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tv   Journal  PBS  July 19, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> welcome to "journal" on dw- tv. i'm meggin leigh. >> i'm brent goff. >> the headline -- tighten security in kabul ahead of an international conference. germany's conservatives are under pressure after the latest resignation of a state premier. and in the tour de france, a broken chain hens the lead to the hands of the lead to the defending champion. violence continues unabated in
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afghanistan just one day ahead of an international conference in the capital, kabul. monday, two nato soldiers and six afghan policeman were killed in separate roadside bomb attack in the second part of the country. in kabul itself, security has been boosted for international gathering aimed at targeting afghanistan prosecutor. >> kabul is unlock some of the biggest conference the city has hosted in decades. security forces have to ensure the safety of foreign foreign ministers and security will be high on the agenda. germany's foreign minister says afghan forces must take full responsibility by 2014. >> of course, we know that we won't have european standard in afghanistan. our goal is to have a country that can ensure adequate security, and from which no terror threat can emerge from either against it for us. >> berlin once moderate members
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of the taliban to be drawn into afghan politics. the 600-million euro program is to offer incentives for concerts and to lay down weapons. critics say corruption must also be tackled. >> if nothing happened -- those things in the international community in half and a vermont was permitted to do it, so they are a lot playing with each other, they are cheating with each other -- >> improving the economy is also a growing prepared which more aid focused on building prospects for the afghan people after foreign troops have left the country. >> here in germany a court has handed down jail terms to two men for supporting al qaeda. the court in the western city of koblenz sentenced a 32-year-old turkish citizens to six years in prison for being a member of the terror network, undertaken training and a militant camp and providing financial and
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logistical support. now, a co-defendant, a german citizen receive a sentence of 2.5 years for supplying money and military assistance. staying in germany, chancellor angela merkel praised the mayor of hamburg for leading the conservative-green coalition in the city state. ole von beust announced sunday night but he was quitting and august due to personal reasons. he is the sixth to leave office in the past year and his departure raised questions about the chancellor's leadership. >> chancellor merkel cup for joint press conference with ole von beust short. she said she suspect -- respect his decision. >> i believe that ole von beust led the city into new territory with his decision to form a coalition with the greens. and that his leadership was such
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but his successor will have a good chance of continuing the coalition. after 32 years in state politics, von beust said he hoped others will understand the decision. >> as painful as of the step was for me i want to seize the chance at the age of 55 to do something else. there is no ill will on my part. only a deep sense of gratitude and friendship, both towards my friend jean hamburg and toward the chancellor. >> journalists were given no carper to the for questions. despite the outpoured show of unity some in the cdu criticized his decision to design @ -- resigned as a politically difficult time. >> i belong to those who said that if i am attracted to the job and agree to it, it is incumbent on me to finish its. >> but merkel will have to face questions before the summer recess. they will want to know what she plans to do about the apparent erosion of the cdu senior
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leadership. the of the u.s. government of a lot of other 24 hours of testing in the gulf of mexico after export -- experts detected more leaking around the record bp oil well. pressure readings are lower than expected, indicating crude oil could be seeping into the surrounding bedrock. monitors say they may have observed methane over the well head. b earlyp admin it some bubbles appeared near the site but it is optimistic the containment cap placed last thursday will hold. ireland is still facing a slow climb out of recession. >> exactly. troubled news about european economies. currency markets are taking it in stride. ireland's sovereign debt was downgraded by the rating agency moody's. it dropped the creditworthiness one notch to aa2. moody's said arlen boston national that continues to swell
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and economic growth over the next few years looks unlikely. >> banking and real-estate retention of ireland's growth before the economic crisis. but today the country is full of real-estate nobody wants or can afford. the state had to create a so- called bad bank to hold and dispose of the vast amount of bad debt that accumulated, costing taxpayers 81 billion euros. sovereign debt, and ireland reached 64 percent of gdp last year. the government -- number is not unusual in itself. in germany, a total 73% of gdp. but it is a different story with the budget deficit. keane ireland its skyrocketed over 14% of gdp, the highest in europe. this spring the government in dublin act, creating the toughest austerity program anywhere in the eu. the economy seems to be responding. while countries like greece and spain remained locked in a
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recession, ireland act fleet -- grew by 2.7% in the first quarter. >> across the continent to hungary where the economy is not looking better, either. on monday the imf and european union broke off talks of the country's bailout package, saying hungry need to cut spending more. >> hungary's economy is in the doldrums. over the past two years many have lost dropped and default on mortgage payments. taxes have been raised as part of the government's austerity drive. making matters worse for of the cash-strapped population. the global financial crisis almost brought the economy to a breaking point. in 2004, hungary registered 4% growth but then the economy nosedived from a shrinking dramatically in 2009. the current government in budapest this as further savings are not acceptable and is now trying to raise funds by
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implementing a bank levy instead. in a television interview, economy minister said the bank levy will prove to be a hard sell with the eu and imf but that hungary will continue talks. whatever strategy, its budget deficit must fall to a maximum 3% if it wants to join the eurozone as planned in 2011. >> ireland and hungary were non- stories for the european stock markets, but equities fell on the u.s. report showing sentiment among u.s. homebuilders is at its lowest level in a year. this report on today's trading action from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> investors cheered results of companies worldwide, and they all worrying about the worldwide economy. very good numbers came today from philips and delta airlines, and these numbers lifted shares and led to quite a nice start into the new week but after
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that, new economic data from the u.s. toward the mood, the housing market has been much weaker than people feared before and it shows that the u.s. economy has still got some problems on its way to recovery. also, the war raise about the european and the euro area -- worries about the european and the euro area after the downgrade of ireland and worries about the financial side wishing in hungary, dragging the year rose slightly down. >> let us get a quick look at the numbers for you and see how the numbers stood at the end of the. the dax ended the session by about a half a percent lower at 6009, euro stoxx 50 was also down by about half a percent. take it over to wall street, afternoon trading just before the closing bell, the dow up by half a percent at 10,001 of the 54 and the euro going for
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1.2942 u.s. cents. if you watching the executives from boeing and airbus this week, you would probably think things are looking up for the aviation industry, and you are right. on monday both aircraft makers racked up billions of dollars of deals at the international air show. we have more. >> farnborough off to another impressive start with the airbus circling among investors. down below the cboe was signing off on deals with american client. two american leasing companies ordered a total of 111 airbus airliners. together with aeflot deal, some $10 billion. u.s. rival boeing got a firm boost when a $9 billion deal was confirmed the with the by-based emirates, 30 long-haul 777's. but boeing's main hopes are riding on the new 787 dreamliner
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which made its european date -- debut. this test version is packed with sophisticated and the spirit it is collecting the test flight data needed for analysis before it goes into cereal production, a full two years behind schedule. >> the boeing company is always accompanied that innovate. it is always pushing technology. maybe we took a little more risk on this airplane and we should have, and in hindsight, because we are late, maybe we did. but this aircraft will be around for the next 50 years. >> the first will not be ready for delivery until next year but boeing says it already has 56 customers waiting for delivery. >> thank you for that. large parts of central china are being threatened by severe flooding after weeks of torrential rain. floods and landslides and several provinces forced more than 1 million people from their homes. 146 people have been killed since the beginning of july.
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the flooding also poses a major test for china's three gorges dam. chinese media says the peak of flow of water hitting the reservoir will be higher than in 1998 when floods killed more than 4000 people. religious leaders have urged the european union to work harder to promote fairer economic and social policies. the call came at an. will meeting of eu leaders with representatives from the christian, jewish, muslim, sikh and hindu faith in brussels. the you promised a further strengthen cooperation with religious institutions in the fight against poverty and social injustice. the central council of jews in germany is marking its 60th anniversary. for decades it has been the voice of the jewish community in the country. almost 6 million jews were murdered by the nazis and millions more fled during the second world war. there were only 15,000 jews left
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here when the council was founded. since then the jewish community has grown to 110,000. >> this woman survived the holocaust living on a farm in bavaria under a false identity. when the central council of jews in germany was founded in 1950, she could not have imagined she would one day stand in a synagogue in the heart of munich. >> the jewish community is beginning to re-emerge. outside germany, the idea that jews with established communities and the country of their murderers, that is what they said, and that is how would was, was seen very negatively. >> when the organization was founded, the horrors of the holocaust were still fresh in people's minds. and most saw no future for jews in germany. only 15,000 still remain. many preferred to leave. the central council of jews in germany saw itself as
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representing political interests. it wanted to rebuild communities and synagogues. the greatest of recent challenge was the integration of jews from the former soviet union. today, they make up the majority of germany's jewish communities. >> there is a new jewish plurality in germany. it is the new jewish normality, a great chance for us. >> a chance to be back in the center of society, just like the synagogue in the heart of munich. >> part of europe are experiencing the hottest summer in years. in switzerland, attention has been drawn to its melting glaciers. one to the southeast of the country is disappearing at an alarming rate. >> even up here on the glacier, there is no beating the heat wave. is glacier in the swiss alps is melting away at a rate of 20 centimeters a day. here is what it looked like last year at the foot of this glacier.
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giant cave of eyes. which today is completely gone. melted into the ever widening current flowing toward the valley. >> a glacier of this size, which is 7 kilometers long, takes about 20 years to react to the environment. the past 20 years were consistently to warm. in combination with hot summers, that has led to dramatic levels of melting. >> experienced hikers are also struck by how quickly the car glacier is receiving -- glacier is receding. but i could never believe it could possibly milk that fast. -- milk that fast. >> two years ago i parked my babies pram here were the edge used to be, and now it is further away. it is really very strange. >> and the glacier will continue to melt away. what is needed is a cover of two meters of snow. only then would enough ice floe
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to replace the amount. >> to the tour de france, where there was a lot of drama of the end of the 15th stage. it was a grueling last climb. it was here that the defending champion snatched the yellow jersey. but the move was not without controversy. >> whistles and blooms for the new where of the yellow jersey. an attack by contador on arrival came just as the luxembourg rider had to stop when his chain came off. it gave the defending champion and eight-second over all lead. scheck he felt a spaniard should have waited while he dealt with his chain. >> i will take my i would not attack like that. >> i did not even notice he had mechanical problems.
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>> the battle will resume tuesday with what is touted as the heard this stage. it thomas -- of france but work -- emerge the winner of monday's stage. >> don't go away.
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>> the world's largest economic space conference, the committee on space research or cospar for short is taking place in bremen this week. some 3000 scientists from more than 50 countries are attending the gathering. bremen that is also hosting an exhibition on space -- space flight and panel discussions with leading experts. as we hear in our next report, the northern german city has long been at the center of europe's ambitions in space. >> meet the hybrid leg-wheeled robot. it can move at high speeds, overcome obstacles, and even
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swim, making it ideal to negotiate off-road to rain on the moon or mars. this cyber-scorpion is another candidate for space exploration, with independent legs and a complex reflex system. it can fly in and out of canyons and creatures. robots like these have been designed and built at the german research center for artificial intelligence. it opened its doors in bremen just a few years ago but has since taken great strides in the development of intelligent robotics. >> there is a great potential for innovation here. because the university, the institute, and businesses are so close to each other. it is a melting pot for creativity. >> bremen's standing as a space city began with rocket technology in the 1960's. major components are still produced here, including the
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upper stage for the european space trans porter. in the 1970's, bremen led western europe's first contribution to human spaceflight. space lab, the reusable science laboratory for experience in zero gravity, was built here. it was designed in conjunction with the american space shuttle program. spacelab components went into orbit on more than 20 shuttle flights, raising bremen's global profile and making it the center of manned space flight in europe. in the 1990's it was the final assembly point for the columbus laboratory, europe's largest single contribution to the international space station. today, scientists in bremen are looking far beyond earth's orbit -- to planets like mars, where they are exploring ways to achieve -- retrieve rock samples. it has new challenges for the
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research center has been able to simulate a hawaii complex mission on earth, collecting rocks with three different robots. a world first. >> it is vital but we continue our work and make these technologies -- that we continue our work and make these technologies operational. >> to that purpose, the research center now houses its own artificial moon to rain. there, scientists hope to take robot technology even further and keep bremen a leader in an artificial intelligence. >> one of the milestones of space travel is when neil armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon in 1969. space exploration captured the imagination of ordinary people, well funded by government and during the cold war sparked an intense space race between the u.s. and soviet union. but now budgets for space programs are shrinking from impacting long-running projects and new ones like nasa's plans
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for a moon base. >> it was one of nasa's boss a grand vision, a permanent outpost on the moon, a launching point -- pat for mars and beyond. but this year the ambitious project was put on ice and many fear it could spend the end of america's human space programs of the near future. the new rocket designed to launch cruise into orbit has also been jettisoned by obama administration. >> the bottom line is, nobody is more committed to me and space flight, to human exploration of space, i'm. but we've got to do it in a smart way. >> nasa is still trending american astronauts to help run the international space station, but the job of getting them there could soon be in private hands. under the president's plan for nasa, commercial spaceship's would carry a crew and cargo to the iss.
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critics of the new direction doubt it will save money, until the private fleet is built and tested, the united states has to rely on russia's soyuz rockets, the only operational craft still able to fly humans into space. >> it is amazing. >> meanwhile, the european space agency has already sent a crewles cargo craft to iss plans to launch one later. europe's automatic transfer vehicle is the largest crowd to dock with the space station, supplying fuel, water, air, and disposing of waste. if all goes to plan, future atv's would also transfer asked not to be iss. the technology already exists, but here too, also a question of
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money and political will. >> imagine being able to fly through australian and -- to australia and back in one day. it might seem like a fantasy for now but scientists and three men are already trying to adapt space technology to superfast airplanes, the space minor, designed to fly halfway round the world in 90 minutes but at a future cost of 100,000 euros protected, the sort of travel will remain a dream for most. >> in just a few decades, this could be the stuff of your exotic holidays. after vertical takeoff, the first to put on a book of your seat belt is 100 kilometers above the earth. at that altitude in changes to gliding mode and after 90 minutes, passengers are descending half a world away. the only conventional thing about this flight is the landing.
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but before that vision can become reality, engineers have to clear several technical rules. -- hurdles. the space liner has recovered with a heat resistant surface, the dissent through the atmosphere generate enormous black for action. -- enormous fortune. >> extreme temperatures and develop on the nose. it is directly exposed to the air flow, as is the entire front edge of the wings, which can get over 2750 degrees. >> materials resistant to the extreme heat have already been developed to protect the spacecraft. but ceramic tiles like this can only tolerate 2000 degrees celsius, not enough for the space liner. the engineers are working on a new type of heat control. it functioned in the same way
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as sweat on skin -- through the cooling effect of even operating liquid. the evaporation liquid. it proved successful and a wind tunnel. the ceramic tiles will be tested later this year. but views like this will not come cheap. the price of a ticket could start at 100,000 euros. to cut costs, the designers avoided expensive technology and opted for tried and tested rocket propulsion. with a fuel mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, the only emissions created will be steam. >> water in the atmosphere is much more environmentally friendly than co2 -- will have to produce a hydrogen in an environmentally friendly way. >> before the space liner can embark on its maiden flight it needs to prove it is just as
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reliable as conventional aircraft. until then, and around the world trip will have to remain a very long haul. >> that wraps up the "journal." thanks for joining us. >> here is the forecast for germany. sunny and hot in the south and west. a few clouds and quite warm in the north and east. it will stay hot in the next few days with increasing clouds and rain is expected on friday. elsewhere in europe, britain will see rain and it will be over cast in the east and along the mediterranean coast but temperatures will remain high. now here is the forecast for selected cities around the globe. captioned by the national captioning institute
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