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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  March 14, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> this is the journal on dw. >> our top stories this hour. a new pope from the new world. pope francis, the pontiff from argentina begins his first day as head of the roman catholic church. >> china has a new leader. >> volkswagon betting on abroad as sales at home sputter.
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there are two new leaders in the world today. one spiritual and one political. and together they represent 2.5 billion people. we will begin with the roman catholic church's new pontiff. pope francis. hem bodies a new list of chapters for the church. >> that is right. he is the first pope from argentina and he is the first pontiff to take the name, francis. >> his election on wednesday night unleashed a wave of joy and emotion in rome, south america and around the world. familiar francis began his first day to a visit outside the vatican to one of the oldest churches in the world. at an alter to the icon to the virgin mary the new pope knelt and prayed. he also greeted the priests of the basilica who had just been
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told of francis' visit just before he arrived. on wednesday evening when he was presented to the world as the new pontiff, the 76-year-old also seems down to earth. he came on the balcony in a simple white robe and humbly addressed the crowd. >> brothers and sisters, good evening. you know the conclave had the duty to give rome a bishop. it seems that my brother cardinals went almost to the ends of the earth to find one. but now i am here.
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>> the conclave of cardinals chose him in just a day and a half. he was the favorite in the last election but was considered an outsider this time. fellow arge tinians were astonished and overjoyed. the response among the faithful is overwhelming support. >> i could not see him that well but he seems to be a good person, exactly the pope that we need. >> he refused to live in the bishop's palace and lived in a simple apartment, cooked his own meals and did not want the limousine that the bishop normally has. he takes the bus to work. >> there are high expectations of pope francis. this afternoon he is meeting cardinals for his first mass as pope and is expected to layout the priorities. >> all right. we are going live now to simon
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young. simon, you heard there the new pope has a small carbon footprint and people love him for that. that euphoria that we reported last night, is it still there today? >> well, of course the crowds have dispursed from saint peter's square. but here in rome there is a palpable sense that people expect change. they want to see a new kind of pope. they want to see a new kind of church. he has begun to win people over with his humble style, another of the things that he has been doing today. he stopped off at the guest house where he was staying before the conclave to pay his bill. he said he wanted to set an example for bishops everywhere to pay their bills and look after their financial affairs. that is the kind of man he is. the crowds were excited and really enthusiastic when they saw francis for the first time
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last night. he came out with that simple gesture, not raising his hands in a sign of authority. but just holding up one hand, waving to the crowds. greeting the crowd with a simple good evening and joining with them in a simple prayer. that is the kind of man that he is. and i think that has really gone down very well with people here in rome. >> and we understand the new pope, he has been reaching out and making phone calls. we understand that he has been in touch with the retired pope. >> yes. that is right. we are told he telephoned his predecessor last night and we expect a meeting between the two men. benedict is staying at the residence outside of rome. we expect that to happen within the next couple of days. and this is a very interesting situation with these two popes,
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senior men at the top of the catholic church. we will have to see how the relationship between them works. i think you can expect francis to be a very different type of pope. he understands the concerns of the church and worshipers in the developing world and roman catholics want to see him express that. >> all right. simon young reporting from a windy vatican city. simon, thank you very much. >> yes. pope francis is the first noneuropean pontiff since the 8th century. are are we want to look back at his career in argentina. simon was saying he is known as a humble man of the people. >> he preferred to be called father jorge rather than cardinal. he is known for taking the bus to work. >> at home in argentina he is known as an advocate of the poor. he led a life of simplicity and
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humlity in keeping with the beliefs of his order, the jesuits. he kept his distance from the powerful and saw himself as a servant of the church. he frequently spoke out against corruption in his country and injustice. he criticized the government. he championed people on the edges of society and through the church provided active help for homeless, sick and unemployed. >> there is a strong connection between what you think and what do you. and only when what you are feeling and thinking and doing are in alignment is it good. >> some in argentina are raising questions about his role during the country's military dictatorship. critics say he didn't do enough to protect two jesuits who were
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detained and tortured. but others say he stood up to the regime and shielded many from persecution. >> we will pull in our religious affairs correspondent who has been covering the story from the beginning. john, we have been talking about it, there were calls before the conclave for a noneuropean pope. do you think the cardinals were listening? >> i think for the cardinals the country of origin of the pope is not that important. they look for a man with the same agenda and sets the same priorities. they wanted in this case they wanted somebody with a particular kind of charisma. they wanted somebody to embody a back to the roots simplicity. it is a bonus he comes from latin america. >> you have to admit latin america is known for liberation theology, a mix of social
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activism and christian faith. does francis come out of that tradition or not? >> he doesn't. that makes him quite controversial. he has on the one hand has huge sympathy for the poor and soldarity he expresses again and again giving him personal credentials. at the same time he rejected in the 1970's and 1980's a marxist interpretation that reduced theology to a social program. that has been a source of criticism of him now in retrospect because he is seen as having been too close and he has apologized since that he and other bishops did not speak out enough. >> thank you for all of the good work, john.
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>> pope francis is the leader of an estimated 1.2 billion catholics. but another new man at the top, the chinese president head of state for more than 1.3 billion people. >> the national people's congress confirmed the president completing his transition to the most powerful man in china. >> the election results are unlikely a surprise to the nearly 3,000 delegates. there was only one opposing vote. the hand over of power has been meticulously planned. after 0 years in office the baton is passed. chinese state media has been broadcasting a series of tributes to the outstanding president and praise for the new. for many he is a bit of the unknown. the 5-year-old has a reputation
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for humility and he has vowed to weed out corruption in china and the ruling communist party. he has been considered to be close to the country's military leaders. the defense budget had a smaller increase than usual may be a jesture towards china's neighbors. the biggest problems are tackling the divide between the rich and poor and the economic problems. china's new president has up to 10 years to steer the country through further modernization. the national's people congress is also expected to be confirmed. >> germany's biggest air -- has 100 new planes from airbus worth nearly 10 billion euros, planes bound for swiss and awe stri an airlines. they aim to make their fleet more fuel efficient.
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tell see 3,500 jobs slashed in the next five years as pritting profits fell by 30%. >> b.m.w. said it sold more cars than ever last year driving up sales 12% to almost 77 billion euros. >> other european carmakers are closing factories in response to sales, german brands are breaking records thanks to their export business. >> b.m.w. is the latest automaker bucking the downhill sales trends. the company sold more vehicles last year than ever before, partly because of huge nand in china where there is a business elite buying up market cars. audi brand is also in demand competing neck and neck with b.m.w. for the luxury business. last year volkswagon sold over
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9 million vehicles worldwide. >> 2012 was a challenging year for car makers. the debt crisis in europe took its toll but we are a reliable anchor. >> they plan to build at least 10 new factories and most of them in china. the c.e.o. plans to outsell general motors and toyota and become the world's biggest automaker in five years time. >> let's head over to the frankfurt stock exchange. the auto industry numbers had to have gone down, haven't they? >> they did go down pretty well, but the outlook did not especially because of v.w. they said that the sales will grow this year. but profits may even go down which means that car prices will go down. v.w. seems to plan high
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rebates. this is something that investors do not like. they are down by a little more than 1%. >> all right. what other news is moving the markets today? >> investors are waiting for new unemployment numbers to come from the u.s. these numbers are pretty well. the number of people calling for unemployment help shrank the third week in a row meaning that the labor market in the u.s. seems to bottom out. this is good news. it helps on the frankfurt floor. so far up by 1%. dow jones opened higher a few minutes ago and the euro remains stable under $1.30. >> thanks much for joining us. all right. we will be back in a minute. we will look at the state of
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european's health and at the world's largest telescope. >> we will also have business and sports news. stay tuned.
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>> welcome back. britain and france say they are ready to go in alone and give them arms. >> the latest dispute comes as leaders prepare to hold a summit in brussels officially slated to discuss economic issues. >> events in the arab world tend to overshadow their discussions. >> their patience is wearing thin. britain and now france say the rebels urgently need weapons. the french foreign minister says his country may supply weapons if the block does not take immediate action. >> we have to go very fast.
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the europeans are supposed to look at the question in several weeks but we will ask if the british that that meeting is brought forward. the position we are taking, which is also that of the british, is to ask the europeans now to lift the embargo so the rebels have the possibility of defending themselves. >> david cameron expressed his concern earlier in the week. the idea of arming the rebels is not a new one but remains heavily disputed. some countries fear that doing so could lead to a proliferation of weapons and make the conflict even worse. the issue could be on the agenda when foreign ministers meet. >> let's pull in our european affairs correspondent. talk to us about the possibility here nina. this could issue with the arms embargo on syria, could this issue drive a wedge between
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countries here in the european union? >> the e.u. does stand united that he step down but there are conflicting views as to how to support the opposition. but it is too risky to deliver weapons to the rebels because simply you can't guarantee who gets them, how do they get them, will we get them back and et cetera. now germany indicated this morning that if there are member states that indeed feel that the arms embargo should be lifted germany, which is always one of the most hesitant downtown deliver weapons is willing to re-assess the situation because it is increasingly clear and europeans are realizing that any embargo they pose on syria does not affect asad. it affects the opposition. >> when the talk about weapons is over tonight then the official agenda will begin and that is talking about money, isn't it? >> yes.
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the topics, arms. new we heard all of that before. it is a surprisingly general invitation letter that was sent to leaders before they came to brussels. the european union will take stock of the current economic situation and discuss ways to foster growth. and that is surprising the general wording of the invitation if you look at the situation that we are in. we are in the middle of the economic crisis. no decisions are planned. they will sit down and talk about the situation in cyprus but no decision is being made today and a possible decision tomorrow is not clear yet. the finance ministers would have to decide it. and there are very big concerns when it comes to huh gary. huh gary earlier in the week had amendments to the constitution. it is the political situation in member states that will have to be discussed but it is not
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on the agenda. >> discussed. when you are in a crisis, it seems in europe the best thing to do is to not take action or make a decision. all right. nina, thank you very much. >> all right. back to the middle east now. at least 22 people have been killed in a series of bombings in the iraqi capitol baghdad. dozens of others were wounded. two devices exploded at the justice ministry. officials say about 1,000 people were in the ministry at the time. the attacks came days ahead of the 10th anniversary of the u.s.-led invasion of the country. >> in israel the political deadlock has been broken and a new coalition government is expected to number place by the end of the day. the three main partners are planning to put phone paper within the next few hours. it will be led by the prime minister's conservative party. tell include a right wing
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jewish home party. the other key party is headed up by the tv personality -- the new government will be the first in years without ultraorthodox jewish parties. in just over a minute we will have the latest sports news. >> first we will look at other stories from around the world. >> a founding member of cambodia's brutal rouge has died while on trial for genocide. he died at the age of 87. he was one of only a handful of leaders to be tried for the killings of up to 2 million people. >> here in germany police arrested four radical islammists for plotting a series of murders. raids uncovered loaded
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firearms, bulletproof vest and ingredients for explosives. the main target is thought to be the leader of a far right political party. >> japan so close to completing the world's first lava barrier. the barrier is 20 meters high and one kilometer long. it is hoped to protect residents and the roads needed to evacuate them. the last eeruption was over 200 years ago and experts say another eruption could come at any time. >> champions league soccer right now. bayern munich, they scored three times in london. the game should serve as a wake up call. >> we talked about it before the game. the last thing that we wanted was to concede an early goal.
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but that's what happened. in the first half we were not ourselves. we were not aggressive enough. we did not win possession and didn't get into the game. the second half was better. but losing 2-0 definitely was not good. >> in the evenings other fixture the third spanish team in the last eight. quarterfinal pairings themselves will be drawn on friday. >> well, the waiting is almost over for motorsport it is fans. the new formula 1 season gets underway in melbourne, australia. the teams have been busy during the three and a half month break developing and testing cars and signing up new drivers. the melbourne grand prix is the first of 19 races. >> well, last year red bull
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sebastian fettle became the youngest ever to win three world titles. now he is hope to win four in a row. a feat accomplished only by two before him. >> she already one of the most successful drivers in formula 1 history but there is notice sign that his ambition is dwindling. >> it is important for us to know what progress we have made but we worked very hard to improve and our pasta, achievements are irrelevant and they are of no interest. once you are on the grid it all starts over. >> the toughest challenge ser likely to be fernando alonso. he said they are 200 times better than last season and determined not to be runners up again. >> i hope that now we are in
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condition to win the game. >> this season will be very tight. there have been few changes to the rules. a lot of the cars will be at a similar technical level. >> the field is wide open. more teams are expected to be in including mercedes. it is under huge pressure. shareholders criticized its involvement as a waste of money after three years without success. >> they have the wrong people at the wrong level of hierarchy doing the wrong things. the car maker has every right in the world to demand success. the team has to deliver. if it doesn't mercedes might say we are pulling out. >> the mercedes team has been completely overhauled. a racing legend brought into a management role.
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louis hamilton has taken the place of michael schumaker and the new head of the motorsport cast doubt on the future of team principal. >> there are a few areas i would like to make changes but i need to find out more before i act. we will have to wait and see. >> mercedes got a boost during testing for the new season. no one was faster. >> incredible. it is a great feeling. it seems to be a perfect fit. >> but it will be a huge tchodge close the gap on red bull and ferrari. the only thing certain about the new season is it could be one of the tightest and most exciting in recent memory. >> all right. now we will talk about something faster than the cars. physicists in switzerland
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believed they discovered a god particle. it is what gives matter its mass. in theory at least. >> scientists at the research facility say they have proof that the particle exists using the largest atom smash near the world they hurled protons against each other to confirm their theories. >> i didn't even hear the protons hitting each other. must have had the music on too loud. that will wrap up this edition of "the journal." >> thanks for watchinging and stay with us here on d.w.
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