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tv   Satellite News From Taiwan  PBS  November 4, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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welcome to "newsline." i'm shery ahn. video footage of what appears to be the collision between a chinese trawler and two japanese patrol boats in september has been spreading rapidly across the internet. the japanese government was against the idea of making the video public because of the sensitivity of the issue. the footage was posted on video-sharing website youtube on
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thursday night. it was then copied and posted to other sites in japan and china. the footage appears to show the september incident near the senkaku islands in the east china sea. a japanese lawmaker who has seen the original footage says the internet video looks authentic. the original footage had been closely guarded by the japan coast guard and the prosecutor's offices on okinawa's ishigaki island. soon after the collision some of the footage was sent to coast guard headquarters in tokyo to brief the government about the incident. but the coast guard says that footage has been completely erased. the coast guard says copies of the footage were likely made when the incident was investigated. a group of diet members says the japanese government should step up control of the senkaku islands and conduct on-site inspections. the non-partisan group led by former internal affairs minister kazuhiro haraguchi made the suggestion in recommendations to the government after aerial inspections of the islands last
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month. the recommendations included the idea that the local government of ishigaki city in okinawa prefecture should be allowed to conduct environmental and other surveys on the island. they also called for the construction of a port on the island so that the fishing boats could take shelter in bad weather. the group stressed the need for new legislation to provide financial support to municipalities on isolated islands as part of measures to protect japan's the group plans to submit its recommendations to the government soon. former chinese foreign minister tang jiaxuan says japan and china should not allow the current strain on their bilateral relations to affect economic ties. tang spoke with japan business federation chairperson in tokyo on thursday. tang was referring to the tension between the countries after the chinese trawler collided with the japanese patrol boats near the senkaku islands in september.
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tang said in the 40 years since diplomatic normalization political leaders on both sides have maintained a tacit agreement to set aside territorial disputes in the interest of developing bilateral ties. tang went on to say that the issue concerned sovereignty and national sentiment and the international community is paying attention. he said both sides must refrain from rushing to trying to change the status quo. european planemaker airbus has sent a specialist to singapore to cooperate with the aviation authorities of australia and other countries in investigating the cause of an engine blowout on a super jumbo jet. on thursday a qantas airways airbus a-380 made an emergency landing in singapore after one of its four engines broke off over indonesia. none of the 459 passengers and crew was injured. australia's qantas airways has suspended all of its airbus a380 services until flight safety can be confirmed. one of the passengers filmed the
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plane making its emergency landing. the footage clearly shows white flames from the left wing. the troubled airbus a380 jet was delivered to qantas airways in september 2008. since then, the aircraft has taken 831 flights and recorded more than 8,000 flying hours. britain's rolls-royce, which manufactured the plane's engines, issued a statement on thursday saying that the investigation was still at an early stage so it would be inappropriate to draw any conclusions. a number of large-scale anti-u.s. demonstrations have been held throughout iran. the rallies were arranged to mark the 31st anniversary of the seizure of the u.s. embassy in the capital by students. thousands of students gathered outside the site of the former u.s. embassy in tehran on
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thursday. they chanted "down with america." in a speech the head of iran's state television network, zaragami, referred to the defeat of the democratic party in tuesday's midterm elections in the united states. he added that iran will continue to be the biggest power in the region and that the u.s. will fail to drive iran into a corner. in june the u.s. government implemented additional sanctions against iran for defying international calls to give up its nuclear ambitions. russian president dmitry medvedev has sent a personal letter to prime minister naoto kan saying he will attend next week's apec summit in yokohama. on thursday the russian presidential palace said medvedev sent the message to
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thank kan for inviting him to the meetings, which will be held on november 13th and 14th. in the letter the russian president emphasized the importance of apec's role in the asia-pacific region. he said he will actively participate in discussions on this year's theme, change in action, which japan proposed as the apec chair country. medvedev's letter did not mention his visit to kunashiri island on monday or the sour ties with japan since the trip. kunashiri is one of four islands off hokkaido claimed by japan. a u.s. human rights activist says north korea is sensitive about the increasing number of defections. robert park returned from the country last year after being detained for more than a month. park was detained after illegally entering the north from china last december. he spoke to nhk in seoul on thursday. park said north korean authorities quizzed him daily, asking why he had entered the
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country and who had sent him. he said they also asked whether he knew any north korean defectors. >> they hate the north korean refugees. they consider the north korean refugees to be vermin. >> park said the authorities are worried that the refugees could destabilize the country's regime. >> they are in contact with their family members in north korea through their cell phones, illegally. fl also, they understand the system of north korea better than anybody else. they have more of a commitment to north korean human rights and freedom. >> he suggested that defectors should be supported and used to help improve the human rights situation in north korea. the executive director of the world food program has indicated that people in north korea are still facing serious food shortages. josette sheeran is the first wfp chief to visit north korea in five years. during her three-day stay from tuesday through thursday, she met with the country's number
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two leader and senior officials of the agriculture ministry. sheeran inspected facilities such as a food processing plant run by the u.n. agency and an orphanage. she left pyongyang for beijing on thursday. >> i saw many children that already are losing the battle against malnutrition, and their bodies and minds are stunted. >> the u.n. agency launched a fresh one-year food assistance program in july for 2.5 million people in north korea, mainly women and children. sheeran expressed apprehension about the slow financial backing, saying only 19% of about $95 million needed has so far been donated by countries. a growing number of countries and non-governmental organizations are shying away from providing assistance to north korea. they cite a string of cases in which food sent to the country has been illegally diverted for military use instead of reaching those in need.
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welcome back to "newsline" business. japanese casual clothing chain uniqlo has opened its first store in malaysia. about 2 1/2 thousand people lined up at the outlet in kuala lumpur before the shop opened on thursday. uniqlo says it is targeting expanding markets in southeast asia where japanese culture and fashion have become popular, especially among the young people. in april last year the chain opened its first shop in singapore, where it now has three outlets. chairman tadashi yanai of fast retailing which operates the uniqlo brand, said he was ready to expand across the region by selling the same winter items at its stores in the japanese market. >> southeast asia is the world's fastest growing market. we'll start growing business within a year or two.
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nissan motor expects record global sales for fiscal 2010 ending in march. the japanese automaker says this is due to increased sales in all major markets, including emerging and industrialized countries. nissan on thursday announced its results for the first half of the business year. operating profit for the april to september period increased 3.5-fold from a year earlier to more than $3.7 billion. for the current business year nissan said its auto sales will reach 4.1 million units, up 300,000 from the firm's initial estimates. the company revised its profit forecast to $5.7 billion, up $1.6 billion. nissan said increased sales, especially in china and other emerging countries will offset expected losses of about $2.1 billion caused by a sharp appreciation of the yen. next, u.s.-japan tie-up in electric cars. japanese electronics maker
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panasonic has invested in tesla motors and will now develop batteries for the u.s. electric car startup. panasonic said on thursday that it invested $30 million for about a 2% shareholding in tesla. the two companies will jointly develop lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles. panasonic aims to grow its consolidated sales of the batteries to roughly $12 billion in five years. tesla opened its first dealership in japan in tokyo last month to launch full-fledged sales of its electric vehicles in the country. the u.s. automaker also received an investment from toyota in july. tokyo stocks extended their gains on friday morning, advancing across almost all sectors following overnight rallies in the u.s. and europe. the nikkei 225 ended the morning session at 9,610, up 2.7%, or 252 ticks almost. the u.s. federal reserve's additional credit easing measures boosted market sentiment overseas. the momentum carried over to
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tokyo, where investors bought a wide range of issues. to currencies on the tokyo foreign exchange, the dollar is moving within a narrow range. the greenback is currently changing hands at 80.94-95 while the euro's trading at 114.94-99. the credit easing by the fed pushed the greenback lower overnight, but participants are refraining from trading as they wait for the outcome of the policy meeting and the u.s. employment data due out later in the day. and here's a look at the latest long-term interest rates. this is the yield on the benchmark 10-year japanese government bond. in other asian markets hong kong's hang seng opened 1.5% higher and is currently up 1.2%. the shanghai key index for major blue chips is up 0.9%. and in shenzhen the sse composite is up 0.7%. earlier this week the u.s. central bank announced measures to buy up more government bonds. that will amount to $600 billion
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over the next eight months. so what's behind the decision and will it affect japan's policies? ramen malagart spoke with masaki kano, chief economist at securities japan for his views on the likely impact of the fed's move. >> many market players now think the u.s. economy is not growing at the pace they had earlier anticipated. how do you analyze the latest fed move? and will those measures prove effective in resuscitating the american economy? >> definitely the fed's decision toward further easing through the qe2 should contribute to the recovery of the u.s. economy. but we believe that the u.s. economy will grow only 2% or 2.5% in coming quarters. that is not fast enough to reduce output gap. as a result the u.s. jobless rate will remain about 9% throughout 2011, and the u.s.
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inflation rate will remain below 1%. the jobless rate will remain far above the fed's target, and inflation rate is far below the fed's target. so eventually, the fed is required to do one step more, and probably at least by the middle of the next year to announce another easing. >> personal consumption has been the key to sustainable u.s. growth. what would happen to the u.s. economy if consumption and labor demand both remain sluggish? >> the basic problem of the u.s. economy is the high leverage of the household sector in the u.s. and so given those situation, it is very difficult to see acceleration of the deleveraging of the housing -- of the household sector. and as a result, we expect other consumption with growth, but the
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growth is likely to be very limited. and under those circumstances fed needs to maintain current easy monetary policy stance or probably more likely the fed is required to ease the monetary policy furthermore and what the fed can do is to expand the balance sheet. so fed will buy more long dated u.s. treasuries, and sometime towards the middle of the next year. >> what do you think the next step should be for japan following the fed's decision? >> well, for the time being i don't think the boj will take any strong actions. but in the medium term and long term i expect the boj will have to take another easing monetary policies. that is, the expansion of the asset purchase programs. the boj recently announced the establishing the asset purchase
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program within the boj's balance sheet, in which the boj will buy more jjbs, which is not subject to the boj's bank note guideline, and also they will buy the corporate bonds, etfs, and even j reits. over time they will expand the size and the scope of those assets to show that the boj is determined towards easing. >> that was masaaki kanno, chief economist at jpmorgan securities japan. next is a recap for you of the latest market figures. ♪
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♪ ♪ and that's all for now in biz news. amid the sleek and shining cars at europe's largest motor show, there's one week that is drawing particular attention. it is a steam-powered car based on a vehicle designed more than two centuries ago. both the original and replica were made by frenchmen. nhk world's rena yamazawa
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reports. >> reporter: a motor show in paris displays eye-catching models. many autos here use electricity, ecofriendly devices, or other cutting-edge technologies." businesses can also see a replica of a car that appeared about 240 years ago. the original was france's first technological invention. so lots of visitors want to see it. when the original was invented in the late 18th century, trains had just started running on steam power. it is believed that king louis xv ordered the car built to transport artillery. fabrice geneson, a car designer and manufacturer, decided to make this steam-powered automobile replica.
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to reach the village of void-vacoon, you drive 300 kilometers east from paris. it's the birthplace of nicola joseph teuniot, the inventor of the steam automobile. geneson comes from the village too and decided to replicate his invention. >> translator: until now, nobody has recreated a car like this. nobody. it runs on steam by burning wood. i found this intriguing, so i wanted to give it a try. >> reporter: janisson wanted to make his model exactly the same as the original. but his job proved difficult because so little information was available.
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how do you get steam to power the wheels? and how do you make wheels from wood and steel sturdy enough to hold the car's weight? janisson and his team went all over france to search for the engineers who knew the old manufacturing methods. finally, after six years of hard work, janisson completed the steam-powered car and unveiled to the villagers this summer. water in the tank. one hour later, the steam-powered car slowly starts to move. >> translator: it's so fun to see such an old car.
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>> translator: it's amazing that they were able to build a car like this so long ago. >> translator: what's next for a steam-powered car? well, we plan to display it in the local museum. one day we would like to lend it out, so people around the world can see it. >> the steam-powered car is now on display in paris. and now here's the weather with saki ochi. >> hi again. welcome to your world weather update. now, east asia is looking fine and settled again today. a high pressure really in control across china, the korean peninsula and into japan. a little bit of rain in northern japan. that's pulling away today. in the south, we do see a lot more activity for you. a couple showers hanging on to the southeast coast of china. we've also got the tropical
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depression just off of vietnam. that's been pumping in a lot of moisture to the area here. and then showers continue to impact indonesia, as well as the malay peninsula for the bay of bengal. too we've got a second tropical depression we've been keeping an eye on. this one is heading westward over the next few days. looks like the core of heavy rain will be aiming for southern india as well as sri lanka. already a lot of rain falling in this area. looks like it could get heavier as the system gets closer. now it is forecast to become a tropical cyclone within the next couple of days. we could be seeing some strong winds develop as well. here's a look at highs for friday. 31 in manila. with a couple of thundershowers. 24 in taipei. 21 for shanghai. getting a little bit warmer in tokyo today. 19 degrees for you. now, over towards the americas, we're taking a look first at the caribbean. there's been a lot of tropical activity here. tropical storm tomas continues to work its way towards jamaica, as well as haiti. tonight it is picking up a little bit of speed. and getting better organized. wind speeds now at 95 kilometers
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per hour. so it's been strengthening the past couple of hours. it looks like it could further strengthen over the next few days. forecasts are calling for it to become a hurricane by the time it moves through haiti as well as into bahamas. much stronger winds are going to be possible. and of course, there is going to be that rain that we're really concerned about. already impacting jamaica. and then hispaniola as well will be seeing quite a bit of rainfall, especially haiti, looking to bear the brunt of the rainfall. a lot of people here still living in those shelters, especially in port-au-prince. not good news. there could be quite a bit of damage from the storm system. stay on the watch also for flooding as well as landslides. now, otherwise, north america is going to be looking quite settled again today. a little bit of wet and windy weather in british columbia. but that's going to be about it. just a couple showers hanging on to the east side of the united states as well. a little bit of moisture for the great lakes region, could be turning into snow. we are seeing cooler air come on
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in. here's a look for friday morning here. much cooler air starting to drop in from canada. that's going to drop further south by sunday morning. it's going to get much cooler here in the northeast. a look at temperatures for the next three days. these will be forecast lows, boston starting out at 10:00 on friday. it's going to be dropping to 2 on sunday. we're also seeing some lows falling to below the freezing mark. so prepare yourselves for a pretty chilly couple of days. finally getting a quick look at your south here. settled in the south here. a couple showers across northern africa. and then a lot of wet and windy weather impacting northern sections of europe. that will continue for the next few days. temperatures, however, remaining on the mild side. 15 in berlin. 17 degrees for london. but a little bit of cooler breeze picking up, so it could feel a little bit cooler than these temperatures. all right. that's a look at your weather for now. and here is your three-day outlook.
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♪ ♪ ♪ here's a recap of the headline story. video footage of what appears to be the collision between a
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chinese trawler and two japanese patrol boats in september has been spreading rapidly across the internet. the japanese government was against the idea of making the video public due to the sensitivity of the issue. the footage was posted on video sharing website youtube on thursday night. it was then copied and posted to other sites in japan and china. the footage appears to show the september incident near the senkaku islands in the east china sea. a japanese lawmaker who has seen the original footage says the internet video looks authentic. the original footage had been closely guarded by the japan coast guard and the prosecutor's offices on okinawa's ishigaki island. soon after the collision some of the footage was sent to coast guard headquarters in tokyo to brief the government about the incident. but the coast guard says that footage has been completely erased. the coast guard says copies of the footage were likely made when the incident was being investigated. and that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm shery ahn. thank you for watching.
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