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tv   Journal  PBS  July 26, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> hi, everyone. welcome to the journal. >> coming up in our program, an investigation is launched into the disaster at the love parade in germany. >> classified documents on the conflict in afghanistan are leaked onto the internet. >> that you approve the package of new tough sanctions against iran. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the death toll from saturday to lead a parade tragedy in
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germany has risen to 20. on monday, a 21-year-old woman died from her injuries. the deaths at the the parade were caused after panic broke out in a tunnel leading to the festival grounds. an official investigation is now underway. >> this is a city in mourning. people have been paying their respects to those who died on saturday. but there are also signs of anger and incomprehension at have such a tragedy could have happened. >> how can you only have one entrance for thousands of people? you do not have to be a genius to know that it will end in tragedy. it pains me just thinking about it. >> investigators are looking at several issues. among them, how tunnel was allowed to become a deadly bottleneck for those entering and leaving the site of the love parade. it is still not known just how many people work on the festival grounds when things started to
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go wrong. public prosecutors in the city have rtc's possible evidence. >> we have confiscated documents from the organizers and the city authorities. they are being analyzed right now. >> that investigation could take weeks or months. they plan to have a commemoration march next saturday for those who died. >> we will take an in-depth look at the low parade tragedy later. the afghan president says that a missile fired by nato forces killed 52 civilians last week humvee karzai says the incident happened in the sunken district blast friday. nato has not confirmed these claims. the u.s. government has condemned the leaking of tens of thousands of classified documents on the conflict in the afghanistan, saying it could
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threaten national security. they were published on the internet by wikileaks, which is an organization that specializes in publishing anonymous sensitive documents. >> there are reports from the from lines and have set on the afghan conflict. -- from the front lines and have sensitive information on the conflict. the leader of the taliban is a list of ordering attacks. the documents could be the tip of the iceberg. >> they do not include most reports from u.s. special forces. they do not include report by the cia. they do not include reports by other coalition bodies. but they do include the majority
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of regular u.s. army activity. >> the news out let that had access to the documents said that the u.s. special forces units had targets to be killed bin areas controlled by german troops. it insists it is not involved in targeted killings. >> the purpose of the list is to identify insurgents. our exports -- our special forces with of the afghan authorities work to capture them on the ground. >> the documents also reveal that germany underestimated the security threat to its forces in the north, suggesting that berlin naively stumbled into the conflict. >> in response from the white house, robert gibbs said that the leaked material relieved nothing there had already been discussed before in the media or by government officials. but he underlined that the
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leaks were a breach of federal law and had the potential of harming the military and people cooperating with u.s. forces. >> it is not the content as much as it is that there are names, operations, logistics, sources, all information that are now have the potential to do harm if someone is cooperating with the federal government and their name is listed in an action report. i do not think it is a stretch to believe that that could potentially put a group or an individual at great personal risk. >> earlier, i spoke with our washington correspondent. i asked him what more details about the reaction in the u.s. to those leaks. >> robert gibbs says that the
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president is very concerned about this breach of national security. but, as you said, he pointed out that nothing is really new. in particular, the idea of how the pakistani intelligence does possibly corporate with the taliban -- he said repeatedly that the president, in march 2009, said that we know pakistan has mixed records here. we do not issue a blank check. that suggests that the american aid for past is not changing aft the release these documents.relsyi wikiles.
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quest for a wrap up of today's -- >> 4 rap up of today's talks stock exchange -- >> another topic will important this trading week. second quarter earnings reports season is only about to start here in germany. smaller in with relatively good figures, like companies from the german engineering sector. also commercial tv stations came inetr anxpected. but tuesday will bring these d firstax- the first dax companies and that is what they're looking forward to appearin. >> dathe dax at 2734.
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the dow jones is currently at 35. the euro is trading at $1.29. germany's second-biggest airline is joiningthonwod alliance. it has reached a basic agreement with british awa tjo the alliance. more details are expected tuesday. companpls oer customers more destinations in the u.s. and around the globe. t one world alliance is one of the top world airline alliances dinud 11 members, including american airlines, caayacicand qantas. almost 70 million vehicles have been produced this year and that is 2orth lt ar
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it is mainly thank you to the chinese mke. nely 6 million cars were sd there from january to may. a third of thoseargean cars. to keep up with demand,hepu tra shifts and bmw is thinking about shortenin company holidays. menhaan unusual story force. >> yes, i do. spismawh underwent the world's first transplantf enre face has appeared in public for the first time since his surgery four months ago. the 31-year-old piethk his medical team and is the owner's family. e operation lasted 24 hours and took two years to plan. the surgeons s h should develop facial movement and speech over the next 18 months. he had been lt ab to breathe on his own or swallow following a oong cint five years ago. we have soccer news.
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strerolhaef the club after 16 years there. the 33-year-old washeug fari amaid. the former captain when the spanish league s times. scored 323 goals and almost 750 appearances. he has been linked with a poib metoerny or england. finally, a catamaran made from thousands of plastic bottles h arveinustralia after travelling around the pacific ocean. the plastihe set off fromsa francisco in march. 12,500 plastic bottlesent into making the vessel. it had a crew osi the sales were also made of recycled plastic. >> it looks like a pretty sturdy bo.
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stay tuned for in-depth coming up nex >> where smoking chimneys once dominated alaska, today, scientists blossom pre instead of chef towers, green as far as the eye can see. from coal miningoure' capital of culture, a region reinvents itself. he is a star chef and businessman. with a wealth of culinary ea
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he has turned his name into the gourmet brand. a passion for cooking, the series on europe? -- on euromaxx. >> a germantown is grieving after saturday's love parade tragedy. 20 people were killed. authorities are coming under increasing pressure over the organitialndecit arrangements. police in the city have defended their handling of the situation. they say they had been controlling the flowf sirs all along the pedestrian tunnel all along. obviously, " somethinsomething t horribly wrong. politicians are aea cli for consequences to be drawn.
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but many people who were on the scene are already awg ei own conclusions. > the people started climbing onto the ceiling with their bare hands. th iprtyerus those who were in charge did not open up the fences. i do not understand it. you cannot lock people like that. they should have moved to the fence is a way much earlier. >> when i looked around, when i lookeddo, saloof bodies just lying there. i cannot believe it. people just died there. >> who is to blame? the organization. right from the start, the location was not big eug i my opinion. i cannot see how that area would be big enough for 1.4 million people. i do not think it is right to
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blame the police alone could i think the planning should have gone different from the start. > the only explanation i can come up with is that the organizers built up a huge amount of pressure related e region being the european capital of culture this year, bringing in the media and appealing to politicians. >> if security issues are dodged r mmcial reasons, that is punishable by law. if the venue is said to be suitable for a 200,000 to 300,000 and then a 1.5 million shot, that is way too many. i am sure that heads will roll because of this. -- 1.5 million show up, that is
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way too many. i am sure that heads will roll because of this. >> people there sounded very angry. my colleague, and young, was in the city over the weekend. we ask them about the sense he got. >> when i was in desperate last night, sunday night, talking to people who had come down to the site, it was to express their grief and to express anger. they filled that the -- they felt that the organizers and the police bear the responsibility for this tragedy. everyone called for a quick investigation. everybody was very disappointed about the official reaction, the press conference held yesterday. the authorities did not seem to be ready to take their share of the responsibility end of people we spoke to said that that was a
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scandal. it was quite clear that organizational failures had happened. there was a lot of cricism of the police. >> officials are under a lot of pressure over the arrangement. i love people had warned that the site for the festival was inappropriate. -- a lot of people had warned that the site was inappropriate. >> yes. bloggers on the internet and know all about the love parade had been saying for weeks that they thought that this site at the railway yard was not appropriate for holding and nant of this scale. most of the criticism is on the plan of the one tunnel being used for exits. alternative emergency exits were blocked with the emergency vehicles. so it is hard to understand how that could have been the case. also, there is the question of
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why they did not have any spaces for emergency vehicles to get in if there were any incidents. that was one of the real problems, they could not reach the dying people. questions remain about the organization there. >> below parade took place in berlin for many years without any such incident. what was the difference? >> the key difference is that this is a smaller city in. -- smaller city. it was the first time that the leopard had come there. it had been held at different -- the love parade had come there. it had been held in different places over the last few years. they did not have the experience or how the visitors of the love parade would react. they said that they expected only a quarter of a million people to enter the festival, the party area at any one time. i do not see how they could have
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expected that igiven that everyone knew that more than a million visitors were expected. the authorities there were a little bit out of their death. >> simon young, we thank you for that. the love parade was billed as the biggest techno party in the world. it is now over for good. the organizers say they're discontinuing the event. however, the issue of crowd control is not a new one. it is something that plays a key part in major events around the world. the love parade is not the only large event organized here in germany. officials have a great experience in crowd control here. there is the munich octoberfest or sports tournament, like the 2006 world cup which was hosted by germany. >> 2006, the soccer world cup in
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germany -- fans across the country turned up in the thousands to watch the game in public viewing areas. in berlin alone, millions watched germany against in the tournament. the events passed without incident. the location was key, surrounded by the park. there was a safety buffer all around it. people could easily escape and emergency services had easy access. safety precautions were missing at the love parade. panic has been avoided at many other mass gatherings. in 2005, 1 million people took part in world youth day, a catholic festival held that year. lessons from panic research work followed in planning the event, helping to what problems, especially in the narrow lanes of cologne's old town. crowds were sent through one-way
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areas to make sure they cannot co-lead -- they could not collide. millions of pilgrims converged on the saudi city every year. on many occasions, many lives have lost. the major disaster was in 2006 when more than 350 people died and many more were injured. the saudi authorities responded by seeking advice from the german researcher who had been consulted for the world youth day in cologne. it was an enormous challenge for the experts. but they were able to come up with a concept that brought structure and order into the chaos of the haj. so far, that concept has worked. but even the experts said met -- but even the experts admit that it is difficult and risk to
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life and limb is always there. >> thank you for watching. >> the weather forecast from germany, conditions will remain changeable with overcast skies and not much sun. there will be grain in the west and south. the next few days will be the same, but friday will be drier. elsewhere in europe, northern countries will be cloudy and wet. russia and mediterranean regions, the weather will stay fine. here is delicate the forecast for cities around the world -- here is the forecast for the cities around the world.
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