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tv   Journal  PBS  August 3, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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\ captioned by the national captioning institute >> walked into the journal "" here on dw tv. pakistan issues more flood warnings. calls for calm on the israeli, lebanese border after a firefight wounds people on both sides. russian and emergency services struggling to cope with devastating forest fires. more rainfall in pakistan is
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deepening the plight of 3 million people already hard-hit by the worst rainfall in memory. 1500 people have been killed by a week of flooding and landslides. cholera has broken out among some of the survivors. there is also anchor at the government relief efforts. government officials only been focus on helping family and friends with the left -- rest being left to fend for themselves. >> the rain continues to fall. much of northwestern pakistan is already under water. many people here have lost everything. at least they have survived. these are the worst floods in the region in 80 years. this province in the northwest has been worst hit by the floods. the waters have begun moving south, to the country's most
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populous province. people have been forced to leave their homes because the country's third largest dam is threatening to burst. >> the people are evacuating the area. the water level is rising. that is why all of the people are stuck here. >> often, there are no roads at all. the most important bridge in the south has been destroyed. locals are stranded. it is also harder to get aide to the area out worst affected by the floods. using a temporary bridge and boats, the army tries to help people to safety. it is hard work. >> we have been coming here continuously for the past five days. today, we can early in the
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morning. we have been here five hours. >> the region is still in danger. floodwaters are flowing down from the north. more rain is forecasted in the coming days. >> israeli and lebanese troops have exchanged gunfire in an exchange that has left three lebanese dead. it is the mysterious exchange since the 2006 war. hezbollah was not involved. the situation is calm with no signs of new deployments on either side. >> the exchange of fire erupted after israeli troops tried to cut down a tree blocking their view all along a border fence blocking the two countries. it is unclear exactly how the clashes began. each side has given a different
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account of how it began. >> we see that as it continued process of violation -- resolution 1701. we see the lebanese government as responsible. >> we have seen the israeli army going into the territory, which has prompted the lebanese army to answer to this violation. >> the violence broke out near a border town. the lebanese army says that the israelis are across the border. israel says that the troops were shot at in the territory. southern lebanon as a stronghold of a radical islamist group hezbollah, whose attack in 2006 resulted in a brief war.
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the region is patrolled by un peacekeepers. both sides are asked to enact maximum restraint. >> that asked about the possibility of renewed conflict between israel and lebanon. >> for the moment, it seems to be contained. i see no signs of wider conflict on both sides of the border. there are warnings that any future incident may have grave consequences. we have been monitoring the tensions between israel and lebanon four weeks. the israeli side is complaining about a massive rearmament. at this point in time, nobody seems to want a big war. the incident has the potential to trigger a wider conflict.
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it is expected to be much more violent than the one in 2006. >> speaking to us earlier from beirut. poland has delayed the planned removal of a cross dedicated to the late president after hundreds of supporters clashed with the people. they had ordered the transfer of the cross from the palace to a nearby church. police were forced to use tear gas to break up the protesters. his plane crashed in russia on the 10th of april. bp says that it is conducting final testing on its latest plan to cap the damaged well head in the gulf of mexico. there are no guarantees that the effort will be successful. >> bp is preparing its latest
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attempt to flood the well 1,500 meters below the surface. the static kehl operation involves pumping mud into the well and topping it with cement. >> everybody would like to have this ended as soon as possible. this may be a little bit conservative. we do not know the condition of the well. >> public angerer is growing. the company's image was further connors -- tarnished on monday. 4.9 billion barrels of oil leaked into the gulf, making it the largest oil spill in history. investigators are looking at whether there properly disclose information on the risk of its
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operations. there are some concerns about bp's excessive use of dispersants. this seems to be costly to marine life. oil plumes are fading. there are still many reminders of the damage to the fragile ecosystem. >> these cars are proving to be popular with many drivers. >> shares of bmw posted gains of more than 3% on tuesday after second quarter earnings beat market expectations. that is fueled by booming demand in china, a recovery in sales in the united states. earnings generated in the u.s. and china are inflated when converted into the euro. >> this factor used to close for
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four weeks in the summer. this year, it only shut down for one week. bmw cars are now in high demand. they had almost a sixfold increase from a year ago. sales of luxury models are on the rise, especially abroad. during the first half of this year, germany exported 2.5 million cars. that is almost 30% more than last year. it is a different story in the domestic markets. a 29% decline. with a booming market a broad, lackluster sales of home are having little impact on the german car makers. bmw factories in china are struggling to keep up with demand. they may soon have to rely on deliveries from germany to avoid a backlog.
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>> european market struggle to build on monday's rally in which sent shares to three-month highs. this is from our correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange. >> two factors moved the dax on tuesday in very opposite directions. positive earnings reports pushed demand for shares. bmw shares ended the day up 3%. concerns about the u.s. economy persists. factory orders signs of weakness from the u.s. economy of a sector of this economy, which so far has recovered quite nicely from the recession. >> we can stay for a closer look at tuesday's numbers.
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that is closing their in frankfurt. the stocks are lower at 2818. in new york, a mixed batch of weak economic data. the dow closed a short time ago at 10,336 points. the euro is trading at a value of a $1. wheat prices have risen to a 22- month high. there were fears of a meager harvest this year. extremely wet weather has damaged fields and in other parts of the world. >> they need just the right mix of sun and rain. the record heat wave has led to a drought decimating the crops. to make matters worse, while fires have scorched some farmland. canada is also a key wheat
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producer. severe weather has slashed the harvest by about a third. wheat prices are on the rise again. in july, the source -- prices rose 40%. food riots broke out in places like haiti as prices for wheat and related agricultural commodities soared through the roof. experts said the current price conditions will not reach 2008 levels were high demand and speculation on the markets and drove prices up of control. the current problem is tied to lower output. weather conditions may improve in russia. there is a chance that some of this year's harvest can be saved. >> security services there are struggling to cope with the worst fires in russia in decades. one blaze destroyed hangers
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containing military aircraft and equipment outside of a base. 300-400 new blazes are appearing every 24 hours. >> additional soldiers are being mobilized and sent to the fire- stricken provinces. the army is laying pipelines to pump water over long distances. the fires are burning out of control after weeks of record- breaking temperatures and virtually no rain. 300,000 troops and volunteers are dousing the flames. as soon as one blaze is under control, another breaks out. >> the situation probably will not improve. the weather is forecast to stay like this until the end of the week. the conditions could get worse. >> smoldering buildings and vegetation are all that is left.
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crops and buildings have been destroyed. residents are angry. they accuse them of doing too little, too late. >> what could this possibly do? they should have extinguish the fires when they first guarded. -- started. russia has appealed for outside help to deal with the process. dmitry medvedev has declined meeting with foreign assistance. russia's worst wildfires in decades are quickly becoming a humanitarian and ecological catastrophe. >> here in germany, the highest court has issued a landmark ruling that strengthens the right of unmarried fathers. before now, the mother would have sole responsibility for the child's and upbringing and
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the father would still have to pay child support. it was argued that this discriminated against men. >> he is a subway driver. kiki -- he takes his job seriously and his family commitment seriously as well. his job was born out of wedlock. when he separated from his mother, he was separate from his daughter as well. >> unmarried mothers have only had -- unmarried fathers have only had a say in the child's upbringing if the mother approved. that could make matters worse in some cases. >> mothers to deny the father's a say in the upbringing generally have a good reason for it. the potential for conflict between the parents is so great
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that the mother is often right to make that decision. >> germany's justice minister says that new legislation would be aimed -- towards keeping the conflict to a minimum. more rights for fathers could mean more court battles. he is glad that he can play a more active role in his daughter's upbringing. >> an animal park has presented its new star attractions. four white tiger cubs. they made their public debut today. three weeks after it was born in serengeti park. the tigers were given a medical. they are all in very good health. white tigers are an endangered species. mentor -- many are being hunted for their fur. >> four times the fun. >> the road to ruin and how to
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avoid it.
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>> one of the founding fathers of the american republic for warned his countrymen that death is slavery. benjamin franklin was not just speaking about individuals, but also communities and nations. buying on credit is the road to ruin and the wise said the session that cherishes his liberty would practice frugality. that was at the center of american life until the advent of mass advertising and mass credit in the 1890's and the march of consumers. millions of americans are groaning under increasing debt burdens with consumer interest
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rates rising and jobs disappearing. the terror of being buried by debt is increasingly being felt by the middle and upper middle class as. >> they are living in a suburb of washington d.c. month by month, the pay off their mortgages. both have steady jobs as accountants. >> my brother has lost his job. i know friends and neighbors that have lost their jobs. when you watch that happen, you start to realize that could happen to you. what would you do? >> they have to care for chronically ill daughter. their health-care insurance does not cover all costs. they are also saving for their son's college fund. when she goes shopping, she pays by credit card. it is a lifestyle that many americans take for granted and a hard habit to break. >> you have 10 people lined up
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offering you credit cards. it starts at such a young age now. >> buy now and pay later is nothing unusual. many americans have several cards. >> you think of the store credit cards. we probably have seven or eight. >> most americans do believe in thrift. at the same time, over 70% considered that unavoidable. >> when you lose your job, you go to credit cards to maintain the lifestyle. it is a tool that is their -- there to attempt individuals and to not curtailing their spending. >> he advises family struggling to cope with that. many simply moved it from one credit card to another until they lose it entirely.
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>> i have seen that frequently. >> on employment and the force are the two most common reasons for people to fall behind on their payments. >> there are those that just do not care. they spend and spend and spend. we will pay for it later. 40% of americans spend more than they earn. >> we have a huge deficit in the united states. that trickles down. >> the debt crisis has not spoiled america's appetite for spending money. >> most europeans are reluctant to take on american debt levels. with germans being at the forefront of thriftiness along with french, belgian, and the swiss. the experience of previous generations plays a role. it was about 130 years ago that
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the debtors act of 1869 free most, but not all of those jailed because they could not deal with their personal debts. it is a matter of culture. in many shops and bars in germany, many do not take credit cards. >> tv commercials have given you the freedom to spend what you want, when you want. collectively, americans have occurred $850 billion in credit- card debt. an average of $15,000 for every household. card holders only have to pay back the interest and a small percentage of these some borrowed. lower credit limits mean that many americans on several cards. they often use one to pay off the other. the united states has more credit cards than people. with around 576 million in
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circulation. in germany, it is only a fraction of that figure. statistically, that puts two credit cards in every american's wallet. in germany, it is only one for every third person. the debit card is much more common in germany. for each purchase, the sum is immediately charged to the customer's bank account. banks also allow accounts to overdrawn. the atm still lost the top money when needed. in germany, credit cards are often linked to personal bank accounts. the entire outstanding summer is usually paid back at the end of the month. that makes german credit cards on suitable as the facto long- term loans. >> and germans are not immune to
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the debt trap. many getting into financial not due to poor habits or poor choices, but simply due to bad luck. a sickness in the family, and axa can be enough to tip the scales. often, the only way out to -- can be to declare personal bankruptcy. >> she was a sales assistant on a low-wage. she kept having to switch jobs in order to care for her sixth son. heard that built up as she applied for more and more loans. >> it was for running costs, not to finance a car or a big trap or financial data. i have not got any of those. i got one to fill other holes. i just fell into it. >> soon, she was 25,000 euros in
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debt. she was forced to declare private bankruptcy. she works part-time and get social support. it will be another six years before her debt is written off. >> the first thing to go was the credit card. that was fine. the second thing was the mobile phone contract as soon as the bankruptcy was finalized. it was an old contract and pretty cheap. without any warning, they just canceled it. >> worse than the bankruptcy itself was the time leading up to it. >> i realized i had things less and less under control. i had a terrible feeling of failure. i used to ask myself, looked at you. how old you are and where you have ended. it was terrible. it was a terrible feeling knowing that i was at rock-
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bottom. it knocked the wind out of me. sleepless nights, health problems. i never left. i could not relax. i kept wondering, what will i do now? with every letter that came, i thought, what is that now? >> she can still use her cash card to withdraw money, but she cannot shop with it as she has kept her bankruptcy a closely guarded secret. >> in our society, if you are bankrupt, you are a loser, a nobody. it would be nice people -- if people had a different attitude. it is just not accepted. >> she hopes that after the bankruptcy is resolved that she will be able to live a normal life again. many indulgences will have to
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wait. >> thanks so much for joining us. stay with dw tv, if you have the time.
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