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tv   Journal  PBS  July 28, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> welcome to "the journal." >> the headlines at this hour. in the first report on the love parade disaster, officials in duisburg said the organizers are to blame. a airline crash near islamabad. a vote to of law bullfighting in catalonia. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the death toll from saturday's love parade in the
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german city of duisburg has risen to 21. a 25-year-old woman died tuesday of her injuries. the preliminary investigation into the tragedy lays much of the blame on the organizers, citing a number of flaws when it comes to safety issues. >> fans of duisburg's soccer team held a memorial march for victims of the love parade stampede. four days later, there is growing anger that no one has accepted responsibility. the organizer, rainer schaller, is coming under mounting pressure. a report by the state government of westphalia says his said the plan was inadequate for a large event of this kind. the report says rainer schaller failed to implement an agreed safety plan and had too few security staff as well as badly
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trained stewards. >> the organizers had sold responsibility for ensuring everything went according to plan at the event. he and his private security team had to ensure the safety of all those attending the event. had they adhered to the permit by authorities -- >> organizers let far more people onto the site than allowed by the city. >> the permit issued by the city of duisburg was for maximum capacity at the site. that means 250,000 people. >> rainer schaller has rejected the criticism and says the police are to blame. he claims the allowed more people onto the site even though it was already overcrowded. a memorial ceremony for the victims will be held on saturday.
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duisburg residents are left trying to understand how such a tragedy could happen in their city. >> our political correspondent was following the press conference where duisburg officials presented the findings from that report. he had more on what they had to say. >> there were not any striking new details as far as i can see that add to the picture of what happened last weekend. but what we did have was some rather firm accusations being made by the interior minister of the state of westphalia, where duisburg is located. he pointed the plan clearly and firmly at the organizers of the event. he had this to say. >> the organizers of the love parade did not fulfil the commitments they made in their own security concept. in fact, the security concept collapsed entirely.
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there were not enough security marshals at the event that had been put in place by the organizers. communication between the marshals was poor. communication with the police was poor. the allowed dangerous sleep dance groups of people to gather. even when it was clear it was a dangerous, they allowed an influx of other people through the security bait -- a security gate. i hasten to add this is on the basis of a preliminary police report. we will have to wait for the full state prosecutor's report, which will take some time to compile. until then, bling will go on. there will be lots of public anger. a lot of that will focus on the mayor of duisburg. lot of people believe he is ultimately responsible. politicians in germany are saying he should shoulder the political responsibility and step down, but he has not done so. >> the german foreign minister
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has underscored turkey's privileged partnership with europe, saying its future with the eu -- he told the foreign minister turkey's bid to join the eu is not a foregone conclusion. he also focused on iran's nuclear program. turkey criticized a recent decision against iran. they agreed to run's nuclear program was unacceptable. the eu has added access to clean water to its definition of human rights. people worldwide live without reliable sources of drinking water. un health analysts say dirty water kills 1.5 million children every year. the declaration has no legal standing advocates hope its
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inclusion as a human right will increase global awareness. the u.s. state of arizona says it will appeal a judge's ruling blocking key parts of a new immigration law. the ruling bloc's several provisions including one requiring police to check the immigration status of suspected criminals if the author believes the person is not legally in the u.s. the law has sparked controversy for the past three months. president barack obama has criticized it as misguided, but polls show a broad majority of americans favor the legislation. pakistan has declared a national day of mourning for victims of a plane crash near islamabad. all 152 people on board were killed. the airbus was operated by air blue and was flying to the capital. it went down in the hills surrounding islamabad. >> friends and relatives of the passengers gathered at the
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airport in islamabad, and to sleep awaiting information on the fate of their loved ones. the message could hold good news or bad. >> my older brother was coming on this flight. we have no further information. his name is on the passenger list. >> the wreckage of the plane is scattered across the hills. witnesses say the wing of brushed treetops before the crash. investigators have recovered the plaintiff flight recorder. search efforts have been hampered by burning wreckage and bad weather. military helicopters are helping comb the area, but the hills are covered with thick clouds and the steady rain as of the time of the crash. there is speculation the weather may have been a factor. >> there are certain parameters of flying, including for landing and takeoff. it was not extremely good.
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it was above the parameters. >> airbus 321 was on route to the pakistan capital. contact with the control tower was lost during descent. hospitals in the capital prepared to treat casualties, but rescue crews have found only bodies so far. medical staff are concentrating on identifying t >> surprisingly good news for deutche bahn, germany's national railway. profits rose to defy% in the first half year. the results are a big improvement on last year, when traffic tumbled in response to the recession. this is despite being hampered by difficulties such as breakdowns in train air- conditioning units. >> german rail operator deutche ban has bounced back from the recession.
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it amounts to an overall revenue of 16.1 8 million euros. technical problems have dogged the operation, tarnishing their image. >> we made a performance bid to our customers but could not keep that promise during this winter and this summer's heat wave. we are sorry. >> deutche bahn says it will spend millions to modernize and maintain its trains. the company is looking to restraint. they plan to take over british company ariva. >> will be able to grow outside of germany in the rail traffic sector. >> some german politicians say the money earmarked for the takeover would be better spent on the operation back home. >> shares in a german microchip maker were among the leading
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advances. investors were encouraged by its hefty profit in the third quarter. earnings top 126 million euros. that is a 60% gain on the previous quarter. the chip maker was anxious about the current year, with cutthroat pricing in the industry. >> over a year ago, infinian was on a downward spiral. banks refused loans. shares tumbled. the dax index ceased to list them. they're back on track. with the economy on the upswing, infinian is one of the fastest- growing companies in germany. the made the biggest profits in the smartphone sector. chips to control electric motors were in high demand. sales of microchips for passports and i.d. cards also rose. trade with the auto industry was in positive territory.
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in the future, the electric car sector offers promising prospects. >> a wrap up of what happened on the floor of the stock exchange in germany. let us go to our reporter, who begins with how the markets responded to those economic numbers. >> infinian's stocks were top gainers this wednesday. the stock has already gained nearly 48%. it has returned amongst? shares. it had not been listed on the? -- it had not been listed on the dax in a while. other companies did a lot of cost-cutting, which cost money at first but will pay off. crosscuting for detuche bahn means cutting people as well.
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>> will look at the market indexes in more detail. we began in frankfurt, where the dax closed at 61.78. the u.s. stock market closed slightly down. in new york, shares showed little room -- little reaction after a federal reserve report, the so-called beige book, which had several signs that the recovery has closed. the dow jones is at 10,497. the euro is trading at $1.29. airplane maker boeing is struggling despite the upbeat mode. profits fell to 605 million euros. the company delivered fewer planes. boeing management said the airplane maker remained well- positioned for growth in 2011 and beyond.
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boeing is working along the clock to deliver the 787 dreamliner. the new delivery date is december. that is 2.5 years behind one of germany's most successful businessmen is dead. theo albrecht, co-founder of the discount chain aldi, i'd at the age of 88. together with his brother, he created the discount supermarket concept in the '80s. he was the country picked third wealthiest man, with an estimated fortune of 17 billion year rose. >> a rare photo of theo and karl. only once was a theo in the limelight, kidnapped in 1971. he gave his only interview. >> i am injured and very tired of course. it was very stressful.
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>> did you believe during your captivity it would all and well? >> i did not let that hope died. >> the brothers laid the foundation for their empire in 1948, when they took over their mother's small shop. the first branch of aldi exists today. goods are sold directly from boxes at knockdown prices. that allowed the brothers to build a global concern with billions in turnover. aldi is considered market leader in the sector. theo withdrew from day-to-day management in 1983. >> a good day for animal rights activists in spain. >> the bulls are jumping for joy. the region of catalonia has agreed to ban bullfighting in 2012. activists said bullfighting amounted to torture. but many conservative
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politicians see it as a rejection of spain and its culture. >> some see it as a test of masculinity, others as an art form. either way, catalonia has decided to consign this tradition to history. after a heated debate, the regional parliament agreed to ban bullfighting from 2012. animal rights activists collected a petition with 180,000 signatures, arguing the practice is barbaric. >> we are thrilled reason and compassion have worn out. we have been fighting for this for years. this is a triumph for the people of catalonia. >> wednesday's vote has angered many supporters of bullfighting. they say the campaign was hijacked for political purposes, too _ catalonia's independence from madrid. -- to underscore catalonia's independence from madrid.
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>> they want to remain a leftist republican minority. >> bullfighting here no longer polls the crowds it used to. proponents say it is out of step with the modern world. and all rights activists hope other regions of spain will follow the band. >> in soccer, madrid striker raul has joined on a two-year contract. he won six spanish titles and two champions league titles. >> the legendary striker will be a vital part of the effort to rebuild the royal blues. thousands of fans and over 100 journalists were on hand to greet the spaniard. >> this is a special day for me. i am leaving real madrid, the club i have been part of for 16 years. i am eagerly looking forward to new challenges. >> schalke fans are looking
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forward to the coming season and the possibility of another bundesliga title. roh hopes to revive his career. >> back after a short break.
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>> ethnic tensions are on the rise in southeast turkey. the kurdistan workers party, the pkk, lifted a ceasefire in may. since then it has carried at several attacks against turkish forces. authorities have promised a tough response. at the same time, the turkish prime minister has pledged reconciliation with the kurds. so far, political reforms have failed to materialize. there is concern that violence and bloodshed will return to the region. our reporter visited the region to take a look at the impact of the conflict on people there.
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>> a kurdish former -- former lives not far from the syrian border. the closer it gets to his village, the more upset he becomes. in a voice tinge with rage and grief, he tells the human rights lawyer with him what happened in his village. >> 15 years ago, the village was cleared by the turkish army and partially destroyed. the fighting between the turkish army and the kurdish militant group the pkk stopped after that. some village residents even returned. but he says at the end of june the soldiers from a nearby army base returned and intentionally set a fire that burned the village. since then, the people who live here have been afraid to go near their homes. >> the fire started near the army base and spread down the
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hill. the authorities said light reflected off the glass from the hot sun ignited it, but it started at 6:00 in the morning. >> pkk militants have staged attacks on remote army installations. the fires clear away the militants's cover. human-rights organizations say innocent people are being harmed by what the turkish government calls anti-terrorist operations. >> heavy firing has been going on for a month and a half. people whose rights have been violated have risen. innocent people are being killed. the security forces carrying out raids in uncertainty and fear is strange. i am talking to you now and do not know if i will be arrested for it tomorrow. >> a top-level security alert has been imposed in kurdish regions at the expense of human rights. clashes between the pkk and
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turkish security forces take place almost every day. the turkish air force pursues fighters over the border into northern iraq. a city close to the border with syria and iraq had a further consequence of the escalating conflict. the mayor, elected a year ago and representing a party close to the kurds, was arrested in his office at the end of last year. police accused him of supporting the pkk and inciting violence. his deputy says the charges were a pretext. >> in 2008 they said he called on shop owners to keep their stores shut as a sign of protest against the visit by the prime minister. then why was he arrested a year and a half later? in our opinion, he has been in
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jail for six months without a trial for purely political reasons. >> the mayor is one of five kurdish mayors in jail at the moment. more than 1000 kurdish activists are being held. just a year ago the government promised changes to its political stance on the kurdish population. the minority was supposed to get more rights and be allowed to choose the kurdish language for instruction in schools. the reform process has stalled and the region is growing poorer. half the young people here are without work. local residents say they no longer believe this will change for the better. >> the liberalization of policy toward the kurds they announced is just empty talk. they thought up a slogan so they would not endanger their chances for getting into the you.
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>> there is no recognizable change toward us. they opened a little bit and immediately close things down again. >> the village has been destroyed twice by those who should have been protecting it. does he have the strength to build his house for a third time? >> the burnt down all our grapevines and all and trees. what did we do to deserve that? what have we done to the state? we are scared to go back there because we fear for our lives. >> the deserted village stands on the site of the conflict that is scarring this region. >> we now take you to another town in southeast turkey which has become a symbol of religious harmony and cultural tolerance. this ancient town is believed to have the oldest christian community in the region. it is located along the border with syria and with part of the
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ottoman empire before it became incorporated into turkey in 1939. the various layers of history are visible in the cultural traditions, and perhaps best represented in a choir our reporter went to visit. ♪ >> members of the choir of civilization come from all religious backgrounds. here in the turkish city of antakia, men and women sing folk songs, prayer songs, and the christian holiday. -- the christian halleluja. >> missing all these songs with joy. it should be an example for the whole world. >> it is our greatest goal to send this message to the world. >> the town on the border with
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syria has a long history of the jewish, christian, and muslim fakes. there has been a jewish community here since the town was founded 300 years ago. it is the site of one of the oldest churches in christianity, the church of st. peter. 2000 christians live in the city today after a total population of 200,000 residents. >> there are other cities with these three world religions, but there the weapons are never silent. people kill each other. we live here without having to change the way we live. we live together. we are friendly, brotherly, and tolerant. >> just a few hundred meters away is one of the oldest mosques in anatolia.
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in june, the regional catholic bishop was murdered and regional tolerance was called into question. it was a difficult time in antakia. >> the fact that a murder like this could happen is very alarming. we later learned it was not a provocation and it had nothing to do with religion, but was a private matter. that gave us some relief. >> members of all religions here live in harmony. the head of the jewish community says he has never experienced hostility, at your respective of the political situation. --irrespective of the political situation. "life is as beautiful of the choir. if you take that picture with you, all other questions are answered. >> rights for minorities in
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turkey was the focus of the in- depth today and wraps up the journal at this hour. thanks for joining us. >> here is the forecast for germany. it will be uncertain across most of the country with a mixture of sunshine and scattered showers. friday will be overcast, but sunny on saturday and sunday, and a little warmer. turning to the rest of europe, sunny and hot temperatures along the mediterranean coast, but clouds and rain and showers in southern scandinavia. here is the forecast for selected cities around the world.
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