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tv   Journal  PBS  September 20, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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five ♪ >> hello and welcome to the journal. i am melendez in berlin. >> and i am steve at the business desk. >> world poverty is back on the agenda as the un convenes to review progress on a millennium development goals. police in germany search for answers after a woman goes on a killing spree in a southern town. end german policymakers meet with internet policies to express concern about privacy and data services. ♪ >> 140 heads of state and
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government have gathered in new york for a three-day u.n. summit on fighting poverty. u.n. secretary-general ban ki- moon told delegates on monday that the millennium development goals agreed on 10 years ago have transformed development efforts, producing more success stories than ever before. but he also pointed out that those advances are fragile and that more than 100 million people in the world still live on less than $2.25 per day. >> security is tight around un headquarters in new york. doesn't a political leaders from around the world joined the city. the main goal set by delegates 10 years ago was to halt poverty and hunger by 2015. in his opening address, the u.n. secretary general reported mixed progress. he said there is still much to be done in some areas like the fight against hunger, but he noted improvements in the provision of medical care for
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aids sufferers and an education. >> we must protect these advances, many of which is still fragile. and the clock is ticking. we have much more to do. >> the german chancellor will address delegates on tuesday. she told reporters the both the donor and recipient countries have to ensure that development funds are properly invested. >> [speaking german] >> delegates will spend the next two days debating the new strategies to fight poverty around the world. human rights and aid organizations say tough choices will have to be made of the millennium goals are to be achieved. >> earlier, was booked to our u.s. correspondent and asked
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about the chances of fully realizing the millennium goals and what germany can do to that end. >> well, it is highly unlikely that all the goals will be achieved in all the regions. the differences are just too big. if you looked at a country like china that a booming economy in held a lot of people out of poverty and compare that to many countries in sub-saharan africa, you cannot compare it. the help needs to go more to the people who really needed, the poorest of the poor in sub- saharan africa. leaders here, ngo's have all been asking the donor countries to make their promises reality and give all the money that they have been promising to give. while on the german side, they say it is not all about the quantity of the money, but it is also about how this money is used. it needs to be used in a more effective way. that is what chancellor merkel said today. she is talking a lot about it. and she has a different agenda.
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she's talking to many, many heads of state and heads of government because germany is in for one of the non-permanent seats in the u.n. security council, up against portugal and canada. two seats and three countries. so she's campaigning for germany to get one of those seats in to douse an 11. >> that was from new york. the surge of support for a far- right party in sweden's national elections on sunday is sparking concern in protests in the country that until now has prided itself on openness and tolerance. the anti-democrat sweden democrat party got more than 5% of the vote, enabling them to parliament for the first time. the prime minister, center-right coalition, has lost its absolute majority and is looking for a potential partners to lead a minority government. >> the verdict of the swedish papers was as unanimous as it was despondent. the word chaos dominated the headlines. the success of the far right
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sweden democrats as shocked many. and there's growing concern about how the political deadlock can be broken. >> i think it will lead to increased suspicion and hostility towards immigrants. and topple laws. >> it is said that the sweden democrats are kingmakers one solution for this. >> for now, that seems unlikely. the prime minister became the first center-right leader to secure re-election in modern swedish history, but he has little reason to celebrate. his center-right alliance 1172 seats, three short of an outright majority. the center-left bloc got just 157 seats due to the poor performance of the social democrats. these leading democrats enter parliament with 20 seats.
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the prime minister has once again ruled out working with the far-right party to solve the impasse. >> they do not want the same sweden. we have to respect them. they were elected. but we will not work with them because we do not share the same goals. >> the conservatives have more in common with the greens, currently allied with the center-left. if they show little willingness to switch sides but say they're willing to talk. >> police in germany are still trying to determine a motive for a shooting spree sunday evening in the southern town. the women identified in the german press as sabino r. killed her son and her former husband as well as a worker at a local hospital. police say that she was a sporty one--- a 41-year-old lawyer who was involved in a legal battle over custody of her son. >> the attacks began into the woman's apartment in this building. her estranged husband and their 5-year-old son were there for a
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visit to the police said both victims were dead before the 41- year-old attorney set fire to the building, causing an explosion armed with a handgun, she ran to a nearby hospital. inside, she opened fire indiscriminately, wounding several people. finally, she entered the gynecology department, killing a male nurse. >> we have determined that the woman suffered a miscarriage and this particular hospital in 2004. i would like to stress that we do not know it that had anything to do with the fact that she decided to go there. >> state prosecutors believe the motive to lie in a custody battle for the sun. the women knew how to use a gun. she had been a member of the shooting club and kept several register weapons at her home. ammunition which she embarked on her killing spree. >> officers called to the women
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and told her to surrender and hand over her weapon. when she failed to comply and continued shooting, the officers returned fire and shot her dead. >> authorities praised the police response. their plan was based on lessons learned from an earlier rampage in southwest germany a year and a half ago. >> germany's most senior catholic bishop has acknowledged fell years in the church is handling of the sex abuse scandal involving priests. the admission came at the start of a meeting of the german bishops' conference. the chairmen said the church had been slow to recognize the problem of pedophile priests. he also said the church is response had been wrongly focused on damage limitation. the meeting is due to examine guidelines for preventing abuse. bishops will discuss compensation for victims. we will move on now to steve, who has some business news, starting with a possible merger. >> talking about ireland, first
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of all. the former cal to tigers causing big worries in europe. ireland's cost to borrowing has reached the highest point since joining the eurozone as investors sold off government bonds on monday on speculation of further economic instability. interest rates on irish 10-year government bonds up surpassed 6.5% on monday, the eve of a major auction the new irish treasurys. the sell-off has been exacerbated by media reports that a bailout by the international monetary fund is becoming increasingly likely. the imf and irish officials have dismissed fears of an irish defaults or emergency rescue, but ireland is currently rated the six the riskiest national bar work, just ahead of portugal and iraq. >> anglo irish bank is continuing to drag on irish coffers. belling of the bank could cost as much as 40 billion euros. the total cost irish taxpayers should be repealed at the end of
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this month. the bailout had already strained the irish budget and caused worries the country will not be able to pay for more borrowing. those concerns have led the markets to demand higher interest rates on irish bonds. a 10-year yields are above 6%, a hires for i response since the introduction of the euro. the benchmark german 10-year bonds are at 2.4%. greece has to pay nearly 12%. the irish government is open to reassure markets and has denied rumors that doubling the assistance from the international monetary fund and the eu. but the timing cannot be worse. on tuesday, dublin plans to issue an additional bonds, which could be expensive. >> on to the markets and shares in frankfurt started the week off on a very positive note. at the close of trading monday, the dax was within a single percentage point of its high for the year.
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our correspondent sent us this summary of the monday trading session. >> at the beginning of this session, nobody would have believed that the market would rocket like it did at the end of this day, because the market has been driven down by concerns concerning the debt crisis in the euro area. there have been rumors that greece would delay its stress test of banks. this led to fears that many of these banks may tumble. on the other hand, everybody looked at the economic data. housing prices did not rise last month, but at least they did not fall. this led to this rally we have seen here in monday trading. >> thank you. we can stay in frankfurt for a closer look at monday's numbers. the dax finished nearly 1.4% higher at 60 to 94. the euro stoxx 50 index of top eurozone finishing more than
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1.6% higher at 2802. on wall street, the dow closing a few moments ago, nearly 1.4% higher. 10,753. the euro trading at a value of $1.3666. the world's three main rating agencies have given the eurozone bailout fund a aaa rating, the highest rating possible. unanimous assessment by moody's, standard and poor's, and fitch mean the funds can secure loans at low interest rates. the european financial stability fact was created in may to help many of the 16 eurozone states in the event of crisis. they can borrow up to four hundred 40 billion euros of necessary. in return, recipient countries must agree to reforms. so far, no years and members have asked for emergency loans from the fund. high demand for gold is continuing to push prices for the precious metal to a fresh
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record highs. fears of a double-dip recession and the possibility of rising inflation have led an increasing number of investors to purchase the precious metal as a safe- haven investment. since january, the price of a fine ounce of gold as jumped almost 17%. on monday, it rose to a new all- time high of $1283 an ounce. some analysts have predicted it could be selling for as much as $1,400 an ounce by the end of the year. german king kong conglomerate siemens is spinning off its information technology division. the company says it will become an independent subsidiary from the mother of october. siemens has confirmed the move means the loss of some 2,000 jobs in germany alone. the company opted to sever ties with the i.t. services division after its revenues decreased over the past two years. the company estimates that in the third quarter of to doesn't
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no,i.t. stiller -- services would have made more than 80 million losses. keeping it all in the family may become a hallmark of stability from the new of making a giant. the porsche patriarch was named after his grandfather, the founder of porsche, has transferred the billions he holds in the company to two private foundations in austria. analysts say he has done this to prevent his heirs from selling off parts of the new company following his death. porsche had an unsuccessful bid take over volkswagen. porsche is gradually being integrated into the volkswagen concern. that is your business. >> thank you. german policy makers met with internet companies on monday to find a way of scoring germany's tough privacy laws with the data systems such as google street view mapping scheme. germans are highly skeptical of
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the google system, and hundreds of thousands of requested that their homes not be shown on street be. the german government told online map services to come over their own guidelines on data protection by is december -- by december or face new government regulations. >> the debate was ignited by the google street news service, raising questions about the type of personal data and companies should be allowed to use. what information is important to people, and at what point or personal rights violated? berlin was the companies themselves to come up with the answers. >> we need to establish the rules of the game. the industry has until december 7 to draw up a data protection code and define redlines at cannot cross. >> the german interior minister has already defined some restrictions. at a meeting with internet companies, he said personal privacy must be safeguarded. guidelines must, for example, ensure that internet users
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whereabouts is not revealed. however, more general did it will be allowed to be posted online. >> does that mean farmers should have to opt out bright for panorama shots of mountains? and can they say, i want my field of scary? i do not think that is wise. >> the internet companies have until december to draw up their own privacy charter. if the rules do not go far enough, ministers and vowed to tighten legislation. >> the fashion industry has been paying tribute to the british designer alexander mcqueen, who died earlier this year. family and friends, including an actress and a super model naomi campbell, took time out from london fashion week to attend a memorial service at the cathedral. alexander mcqueen rose to the top of the fashion world with his provocative and groundbreaking designs. he took his own life in february at the age of 30. states and because we're going
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to come right back with our in- depth report, which is a look at the millennium development goals and what has been achieved so far. ♪ >> one of the world's most unconventional orchestras. its conductor. and their common dream. a musical marathon for a very special interpretation. the beethoven project, starting october 9 on dw-tv. >> a divided country has grown together, and so much has changed. germany, 20 years after reunification.
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we will present 24 hours of special coverage. joined the celebration. 20 years of german unity. on october 3, starting at 5 utc on dw-tv. >> welcome back. 10 years up to the international community agreed on the global millennium goals, world leaders are meeting in new york to assess what has been achieved. and the turn-of-the-century, a u.n. summit pledged to reduce poverty and hunger by half before 2015. it set out a number of ambitious targets to achieve that goal. the u.n. secretary-general said significant gains have been made since then. but there's still a long way to go but the un acknowledges that the financial crisis has aggravated inequality in the world and made the vulnerable morse opened up that makes it all the more crucial to keep the spotlight on the millennium development goals as this week's summit needs to do.
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>> the idea was to move the whole planet four pit that was the thinking 10 years ago when the un general assembly approved the united nations millennium development goals. when governments around the world set out to accomplish sounds utopian. does eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality and the power women. improve maternal care, commissaries diseases, ensure environmental sustainability, and create a global partnership for development. >> i think we have made amazing progress toward a set of world goals set in 2000 there were very ambitious at the time. no one knew they were achievable. remarkably, two-thirds of the way in, we're in good shape on a number of them and have a ways to go on others. >> that is true, especially with the top goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. the number of people facing
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hunger has actually risen. in the year 2000, 850 million people were threatened with starvation. now it is 925 million people. combating poverty has to occur in a number of different areas. >> four components need to come together here, investing in education, health care, good governance is very important. having the proper framework in social institutions, corruption is to be fought. and economic growth is the porn as well when these elements are addressed. poverty can be fought much more efficiently. >> their countries where this has worked quite well. malawi is a good example. the former poor health of africa now exports food. and it all started with farmers receiving seed and fertilizer. the second millennium goal is universal primary education for all children by 2015. progress as been made in most developing areas, especially latin america and asia. i never cut, more children are
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now learning to read and write. but there's still many children he did not regularly attend schools. especially in sub-saharan africa. in 1990, it was 43% of children. i in 2008, it had risen to 46%. but in south asia in 1990, 34% of children did not attend school. by 2008, that dropped to just 27%. the goal of universal primary education is far from being achieved, but education is seen as the key to effectively combating poverty. >> governments often view this type of investment as pointless social spending that will not be of any use to them. but this is really about economic development and stability. >> the third millenium ago, promoting gender equality and empowering women. the percentage of women who work is rising, if only in poorly paid and insecure jobs. the intent is also to have at
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least 30% of parliamentarians be women by 2015. that is occurring as well. in 2000 in developed countries, just 70% of parliamentarians were women. now it is 24%. there has also been an increase in developing countries from 11% in 2000 to 18% today. rwanda has set the standard. more than half of the deputies are women. initially this grew out of the tragedy of the 1994 genocide in rwanda. there were not as many men. now, female politicians are engaged in promoting their rights and family and social issues. >> gender equality, especially the role of women, is really fundamental. when women are poorly educated, they're not able to properly raise their children. families to not hold together. in developing countries, women are the most import factor. without them, economic
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development will not really work. >> without the economic progress, there's no way to eliminate poverty. with just five years left, governments around the world need to examine what more they can do to reach the millennium development goals. >> there'll be a joint unified commitment. we have no choice. we really need to save the planet and get to 2015 together. >> there's a lot left to accomplish, and time is running out. >> every six seconds, a child dies of hunger-related disease, a death that could be prevented if we take the millennium development goals seriously. mahatma gandhi once said there is enough for everyone's needs but not for everyone's greed. with the global economy still fragile and with the gap between rich and poor widening, it will take determination and drive to make sure that governments meet their commitments within the next five years. the u.n. has called on people all over the world to get involved to raise awareness and
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to put pressure on politicians to meet the millennium development goal targets. here is a look the one group in berlin and their initiatives. >> it is friday afternoon in berlin. some activists are on the right to a local commuter train to carry out a demonstration. stand up and take action against poverty is the motto of their campaign, which is designed to draw attention to the un millennium development goals. once the doors close, he calls all the passengers to take a stand with him against poverty and allow themselves to be filmed. ♪ >> we're standing up because we're demanding justice center calling on our government to no longer just sit there and do nothing. >> and everyone on the train actually does stand up. these people got the message.
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>> you show by standing up the civil society is standing up and is calling on the politicians to get up and finally do something. to take responsibility. and show the political will to finally bring about an end to global poverty. >> the protest action continues. using the internet, he has called for a demonstration here to draw attention to the millennium development goals. protesters began to show up to take a stand against poverty in the world. >> this is an act of solidarity with other people to help those who are in need. >> about 50 berliner's join the protest. thousands of people around the world are making a similar statement. ♪ >> the group is sending
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photographs from the demonstration to the imaginations in new york. bigger movement and the participants like the feeling. >> it is kind of moving for me personally. i do not think that the other people were deeply moved, but for me, it was moving. that is a positive feeling for me at least. the more people, the better. it shows the politicians of this is important to people and that you can build political pressure. >> whether the politicians have gotten the message will only be cleared the millennium summit, but these berliners are hoping that they have. >> the millennium development goals is the focus of our "in depth" report as world leaders gather for the un summit. they're looking at what has been achieved and what needs to be done.
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thanks for joining us. stay tuned for more news and information. captioned by the national captioning institute ♪
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