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tv   Journal  PBS  September 29, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> hello, and welcome to the "journal" on dw-tv. i am miller dendekker and in berlin. >> and i have the business news. -- i am mendell up two disciplinary proceedings against france or the deportation of roma migrants. german officials said they are evaluating intelligence of an al qaeda plot against european cities. >> thousands of european workers protest against government plans to save money. ♪ >> the european union is beginning disciplinary action
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against france over its expulsions of roma migrants. the eu commission is giving paris two weeks to incorporate eu guarantees of free movement into its own domestic law or face legal proceedings. france has expelled roma thousands expelled to romania and bulgaria this summer, bulldozing camps where they were living on the outskirts of french cities, as part of what president sarkozy has declared a crackdown on crime. >> the european commission are has been the most vocal critic of france of's policies regarding roma migrants. now other members of the commission had agreed to challenge paris on the matter. france has until october 15 to change its policies or face legal action. >> the treaties the european commission is determined to uphold eu law. and will do so for all eu member states, whether big or small. >> the commission says the deportation of roma migrants
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from one eu country to another infringes on eu freedom of movement laws. some human rights organizations see other abuses as open they accused germany, for instance, of reporting roma refugees to cross the vote, a non-eu country in and economic position to take them in. >> it is a very apart for europe to continue to have the moral high ground on human rights. otherwise, when they agree to me with china or anybody else, it is difficult for them to be talking about human rights and thereby letting them in their own backyard. >> the justice commissioner says her office will review the petition policies in all member countries. >> for more, we spoke earlier to our brussels correspondent and asked him what impact this is likely to have on the relations between france and the eu. >> the idea i think is to ease the tension, which was palpable at a recent summit. president sarkozy could speak of nothing else. he was incandescent.
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he will not be pleased, france has not been pleased that it is a bucket on a minor technical transgression of the free movement rules, but please to not having to buy a case for discrimination. so someone the commission are not happy that that is all that is happening. they feel it has been a serious offense against the roma community, and the commission says it will have a huge strategy by next summer on social inclusion for the roma community. meanwhile, this is designed to ease the tension with paris. >> that was our brussels correspondent. the italian prime minister has won a parliamentary vote of confidence by a comfortable margin. before the vote, berlusconi urged an end to feuding and said italy could not risk a time span of instability. there was a bid to shore up support for his coalition on tuesday, and his former ally of the people freedom party. the netherlands set for new government after the country's
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liberal and conservative parties agreed to form a minority government with supported the right wing anti-immigration party. the deal follows months of deadlock as the established parties moved the party of freedom out of power. it came in third in june elections, campaigning on an anti-islam platform. they're calling from immigration stop and attacks on islamic guards. new intelligence reports that al qaeda may be planning attacks in several european countries, including germany. they have been known for some time to the interior ministry here in berlin. says a ministry officials who have not deemed it necessary to raise the national alert level. british broadcasters, sky news, reported early on wednesday that western intelligence agencies and security forces or working to foil a possible plot involving targets in france, germany, and the u.k. >> a recent surge in u.s. drone
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strikes in pakistan is believed to be aimed at eliminating the leaders. they said militants were planning to seize and murder western hostages in a tax modeled on the 2008 attacks in mumbai. there are a handful of gunmen if that killed more than 160 people in a commando-style raid. intelligent pointing to al qaeda attacks have said the government german terror suspect of afghan origin. he was reportedly active in this hamburger mosque in had contacts with terror groups in pakistan. he is currently being held in afghanistan at the blogger and u.s. military prison. for months, german federal police have been denied access to the suspects. despite the latest revelations, germany has not raised its terror alert standing, and officials say there's no imminent threat. >> we spoke earlier to our political correspondent and asked him how serious berlin sees this latest plot. >> the german government does see terrorism is a significant issue, but they try to keep
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their counter-terrorism activities very much under the public radar screen. i do not think it is significant at all the the german government is not coming out and sang a lot about this particular case. we have been hearing reports never more than a year that a possible terrorist cell, a group of terrorists with european task force, could very well be planning attacks on european cities, including cities in germany. but we have not heard much about that lately. i think the german government is trying to play this down to some degree in order not to jeopardize any of the counter terrorist activities. they've used self as an asset in their counter-terrorism efforts. they're definitely very vigilant in dealing with them. but germany is trying to keep this under the public greater. >> and there is some business news for us. >> we're going to talk money into expanding. we know spending cuts are not popular in europe. the proof came on wednesday. workers turned out in mass in brussels to protest austerity
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plans, taking hold up much of the content. eurozone governments are desperately trying to get the piles of debt that they ran up in the course of the financial crisis as they were bailing out failing banks. >> thousands took to the streets of brussels against the eu's austerity plans. the city recognize the need to get state finances in order but not on the backs of countries already hurting most from the debt crisis. >> we do not want the brunt of the crisis is dumped on to the poorest countries. or for the eu to go ahead with cost accounting politics that always hurt the neediest the most. >> but the european commission believes that enhancing the common currency stability would be the best social policy for the block. real deterrence are needed to stop government from breaking monetary rules are in the first place, he argues.
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countries breaching rules would face automatic sanctions. finance ministers could contest these punitive measures, only after they have been paid. if a country failed to uphold budgetary guidelines from brussels, it would be fined immediately. also, brussels wants to keep a close eye both on member states budget deficits and their overall debt. if that level exceeded 60% of gdp, more fines but mr. byrd. they're plenty of resistance for the plant, which still has to be approved by the member states. it the legislation does go into effect, it probably will not be before 2012. >> a protest has taken place in spain, as workers held a general strike over steep cutbacks, labor reforms, and record high unemployment. the work stoppage left travelers stranded. >> many flights at madrid
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airport have been canceled. business travelers and holiday makers alike have been stranded. madrid is one of europe's busiest aviation hospital with only by 20% of the scheduled european flights expected to go ahead, passengers are annoyed. >> i have no idea what is happening. my plane has not left yet. i was meant to guard 6:30, but so far nothing has happened. >> they have not told us anything all morning. we are hoping they will tell us something. i was supposed to fly from madrid at 8:40. >> spanish industry, including carmaker fiat, is being affected by the strike as well. the union was the government to get the message. >> we hope many comrades keep joining. the more people, the better. i hope the government realizes that the people of this country are getting tired of their policies. >> but not everyone has walked off the job.
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schools are still open today. the small independent teachers union says the strike is only in the interest of the bigger unions. many joined a rally held this morning in a madrid, and observers say the strike has wide support among the general population. right now, one in five is without a job. the economy is stagnating, and the government is under huge pressure to cut public spending. the eu and international investors want to see results sooner rather than later. >> europe's second biggest clothing retailer, h&m, disappointed investors. third quarter profits of 23% the center last year, but that was less than expected. shares fell a whopping 6% in stockholm. analysts said the retailers having problems passing on higher production costs to consumers. h&m's lackluster report added to the volatility in european stock markets wednesday.
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stocks ended the session mostly in the red. we have a wrap up from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> traders had difficulties to decide which direction to go at the german stock market. the dax went back and forth. there are concerns that the government's debt crisis in ireland and portugal and spain could be worse. there have been rumors that spain could be downgraded. under pressure, bancshares. there was a report saying german banks need 90 billion euros in fresh capital amid new capital rules. there is takeover speculation that procter and gamble has expressed interest. >> let's find out what the markets look like a the end of the session in frankfurt. the dax closed down almost 0.5% at 60 to 46. more losses for euro stoxx 50, as you see. in new york, the dow jones just before the close, 10,835.
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on currency markets, at the you're going for $1.3625. we should know by the end of the week just how much it will cost irish tax payers again to bail out anglo-irish debate. dublin has already pumped 25 billion euros into the troubled lender. the government is expected to announce more aid this week. sources close to the prime minister are saying expect another 5 billion euros. that has the irish angry. >> discontent is growing in ireland. one disgruntled taxpayer drove a cement mixer with anti-bank slogans and to the gates of the irish parliament on wednesday. they're fed up with the government. >> the government is not thinking about jobs. they are thinking about bailing out banks. we feel there's too many people on the street. they're not really investing in the economy. >> in order to make sure there's
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enough money to bail out the banks. >> new unemployment figures have outraged protesters. 455,000 people in ireland are out of work, about 14% of the population. as the irish boom went bust, the irish prime and stepped in with a painful austerity plan two the deficit shrank, and it was the first eu country to emerge from recession. but now, the luck of the irish seem to have run out. >> not the good luck factor as we hoped for. so the banking offices are bigger than we might have hoped for. the recovery of the european economy is less than what we might have hoped for. so none of the help that might have made it easier are happening. >> even if ireland is not experience greek-style problems, rampant unemployment will continue to see long lines at job centers and social agencies. >> all right. >> thank you.
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in north korea, the youngest son of leader kim jong il has been given two more top post in the communist party establishment. he is being groomed to succeed his father. this is the latest sign. >> at the working party conference, appearing on was a wash with banner sold in the reelection of kim jong-il as party leader. north koreans gathered at information points across the capitol to see the new phase of the communist regime. following its administrative reshuffle. >> the party meeting was a historic event, and the korean people highly acclaimed our respective general kim jong il as jindal secretary of the working party of korea. >> these photographs are the only images to have emerged from wednesday's gatherings. were the country's leader, kim jong il, chose to elevate his youngest son into a senior leadership role. as newscasters announced the
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promotion, it was the first time his name had been officially mentioned in north korea. [speaking korean] >> little is known about the crown prince, who is around 27 years old. longstanding focus of korea, is keen to find out more. >> we will keep a careful watch on how kim jong post goes. >> the move comes to the news that north and south korea will meet for the first military talks in two years, aimed at easing cross-border tensions. >> we will have more and north korea's kim dynasty coming up. floodwaters are threatening parts of eastern germany in neighboring poland after weeks of heavy rain. a river has reached record
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levels. these areas of southwestern poland are also affected. when city evacuated about 2500 residents from their homes on wednesday. emergency teams and volunteers are reinforcing dikes in the region to prevent further flooding. >> and it the most successful bobsled raiser in olympic history has been named to germany's champion of the year. the olympic winners, world and european a jevons, elected the bobsled raiser in portugal. he won the gold four times and decided to retire from competition after the 2010 olympic winter games in vancouver. state to end, because we're going to come right back with our" the report, a look at north korea dynastic dictatorship. -- we're coming right back with our "in depth"reports .
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♪ ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ [unintelligible] >> i would like a banana parfait. >> pistachios. >> vanilla. >> tenneco debt, please. >> the next time you.
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, of the 850 million people in the world who go hungry. donate the cost of the desert to the world food program. ♪ >> welcome back. he is gone from relative obscurity to staggering power, literally overnight. the youngest son of north korean leader kim jong-il was appointed to two crucial posts in the ruling workers' party during his first mass gathering in 30 years. kim jong-un becomes a member of the north korean committee of the workers' party and vice chairman of the central military commission. thereby, heir apparent to his father. the appointments indicate the kim family dynasty, which goes back more than half a century, is to continue. >> it is the first party conference being held in north korea in 30 years, and indigents from p'yongyang have been stage- managed down to the last
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details. only still photographs are available at the conference call. dictator kim jong il is shown from a distance, and there was no sign of his youngest son. the sole woman along the delegates is kim jong il's sister. kim jong-il rarely appears in public. one of the last time he was seen was in august, visiting china. the dictator is believed to have suffered a stroke. this man is kept to take over the communist state. kim jong-un is the youngest son of kim jong il. he is believed to be 27 years old. reports say he went to school in switzerland and that he can speak some english, french, and german. kim jong-un will probably begin to learn the tricks of the new job from his father. that is the way was when kim
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jong-il took over from his father. >> [speaking. >> kim jong-il was promoted at the top party conference in 1980. the father and son were then seen together in public. it was widely interpreted as a confirmation that kim jong-il was to succeed his father. the transfer of power, father to son, is unusual. but north korea is not just a communistic. it is founded on strong nationalism and patriotic sentiment. the nationality called surrounds the leaders. when kim il-sun died, many were in a state of shock. [moaning]
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>> only a few selected mourners were allowed to pay their last respects at the lavish mausoleum. ♪ >> he is still considered the eternal president of north korea. north koreans are bound to make a pilgrimage to the bronze statue of him. and the cult of personality cult committed by the great leader was also encouraged by his son. his propaganda films on state television. >> the regime also free really portrayed the rest of the world as enemies of north korea. to make people feel threatened by the outside world. >> the united states and its
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supporters are provoking connotation and war against our republic. therefore, the situation has been driven to the edge and could easily break into war at any time. >> for decades, north korea has been isolated from the rest of the world. its border with south korea has been closed since the end of the korean war. the unions between separated family members like this one of years ago are an exception. indf my life. i was separated by my 4-year-old son 16 years ago. how truly amazing this is. >> but at the end of that afternoon, the relatives must again part. some go back to the north and some to the south. north korea is not only isolated. it is also heavily armed. and the military has secured power.
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north korea has one of the largest standing armies in the world. it has a missile program. four years ago, the regime announced it had nuclear weapons. ♪ >> we carried out a safe and successful nuclear test. there is no leak or danger from this test. >> but maintaining an oversight military program comes at a high price. north korea's economy is in a disastrous state. many people are starving. nobody knows for sure how many died of hunger in the 1990's. some believe millions perished. the success of kim jong il will inherit a dysfunctional country behind the only iron curtain left on the planet. in spite of all the pomp at the party conference. >> earlier, we spoke to and asia analyst at the german institute
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for international and security affairs. we began by asking if we were now looking at the end of the kim jong-il era. >> not yet, i think, because although he is supposed to be very ill, i think he needs some more time to present his youngest son for the next leadership. the leadership question is something that is typical for this country. they try to sort of manifest something like eight marty not the pin -- like a market system. it has to do with the tradition from the founder of the nation, and they always transfer this to the next son. the next will be probably kim jong-un sublicenses 26, i think we have a little more time to wait and see -- but since he is 26, i think we have a little more time to wait and see what happens. >> but can you tell us about kim jong-un? >> we know almost nothing about
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him. we know he was supposed to be in a high school summer in switzerland, and he is supposed to be the youngest of the sons of kim jong il. whether this transition will end up in a big alternation in the country, i doubt it. because the utmost goal of this country is to survive and the survival of the regime. so to transfer the power to the son, it is always something that is kind of a show for the people. in real terms, the real power lies in the hand of the military, and there will be no alteration no matter who will be the so-called great leader. >> so a generational change and no opening to the west. >> no, because opening to the west would end up with the end of the regime, and this is and that the regime fears to the utmost. >> what about the regional
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powers, japan and china? do dacey the eminem transfer of authority as a threat? -- d. they see the imminent transfer of authority as a threat? >> there watching it carefully. their kunduz status quo powers. they like to have no big change over there because of the look of china, they needed the north korean country as kind of a buffer zone. because of this country would vanish, they would have to face 30,000 american soldiers from the south. and japan would face a big influx of refugees. the transition goes over in a calm way is what they want. i think we can expect that after a few weeks or months, the country will be like it used to become a very close, and the regime tough as ever. >> thank you very much for joining us. and that has been our "in depth" report. thanks for being with us.
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and do stay tuned for more news and information. ♪ ♪
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