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tv   Journal  PBS  October 11, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> this is "the journal." the headlines -- a leading german conservative provokes criticism of the call to limit immigration from turkey in the arab world. chilean authorities say trapped miners will begin being evacuated tuesday at midnight. >> it nobel prize in economics has been awarded to three labor market specialists. >> a leading conservative politician in germany is being asked to apologize after he said
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immigration from what he called alien cultures should be stopped. the state premier of bavaria, horst seehofer, said turkish and arab immigrants find it difficult to integrate into german society. he is the leader of the bavarian sister party of angela merkle and his comments have been sharply criticized. >> during her visit to bulgaria, angela marcos said germany is a country open to the world. >> there will be no change to our asylum law or residence rights for family members. the remarks referred to skilled workers. we will remain home to many people and we hope people feel home and -- feel at home in germany. >> they have accused horst seehofer of stirring up prejudice. >> they had nothing to the debate and populist comments
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will only benefit other parties. he also faces criticism from his own party. >> in the next few years our priorities has to be making sure the unemployed in germany find work. but he was contradicted by the economics minister who says germany needs skilled workers from abroad. >> we will need regulated immigration, it is germany's right to do what it needs to do to decide who comes here to work. >> they have stressed german countries have a need for migrant workers. >> the german government is setting up a initiatives to help muslims and the great. when is a training course for
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islamic religious instructors, which kicked off on monday, includes the german language classes and a german cultural class's. >> the new course is in high demand. every muslim organization in germany contributed. details were unveiled on monday. community helpers' are being encouraged to study two semesters of religious and cultural studies and german politics. >> the training of imams and religious helpers' is important. it's also important for integration and employment policy. >> besides leading prayers, they act as role models for integration, mediating cultural conflicts in dealing with authorities. this man is the leader of this
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mosque. he has lived in germany for 39 years. he believes such training is of vital. >> you have to know the country where you are preaching and act as a role model. you also have to know the language. if you come here, you are not just and imam for certain cultures, but one for everyone. >> a committee will decide whether to give the university funding to create an institute of islamic studies. >> in other news, palestinian officials have rejected an offer -- ruth -- rejected an offer to renew a freeze on west bank settler construction. the moratorium was proposed in return for palestinians recognizing the israeli state. the europeans are on a regional
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tour aimed at breaking the deadlock in the mideast peace talks. engineers in inchile are making the final preparations to bring 33 trapped miners to the surface. they have been trapped for the last two months. if everything goes according to plan, all the miners will be out by wednesday morning. >> it may be one of the most memorable press conferences ever for the chilean mining minister. on monday, he was finally able to make the announcement to families and friends of the 33 trapped miners and the rest of the world that they were waiting for. he said that on tuesday, at midnight local time, the rescue crew at the mine would begin pulling up the first of the men. officials say preparation for the operation have been completed. the shaft drilled down more than 600 meters to the minors has been stabilized with metal tubing.
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special rescue capsules developed by the navy will extract the men one at time. >> the capsule has a diameter of 53 centimeters. the larger miners are 51 centimeters wide. the capsule is padded and we plan to win justice special twist to the surface. >> there's not much room in the capsule, as the rescuers will monitor them carefully for signs of claustrophobia and anxiety. >> hungarian authorities have arrested the director of the aluminum plant at the center of last week's toxic waste spill. the prime minister said the company should be placed under state control. eight people died in the spill and the situation in the plant in west hungary remains hazardous. engineers and relief teams are
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working around the clock to make a career -- to create an emergency dam. it is a nobel prize season. >> a trio of the geniuses in economics -- they're talking about search frictions. this year's nobel prize has been awarded to two americans and a british separate for their research into the links between market dynamics and unemployment. they developed a theory that helps to explain the difficulties in matching the needs of buyers and sellers, especially on the labor market. u.s. economists, peter diamond and dale mortensen christopher pissarides along with were cited for their analysis with markets with a search frictions. their theories about providing areas that the verse as housing statistics and family economics. >> the prize was shared between the three scientists on their
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work on supply and demand in the labor markets. it would to peter diamond and dale mortensen as well as british cyprian christopher pissarides. they help to explain how job unemployment is affected by economic policy. it considers the people looking for work in job centers like this remain unemployed despite numerous job openings. their work has impacted public policy around the world already. >> what is the affect on the unemployed? in particular, on the unemployment rate? raising the benefits. we have to understand how the unemployed search for jobs and how they are influenced by getting paid better while they are unemployed. >> one of the three christopher pissarides,, says no one should give too long without work. that leads to resignation and people lose the motivation to return to the labour market.
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>> there should be support for the unemployed. you don't want a society of a small percentage of workers that suffer. there should be support, but at the same time, that should port should be -- that support should be targeted on the condition of looking for a job and being prepared to take a job. >> the three economists will share the prize money of 1.1 million year rose. -- 1.1 million euros. the international monetary fund fell to solve a raging debate over how the government in china and the u.s. are allowing currencies to remain and are -- remain artificially week to keep exports cheap. our correspondent sent us this summary of the trading session in frankfurt. >> even though the german stock market started the week of the upside, the question where the
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currency disputes between the u.s. and china will lead this is a big concern on the trading floor. nine out of 10 fund managers, economists and traders think that soon the fed will again, a large amount of money into the markets. the estimated some is about $500 billion. some might be happy about this. a lot of this money will be directly invested into equities. but traders in frankfurt are mostly concerned that such federal reserve money that the state of the united states economy must be really bad. let's get a closer look at the closing numbers. thedax finishing higher and the eurostox 50 trading higher. just barely up in the u.s., just managing to hold on to that
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11,000 point level. the bureau of trading at a rally -- value of $1.38. microsoft has unveiled its windows phone which hopes to grab a large piece of the lucrative smart phone market. the fund was presented to the public on monday and -- defaults was presented to the public on monday. it should be available in germany, france and britain by the end of this month. in recent years, microsoft has fallen far behind apple and google in the buildings are found sector. pilar has joined the product recall ranks, recalling 85,000 vehicles on the u.s. market alone due to concerns over power steering units. the effective marvel -- effective models are de -- the
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issue is leaking steering fluid which threatens control of the car. the recall affects european and asian markets. bmw also reported significant problems with nearly 200,000 vehicles. you have to have a working steering wheel. >> that is necessary if you want to drive. media reports from iran suggest to german journalists had been arrested along with a son of a woman sentenced to death by stoning. the reporters entered iran as tourists and without media accreditation, according to a statement released by the state news agency. they were interviewing the son of a woman convicted of adultery four years ago. her sentence of death by stoning was suspended following international condemnation. chinese authorities have placed
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the wife of liu xiaobo under arrest trade they say the measure was imposed on friday, the day her husband was declared the winner of this year's nobel peace prize. though she was allowed to visit her husband in prison over the weekend, she is not allowed to receive visitors herself. >> a european diplomat on his way to visit liu xiaobo's wife with a letter of congratulations. the security personnel stopped him from entering the apartment building. she is under house arrest. >> we have not been allowed into this gated community. we were told we could only go if we call somebody on the inside and they came out to meet us. but of course we cannot call because it's impossible to get through to our phone. >> she was allowed to visit her husband last week in prison. this footage was taken days
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before. in an internet message, she says liu xiaobo had already been informed about the prize and said he wept upon hearing the news. he reportedly dedicated to the victims of the 1989 t m in square massacre. >> he was thinking of those who were in prison and those who lost their lives in the protests and those who lost family members back then. >> chinese authorities have not commented since the choice. but since then, at a meeting with the norwegian fisheries minister has been called off. >> tear gas and is heading for a coalition government after landmark parliamentary elections. -- tear gas stan is headed for a coalition government. voting proceeded peacefully and
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turnout of more than 55%. the country still racked right political divisions that erupted into violent clashes in june between the majority and the ethnic uzbeks in the south. nearly one in six people around the world does not have to have the feet -- does not have emptied. one in six people. at the un undersurface for -- the un hunker symposium hope to change that. they're helping children in developing countries. >> india is one of the world's biggest economies, yet there are many who do not have enough to eat. the charity puts india into the same category as bangladesh, rwanda and zimbabwe. one person dies from hunger every second from the world. aid organizations say the goal of cutting world hunger by one half is a long layoff. >> the work projects i visit,
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the more frustrated i become. these visits show what is possible, which is positive. but if we could do some much with such simple means, why can't we achieve more? >> there calling for investments in agriculture for industrialized countries to provide more money and poorer nations to play their part. the democratic republic of congo has been wracked by civil war. the food supply situation is especially poor. >> is about investment and money, but also the willingness of the government and the countries to improve the situation for their people. >> the german government is calling on developing countries to do more for themselves. they argue the policies are flawed without stability. >> the german soccer team has a arrived ahead of the qualifier
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and will be able to call on the services of a madrid midfielder after taking a knock on the ankle on friday.
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>> welcome back. germany has seen a recent upsurge in public protests with ordinary people taking to the streets to air their grievances over local issues. the current protests in southwestern germany -- there a strong opposition to project their involving the redevelopment of the city's main train station. it has thrown in people one does not normally associate with street action. we caught up with one such couple. >> it is a quiet, well-to-do part of state court. some of the fierce opponent -- forces opposed to the development are here. among them are retired couples like this one. they say the demonstrations have
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changed their lives. we take to the streets three times a week. imagines that. our kids call us and ask if they are ok because we are up front. it can get tough. at the last protest, they were hit by water cannons. but they say they will continue to fight against the project. they got involved after hearing a speech on their local market square. >> we have conversations with people you would never have spoken to. we're interested to see how will change the city regardless of what happened. >> what has already changed for the works is there am -- change
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for the worse is their image of local politicians. 50,000 people gather in the city park to protest the selling of trees for a project. they have made contact with environmental groups. >> every now and then, you get quite despondent, but then you are at the demonstration, you think yes, we can do this. >> the protesters' grow more vocal as they marched to the train station. >> people want to get involved in the decisionmaking process, especially when it is about things that affect them directly. >> this is a different kind of politics. we don't want to vote in elections every four or five years and then see politicians do whatever they want.
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>> at train stations, they organized an impromptu set in. you are doing some overtime here. what happens when the protest is over? >> we will probably get together again. then we will split up into discussion groups or other forums or start fighting for something else. >> they say the anti-nuclear movement could be their next cause. but it is certainly they will not be retiring quietly any time soon. >> middle-class activism seems to be on the march. direct action and challenging political decisions is happening more and more. are we seeing the beginnings of a new protest movement in germany? >> people are taking to the streets, getting involved, and questioning decisions made by
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politicians. many see what is happening in stood guard as a new kind of protest movement. there are no longer anti- establishment, they are part of it. they don't want to change the world, just their corner of it. hear, the issue is a railway station, but there are many other examples. last year, the regional government in hamburg past reforms to extend prairie education, saying it would give worst is the chance to enter top high-school. but many parents were against it. they forced a radical -- force a referendum. they garnered enough support to overturn the reforms. challenging political decisions are becoming more frequent in germany. the number of referendums is one measure. from 1950 to 1989, the richest 28. in the last 20 years, there were seven times that number. education policy sparked another
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recent protests. religion is an optional school subject in berlin. children can take classes but don't have to. last year, a citizen's initiative called for changing that. they mobilized more than 300,000 supporters and forced a referendum. it failed, but the campaigners succeed in keeping the issue on the political agenda for months. another example came three years ago in dresden. construction began i controversial bridge with the backing of the city council and a referendum. environmentalists protested and unesco threatened to strike the valley from its list of world heritage sites. local politicians were ready to cave in, but determined citizens pushed the project through. bridge is being built but the
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world heritage site was gone. citizens are increasingly getting involved in issues that matter to them. it's a sign of a healthy democracy and a vote of no confidence in politicians. >> i spoke earlier to a sociologists from berlin's social science research center and ask if he thought there is a new culture of public protests in germany. >> i don't see a new culture of protest. the culture is a consensus- oriented compared to france or italy where protests are eruptive and often times violent. in germany, the protests we would thus is not really do in that respect. >> but we see hundreds and in some cases thousands of people taking to the streets. what is different from these protests? >> when we look to the protests,
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the difference is the share of conservative people is larger than other protests. this is not entirely new. conservatives have taken to the street before. the difference is it is on a regular basis and mobilization is very high. >> isn't it significant that people would normally belong to the establishment are taking part in anti-establishment issues? >> i would not say the protests are anti-establishment protest. it is about a very specific project. the arguments that are broad up are not anti-establishment arguments but most people think the station was simply too expensive and the risks are too high. so it was not being anti- establishment. >> but they are local issues.
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in hamburg, with the school reforms and then with the train station, is this a wake-up call for politicians that voters feel local issues are not being taken seriously enough that they're forcing people to come onto the streets? >> you can interpret it in this way, but generally i think petitions and referendums is nothing new. it's something that is established in the german democracy. maybe the protests we've witnessed today are an argument to increase the influence of the people in these processes. >> that wraps up our in-depth look at public protests here in germany. thank you for joining us and stay with the city can.
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