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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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year has now gone home. and it all came down to today for some high school football teams hoping for a state title. we'll have highlights from the dome. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . much of our viewing area is under a wind advisory. at all, you know why. so we're going right away to meteorologis t joe winters for details. a grand jury will decide if a
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a man. linn county attorney jerry vander sanden says it would be in the public's best interest to allow a grand jury to decide if the case warrants any criminal charges. around one a-m on november first cedar rapids police officer lucas jones pulled over jerime mitchell on a routine traffic stop. that was near coe college and
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into some kind of an altercation that led to officer jones firing his gun, seriously wounding mitchell who was still inside his vehicle. vander sanden says the grand jury will consist of seven people they'll choose randomly, and at least five of them have to agree on any possible indictment. the process to choose the grand jury members has already started. this is the first time vander sanden has used a grand jury in a case involving a police officer using deadly force since he took office in 2010. t-v nine contacted mitchell's family attorney this afternoon. the family declined to comment. cedar rapids police say there have been no shots fired calls yet this month. we asked the department for records on shots fired calls for the past year and things seem to be improving. that wasn't the case in the first half of 2016. in that time period, there were 50 shots fired calls. that's higher then the previous year in that same
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there's been a drop on shots fired incidents. last year 46 in that time frame. this year cedar rapids has had 26. we asked the crpd why the decrease, and they weren't sure. it could be a new policing strategy that targets at risk neighborhood s, or it could just be luck. an iowa supreme court decision today will shorten the sentences for as many as 150 juveniles serving felony sentences in iowa prisons. this affects inmates who, as forcible felonies... and who judges had re-sentenced because of a 2014 court decision that said such mandatory sentences for juveniles were unconstitutional. the court says those inmates should get credit for good behavior at a much faster pace than adult felons. it means the state should release those inmates after they serve just 45 per cent of their sentence. in a t-v nine update... friends
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man found severely injured in iowa city earlier this year. someone found ryan jansa bloodied and unconscious by a dumpster behind a bar in may. iowa city police have yet to figure out what happened to him. and for five months after that incident, jansa received therapy at "on with life" rehab center in ankeny. today was a day of celebrating his progress and homecoming. his family and friends held an event for him in shueyville this evening. jansa is still recovering. he says the last muscles like the ones in his hands. but he is optimistic about his recovery. "when i started i was in a coma and i couldn't talk i had like no movement in my left side and over time that's gotten better. " he says it's amazing to have had so much support and it shows how much his friends and family care about him.
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new administration today. all three are reliable conservatives -- and two of them are already causing a backlash. at the same time, trump has agreed to spend 25 million dollars to settle lawsuits against his now-defunct trump university for real estate investors. a-b-c's maggie rulli reports. donald trump abruptly settled all three fraud lawsuits against the now-defunct trump university -- for 2 dollars for about 6,000 students with no admission of wrongdoing. before being elected, trump vowed he would never settle the lawsuits. sot daniel petrocelli, lawyer for donald trump " ... he was willing to put his personal interests and his personal beliefs aside and focus on the issues that are facing the country." president-elect trump also busy with his transition team -- filling three top positions friday. alabama
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retired lieutenant general michael flynn as national security advisor. and representativ e michael pompeo of kansas as director of the cia. there is already blowback. sessions could face a challenging confirmation. he was blocked in the senate thirty years ago from becoming a district judge over alleged racially- charged comments. the aclu and the naacp have already criticized the pick. sot sessions 1986: "i am not a racist. i am not insensitive to blacks. i supported civil rights activity in my state. i have done my job with integrity, equality, and fairness for all." michael flynn tweeted last february: "fear of muslims is rational." sot flynn: "islam is a political ideology?it notion of it being a religion." on saturday, donald trump meets with mitt romney, perhaps his harshest republican critic during the campaign -- now reportedly a contender for secretary of state. maggie rullie, abc news, washington. both hillary clinton and donald trump had low favorability ratings before the election. that caused some people to write in someone else for president instead of voting
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10-thousand more write-in votes this year than in 2012. there were also more write-in votes than there were votes for green party presidential candidate jill stein. two dozen kids got their "forever families" at a mass adoption event in waterloo today. three judges at the black hawk county courthouse finalized the adoption of 24 children. it was the largest such event in waterloo organized by iowa kidsnet to mark national adoption say such events are a big deal because it calls attention to the hundreds of children in iowa still awaiting an adoptive family. "we try to do one big day in november because it's national adoption month so we collect a bunch of adoptions and get it all done in one day to make a huge deal about it have food and prizes and things for kids to do and
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in the foster care system waiting to be adopted. that is down slightly from 10 years ago, when more than 11- hundred kids were on the waiting list. eastern iowa high school football teams were vying for a state title tonight. and one cat who was missing after a jones county fire has finally found its way home. first here's a look at the most viewed stories today on kcrg dot-com. s 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9 a jones county cat got a little
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eleven cats escaped from a fire at an anamosa cat shelter in 2013. some returns, but one cat named "tommy" was nowhere to be seen. t showed up at a shelter in cedar rapids. kcrg-tv9's samantha myers shows us how tommy is doing after all this time. three years ago a fire that started in an apartment upstairs destroyed a cat adoption center. 11 cats escaped during the fire. 17:58:11;26 ""for the next six, seven weeks i set live traps around the burned building all the way up about four or five blocks away and checked those four or five times a day" "
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named tommy. 17:59:58;25 "we wanted to find him so bad, they tore the building down and they saw no signs of him inside." tracy mccarty eventually went back to her normal routine and built a new shelter in monticello, but never forgot about tommy. on thursday she received a call she was waiting three years for. someone found tommy. 18:02:01;20 "i got a call from cedar rapids animal control and they said that they had picked up a kitty the night before and it had a it scanned to animal welfare foundation" tommy has a leg injury that veterinarians believe happened a few years ago, but is in good health. 18:03:26;10 "he got out of the carrier and got up on my lap and licked my nose and gave me a big hug and he's here to stay, he's here to stay." they have no idea how he ended up in cedar rapids. and he won't be put up for adoption, instead he'll be the kitty mascot of the animal welfare foundation. a permanent place
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samantha myers kcrg-tv9 news. the u-n-i basketball team was hoping for a win in overtime tonight against oklahoma. and high schools were hoping for a state title today.
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you're going and oops i didn't turn right and you slip and slide, but they get through it." " midwest experienced their first snow of the year. this is video from alexandria, minnesota. as you can see, snow plows and blowers were busy clearing streets and sidewalks. as an area of low pressure departs, it leaves in its wake cold northerly winds. wind chills tonight dip into the teens with highs through the
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sprinkles and flurries are possible overnight with sunshine found during the daytime hours of saturday and sunday. looking ahead at thanks giving week shows some showers on tuesday and wednesday with a dry thanksgiving day. have a great tonight: very windy. a few sprinkles/flurries are possible. wind: nw 20-40. low: 29 tomorrow: mostly sunny, windy, and much cooler. wind: nw 15-30. high: 40 tom. night: clear and cold. wind: nw 5-10. low: 20 sunday: mostly sunny and
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partly cloudy. high: 46 low: 23 tuesday: showers likely. high: 47 low: 34 wednesday: chance of showers early. high: 44 low: 40 thursday: partly cloudy. high: 46 low: 34 friday: increasing clouds. high: 47 low: 31 high: 48 low: 30 thanks joe. as an area of low pressure departs, it leaves in its wake cold northerly winds. wind chills tonight dip into the teens with highs through the weekend in the upper 30s and lower 40s.
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are possible overnight with sunshine found during the daytime hours of saturday and sunday. looking ahead at thanks giving week shows some showers on tuesday and wednesday with a dry thanksgiving day. have a great night and a safe few sprinkles/flurries are possible. wind: nw 20-40. low: 29 tomorrow: mostly sunny, windy, and much cooler. wind: nw 15-30. high: 40 as we get closer to christmas,
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warm right now at the north pole. scientists say the north pole and most of the arctic ocean are 36 degrees it's polar night, that time of year when there's no sunshine within the polar circle. that typically allows temperatures to drop and the area of sea ice to grow. instead, the amount of sea ice is at a record low. we'll
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to finish it tonight in the 4a title game against dowling catholic. --trojans punting already trailing by 7...dowling brings the heat and blocks it...the ball falls right into the arms of willie o'hara...he finally pushed out at the 1.... --from there, jacob zachary adds his second touchdown of the game...13-0 maroons... --but on the ensuing kickoff....former tv9 athlete of the week oliver martin fields it at the 15....there's a parting of the red sea and martin blows by the kicker....he's off to the races...75 yards for the touchdown....west makes it a 13-7 game... --midway through the second quarter, lucas karwa
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16-10 at the break... --the maroons add to that lead in the third...the give to jayson murray and he finds the endzone as dowling beats west 23-10 to win its fourth straight state title. "us seniors, we just told the junior class and sophomore class that they just had to keep their head up and just keep fighting and keep pushing for next year. we told them remember what this feeling feels like cause you don't want this to happen to you." sot :13 oc: "happen " iowa city regina was trying to pull off the 7 peat today against western christian. sc dome. regina looking to make it 7 state titles in a row. standing in the way was western christian...reg ina strikes first...after an interception by jack jensen, isaac vollstedt bulldozes his way in...7-0 regals. but that wasn't jensen's only big defensive play of the first quarter...this time he makes the sliding interception in the end zone to keep the wolfpack off the board. western christian does take the lead after a fumble return for a touchdown and then this short run by
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13-7 lead. regina immediately answers as michael conlon scampers in from 18 yards out...14-13 regals. after western christian retakes the lead, the regals turn to vollstedt and he does the rest...vollstedt hurdles a defender and he's off to the races...a huge run for vollstedt deep into western christian territory. later in the drive on 4th and 2 from the 5, vollstedt stiff arms not one, not two but three wolfpack defenders...20-19 regina. regals get the ball back conlon goes deep for jensen...he hauls in the 68 yarder...27-19 regina... but with just seconds left before the half, ben granstra muscles his way in...the two point conversion makes it 27-all at the half... western christian scores the first two touchdowns of the second half as kooima finds ben gesink in the end zone...and the streak ends at 6 as western christian beats regina 47-34. "it stings. never be able to
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hurts." class 2a championship game....union and boyden- hull/rock valley....openi ng drive of the game, the knights give it to isaiah vaughn...and vaughn sheds some nighthawk tacklers on his way to a 38 yard touchdown....7 -0 union... but the nighthawks rally in the second quarter as brett moser rolls right and hits alex frick in the endzone....boy den-hull/rock valley leads it 13-7 at the half.... early third quarter....mos er with a perfect ball to shane solberg...he hau play give boyden- hull/rock valley a 20-7 lead... union not going away quietly....the give to vaughn...he bounces it outside...breaks a tackle and turns the corner...vaug hn sprints 57 yards for the touchdown....union pulls within 6... but boyden-hull/rock valley quickly answers as moser keeps it himself...the nighthawks beat union 41- 22 for the 2a title. from the uni-dome, scott westerberg tv9 sports. coming up next.. the uni
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have highlights. and some big time eastern iowa athletes are inducted into the high school hall of fame. welcome back what a comeback by
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tonight against oklahoma. after falling behind 18-9 clint carlson took it right to the rack for two of his game high 22 points.. and then checkout jermey morgan with the blow and kiss for two of his 17.. but the panthers with some costly turnovers in the first half christian doolittle with the steal and flush and the sooners led 31-18 at the break.. down by as many as 18 uni started to heat up in the second half..
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drive by carlson and left handed throw down to cut the lead to 50-39.. although they slammed him with a t for jawing. that sparked the comeback haldeman with another trey to tie the game at 54.. and then carlson gave uni a 57-54 with another triple.. not over yet.. doolittle burries one from the top of the key to tie the game at 59 and send it to overtime.. but that guy carlson hit is fourth three of the game to give the panthers lead for good and 73-67 win in ot.. the panthers will face xavier in the championship game sunday night at 6:30 iowa time. the iowa wrestling team was back in action today in the iowa city duals.. the hawkeyes blanked iowa central 55- nothing as the hawks got pins from thomas gillman at 125.. that was followed by another fall from corey clark at 133.. and if you like pins you loved todays duals.. brandon sorensen added another fall at 149.. all-
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cruised to the 55-nothing win.. the hawks also shutout cornell today 45-nothing.. the uni wrestling team lost to virginia tech tonight 27-10. back to the uni-dome and two former cyclone stars wide receiver todd blythe and quarterback sage rosenfels were inducted into the players hall of fame tonight along with a former hawkeye legend nate kaeding from iowa city west.. and a great look at nates family.. congrats to all three. and finally we have time change to tell you about the iowa women's basketbal tomorrow in the hawkeye challenge has been change to 10:30 am because of travel delays. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... as an area of low pressure departs, it leaves in its wake cold northerly winds. wind chills tonight dip into the teens with highs through the weekend in the upper 30s and lower 40s. sprinkles and flurries are possible overnight with sunshine found during the daytime hours of saturday and sunday. looking ahead at thanks giving week shows some showers on tuesday and wednesday with a dry thanksgiving day. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: very windy. a few sprinkles/flurries are possible.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and in you, have mercy -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host short. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too. you know, it was another interesting day in america today. the transfer of power has


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