teams that actually won today. jalen hurts, 347 passing yards, four passing tds, a td on the ground. five total tds types a single game school record. number five taking on maryland. j.t. barrett to curtis samuel. ohio state rolls. number six, louisville, trailed 12-10 to wake forest heading into the fourth. but then exploded for 34 points. lamar jackson, 145 passing yards, fewest this season. just one td. yes, i said just, for the heisman candidate, 44-12, the final. now, with i wi, they found their offense, it's in its stride. the badgers, 45-point win is
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penn state won a back and forth affair over indiana, moved to 8-2 on the year. their best start since 2011. oklahoma cruised by baylor for its 14th straight win in conference play. oklahoma state squeezed by texas tech. how about number 19, nebraska, taking on minnesota? game typed at 17 in the fourth quarter. tommy armstrong. would dive into the end zone. nebraska wins 24-17. well, after zero in the last two games. some pac-12 after dark action. colorado right now leads arizona, 28-10 in the first half. and over on espn, right now, washington state is up 21-7 with nine to play in the second. that's the ford wrapup.
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r slam) ooo! (laughter) ? oh my god get out! smile for the camera! ? woo! we all live for football. and we're headed to the playoff. life is a sport. the ford escape.
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teenager. it happened around 11 o'clock last night near gable and linn streets. when police officers arrived, they found the teen inside a car with a gunshot wound. they took her to a nearby hospital before
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of iowa hospitals, where she died. police expect to release her name tomorrow. two others were also in the car when the teen was hit. they weren't hurt. one woman who lives nearby described what happened. " 20:55 i was just watching tv... there are a lot of kids in the neighborhoods. so i heard a lot of noise so i just looked out the kind and i hear a bang... and then bang bang bang i hit he floor " if you have any information about this at 319-291-4340. or contact cedar valley crime stoppers at 855-300-8477. someone found a body near a cedar rapids trail on the northeast side. the body was discovered shortly before noon, near mcloud run trout stream. that's between 29th street and j avenue. officers closed off the portion of the trail while they investigated. they're calling this an
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police say the public isn't in any danger. attn oelwein fire department you're needed at luigi's at 1020 south frederick for a report of a fire in the kitchen. a kitchen fire turned into this--- the blazing end of a decades-old restaurant in oelwein, this afternoon. firefighters arrived at luigi's restaurant and lounge about 3:15 this afternoon. they found heavy flames in the kitchen, which quickly spread to the ceiling. no one was hurt. but the restaurant is a to the owner luigi's daughters and has the story. firefighters worked to battle a blaze at luigi's restaurant as luigi's daughters watched throughout the evening "it was our dad's life how hard my dad worked to build that, and it was his life. he's 84 years old,
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since he opened his eatery in 1959. the italian immigrant had generations of family pictures hanging up inside his restaurant "those are treasures too that we lost. a lot of family heirlooms in there. as marty says it was like a museum to our family." the family says it is too soon to think about rebuilding. they feel sorry for some of their long time workers who are now without a job. but they are thankful everybody made it out safe, and that luigi was not there to see the place he's put years of blood sweat and tears in go up in flames. "i'm glad my dad, he was delivering food up in fayette and how he had been there. who knows what he would have done. maybe he would have tried to put the fire out himself" and we want to thank everyone who called about the fire. remember, whenever you see news, give us a call on newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. you can also email us at newsroom at kcrg dot com.
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chris, calm and quiet night - it was perfect for football? our weather pattern looks to remain very quiet for the rest of the weekend and for most of next week. tonight, high pressure will keep our skies clear as temperatures fall to near normal lows in the 30s. winds will pick up some out of southwest for sunday, and along with more sunshine, will bring our temperatures back into the upper 50s and even close to 60. a very weak cold front moves through monday, and despite a wind shift to the northwest, it won't have much if any impact on our temperatures. another stretch of quiet and mild weather stays in place into thursday, but signs are poinn late in the week. winds will be picking up as it nears, so expect a windy end to the workweek with possible cooler conditions set to arrive for the weekend. tonight: clear. wind: sw 5-10. low: 33 alo: 33 dbq: 34 iow: 33 30 to 36 back to you. today, thousands of people took to the streets
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of protests after the election of donald trump. earlier in the day in des moines, hundreds held a rally at outside the state capitol. people say they're still coming to grips with the reality of the election. their message? no tolerance for hate and discrimination from people, especially elected leaders. " "this is a race issue, this is a gender issue, this is a disability issue, and this affects all sorts of marginalized communities and we need to come toegether, we need to be there for each other, we need to let each other know that they're not alone."" people at the rally said they're hopeful the inauguration day draws near. hillary clinton's is blaming the f-b-i's most recent email review for her defeat. she said she was winning until f-b-i director james comey announced the agency had found potentially classified emails linked to her private server. clinton made those comments during a call with top campaign donors today. the f-b-i cleared her
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further motivated trump supporters. a family from center point wants people to know the dangers of synthetic drugs. their son logan rooney was 25 when he died after using a synthetic substance. kcrg-tv9's samantha myers has his story. nats "that's him and his best friend nick" last summer, logan rooney called his dad and said he was feeling sick so he had a friend drive him to the hospital. 16:32:57;02 " "i was out on my bike and the phone rings and it was a nurse at the emergency room and she said well i just want to give you an update as to what's going on you know he's a pretty sick young man." " his health took a tu "just a little over 24-hours later is the point where you know his body finally gave up. we were there with our family, his high school friends, some of their parents." he died with his loved ones by his side in the hospital. david rooney says logan's friends admitted he had used a synthetic drug. he took two hits of a vape pipe. two hits were all it took. 16:44:26;21 "logan is an example of somebody that slips through the cracks and doesn't bring enough attention to what these poisons do because that's what they are they're poisons." ken rizer a state lawmaker out of cedar rapids says the current state law isn't enough. 16:09:04;03 ""the problem with state law is we go back every session and we add compounds to the list of what is considered synthetic drugs. that's kind of like adding to the list of computer viruses" " he says
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making new compounds that aren't on the list. he's been working on legislation that would make it easier to prosecute people for synthetic drugs. 16:14:37;18 "that's why we need to change the law. both to deter sellers and manufacturers from putting this stuff on the streets in iowa and to just make it clear to everyone that these substances are incredibly dangerous and they need to be outlawed." nats looking at pictures "you really gotta sit down and talk with your kids heart-to-heart." before it's too late and another life is lost. in cedar rapids, samantha myers kcrg- tv9 ne state law enforcement officials
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who was convicted of sexually abusing a girl. the iowa law enforcement academy council recently published notice of its intent. earlier this year, 31-year- old kyle cross pleaded guilty to third-degree sexual abuse. contact with a 14-year-old girl last year. cross said he thought the girl was 19, but was actually 14. the man was a dubuque police officer from 2007 to 2012. christmas has come early - at least at one shopping center in eastern iowa. santa arrived at lindale mall in cedar rapids and he won't be leaving anytime soon. and the hawkeyes cap off a day of upsets with one of their own in front of a
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morning. he rode in into the center court of lindale mall to greet guests. members of the c.r. spirits dance team greeted santa with a dance. lindale teamed up with the habitat restore and culvers landscaping to create santa's brand new setup.
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more fun for the families that come to visit. "26:55lindale mall is very focused on bringing families here for events. santa's arrival is a little early but it does give kids and opportunity to visit santa and for parents to say santa's watching?" " santa will be at lindale mall everyday through 6 p-m on christmas eve. a famous cat made a stop this morning to benefit the hiawatha library's hacap food drive. pete the cat is the mascot from a series of children's books. each book teaches readers a good lesson. children and their families were invited to drop off a canned good and take a picture with pete. librarians said it's a good way to promote two things. "42:31we believe totally in literacy and brain food here at the library. we also believe in actual food, so here's the perfect mashup of the two. we can all help each other this way." the food drive runs through
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perishable item at the library's front desk. let's go back to chris. will the string of mild
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of next week. tonight, high pressure will keep our skies clear as temperatures fall to near normal lows in the 30s. winds will pick up some out of southwest for sunday, and along with more sunshine, will bring our temperatures back into the upper 50s and even close to 60. a very weak cold front moves wind shift to the northwest, it won't have much if any impact on our temperatures. another stretch of quiet and mild weather stays in place into thursday, but signs are pointing to a more significant system for late in the week. winds will be picking up as it nears, so expect a windy end to the workweek with possible cooler conditions set to arrive
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5-10. low: 33 alo: 33 dbq: 34 iow: 33 30 to 36 tomorrow: sunny. wind: sw 15-25 high: 59 alo: 59 dbq: 57 iow: 60 56 to 62 tom. night: partly cloudy. wind: sw 5-10 low: 39 alo: 39 dbq: 40 iow: 39 36 to 42 monday: mostly sunny. high: 58 alo: 39 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 61 low: 38 wednesday: mostly sunny. thursday: partly cloudy. high: 64 low: 41 friday: chance of showers. windy. high: 59 low: 49 saturday: partly sunny, windy and cooler. high: 44 low: 31 sunday: mostly sunny. high: 43 low: 26 thanks chris. our weather pattern looks to remain very quiet for the rest of the weekend and for most
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our skies clear as temperatures fall to near normal lows in the 30s. winds will pick up some out of southwest for sunday, and along with more sunshine, will bring our temperatures back into the upper 50s and even close to 60. a very weak cold front moves josh is here, iowa hasn't had much to cheer about and boy did they need this.
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the season. well iowa has some new life. stay with your 24 hour
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clemson lost to pitt, no. 4 washington lost to usc. so, could the hawkeyes knock off no. 3 michigan at home? ... packed crowd at kinnick stadium under the lights ... 2nd quarter, michigan up 3- 0... ty isaac makes it 10-0 as he runs it in for the 7-yard touchdown... hawkeyes looking for some kind of spark the next michigan drive... jaleel johnson tackles de'veon smith in the end zone for the safety... hawkeyes are on the board down 10-2 ... the offense helps out as well... c.j. beathard with the screen pass to akrum wadley and he's in for the 3-yard score... 2-point conversion failed... iowa down 10-8 at halftime ... 2nd half, hawkeyes with the kickoff... it's a short kick, fielded by khalid hill... and he fumbles on the play... brady ross
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it... keith duncan drills the 25-yard field goal... hawkeyes up 11-10 ... 4th quarter, michigan lines up for a 51-yard field goal to take the lead... and kenny allen has plenty of leg... michigan up 13-11 ... still in the 4th, michigan facing a 3rd and 9... watch true freshman manny rugamba come up with the interception ... the iowa offense looking to capitalize... c.j. beathard with the play-action, goes deep for jerminic smith... but the but iowa's defense forced a three and out ... hawkeyes got the ball back and set up a 33-yard field goal attempt for duncan to win it... and he does... iowa stuns no. 3 michigan with the 14-13 win... even coach ferentz couldn't hold back the emotions "i'm proud of him and i'm so happy for this team. a week ago this time, we weren't feeling real good. but the guys battled hard." trt: 12


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