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tv   Journal  PBS  August 20, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> welcome. our headlines at this hour. the united states announces directed peace talks between israelis and palestinians will resume. plans are announced for aid to pakistan. the first flight leaves sunday. and expanding the title as the new season gets under way tonight.
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direct talks in washington set to resume at the beginning of september. the aim is to reach a peace deal with and one year. that may be enough to go with the u.s. special envoy from the east, with george mitchell. >> difficult times to achieve a just and lasting peace. >> they will meet sept. second in washington d.c. to launch a negotiation to resolve all finest the august issues --
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final status issues to be concluded within one year. >> they have been calling for direct talks for months. >> we know there are difficult challenges ahead in the peace talks. but agreement is possible. an agreement for peace, israel's most viable concern. >> no immediate comment has been made on the u.s. statement. >> we wanted to see to it that we could and these negotiations. >> it would have no role in the talks. the spokesman directed and the assumption of negotiation. -- rejected any assumption of negotiation.
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>> our correspondent, tonya kramer, and i spoke. >> i think what you can say is that both sides were in proximity talks, and those positions are very different. for example, the settlement issue is approached, ending in september. israel said they would enter talks without preconditions. people on both sides are skeptical.
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the issues are on the table and well-known. palestinians want to have east jerusalem as their capital. the issues exist with borders and security. the issue is more complicated. >> an air and sea lift of humanitarian supplies. the first plane left from germany sunday carrying relief
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supplies. flooding has affected about one- fifth of pakistan and an estimated 20 million people. tens of thousands of villagers remain under water and billions of people still need immediate emergency aid. >> orders continue to grab the northwest, in and day, inundating fields. after the harshest monsoon season, aid groups feared these fields may remain submerged for months. there is mounting criticism to the disaster, a deepening the sense of desperation. >> we're living outdoors. we are not getting food. we're dying of hunger. >> 8 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian
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assistance. pakistan authorities and international relief agencies have set up tent villages to house refugees. long-term economic damage has already been caused. >> it ruined everything. then i gave birth to a baby. i'm worried about how to take care of that and other children. >> on friday, john carey arrived in pakistan to get a firsthand look at the devastation. he proposed boosting aid to wonder $50 million. >> for senators sent letters to leaders in libya and " tar in the case of the convicted bomber. a week -- a year ago, he was freed by britain on compassionate grounds after he was said to be terminally ill with cancer on compassionate grounds.
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a flight was blown up over the scottish town of lockerbie by the bomber. iran is set to open its first nuclear power station saturday. it is built by russians, who describe the power plant as an anchor that will keep iran firmly fixed to peaceful use of nuclear energy. the european union and u.s. remain concern about the move. >> the launch of the first full- scale iranian power plant has seen delays, but now it is set to become operational. moscow is hailing the project as a major sign of cooperation. >> it is a highly technological project that is expensive.
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>> the russian government is keen to emphasize that the plan will be monitored by the iaea, and moscow will take voice spent nuclear fuel, but it is feared it could be used to build a nuclear bomb. the kremlin has tried to allay fears by a supporting tougher sanctions. they even put out a planned arms delivery. >> they do not want a war in iran. whether that might be an attack by u.s. or israel or still a war. they are concerned about consequences by the whole region. >> russia sees itself as a mediator, aware that tehran remains a difficult partner.
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authorization of the lawn. earlier this year, imf and other countries agreed to a bailout package. big customers spending. the 2010 target is 8% of gdp, but they're not stressing athens for further cuts. we got this report from
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frankfurt. >> german energy policy is a big issue. more than 22% lost since the beginning of this year. the market is driven by concerns about the strength of the u.s. economy. more and more investors think it is week and it will be a bumpy road before it gets back on track. >> the dax closed in negative territory, 26.43. dow jones industrials closed
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negative, over .5% down, and the euro is trading at $127.08. bho billiton has made a direct approach to potash shareholders in a takeover move. a similar approach was rejected last tuesday. bhp is banking on rising demand for fertilizers. and the united states and, a
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trade arrangement that could be in its favor. billions worth of loans and grants. the u.s now says they will challenge part of the ruling. the wto ruled in june that the european union had to scrap subsidies for airbus, concluding they were illegal. airbus has also vowed to fight on. together, airbus and boeing dominate the industry, and are locked in a fight to expand their share of the market. for a few years, airbus was the market leader, but the two manufacturers are again competing neck and neck. boeing has submitted more new
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orders than airbus. they are competing for plans valued at about $9 million euros. orders in for 30 new planes. >> two associations said that the deals are too generous and make things less competitive internationally. more productive. >> the standard vacation time for german workers in practice is 6 weeks a year, a luxury germany can no longer afford. one company argues germans have significantly more vacation time, and compared with other european states, more annual
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leave, with a total of 42 days. germany has 40.5 days. the british have less, just under 33 days. romanian workers have the least, 28 days a year. many firms have order books full. workers can forgo vacation now and take it at a later date, should work slow down. >> campaigning has wound up ahead of what was said to be australia's closest election in decades. the opposition leader is almost neck-and-neck with joy gillard, after forcing kevin
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rudd from the party helm. >> it's going to be open and shut. his prediction points to a win by julia gillard. last mongth, dirty harry predicted the winner of the world cup. but things do not always go as expected, and things could be neck and neck. she has been deeply unpopular. and as mudslinging got underway, she had to fight claims that being herself made her unsuitable for social issues. gilbert has capitalized on his
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image as a family man. the father of three managed to score points by promising to implement business friendly tax reforms, and he promises not to burden the industry with more taxes. >> 140 roma left paris for romania last friday. the flights have been there for years. and services slowly destroyed in st. petersburg. a substation failure was the problem, and lights were back on after about 2.5 hours. traffic chaos as lights went out throughout the city.
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mass transit came to a stop and water was cut off as well. back with an in-depth lok. -- look.
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>> welcome back. the new season kicks off friday. historic for fans around the world regarding one of the premiere soccer leagues. plenty of surprises promised, as well as on play. homegrown talent this year. the growing appeal.
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>> he switched to hamburg in january. >> no player sold as many shirts in such a short time. he is a major addition on the field. germany can produce homegrown stars, like at the world cup in south africa. the big european clubs have taken notice.
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moved now to real madrid. it's a club, an aura, a legend. in munich. >> back in munich. great things also expected from the defender. >> and there will be more with
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stars returning to the l eague. >> a jump of more than 10% in the sales of broadcast rights to the season, at a time when half of europe's leading clubs are loosing money. the club is on course to match last year's turnover of $2 billion, an all-time record. >> $25 million from real madrid,
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organized by the manager. >> he's a self-made man. he has transformed the club into a furious enterprise. >> a simple principle. that it does not spend what it takes in. >> real madrid leads with revenues of just over $400 million euros in the 2008-2009 season. all three clubs are heavily in
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debt. no outstanding official debt. how do they compete? one big asset is a stadium. the arena already generates millions in revnues each year, and once paid off it will be a veritable goldmine. sponsors provide another comfortable revenue cushion. what would happen if the team stopped winning? >> only 1 in the last 10 years haev they failed to reach the champion league.
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that was traumatic, because it is the expectation that sponsors can support and promote themselves. >> oblidged to keep succeed ing. after 8 years in the second and the third, the aim is to aim for the top flight. >> it is a club that has its
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sights set high. >> we can't just be some loveable club. it has to be a mature, first- divison team. >> proximity to hamburg's red- light district gives the club a risque image. they have been unwilling to give it up. unusual to have more standing room than seats. >> we have tried to achieve a happy medium without losing the delightful qualities that make us distinctive. >> also played some engaging suocc -- soccer on the way to being runner up.
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>> chasing the championship. now, more modest aims. >> we just want to stay in the league and collect necessary points as quickly as possible. >> in it's 100-year history, it has seen it's share of ups and downs. now, back in germany's top division for the fifth time in history, and determined to stay there. >> before we go, in the opener,
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byron munich against wolfsburg, the score there is 1-all now. that wraps up the journal. thanks for joining us.
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