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tv   Satellite News From Taiwan  PBS  November 7, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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♪ captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.orgrg-- ♪ >> "euromaxx highlights" -- in today's show. a unique way to enjoy nature in sweden. on the move, a precious artworks travels from paris to cologne. new challenge, a spanish choreographer takes over and russian ballet -- a russian ballet. "euromaxx highlights," here is
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your host. >> welcome to the show. we begin with a talented photographer from a very talented family. mary mccartney is the daughter of paul and linda mccartney. she is just like her mother was with the camera. she started her career in her mid-20s and is a highly successful photographer. she has two shows in london this month. she has just published her first book. ♪ >> mary mccartney's portraits are a who's who of the celebrity world. for all the glitz and glamour of her subjects, here they are seen and an unusually modest frame.
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>> my family background is a benefit because i think people know that i am not going to exploit them. if you do not have my background, you can still make some uncomfortable but it saves time. they know i am not there to exploit them. it gives more understanding and a more relaxed start to the shooting. >> she prepares for an exhibition in london. despite her background, the photographer and mother of three children enjoys her work. she is the first child of paul and linda mccartney. she developed an interest in cameras while helping her mother. she began experimenting. initially, she had no clear goal. >> a kind of think everyone can take photographs.
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i never pursued it as a career until i was looking through her holiday pictures. they were so bad. the heads were chopped off. in the end, i realize not everyone can take photographs. from there, and put a portfolio together and started to get magazine commissions. increased from there. >> professional career took off in 1995. she now enjoys success in commercial and artistic circles. she has published her first book of her own work. the title is out, "from where i stand." -- the title is apt, "from where i stand." >> this collection is a personal
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lookit my photographs over the last 15 years. i spent a lot of time going through all the contact sheets and editing pictures that are personal or show the different point of view or unexpected moments and maybe things that tell a bit of the story. >> one of the works she is most proud of is a series of pictures taken behind the scenes of the royal opera in london. the results are frank portrayal of the dancers at work and play. her unobtrusive approach allows her to take her out remarkably candid shots -- to tape a remarkably candid shots. >> this is someone having a cigarette in the intermission trade he carried on as if i was not there. he is not performing for me. he is doing what he would do in
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a real moment. there is something quite them and about my approach. i want to capture something real with something i would want to put on my wall as well. >> the launch of her book a few days ago was a massive media event. london's famous national portrait gallery is dedicating a special exhibition based on the collection of images featured. there countless portraits of famous celebrities. they are and unpretentious poses. perhaps that is because they can connect with her. >> most photographers have to be introduced to people and build a relationship. she is living in the same world as a lot of her subjects. the trustor. the notion she is -- they
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trustor. they know who she is. >> people have to believe in my ability as a photographer. for a few moments, people are more interested because they hear the mccartney name. then it kind of dissipates. i would not say it is a big part of my photography. >> mary mccartney is an artist and high-profile personality in her own right. with talents of her disposal, success looks like it will foster. >> she looks just like her dad. it is time to take a trip to sweden to check into a very unusual hotel that combines top design and nature in a unique way. in the tranquil surroundings in the village of harads, the tree hotel offers unique rooms that individual designer tree houses.
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>> more than half of sweden is covered with forests. this scandinavian country is one of the most heavily wooded areas worldwide. is it all unspoiled nature? not entirely. the trees here are reflected in the elder walls -- outer walls of the cube that blends into the forest unobtrusively. further along, we find what looks like a huge birds nest. it is not meant for birds. it is for hotel guests. these are two of the four accommodation choices available in the middle of the forest. the tree hotel was the idea of th it boasts modern design located above the ground. >> a funny idea to create something in the trees. that is what we have around us, a lot of trees. we wanted to make a development.
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>> special buildings in the forest, it is like you are in there. >> the tree houses were completed last summer. each is unique and was designed by a different architect. the idea was to destroy nature as little as possible. each of the individual dwellings has a different kind of interest. -- different kind of insurance. it was built on the slope and is pleased 8 meters above the floor of the forest. guests can only into the birds' nest by using a ladder that extends of the push of a button. a hanging bridge leads into the queue that is attached to a single tree. >> it is this way. it is 100 years old. it grows 1 to 2 millimeters
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every year. see how you can look out from every wall, but no one can see in. >> the view is spectacular. the furnishings are fairly rest. the rooms are between 15 and 25 square meters inside. the offer of to four people. each house has a modern bathroom and teaching for the winter months. the architects also designed the interiors, including the lamps that can only be found here in the tree hotel. >> what we want to offer is designed confinement -- is a designed environment in a tree house. >> the mirrored cube was made in a workshop in two ho
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alves. putting them together was precarious. they weigh several tons. the design prevents the pine tree from toppling. prices for a night in the tree hotel start at 350 euros. the cube costs around 450 euros. the intel plans to expand in the future. -- the hotel plans to expand in the future. it is already been nominated for a swedish award. it will have a high-profile promotion in november when crown prince victoria and her husband will visit. >> transporting priceless art work is almost an art in itself. we decided to follow one sculpture on its voyage from paris to cologne. the museum there has just opened
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and a brand new exhibition tracing french influences on one of germany's most famous 20th- century artists. complicated preparations and negotiations were necessary to put the show together. >> located in the heart of paris, it houses the works of the french sculptor. he inspired the german artist more than a century ago. that is reason enough to send one of his most important sculptures to cologne. >> it is a very important work. i would not limit to just anybody. it must have its own place. the sculpture must be protected. people want to touch it. they could damage it. that is why it has its own display case.
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>> the archivist is overseeing every stage of the journey. the sculpture dates from the year 1900 is small but priceless. the museum would not ever consider selling it. >> we monitor the sculptures condition before its troubles. we prepare notes and photos so that we can ascertain if everything is fine when it is unpacked in germany or if something happened to it in transit. it looks like this with photographs from all sides. the patina or paint has worn away. that is often the case on the bottom. that is nothing. it is very pretty.
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the sculpture is ready to go. >> for the shipping company that specializes in transporting artworks, packing a small bronze quite this is quite routine. still, it requires a lot of concentration. they cut the pieces of foam to match the outline of the sculpture to ensure that no damage is caused to the patina. only the museum specialists know how much is being insured for. the amount is high enough that she is personally accompanying the sculpture to cologne. she often plays the role of courier when the museum loans out part of its collection. ♪ >> fastening the creek to the truck is another security measure. >> she is responsible for the sculpture until it is impact in
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cologne -- unpacked in cologne. a few days later at the museum in cologne, all of the artworks for the 25th anniversary exhibition have arrived. ♪ there is the painting by degas on loan from paris. it hangs alongside portraits that have come from berlin and switzerland. 150 works from all over the world are on display at the exhibition. they all have to be specially requested, injured, and transported. the amount required amounted to more than twice of the museum's annual budget. this inspired the artist to create the strong. the picasso loan was approved only after much negotiation.
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>> we have to clarify. they ask a thousand questions about security, where it will be located and why. >> the museum director unpacks the crate. working with the museum in paris was an uncomplicated. permission to borrow the piece was given quickly. the courier has already left. she is now responsible for the artwork. perhaps we have to precisely examine it. i have to see if i find other marks on the sculpture that have been overlooked and make sure that we handle the peace well -- the art world. >> this is the moment she has been waiting for. she positions the sculpture in front of a drawing that shows how much he influenced the
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german artist. after two years of preparation, the museum director has reaped the fruits of her labor. >> declaimed spanish choreographer nacho duato is taking over as director of the mikhailovsky ballet in st. petersburg. when he announced he would be stepping down in spain, and he received a number of top job offers. he considered the mikhailovsky ballet to be the greatest challenge. ♪ >> swan lake, the fairy tale story of a princess bewitched by an evil sorcerer and the man that wants to save her. it is a quintessential classic in ballet. this production impressed nacho duato. the spanish choreographer is looking forward to working with the talented dancers.
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>> they have beautiful bodies. they have a passion for their career. i see the rehearsals up to the performance that night. the work six days a week. they are passionate. they're willing to work. it is my job to push them and inspire them. >> he has a certain concept that he wants to share. >> from here, you do all of this. >> delicate, flowing movements are the same time crisp, dynamic, and sensual. ♪ >> de-of spanish temperament for
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the russian ballet -- a dash of spanish temperament for the russian ballet. >> they are a bit afraid to see this strange person that comes from another place. i feel they have realized i am not a stranger. >> nacho duato is intent on gently modernizing the theater. he is fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of st. petersburg. their majestic palaces, churches, and the laws. this man from the mediterranean feels very much a home in russia's north west. >> i cannot wait for my next
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creation. i know it will be different from anything i have done before. it inspires me. i am injected with my eyes what i hear. >> there is one other thing that is new to him. that is directing the company of 140 dancers, all of them are top caliber artists. ♪ the more sensual style and body language of nacho duato is unfamiliar to most of the performers in st. petersburg. >> at only dance classical ballet. i was pretty nervous before the first rehearsals.
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i hope this is the beginning of a new era for the theater. i hope it becomes more modern and experimental. >> he is confident about his new position and st. petersburg ballet gores as well. they might be on the conservative side, but so were the audiences in spain. for 20 years, he coached that ballet in contemporary dance. >> i know i am modern. i know i shocked a little bit. that makes me laugh little inside. it is nice. >> he is looking forward to his own cocktail of classical and contemporary ballet. ballet lovers in st. petersburg and expect to enjoy classics like swan lake in completely new productions. >> it is going to be intriguing.
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germany is basking in the limelight as one of this year's capitals of culture. we went to one house that brings a spot of color. >> curved and straight. it is a striking building with a simple structure located next to a fully functional steel works. ♪ >> welcome to the blue house. please come in. >> the photographer has lifted for six years with her daughter -- lived here for six years with her daughter. her partner has built a house next door. they stumbled upon it back in the 1980's.
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it took her a long time to warm up to the industrial landscape. in the year 2000, the couple finally decided to buy the land. ♪ >> i had an architect. he decided that because i am a photographer, he would design the house as a classic camera for journalism. the proportions are different the can see the rounded and long straight lines. that was the regional idea. -- that was the of original idea. >> large windows provide great views of the landscape in the living and dining areas. the view is almost like a painting. >> it is a bit like a gateway to the outside world. light is important.
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you have such beautiful surroundings. it obviously makes sense to show them. with the big window, you have a beautiful picture of an ash tree that i really love. >> the railroad lines on the house were once used to transport coal. >> if i open this, you can have a better look. we have the suburban rail tracks. i would not want to live in a residential area. i would rather have industry. despite everything, nobody is interested in what we're doing and no one bothers us. >> the house offers around 100 square meters of living space. >> this is my daughter's room. ♪ >> on the top floor, the design the leak comes into its own.
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they light floods the house from all sides. -- the design really comes into its own. the light floods the house from all sides. it is private. she lives and works from home. the studio is on the ground floor. ♪ >> this is my studio. it is small, but it has a high ceiling of over 3 meters. ♪ >> she loves living here. she hopes to turn the garden into her own. eyes. she has even gotten used to the noise. -- she hoped to turn the garden into her own paradise. the striking color of the house is no coincidence. >> the architect suggested options for the exterior.
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i wanted plasterwork and blue. when i look at it, it is a color that inspires confidence. i love to look at it. others like it as well. it puts you in a good mood. ♪ >> the simplicity and shape also contributes to the blue house's individuality. having the house next to an industrial complex offers her personal freedom. >> that is it for this edition. thank you for watching. more information about our show can be found on our website omaxx that is all for now. bye bye. ♪
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