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helping officers cope with the deadly police shootings earlier this month. and two youth groups from different backgrounds in cedar rapids come together for a common cause on thanksgiving eve. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . millions of americans are already traveling for into any bad weather. so let's begin with meteorologist joe winters. joe, what does the forecast look like? expect the clouds to continue tonight, but thankfully the rain has stopped. as the wind swings around to the northwest a cool day is also ahead with no fog worries. there is a weak disturbance that rolls through thursday night into friday
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any major travel impacts. saturday remains dry with low pressure heading back into the state on sunday bringing a shower chance. have a great night and a happy thanksgiving. tonight: cloudy. wind: nw 5-15. low: 32 tomorrow: cloudy and cool. wind: w 5-10 high: 40 nearly a year ago a hit and run accident in ames killed eastern iowa. now the city has fired the bus driver who hit the woman and didn't report it. benjamin clague had been on paid administrative leave since
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than 28 thousand dollars during that time. clague also served 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to failure to report an accident. he was driving a cyride bus that struck emmalee jacobs in the morning of december 14th last year. she later died from her injuries. jacobs was 18 and from urbana. ames says cyride drivers are city employees. the city says it kept clague on the payroll during the period of time when he had a right to appeal. athletic administrator has filed a federal lawsuit in an effort to get re-instated. jane meyer accuses athletic director gary barta and other officials of violating her first amendment rights and the title nine law. she says she was a senior associate athletics director until 2014. that's when the university re-assigned and later fired her. she say it was because she complained about the firing of the women's hockey coach and her longtime partner, tracey griesbaum . both have filed lawsuits in
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gender discrimination. the university has denied the accusations. des moines police say they've brought in mental health professionals and chaplains to help with counseling after the fatal shootings of two officers earlier this month. a gunman shot and killed urbandale police officer justin martin and des moines police sergeant tony beminio in separate ambushes three weeks ago. the des moines police chief says he's still processing what happened that day. he says the department's offering the res grieving, but they're still doing their regular jobs each day. "we also had a large group of people who didn't have a choice - that we sent to meet with our staff psychologist because this isn't normal. normal people don't see these things. and these people had very intricate roles in this tragedy, and we wanted to make sure we were looking out for their needs as well. " des moines police will send two officers to san antonio for the funeral of
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there. they say it may seem like a small gesture. but it's one they'll never take for granted after the support they've received over the past few weeks. authorities are on high alert for potential terrorist attacks in new york and other major cities on thanksgiving. this year, sanitation trucks filled with sand will create a barrier along the macy's thanksgiving day parade route in new york. there will also be teams of officers armed with dogs and radiation detectors. security experts say parade-goers should plan ahead. ""position yourself in such a way, at a parade route, where if you had to move and get away from it, you could. it's not something you need to be paranoid about, but you need to be aware."" federal authorities say there are no credible threats to safety. tomorrow, many people will be spending time sharing a meal with loved ones. but a lot of people also have to work on the
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sure many of those people enjoy a thanksgiving meal too. kcrg t-v nine's jordee kalk joins us in studio. jordee, what are they doing? about 50 kids from lutheran and muslim youth groups gathered tonight. the two groups wanted to find a way to give back to their community. so they decided to make some lunch boxes, then deliver the meals to those who have to work tomorrow. st stephen's lutheran church was bustling with activity on the eve of thanksgiving. make 100 lunch boxes. and of course the lunches include the holiday staples, like turkey, carrots and even dessert. david 7:09, "this is just a good opportunity and is something we can help the community do the two youth group leaders wanted to find away the kids could work together to give back to their community. through some advice from the teens, the groups decided to make lunches for people who have to work during the holidays. afnanel 2:04, 'like the working
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working parents and i always think that that kind of group is overlooked, especially during the holidays the youth groups did the packaging wednesday night. on thursday they'll deliver the lunches. afnanel 2:30, "we know were going to go up 16th ave and 1st ave and go into places that are open during the holidays like the gas stations where cashiers or working or walgreens just the small businesses that are still open more importantly the kids say this is an opportunity to meet and understand people of different favorite thing ever. i love meeting people from different faiths and backgrounds. "and these teens hope their new found friendships will be a model for adults in the future. noora 5:36, "i feel like now more than ever with everything thats happened in the world we need to come together as faiths and community to strengthen our bond in cedar rapids. and we come in peace and we just want to share love." the kids plan to split up into
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turkey lunches out between 10:30 and 1 tomorrow. and bruce and beth, the two youth groups plan to do many more events in the future. thanks, jordee. hundreds of people celebrated a thanksgiving feast today at the salvation army in cedar rapids. volunteers served more than 400 people at the annual event. many who attended also depend on the salvation army for meal programs and but one woman told us she appreciates the extra attention to details at this type of event. " oh the holiday meal, they have come us come and sit down and people wait on us. they treat us like royalty " the salvation army in johnson county also hosted a holiday meal this evening. and the salvation army in waterloo will have a traditional meal tomorrow.
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businesses earlier this year. one shop is struggling to get back open after re- locating. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg t-v nine. some businesses are still
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hit cedar rapids. kcrg t-v nine's samantha myers talked to the owner of a vintage clothing shop that was in czech village. but she's moved and is hoping to
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nats box opening 10:36:43;18 abigail rawson is spending her thanksgiving holiday scrambling to get her business back open. her business used to be at the corner of c street and 16th avenue, but the flood changed things. 10:22:04;07 ""the move was really out of my control. it wasn't my intention to leave my spot. i was just kind of forced out. then in the midst of that i terminated my lease down the street and wanted to re-open." " but then another shop down the street wasn't going to open back up after the floo move in there. 10:22:27;18 "mia sunken who owns copper alligator, she and i are good friends, and she was planning when the building flooded or was going to flood to take her business elsewhere, and i always loved her spot here." now her old store spot sits vacant, and there still are many other vacancies along the strip. but that's not stopping store owner bob shaffer from building a mixed-use apartment building in the area. 10:41:56;05 "we always had dreams about extending the czech village
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10:42:58;17 "it's what we kind of always tried to nurture and believe that the area will grow and just become a little more vibrant." rawson agrees. 10:23:12;03 "as a tourist in cedar rapids prior to having a shop here, i just always thought this village was really cute and wanting to have a vintage business. i think this is really the heart of it in cedar rapids. within one city block you can come, and there's so many vintage shops, and i feel like this she says her goal is to get her business open in time for small business saturday. 10:26:47;10 "just be ready for the holidays and re-open with a bang." in cedar rapids, samantha myers kcrg- tv9 news. handbags made from sandbags.. are now on sale. a student group at mount mercy university created these as a way to re-use the sandbags that helped protect homes and businesses during the flood. raygun and
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they go for 20 dollars. one student behind the project says she's happy with how the idea turned out. " "it is so rewarding, because we're like, 'we need to get this done and this done.' i was like, 'whoa! we have a final project and it's awesome and people are interested in it.' it's just so cool. " 58:16-25 " proceeds will go to the newbo district for flood recovery. iowa football coach kirk ferentz say his team's preparing to face the opponent's top quarterback friday. ferentz says they're game- planning for one of nebraska's most valuable players
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tonight, but thankfully the rain has stopped. as the wind swings around to the northwest a cool day is also ahead with no fog worries. there is a weak disturbance that rolls
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morning. this could bring some flurries, but nothing that will have any major travel impacts. saturday remains dry with low pressure sunday bringing a shower chance. have a great night and a happy thanksgiving. tonight: cloudy. wind: nw 5-15. low: 32 tomorrow: cloudy and
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tom. night: chance of flurries or light snow, mainly north. wind: se 5-10. low: 31 friday: cloudy with flurries possible early, mainly north. high: 41 low: 31 saturday: mostly cloudy. high: 47 low: 30 sunday: chance of showers, mainly afternoon. high: 47 low: 35 monday: chance of showers. high: 45 low: 34 tuesday: chance of rain/snow. high: 42 low: 34 wednesday: chance of snow. high: 38 low: 30 thursday: mostly cloudy. high: 38 low: 25
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for the fifth straight year, t-v nine and the heritage up to "fill the plate." the annual telethon raises money for meals for older adults throughout eastern iowa. we hope you'll join us and participate this tuesday during any of our t-v nine newscasts. we'll be right back, so stay with us.
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chattanooga. tennessee. police confirmed the child died in the hospital today. police say the driver lost control of the bus, and it rolled over and then wrapped around a tree. so far, the driver, counts of vehicular homicide. blood tests showed no signs of alcohol or drugs. president-elect donald trump continues to fill positions for his administration, today naming two women to cabinet posts. but as a-b-c's lana zak reports, both women were critical of trump while he was campaigning. the president elect released this thanksgiving message.... sot tba earlier he
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betsy devos --the nominee for education secretary---an d nikki haley--the nominee for un ambassador...are strong republican leaders--but their selection to join the president- elect's cabinet demonstrate a departure from his previous nominees.... not only are two the first female appointments, and in the case of sc gov. haley, the first person of color to join his administration, but neither were supporters of mr. trup governor haley campaigned for marco rubio, her state of the union response, considered an indictment of mr trump-- nikki haley some people think that you have to be the loudest voice in the room. but after the election, gov haley called mr. trump a friend, now saying "when the president believes you have a major contribution to make to the welfare of our nation, and to our nation's standing in the world, that is a calling
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for school choice, was a delegate for ohio gov. john kasich. but now tweets "i am honored to work with the president-elect on his vision to make american education great again. " ms. devos doubled-down on a campaign promise of mr. trump's saying she was against common core though she had previously been a member of pro-common core organizations this was a key platform issue of the president-elect. trump: "we are going to end common core." and, this evening his third designated nomination may be one of the oldest members of the cabinet... 78-year old wilbur ross as commerce secretary. lana zak tag "meanwhile, dr. ben carson, says an announcement is forthcoming on his role and there is still a question about who will represent the us as the t and mitt romney all jockeying for the job. lana zak, abc news, washington." coming up next in sports. scott will have his weekly conversation with iowa coach kirk ferentz. and the roughriders try to finally pick up their first win of the season. stay with your 24 hour
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hawkeyes get ready to face nebraska on black friday. how hard is it preparing for a team and you don't know who the quarterback is going to be ? we have to prepare like he's going to be there he is such a tremendous performer and i think would be foolish for us not to not to prepare for him or if it works out that he's out there not a hundred
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he is we have to be ready. george says he's playing what kind of boost does that give your offense if he can go 100%? i don't know if he will be a 100 percent at least thought he looked decent practice today and will want to see what he looks like during the course of the of the week and certainly is a big boost for our football team anytime you have top seniors gets back. final game for your seniors what a class you know desmond, cj , lashun you can go down the line jaleel. yeah you know 14 guys have done such a great job not just this year but and one of the neat things about being a coach is you get to watch watch the growth and development over 4 years some other cases five in case of ron coluzzi only been here basically since i last june i like to see how they fit in with the team in the growth in the roles that they play the dynamics involved but that's the fun part about this job you know because when we get to see a lot of things behind the scenes others don't have the chance. very emotional for those guys on senior day right before the kick off how do you get them back down
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about it. it is a very emotional deal you got your parents out there it's just a really special setting youve got to try to get the guys to atleast think ahead of time about what comes afterwards cause it is a really emotional thing. for coaches to this is your final time with steve how do you get into the game. it is tough tough with other seniors but then when it is your own kids it makes it a double jeopardy deal so i guess i'm really thanksgiving but just really appreciative of the opportunity three of our sons of had to be in the program and all 5 kids have been graduates its pretty special thing too so it's all good. former hawkeye linebacker abdul hodge will be the honorary captain for friday's game. and remember you can watch the annual hy-vee heroes game friday live right here on kcrg tv-9 with coverage starting at 2:30. congrats to uni senior defensive end karter schult who was named the missouri
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the year.. the tripoli native led all of d- one foootball with 17 sacks and tied for second in tackles for a loss with 24. coach farley thinks schult has a bright future. "karter shult, he's in the same mold in the same type of mindset as and talent set as these guys playing today on sunday afternoons, he fits that same temperament. how he came in here and worked for four years, made himself into the player he is today. he practices hard as he plays and those are the ones that make it when they get their opportunity in the nfl. so yes, there is no question, i think he is the most legitimate one on the football team that's an nfl prospect on this football team" sot :31 oc: "prospect on this football team " 16 games into the season and the roughriders were still looking for their first win tonight against chicago. lets head to the stable. and he shoots and just misses. are these players getting smaller or is
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for a little guy. to the big guys and chicago lit the lamp first on a walker durr rocket right in front of the net.. but that woke the riders up and they tied moments later on the jakob sirota slapper his first of the year.. and cr took a 2-1 lead in the first period on the bobby hampton power play goal.. but it wasn't enough chicago comes back for the 4-2 win, thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... expect the clouds to continue tonight, but thankfully the rain has stopped. as the wind swings around to the northwest a cool day is also ahead with no fog worries. there is a weak disturbance that rolls through thursday night into friday morning. this could bring some flurries, but nothing that will have any major travel impacts. saturday
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, dwayne johnson from ?billy on the street," billy eichner, cousin sal does funny things, and music from dawes. and now, prepare yourselves -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very kind. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. happy monday, i guess. hopefully by now you've come to terms with the fact that no matter how much you drink, the


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