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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  May 25, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ >> you're watching the "journal" here on dw. >> here are our top stories. >> trading suspended in cheers as the spanish bank bankia may need billions in bailout money. who is going to pay? >> the count is on after egypt's presidential poll. the muslim brothers in place. >> protests, arrests, and accusations of human rights abuses. the sad tune of the eurovion song contest in azerbaijan. ♪
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the epicenter of the eurozone crisis may be shifting to spain. on friday, reports that a major bank and one of the country's richest regions may both need a bailout. >> trading in the country's fourth largest bank bankia was stopped on reports it will lead almost 20 billion euros to keep from going under the president of the area which is home to barcelona said he can no longer afford to take on new debt to run his region. >> you put this together, it looks more likely than ever that spain will have to seek international help. our coverage begins with this report. >> spain's banks need more and more money to stay afloat. a few days ago bankia asked the state for 9 billion euros, but now it might need up to 20 billion. customers are worried. >> i do not feel safe. as a matter of fact, i am wondering if it would not be better to take my money out.
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>> bankia as that the government behind it now. no need to worry. i do not think it is a big deal. >> shares in the recently nationalized lender were temporarily suspended from trading on friday. the deputy prime minister has reaffirmed madrid's commitment to bankia, but a lack of confidence in spain's struggling banking sector has weighed on the value of the euro. the european common currency has fallen sharply in recent days. on friday, it was just above $1.25. now investors are very concerned about catalonia. the country's richest autonomous region has asked the central government for a bailout, saying it can no longer service its debts. a growing number of analysts believe that spain will soon be turning to the eu for assistance. >> let's go to miles of johnson with the "financial times" daughtry in madrid.
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bankia was just a nationalized. now it appears the bailout will be much bigger than the government announced. who is going to foot the bill? can midriff afford it? >> quinn use a much bigger -- can madrid afford it? >> when it is a bigger, it really is much bigger. the real numbers started coming out, and i think it is $19 billion in capital from the government, which is a very large number, more than double what anyone would have expected. the question is, can in madrid for this? i think, yes, madrid can help with this. spain can still finance itself. but this is a very large the positive aspect is this might help to reassure people that the problem with bankia, which was the sort of the elephant in the room. >> the government continues to insist that bankia's woes to not reflect the wider financial system in spain. do you agree?
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>> i do agree. i think there is a wide acknowledgment that bankia was one of the worst if not the worst of the spanish banks. it was sort of created out of a lot of savings banks. it had to be rescued today for 19 billion euros. i think it does represent the rest of the failed banks. i think bankia is an exception on how bad it is. >> miles johnson reporting. thank you very much. >> and the uncertainty in at the eurozone has dealt a blow to business confidence in germany, but consumers do not seem to share their concerns. the latest survey shows the german consumer confidence holding steady. >> the majority of germans appear to have faith in the strength of the economy, which has grown despite the crisis elsewhere in europe. they also feel that their jobs are secure. the monthly index is seen as a
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key indicator of the health of europe's biggest economy. >> sinking business sentiment in germany and bank troubles in spain. what to do? our correspondent sent us this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> on the last trading day this week, traders had a strong theirs. at first, the mood was pretty good because german consumers still resist a euro crisis, but this crisis could sharpen again. bankia is in big trouble, and the spanish region of catalonia also asked the government for help, making traders very nervous. strong u.s. economic data helped the german dax go up and down to a little plus, but the euro is still going down words. >> let's take a quick look at closing numbers. the dax ended the day about 0.3% up. the your stocks -- and the euro stoxx 50 close at 2161 to the
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dow jones is going down about 0.5%. euro is trading at $1.2514. >> to egypt in our the muslim brotherhood has taken a narrow lead in the presidential election, according to partial results announced today. >> confirm, the brother heard's candidate will go through to next month's runoff vote were he ms. fay -- or he may face was dimar's former prime minister. >> it could be a showdown between the islamist and the old guard. >> official results are not out yet, but protesters are already in tahrir square to make their voices heard. their anger is directed at shafiq, who will likely come in at second. they say he is a relic of the mubarak era, and certainly not want to wipe the slate clean. >> we will not tolerate him as president. that will not go over well.
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it will mean a second revolution. >> on the campaign trail, he tried to appeal to voters who yearn for a more secure opposed revolutionary egypt. he also pledged to name a christian woman as his vice president of supporters say he is striving for reconciliation. but both liberal activists and the muslim brotherhood distressed him. at friday prayers, people expressed hope that egypt would become more religious it the muslim brotherhood's candidate wins. many count on the brotherhood to clean up the cronyism of the mubarak era. >> shafiq has already said we should stop demonstrating immediately, said this man. he will act against the will of the people, but we want a new beginning. >> but the muslim brotherhood's candidate, mohammed mursi, has problems, too. christians and moderate women are fiercely opposed to him. egyptians will face a tough
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choice if it comes to a runoff between these two polarizing candidates, another challenge for the fledgling democracy. >> french president francois hollande made an unannounced trip to afghanistan on friday to visit some of the french troops that he wants to pull out later this year. >> he told french troops and its counterpart president hamid karzai that he was pressing ahead with a campaign to ending the french military presence in the country. >> french president francois hollande on the way to eastern afghanistan. most of his country's 3500 troops are stationed here. hollande said their mission had been fulfilled. the threat of terrorism had been curbed, and it was time for the afghans to decide their own future. >> our withdrawal will be orderly and well-coordinated. over 2000 that you will return to france by the end of the year. >> that is two years ahead of
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other alliance troops. france's early withdrawal has angered allies. in kabul, hollande promised karzai that far from abandoning afghanistan, france would continue its development efforts of there. >> though no combat troops will remain after january 2013, there will be trainers to support the afghan army. we will maintain a presence at hospitals and the airport. we want our support to be on a civil economic level. >> hollande said that could include support for health, education, housing, energy, agriculture. france's early withdrawal fulfills a campaign pledge that helped hollande win the french presidency earlier this month. >> u.s. politicians have reacted with outrage to pakistan's jailing of a doctor who helped track down osama bin laden. senators have voted unanimously to cut aid to pakistan by a
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symbolic $33 million. that is $1 million for each year of his sentence. >> dr. afridi was convicted on charges of treason. he ran a fake vaccination campaign designed to collect dna from bin laden's family. the raid in the town of obama bought last year strain u.s. relations with pakistan. -- town of abbottabad last year strain u.s. relations with pakistan. this is what hillary clinton had to say. >> the u.s. does not believe there's any basis for holding dr. afridi. we regret but the fact that he was convicted in the severity of his sentence. his help, after all, was instrumental in taking down one of the world's most notorious murderers. >> all right, that was the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton did of the german parliament has voted with the large majority to extend the bundeswehr mission in kosovo by
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a year. only the opposition left party voted against the plan. >> nearly 1300 german soldiers are stationed in cause of vote as part of the nato-ofk4 peacekeeping force. -- in kosovo. the northern part of the country has seen ethnic tensions as the new majority sees kosovo as part of serbia for years after it declared independence. the german parliament has voted to overhaul the country's rules on organ donation. in the future, health insurers will be required to ask anyone over the age of 16 whether there would like to donate their organs in the case of death. >> officials are hoping that the reform will increase the number of donors in the country and helping those in desperate need of a transplant. >> germany has around 12,000 patients waiting for an organ transplant. 1000 die every year because there are not enough help the heart, kidneys, and livers to go around.
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organ donations can save lives, but the number of registered donors in germany is falling. that is something the latest health reforms aim to change. the new law passed by the german parliament requires health insurers to ask their members to sign up to organ donation schemes. >> it is a strong signal that the bundestag has overcome party divisions in come up with a personal decision model. it sends a signal to people in germany that they should think about organ donation at some point in their lives in nation make a decision for organ donation. >> 19 four germans already have, but that is low compared to other countries. leading politician gave his wife one of his kidneys two years ago. >> it is a question of responsibility. and the degree of responsibility that we are prepared to carry should be decided while we are
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living and not after we are dead. >> german lawmakers say people should make their own choice about organ donation and now leave the decision to relatives after they are gone. >> it has been described as new zealand's biggest maritime environmental disaster. last year, the rena ran aground, spilling hundreds of tons of fuel oil. the court has convicted two men of causing the disaster and has jailed them for seven months. >> the captain and navigator, both from the philippines, pleaded guilty to a range of charges, including operating their ships in a dangerous manner and altering records. the men had been attending a short cut when their vessel struck an offshore reef. the resulting oil slick killed thousands of seabirds and polluted the area. all right, staying in that area, we're used to seeing spectacular fireworks over sydney every year, but now another light extravaganza is starting to steal the show. >> the vivid festival opened on
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friday, and even featuring more than 50 lighting installations around sydney harbour. one of the most striking sights was the city's iconic opera house appearing to crumble before the spectators a very high speed up the idea was dreamed up by a team of german light designers. >> well, as the eurovion song contest finale nears, there's no shortage of controversy about the big event in azerbaijan. we're going to have more in a moment on the human rights issues being raised. >> but inside the hall in baku, kids reign supreme tonight as performers with through their final rehearsals. over-the-top performances and light shows that are the festival's signature. >> every year, the same. we will be back in one minute with more. >> stick around. ♪
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♪ >> business brief revenues from the world of business, all the latest figures from the international financial markets. everything you need to know about world trade, currencies, and market prices. business brief, monday through saturday on dw. >> i like lavender with various. >> i would like a banana parfait with chocolate. >> pistachio. >> the vanilla. >> panic data.
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>> the next time you meet up, helping the 850 million people in the world to go hungry. donate the cost of a desert to the world food program. ♪ >> welcome back, everyone. it is usually a huge festival of kitsch. but this year, the eurovion contest will be as much about human rights as tacky pop songs. >> because it is being hosted azerbaijan, a country run by strongman president who critics accuse of holding political prisoners and denying press freedoms. "we have this report on tensions in the run up to this weekend's contest. >> demonstrations have been outlawed in the capital baku ahead of the eurovion contest. anyone who dares to defy the ban is dealt with quickly by police the opposition supporters. threats and intimidation. rights activists say journalists critical of the government face incarceration.
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>> freedom of speech is under threat. eight journalists are currently in jail, and we demand to be released. there is also anger about the conditions in azerbaijan's the jails. last year's, 136 cases of torture were documented. the government dismisses the criticism as a biased and exaggerated. azerbaijan is a young country that is still developing. of course there are many problems, but we are trying to address them. the government of the president says it is open to dialogue, but its opponents fear and even harder line against dissent once the song contest is over and the attention of the world media is gone. >> a historic rendezvoused took place in space today.
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for the first time, a commercial spacecraft put up with the international space station. the crew of the iss extended the stations robotic arm to successfully intercepted the u.n. and dragon capsule. >> it is carrying out a ton of cargo for the space station. their reusable capsule made by california-based spacex is designed to helping supply the iss following the retirement of nasa's space shuttles. argentina is causing a lot of frustration for foreign companies, including german ones. even before the ex the preparation of the spanish energy to be repsol in april, companies have faced many problems importing goods into the latin american country. >> if you must go, the government tighten import limits again. now the european union has filed a suit against argentina oppose the restrictions with the world trade organization. >> german automobiles are big sellers in argentina, as are many other products manufactured by german companies.
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but as it stands, porsche, vw, mercedes, as siemens, and others have been forced to strike public deals to gain access to argentine as a lucrative market. the government's demands are increasingly exorbitant and unacceptable. >> if you want to import something, you have to the special import license. there are only a limited number of those licenses. basically, to get one, you have to be about to demonstrate that you will export the equivalent amount for the amount you will import. courts in other words, companies that export machinery or cars to argentina must then by the equivalent of argentinian goods such as wine for their products. many companies simply cannot manage that. that puts an estimated 8.3 billion euros worth of european exports into jeopardy. the eu trade commissioner has asked the world trade organization to intervene. >> our trade balance with argentina is in a fishery for them. there is no reason to do this. -- is beneficial for the.
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it is unacceptable and illegal. >> of argentina continues its protectionist strategy, it could spark an all-out trade war. >> bmw doubled its production capacity in china to 200,000 units with the opening of a new factory. this is to further increase its investment in the world's largest car market. the german carmaker said on thursday. >> the opening of bmw's second factory in china, the chief executive said he expects double-digit growth this year despite a slight cooling in the market. china is now the world's most important market ahead of the u.s. and germany. >> no business is opened in china without a traditional dragon dance to bring good luck. bmw knows only too well the companies that produce in china get the best access to the world's biggest market for cars. bmw has build a state of the
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art plant employing 10,000 workers. >> bmw have already achieved a lot to their joint venture in the region. they sell the most cars, pay the most taxes, and are growing rapidly. >> in the provincial capital, the old gate to the city now stands next to a busy road. if it looks like gridlock now, it is only a taste of what is to come in the future. traffic volumes are set to rise sharply. the population is expected to double within just years to 15 million. bmw has invested 1 billion euros here. china is now the carmaker's biggest market and one that generates huge profits. this is a plant manager with vast experience of b&w's global markets. he has taken his expertise to britain, brazil, and germany, but he says he has never seen anything like the pace of growth china is going through.
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>> there is a huge sense of euphoria in china the can perhaps only be compared with germany in 1960's, a kind of gold rush. it is the same everywhere. you can see it in the traffic. everyone does whatever it takes to get ahead. >> the production line worker in a bmw plant makes 400 euros a month, a fraction of the european counterparts. they will never afford a bmw, but many of to join the middle class. >> bmw is a well-known international brand and i hope to learn a lot here. >> and there is no end in sight yet to bmw's expansion in china, because those to make it into the middle class like to show it, preferably by driving a bmw or other premium brands. >> to sports now. football fans only two weeks to wait until euro 2012 kicks off to the time to continue our look at the teams taking part. today, we have a peek at group a.
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greece, russia, and the czech republic alongside poland. the home side will play the opening match of the tournament against greece. >> home fans pine for the glory days of the 1970's in 1980's, began the polish team live up to the way to the expectation? >> poland are out to impress. off the pitch as a lot of host and on the pitch with their home offense behind them. no shortage of optimism, at least for getting past the group's stage. >> i think we have quite a good team. we can maybe advance to the next round. >> we think that we're not going to win the euro. >> for the white and red, a second european championships in a row. as host of a qualified automatically. the coach has had two years to make its mark on the national side. >> we have a strong team.
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i am confident that the players can get even better, maybe even at the tournament. >> fee of poland's international's place in the premier league and 19 players are based outside of poland. they include three players who just held dortmund get their bundesliga title. these three players all three got prizes for their outstanding form this season, formed they hope to replicate for their country. >> if they are in the same form as they were recently, they will be crucial for us. >> if poland in its peak performance, anything is possible. we give them a score of four out of six. >> all right, now for a love triangle. >> he is talking about the walter salles movie "on the
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road" that is generating a lot of buzz at the cannes film festival. >> it is an adaptation of jack kerouac beat generation novel, a book considered a classic and one that has taken decades to make it to the silver screen. >> brazilian director walter salles appeared in cannes with the actors, two of the stars of his long awaited adaptation of jack kerouac's novel "on the road." hollywood producers have been trying to bring "on the road" to the screen for decades without success to the novel is loosely based on a series of road trips jack kerouac to go in the 1940's with friends from the counterculture who show up in the book under pseudonyms. those adventures have served as an inspiration to generations of young dreamers. >> desirous of everything at the same time. >> we are trespassing the book in a way, but we were being very
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faithful to it in a sense that the more than anything else, jack kerouac was looking for the constant improvisation and the cult of spontaneity. and this is what we brought to it. >> the film's production, the music, and the acting are all top-notch, but is a tough job to reproduce the impact of the book had when it appeared in 1957. jack kerouac's attitude towards sex and drugs was shocking at the time, but the film comes off as tame. walter salles is one of brazil's best known directors. in 1998, he won the golden bear at the berlin film festival for "central station." the story of a young boy and an older woman who meet at the train station showed walter salles' interest in road movies early on. >> the more you get distance from your rudes, from the
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starting point, the more you possibly gain perspective on who you are -- the more you gain distance from your roots, you gain perspective on where you are, where you come from, and who you want to be. >> "on the road" has taken 55 years to get from page to screen, also an avid german. fans will soon get to see the film lives up to their expectations. >> we're going to watch that one. >> yes, we are. >> all right. stay with us. we will be back again at the top of the hour. >> you can find more on our website see you soon. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute ♪
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