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tv   Journal  PBS  October 1, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> hello and welcome still "the journal." >> and welcome to the show. >> our headlines -- authorities accused of excessive violence after breaking up a protest rally against the disputed rail project. >> toxic assets and bad banks. is everything now good? and former german chancellor helmut kohl makes a rare appearance to mark the 20th anniversary of german unification.
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>> here in germany, a second night of protests against of planned rail construction project. organizers expected tens of thousands to turn up for the demonstration against what is currently the biggest building project in the country. this could see a repeat of violent clashes at a similar rally on thursday. conservative government leaders, including chancellor angela merkel, say the project should go ahead as planned. >> thousands showed up on friday to voice their opposition to the expansion projects. observers say a police crackdown on a similar protest on thursday has prompted more people than ever to join the protests in the city's park. add working under police protection, crews worked on
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friday. >> we do not want this work to be done behind the backs of the citizens. >> we have to show we want to stay at terminal station. >> images from thursday's protest shocked many people across germany. police ordered protestors to clear the area. when protesters refused, officers used teargas and water cannons to drive them back. at least 130 were injured, including schoolchildren and senior citizens. there are photos of people bleeding from the eyes after being hit by the water can spray. >> anyone who throws bottles at police officers or use of pepper spray or ignores the instructions of the police, acting outside the law, in such situations, the officers are
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compelled to react. >> the country is watching closely as a protest continues. >> protest organizers say the government will pay a high price if a construction project goes ahead. state elections take place in march. the scale of the protest is beginning to put pressure on angela merkel's government. >> the green party leader on his way to friday's protest. but before leaving berlin, he ran the criticized the state governments for its handling of the project. >> the federal government urgently needs to call the state government to order. this project cannot be carried out against the will of the majority population of the state and city. >> a parliamentary internal affairs committee is already reviewing the police response.
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a government spokesman for chancellor angela merkel says she regrets the incidents, but supports the leadership. >> as both sides take an imaginative approach in injure into talks with good intentions, there are many possibilities still consider the worries of the citizens in the project. >> this does not play as well with the opposition who are laying responsibility with the government. this is becoming a problem for the state government as well as berlin. >> we spoke earlier to our correspondent, simon young, and asked of the protests are affecting angela merkel and the conservatives at the national level. >> angela merkel said this was going to be a decision, a big one, like the decision to switch off germany's nuclear power
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stations, and more local ones, like her decision to give her support to the rail infrastructure. by giving her backing so publicly, i think she has made this potentially into a test of support for her government. i should say the opposition to this project has been running on it for many years. in the past, angela merkel has tended to stay well away from all four political battles like this one. if she continues to give it her backing and appears to condemn what certainly looks like heavy- handed police tactics, to people -- and appears to that was certainly looks like heavy- handed police tactics, to people watching at, -- it may be an issue. >> swiss police say an man they were holding as a suspect has
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been found dead in his cell. the man may have committed suicide. the 42-year-old was arrested in september as part of an investigation into still land bank data. the data has enabled berlin to recover millions in back taxes from tax dodgers. this could strain relations between switzerland and germany. germany has a bad bank now? >> that is right. we are talking about a huge transaction and a move that is considered key to the survival of germany's biggest bank. they have transferred toxic assets to a big -- two of bad bank. this will allow them to restructure and return a profit. this was the biggest bank failure in postwar germany. >> today, it is called pbd.
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the hope is it will return to profitability if it concentrates on its core business -- trading in bonds. the toxic investments that brought the bank to the edge of collapse have been deposited in the so-called bad bank. the securities are valued at 191 billion euros. they have to regain as much value as possible. in return, the bank receives a certificate of indebtedness. >> i believe that hre does have a chance in its new incarnation. it is a better solution for taxpayers. >> currently, bonds bring a return of just 2.4%.
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>> the government will be watching carefully what the bank is doing. we intend to privatize it by 2014 at the latest. it is a viable business model. >> if it is not, german taxpayers will have lost a lot of money. they have pumped 10 billion euros in cash into hre. >> the luxury carmaker is -- the luxury carmaker bmw has a voluntary recall. they say drivers are not in danger. they have recalled the five, six, and seven series, equipped with v-12 engines. mechanical braking is still available. bmw is also recalling several rolls-royce models because of
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the same problem. european shares began the final quarter of the year on a bad note friday. shares fell to a closing low. manufacturing in the u.s. slowed in september, and that mellowed investor sentiment. we have our wrap up from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the mood in the days before was very nervous. traders responded positively to economic data, because this is good news for german exporters. shares of bmw have been the worst performers. the company could not convince the markets of these huge recall. we will have the details later. >> all right. friday at the frankfurt stock exchange. the dax closed lower, as dorothy
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was saying. the european stocks index was also lower by 0.5%. how is the dow doing? there you go. 2829 after the closing bell. the euro going for $1.78. the german economy is expanding again, and as it does, so do the public coffers. on friday, the german government told the european union commission that the budget was coming in at 4% of gdp this year, rather than the 4.5%. that is an improvement. germany's role as europe's growth engine -- the head of germany's central bank struck a cautious note, saying germany as a long way to go before it completely recovered from the economic crisis.
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germany's largest department store chain is about to have a new owner. the german-american financier has gotten the green light to buy the store. it has been all along bankruptcy process, costing 15 million euros. now the real work is getting it back to profit. >> he was on the job for more than 16 months. he and his team have used 15 million euros finding a new owner. this man has taken over the real change. but his work is just beginning. so far, he is not wielding an ax. he wants to keep all 120 stores open and make sure all 125,000
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employees keep their jobs. he is also planning to invest some 400 million euros to overhaul the sales force. one thing for sure is that he himself will not be handing over more cash. he has already sank some 70 million euros of his own money into paying off the store's debt. what is next? individual store managers are expected to get a stronger price and in the company. employees can breathe a sigh of relief. >> thank you police and in pakistan say attackers killed two and destroyed their fuel tanker on friday. it was the second such raid of the day, coming hours after insurgents destroyed 70 -- 24 such tankers carrying fuel for nato forces. 24 men armed with rocket
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launchers and assault rifles attacked the drinkers -- attacked the tankers. this was a in response to any note raid that killed three pakastani soldiers. -- this was in response to an nato raid. a blast occurred near a parade marking the 50th anniversary of the country's independence from britain. the two car bombs were set off shortly after nigeria's biggest rebel militia issued an e-mail telling people to evacuate the area. official celebrations continued nearby, as planned. the u.n. has released a report accusing rwandan forces of committing atrocities against hutu refugees and anti- democratic republic of congo in the 1990's.
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the commissioner for human rights says the evidence may point to genocide but the courts have yet you verify these allegations. the report says rwandan troops systematically killed tens of thousands of hutu refugees when they invaded in 1996 following the massacre of tutsis two years earlier. rwanda has rejected those accusations. we will have more on that later in this bulletin. here and in berlin, the cdu party has been marking the anniversary of the east and west german wings back and 1990. highlighting the event, a speech by former german chancellor helmut kohl, who many regard as the father of reunification. >> they welcomed former chancellor helmut kohl with a standing ovation. he has rarely appeared in public
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since the funding scandal more than 10 years ago. on friday, they celebrated as -- they celebrated him as the chancellor of german unity and themselves as the party that made it possible. he told is party not to be discouraged by opinion polls. >> cdu is not obsolete. the cdu represents the future. >> he rejected the idea that thecdu was -- he rejected the idea that the cdu was losing appeal and he warned against of securing the long-term concerns people face. >> and chancellor angela merkel said that cdu remained a centrist party, not tied to ideology, but to the interests of the people. >> we are prepared to take the
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hard path and make uncomfortable decisions for our beliefs. because we are convinced that our actions are correct and necessary. >> but before the celebration ended, they but accused the social democrats and the greens of in decision in regard to the german reunification 20 years ago. switzerland's highest court has upheld a ban against germany's speedskater. she was banned at for two years from 2009 after a regular levels of red blood cells were found in a blood sample. the ruling set a precedent as it was the first time an athlete was banned even though no illegal substances were found. in march, a leading german doctors said the rebels were due to a condition she inherited from her father. -- the levels were due to a
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condition she inherited from her father. we will be back in just a few minutes. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. the united nations has published a report documented atrocities and the democratic republic of congo between 1993 and 2003. this is a period that saw the fall of the dictator and a long hunt for that involved several parties, including the tutsi- led army of rwanda. the rwandan army invaded, though, ostensibly to hunt down the two fighters that had taken place. the leader at the time was paul kagame, now the country's president. >> and many will hail him as a saint.
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as the rebel leader and in 1994, paul kagame he led the forces that ended the genocide of the tutsis in his country. today, and he is president. now he also stands accused of crimes against humanity antidemocratic republic of congo. -- in the democratic republic of congo. in april 1994, a hutu militias organize the genocide of the country's tutsi minority. at least 800,000 people were killed. the international community did nothing to stop the slaughter. three months later, a tutsi rebel forces, led by paul kagame, invaded rwanda from uganda, and drove hutus to congo. most were not involved in the genocide, but they also
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orchestrated the killings. >> we think this is going to rebuild this spots. there will not be these activities inside rwanda and in the future. >> and in 1996, could dominate sent troops in across from where he said militias would attack -- coming -- kagame sent troops in. two years later, another incursion, and rwandan troops are accused of committing massacres. 200,000 people were killed, including many women and children. the question remains whether paul kagame is responsible for a second genocide. he has been eminently denied the claim, -- vehemently denied the
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claim. >> one of the places where atrocities are alleged to have occurred in congo is where our reporter has been finding out how people in congo have been trained to gather evidence of the atrocities. >> these are police officers. experts from the united nations have trained them as forensics specialist. their job will be to excavate mass graves and in the east of the country. here, they are on a training exercise. dummies. there are allegations that in the late 1990's, tens of thousands of the hutu ethnic group were massacred here. officers are prepared for identifying fatal wounds. >> here.
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this woman has a bullet wound in her chest and she was shot in the head as well. the job next to her has obviously been beheaded. -- the child next to her has obviously been be headed. >> the officers will be working on real braves sent, with real bodies. became to bring the murderers to justice with evidence. >> so many crimes have been committed in our country, and women are very often the victims, like the ones these represent. that is what i want to do this work. >> locals say that on october 30, 1996, the residents of a nearby hutu village were herded together here. the women were taken into the post office and shot dead. the men were marched into a ditch outside of town. this marks were the first mass
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grave was discovered. it is suspected some 350 people are buried here. survivors have not dared come here for years. but now they are speaking out. they remember how hammers were used to kill some of the down victims. -- bound victims. >> at the could we have told? the people who did the killings and still the power and influence in this area. so we kept quiet until the u.n. came here three years ago. collects the forensic experts want to get to work looking for real braves -- >> the forensic experts want to get to work looking for real graves. >> we are willing to support and help the victims from that time and bring those responsible to justice. >> but the police still note they have a great deal of work
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to do before but that becomes a reality. >> we spoke earlier to the head of dw's east african desk and asked if there could be prosecutions as a result of this report. >> it could be. what you could read is the united nations are interested that the political will in the democratic republic of congo will rise, and the national justice system will examine these atrocities and in 1996, 1997. the other way to include i.c. c. is not possible because it was founded later than these atrocities happened. >> there are still problems, despite the presence of troops. what is the reason for this?
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>> i visited the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo. you have to imagine that this is an area without the rule of law. without any state security or state structure. people there are simply meeting the basic infrastructure, social welfare, and so on. it is the difference between day and night. it is a matter of allowing resources, allowing different mineral resources. that is still going on. after today, you will find a culture of violence which is the result of all war that lasted through two decades. many people, especially women in that area are confronted with the elite of violence in their life. this has not stopped yet. -- many people, especially women
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in that area are confronted with daily violence. >> does this mean paul kagame himself may be facing charges? >> he was the defense minister. after the genocide and in 1994, and he was part of the government. i do not think this is so easily possible, because you have defined very concrete proof. this united nations report is only after speaking with 2000 witnesses, for example. if you want to take someone to responsibility or to court, to justice, there has to be more light on the circumstances. there must be more concrete data to take him into accountability.
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this was not done by the report. >> thank you very much. that has been our in-depth report for today. stay with us. captioned by the national captioning institute
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