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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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responders say explosions and fires like this can be unpredictable. a neighborhood in eastern iowa is putting up lights for the holidays. but this time, there's more meaning behind the twinkling displays. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . the hawkeyes finished their regular season with a stron iowa started out early with a 75 yard run for the touchdown. after that, it was run after run after run. by half time hawkeyes were up 20 to 3. and they didn't disappoint after that, the hawkeyes put away another 20 points. the final score 40 to 10. we'll have a full break down of the game coming up in sports. today's game was the hy-vee heroes game where officials honored two men who helped save a woman after a house explosion in cedar rapids.
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and brock staley as they received honors for risking their lives. today, an investigator with the state fire marshal's office checked out the damage at iowa gold distributing. the recycling plant in central city caught fire after multiple explosions yesterday morning. people nearby couldn't leave their homes, or use their furnace for possible contaminates in the air. central city firefighters went back to the plant that rekindled. the fire chief, james o'leary, says it's hard to prepare for the dangers explosions and that type of fire can present. a prairieburg firefighter went to the hospital for overexertion while battling the fire. "you're carrying probably an extra 50-60 pounds of weight on you. and he's in shape, he's not an older guy at all. even someone in shape, it wears you out. a good few hours of
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o'leary says the firefighter is back home and recovering. a state fire marshall says they will have to get somebody to move things out of the area before they can determine a cause for the fire. turning to weather.. chris, the clouds are leaving and we should be looking at some sun tomorrow? after several days of thick cloud cover, skies will tonight. with relatively light winds, our temperatures will drop into the 20s which is normal for late november. on saturday, high pressure will enable us to enjoy some sunshine in most areas. some high clouds are likely, but skies will be mostly sunny at times. we stay clear and quiet on saturday night, but on
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eastern iowa in the mid to late afternoon. rain will become widespread sunday night and monday morning. totals will be from around three quarters of an inch up to an inch for most areas. as the low stalls out over minnesota, we will keep clouds and small chances for showers through the first half of next week. overall temperatures will be running above normal, with our warmest day likely coming on monday. tonight: skies clearing. wind: sw 5-10 low: 29 alo: 28 dbq: 29 iow: 29 26 to 32 back to you. investigators are trying figure out if bones found at gray's lake in des moines are human remains. a kayaker notified police of e bones around 10 a-m on thanksgiving day. de amarche will share those results in the next fe area as a crime scene. the park remained open yesterday, but the dock was closed for several hours. also in des moines, a drive-by shooting has killed a young man. police say someone fired a gun into a crowd of people at the git-n-go in des moines about 6:45 last night. friends took dabryan smith by private car to a nearby hospital where he died. he was 20 and from des moines. police haven't arrested anyone. this is the 13th homicide in des
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company is apologizing for the crash that killed six children in chattanooga, tennessee monday. "i can't fathom the anguish of the families whose children were involved in this horrific accident and that it involved one of my company's buses. nothing that i can say can take away the pain and the grief for these families. what i can say is that i'm deeply sorry for the children that were taken from their families with so much life before them. " police say a bus johnthony walker was driving was going too fast and crashed. investigators now say he wasn't following the designated route to drop kids off. the school district released records today that show there were two written complaints from students about his driving and a principal requested video of him leaving campus because of his
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and duke's company, durham school services, provides buses to school districts here in iowa. those include iowa city, waterloo, davenport, and des moines. a federal judge has decided the man accused of killing nine people at an african american church in south carolina is competent to stand trial. police say dylann roof shot people in the church in june 2015. a judge stopped jury selection earlier so that he could undergo a psychiatrist examined roof and witnesses testified about the evaluation this week. now jury selection for his trial resumes on monday. if convicted, roof could face the death penalty. an eastern iowa destination for christmas lights is living up to its reputation this year. a neighborhood in fairfax has put in extra effort to dazzle drivers for eight years now. but this year, the lights serve another purpose. kcrg-tv9's samantha myers joins us tonight.
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the neighborhood has added a fundraiser this year that will benefit an eastern iowa family who lost a father in a motorcycle accident. one street in eastern iowa shines a little bit brighter than others during the holiday season. 19:35:03;04 "we try to have a little everything for everyone." this light show blinks to the tunes of its own radio station. there's even a frozen section that plays "let it go" including a microphone for kids to sin ""for both of us both steve and i. as he would always say it's for the children, but i think it's for everyone. this time of year especially when you want to smile a little bit more, when you want just a little bit extra happiness." " steve tomash is the one who started the whole thing 8 years ago. he says they've never asked for donations before but this year was different. 19:40:52;10 ""tim martin was in a motorcycle wreck, i think it was in september seeing how we're doing these lights we had never asked for money any kind of donations whatsoever, my wife had the idea to have a fundraiser for the
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that are junior high or less" " so this time around people added donation bins in their displays. "it's a real simple way to do a good deed. they can leave canned goods or again for the martin family they can leave a monetary donation or some food donations." tomash says they don't have a goal with the donations, just that every bit counts. they will have christmas caroling in the neighborhood on december 17th. they say more people come out to see the display closer to christmas, and traffic can get backed up all the way to the highway. beth? thank you samantha. some black fridays have featured lines of people and fist fights over merchandise. this morning, one cedar rapids mall looked downright placid in comparison. but shoppers aren't necessarily
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stay with your 24 hour news
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been promoting big christmas shopping deals for weeks. but one thing seemed to be missing during the early hours of black friday -- the customers. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders was at lindale mall, which was packed... on thursday and in the later hours of today. remember when we called them door-buster
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broke doors on black friday mornings? these days-- not so much. this was the rather civil scene in lindale mall at 6 a.m. nat before that-- the mall was pretty quiet. though shoppers were allowed to wait inside for stores to open up, not many did. these two were catching some zs. this woman was taking a break in a massage chair-- only here out of necessity. "i was at target. the guy in front of me got the last couple of dss, so i am here." this quieter scene was part, to this--- nat more shopping on thanksgiving-- or gray thursday. spots like the mall opened up in the evening and kept going until midnight or one the next day. you couple that with more deals online throughout the shopping season, and black friday's turnout tumbles. "yeah, with stores opening thursday night, everybody goes out, goes home and is in bed." look at the numbers, according to a bankrate survey, only 23 percent of u-s
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points from 2014. compare that to cyber monday, which some experts think will do more sales than ever before. even so-- some say they won't be giving up the annual tradition of shopping the day after turkey day. they may, however, start sooner... say thursday afternoon. "once a year you can stay up that late. twenty-four hours, we're going strong."in cedar rapids, forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. tomorrow is another shopping focused day but with a local emphasis. small business saturday is a day dedicated to people checking off their holiday shopping lists at small shops in their area. last year, 95 million people participated across the country. a des moines based restaurant for the undead has opened a new location in eastern iowa. zombie burger opened a location today in the coral ridge mall. it was decked out with zombie themed elements including a mural with hawkeye fans and herky
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shakes with unexpected combinations- like the zombie unicorn shake that has fruity pebbles breakfast cereal. a downtown iowa city location will open on december eighth. we'll be right back with
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cloud cover, skies will finally start to clear out tonight. with relatively light winds, our temperatures will drop into the 20s which is normal for late november. on saturday, high pressure will enable us to enjoy some sunshine in most areas. some high clouds are likely, but skies will be mostly sunny at times. we stay clear and quiet on saturday night, but on will move north and bring chances for showers to eastern iowa in the mid to late afternoon. rain will become widespread sunday night and monday morning. totals will be from around three quarters of an inch up to an inch for most areas. as the low stalls out over minnesota, we will keep clouds and small
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week. overall temperatures will be running above normal, with our warmest day likely coming on monday. tonight: skies clearing. wind: sw 5-10 low: 29 alo: 28 dbq: 29 iow: 29 26 to 32 tomorrow: partly cloudy. wind: sw 10-20 high: 51 alo: 51 dbq: 49 iow: 52 48 to 54 tom. night: mostly clear. wind: s 5-10 low: 32 alo: 31 dbq: 32 iow: 33 29 to 35 sunday: chance of afternoon and evening. windy. high: 49 alo: 32 monday: chance of showers. windy. high: 57 low: 42 tuesday: chance of showers, otherwise mostly cloudy. high: 44 low: 34 wednesday: mostly cloudy. high: 42 low: 30 thursday: mostly cloudy. high: 40 low: 28 friday: mostly cloudy. high: 39 low: 25 saturday: partly cloudy. high: 41 low: 26
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has named two we are still waiting to hear on a few key positions in his cabinet as washington d-c prepares for his inauguration. stay with your 24-hour newsource, kcrg-tv9. president-elect donald trump
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today- an attorney and a fox news contributor. donald mcgahn to be trump's white house counsel. mcgahn is former chairman of the federal election commission and advised trump durig he also chose k-t mcfarland as deputy national security adviser. she's an analyst on fox news and served in various posts under presidents nixon, ford and reagan. as trump continues to fill his leadership roster, he's also preparing for his inauguration. kcrg-tv9's peter zampa in our washington d-c bureau shows us what we can expect. nats beeping matt dallek: this i think will be uncommonly unusual.washington is getting
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58th presidential inauguration. the first president with no political or military background. a changing of the guard... president obama to president trump. :20-:24 matt dallek: this is going to be a highly charged moment not just for president obama and president- elect trump, but really for the country. matt dallek is a political management professor at george expects a unique event for a unique president-elect as president obama passes the torch. dallek says trump has a chance to set the tone, but doesn't know how he'll approach the event. :42-:51 matt dallek: this inaugural could be more significant than others, just because he has been such an unusual and uncommonly divisive candidate, and so i think there's actually more riding on the inaugural. :52-1:04 peter zampa: right now, workers are building the stage where the president-elect will take the oath in just under two months - in front of a crowd that has surpassed one million people in years past. dallek says we can expect plenty of protesters in that crowd... 1:05-1:11 matt dallek:
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it will be interesting to see how much of that is drowned out by what's happening around him. as for what trump does say...dallek says he has an opportunity. 1:16-1:22 matt dallek: if they're smart about it...they will try to...they'll make some gestures towards uniting the country. the president- elect and his team have not yet finalized inauguration plans. reporting in washington, i'm peter zampa. green party candidate jill stein filed for a recount of votes in wiscons state went to president-elect donald trump on election night. the party and stein want an investigation into reports of voting discrepancies. she would also like recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. it's unclear if these recounts would be enough to swing the election from trump to democrat hillary clinton. next in sports, josh christensen will have highlights from the iowa and iowa state men's basketball games. and scott saville was kinnick stadium for the hawkeye game. "the iowa offense with some big plays today on senior day at kinnick stadium. i will
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24 hour news source
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since 1981. well, the team definitely gave the seniors a game to remember. scott saville has the highlights. hawkeye fans said good bye to 14 iowa seniors and coach ferentz and his wife mary with a big hug for
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this night it's pretty special we are very appreciative. and what a start for the hawks on offense. akrum waldley with big time juke and it was off to the races 75 yards for the games first touchdown. and another big play for the iowa o in the first quarter when the 2 seniors hook up cj beathard hits riley mccarron on the run and he takes off like he was shot out of cannon the game. ..riley 5 catches for 108 yards. we thought we would catch them with quick play action pass and it worked out perfect nebraska followed with a field goal but another big play from an iowa senior leshun daniles breaks a tackle and rumbles 56 yards before they can drag him down at the 8. leshun with 158 yards rushing and he went over a 1,000 for the season. i would of loved to
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everybody all i had to do is make a play and daniels scored moments later on the 4 yard touchdown and iowa led 20-3 at the break. what a day for the seniors iowa got a big punt return from desmond king in the third quarter and they tacked on a personel foul to put the ball on 13 yard line. keep my eyes downfield broke a couple of tackles put our offense in good field position. and that set p for a senior.. george kittle making his return with the 1 yard td grab. and george with not one but 2 touchdown catches...this 6 yarder in the fourth gave the hawks a 33-10 lead. and yes he was a little jacked. scoring a touchdown is pretty fun i am an emotional guy so i am going to let my emotions run and the hawkeyes added another daniels one yard score for the 40-10 win to finish the
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city for another year. we got knocked in the mouth against psu but we won 3 straight it is a credit to the team and shows what they are made of. a lot of people were putting dirt on our grave you couldn't feel any worse i think it isna testiment to the guys on the team never quit and it paid off go out with a bang in their final game at kinnick stadium. and boy did they combining for 5 touchdowns. im kcrg tv 9's scott saville. ... basketball, iowa men facing virginia in the emerald coast classic ... 2nd half, tyler cook with the flush... but the hawkeyes are down 40-23 ... they try to get the three-point game going to catch up... dom uhl buries 3 of his 9 points
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down his own triple... he had 13... ... but the deficit was just too much to overcome... jarred reuter with the step back jumper... virginia easily wins 74-41... hawkeyes will face either providence or memphis tomorrow at 3 ... iowa state men facing miami in the semis of the advocare invite ... iowa state gets off to a quick start led by deonte burton... this three-pointer puts the cyclones up 9-4 ... later in the first half... naz mitrou-long creates just enough space to launch a three... and led 35-29 at the break ... 2nd half, matt thomas with a great backdoor pass to darrell bowie for the easy bucket... cyclones up 42-38 ... but their offense starts to heat up... donovan jackson had a big game off the bench with 8 points... this three puts the clones up 61-46 ... big game for deonte burton... he gets bumped, but still banks in the shot, plus one... he had 21 points... cyclones win 73-56 and will play either florida or gonzaga in the championship on
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thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, chris... after several days of thick cloud cover, skies will finally start to clear out tonight. with relatively light winds, our temperatures will drop into the 20s wi saturday, high pressure will enable us to enjoy some sunshine in most areas. thanks chris. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope to have you here again tomorrow. we hope to have you here again tomorrow.
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