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tv   ABC World News  ABC  November 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from havana. the death of fidel castro. the dictator reigning for decades, defying the u.s. nine official days of mourning here in cuba have now begun. the flags at half-staff. tonight, cuban exiles in miami celebrating in the streets of little havana. mourn their leader. also, the cuba backlash. new questions about the renewed ties with america. president-elect donald trump's team calling it a one-sided deal, suggesting it won't last long. and president obama facing some backlash for his official statement. the deadly rampage in new orleans' french quarter, panic in the streets. one person killed, nine wounded.
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and the mystery kidnapping, the mother of two found alive after three weeks. abandoned and tied up on the side of the road. you'll hear the radio call from the first officer on the scene. good evening. on this sunday night, we come to you from havana, cuba. ann an era. after the death of fidel castro. here in havana, a somber mood. the usually lively city, eerily quiet. but the celebrations in miami,
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tonight, the people of both nations, as you will hear right here, are wondering what happens now? tonight, all across havana, we notice the flags at half-staff. the cubans honoring their longtime leader. and on the streets of the capital, the vintage cars. we meet roy, proud of his '56 chevy. but also proud of his leader. he tells us he's already been gone for a long time. the future depends on our relationships with other countries. including the u.s. >> the road to havana paved with glory for rebel chieftain fidel castro. >> reporter: fidel castro riding into havana. coming into power at just 32 years old. he kept his grip on power longer
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castro, born into a wealthy family. they had their own sugar cane plantation. he loved baseball. he loved politics and he loved power. >> is representative democracy and social justice. >> reporter: castro took power on new year's day, 1959. promising democracy but soon throwing opponents in jail. there were executions. silencing newspapers. and taking over all u.s. businesses here, signing a pact with the soviet union. the u.s. would respond with sanctions. president kennedy approving the invasion. cuban exiles entering at the bay of pigs. it failed. castro won. our barbara walters later crossing the bay of pigs with castro. >> reporter: do you feel funny crossing the bay of pigs with an american? >> with friends, america. with friend, america. >> reporter: american friends,
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>> reporter: it's friendly relation. >> you didn't come here to invade the country. >> reporter: no, we didn't come to -- >> you came here to work and to know cuba. >> reporter: america found itself on the brink of nuclear war in 1962. discovering castro had let the soviets put nuclear missiles in cuba. >> it shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states. >> reporter: the soviets removed the missiles. but america would deepen the sanctions. >> the monte carlo of the americas. >> reporter: the nightclubs, the casinos, so popular with americans, shuttered. decades later, 11 million people live here, making just $20 a month. by some estimates, just 5% have internet access in their homes. we have seen in our reporting,
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sugar, plentiful here, but most of the powdered milk, for instance, from new zealand. she pulls tomato juice from the shelf. this is tomato juice from spain. but just this year, president obama, the first u.s. president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge. those old cars in the shadow of air force one. he would come here after moving to restore diplomatic relations. and our exclusive interview with the president during his visit. i asked if you'd be visiting cuba before the end of your presidency. so why now? >> the time is right. obviously our intention has always been to get a ball rolling knowing that change wasn't going to happen overnight. >> reporter: the president saying there are still significant differences around human rights and individual liberties. but we met two 15-year-olds, and we asked them, are they looking forward to the possibility of new freedoms here?
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a mass gathering is expected here in the next 24 hours to honor fidel castro. they'll be able to sign a solemn oath saying they comply with the concept of the revolution. and on the streets here, the american tourists, there are more of them than there has been in decades. cuban people? >> i hope to see them have a better life. more open. experience more. be able to travel outside cuba and see how other people live and enjoy life. >> reporter: so you're all from
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from rice university in texas. to watch baseball. they got in some baseball, the rest of the games have been cancelled. but they understand why. what are your hopes? >> i hope for good relations with cuba. because that's what they say they want. meantime, in south florida, jubilation. thousands of cuban americans takes to the streets after the passing of who separated families and denied them the right to return. tonight, it's giving many of them hope that change will come. i was in miami last night. one woman telling me her grandmother was celebrating, hoping to be able to contact loved ones still in cuba. >> reporter: tonight, the sounds of celebration in little havana.
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a three-day party. young and old, banging pots, pans. celebratory cigars and champagne uncorked in the hope of a free cuba. >> i'm not happy because somebody died. death, it is not about that, it is about that we see the future changing. >> reporter: cubans in miami consider the castro family a reign of terror. one still in power. >> raul castro has things in place, the repression continues, and so, no, it won't be an overnight thing at all. >> reporter: castro's death has exiles reflecting. miami-dade commissioner rebeca sosa was just 8 years old when she fled cuba. her mother and father, political prisoners. she remembers waving good-bye to her dad. what was going through your mind during that moment? i mean, you were so young. >> that is what hurt so much. when i felt that i was not going to see him anymore. that was very hard, and i was very small. >> reporter: her father got out of the cuban prison, and got her this champagne bottle, with a
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>> open only when fidel dies. >> and gio benitez with with us live in florida. you have heard from families, witnessed the jubilation. but what is the main hope moving forw forward? >> reporter: they want to see a free cuba. they don't want to move back to the island. america is home. david? fidel castro sparking conti conti controversy. jonathan karl at the white house tonight. >> reporter: donald trump greeted fidel castro's death as good news, at first issuing a simple tweet. "fidel castro is dead!" punctuating the fact with an exclamation point. hours later, he elaborated with
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brutal dictator whose legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. from president obama, a much different response. offering, quote, "condolences to fidel castro's family." the president made no direct mention of castro's long record abusing human rights. instead saying, quote, "history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him." the difference is not surprising. after all, it was obama who reopened ties with cuba and trump who said he might undo that move. >> we will cancel obama's one-sided cuban deal. >> reporter: but trump's latest statement made no such threat. >> jon, any indication that president-elect trump will move to reverse president obama's cuba policy?
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as president could remove that policy with the stroke of a pen. it seems more likely he will pressure the cuban government for concessions on human rights. meanwhile, president obama and president-elect trump continue to talk regularly. including a phone call that the trump team says lasted 45 minutes. david? >> thank you. any possible change from the white house is introducing uncertainty into the just last month, closer ties were marked with the president's visit here. since then, u.s. tourism has stepped up. jim avila on what's at stake right now. >> reporter: a sunday afternoon game of dominoes on the porch in havana. bars and nightclubs are closed for the cubans until after the funeral. the visitors have noticed.
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>> reporter: tourism up 12% in the first half of this year. starting monday, american airlines flies from miami, united from newark and delta from atlanta. bringing the total number of direct flights to more than 100. fidel's death unlikely to cool the warming relationship between the u.s. and cuba. but the freeze could come from the north if president-elect donald trump follows through on that campaign warning. >> we will cancel obama's one-sided cuban deal made by executive order if we don't get the deal we want and the deal that people living in cuba and here deserve. >> reporter: this havana family, watching special programming today on cuban tv. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: they say they are on alert because of trump's hardline statements. >> and jim is with us tonight.
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now. ive i've heard from so many people, they have uncertainty when it comes to president-elect trump, and whether it will halt what they've seen here. >> castro is viewed as a grandpa, an old man that didn't have much to do with their daily lives. but donald trump, they're on alert to the changes he will make. >> jim, thank you. and we turn to other news this sunday the move to conduct recounts back in the u.s. in several battleground states. jill stein raising more than $6 million now. and hillary clinton's campaign saying they will participate in the process. president-elect trump is blasting this move on twitter. tom llamas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, president-elect trump, who won in the electoral college but trails hillary clinton by nearly 2 million in the popular vote,
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"i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." a baseless claim, and trump providing no proof. it comes as he rails against the rust belt recount. green party candidate jill stein forcing a recount in wisconsin. and now hillary clinton's campaign joining the effort, which could expand to michigan and pennsylvania. clinton lost those three states by just over 100,000 votes. it's unlikely a recount would change that. trump himself spent months warning the election would be tainted. >> it's a rigged election. believe me. and we know it's a rigged system. 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote. >> reporter: now it's clinton's lawyer who says the campaign has been bombarded with supporters, quote, "urging us to do something, anything, to investigate claims that the election results were hacked." team clinton says it's joining
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but they concede their own investigators have not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology. trump says clinton should stand by her own words. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. >> reporter: he calls the recount effort a "green party scam to fill up their coffers." will be spent, same result. sad." >> and david, donald trump also focused on building his cabinet. the big battle, romney versus giuliani for the secretary of state spot. david? >> tom llamas, who anchors this newscast on the weekend, thank
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ahead on "world news tonight with david muir" this sunday. the mother of two kidnapped. we'll hear the radio call from when she was discovered on the side of the road. and cyber monday. customers getting a huge head start tonight. huge bargains on tvs, sales records already broken. two simple ways to make sure you're our special today is the seared ahi tuna, right back. and i'll be right back to take your order. thank you. thanks. don't you hate that? when they don't tell you how much something costs? and you have to ask? right. i do. maybe that's why i always make sure to... ...?bring up the costs associated with your services.? i know. hey, i'm nothing if not predictable. lemme guess, the salmon?
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liberty mutual insurance we turn to the "index" on a sunday night, and to new orleans and the deadly shootout that rocked the french quarter. people running in panic. one man killed, nine others injured. the mayor promising to the case very carefully. the dramatic moment. california highway police finding that missing mother who vanished while jogging. >> chp is advising she is heavily battered, and it is a confirmed kidnapping. >> police say 34-year-old sherri papini was found on thanksgiving morning, on the side of a road, 100 miles from home. she's been reunited with her husband and children. authorities are looking for two female suspects, hoping to find dna evidence that could lead them to the alleged kidnappers. also in california, police
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your help in the manhunt for two escaped prisoners. they cut through window bars at the jail in san jose, sliding down a rope made of bed sheets. police say both are considered dangerous. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to their capture. when we come back, all of the americans we met here on the streets. the tourists, and the tale of two very different images tonight. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, a mechanic, just press this. ?thank you for calling hum.? and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies.
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family saddened. we ask what they think of a cuba without castro. and silence. then, this. he tells us cuba without castro is nothing. a nation, numb, after living nearly 50 years under castro's rule. at havana university, the young people, chanting "fidel." >> all: fidel! >> reporter: cuba, just 90 miles away from florida. in little havana, many of the cuban americans who escaped castro, or whose parents or grandparents did, are now relieved. and hope for many of a better relationship with cuba, without fidel castro. thank you for watching from cuba on a sunday night. i hope to see you here tomorrow
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5:30. multiple fire departments are fighting a fire at a dairy barn in benton county at this hour. the fire is along highway 150 in benton county, about 5 miles west of urbana. kcrg-tv9's phil reed joins us live at the scene of the fire. phil, what do we know at this time? firefi battling this barn fire for several hours. the barn that caught fire is controlled now, there's still a little smoke coming out of it, but earlier it was completely up in flames this is a cattle farm, and one of the owners tells that it was their dairy facility where they milk their cattle that caught fire. nobody was hurt and the owner says all 300 of their cows are safe. firefighters had to work quickly to make sure the fire did not spread to where the cows were. the owner says the barn is a total loss. it's pretty bad because we need to milk them tomorrow
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them or somebody else to milk them or whatever transport feed to them and everything else." the owner says he is grateful that nobody was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. live in vinton phil reed kcrg tv-9 news. we received several calls about


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