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tv   Satellite News From Taiwan  PBS  January 2, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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captioned by the national captiononing institute -- -- >> "euromaxx" highlights. coming up on the show -- happy birthday. british hife style magazine "i.d." turns 30. success story. a german animated film studio and its aw5rd-winning work. and making friends, presenting an internet site that brings people together over a good meal. "euromaxx" highlights and here's your host. >> greetings from berlin. merry christmas and welcome to
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our holiday highlights edition. and maybe you even got some fine perfume in your christmas stocking this year. well, if you did, chances are berlin's cocktail mixer can serve you up the twin in drinking form. he corresponds drinks with perfumes and "euromaxx" followed him to find out how he does this. >> a creative mind behind the bar. 28-year-old hanz has been mixing drinks for the past two years. he invents new cocktails almost daily because just making the old classics is a bore. >> i'm always looking for inspiration. and once you've gone through all the syrups and liquors, you want something new. and there are so many fragrances out there. >> cocktails that taste the way perfumes smell. he finds inspiration at the
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gallerya lafayette. he's looking for a warm christmassy don't have sooth his creation. from lavender to cart blanc to thyme. he is an expert when it comes to sniffing out ingredients' of perfume. today he chooses the classic shall mar. a french classic produced since the 1920's. >> it smells really strongly of tonga bean. vanilla, rose. like snugaling up by the fire. >> and the cocktail to match? how would that snaste >> definitely sweet. slightly fruity. it certainly wouldn't be a big drink. it wouldn't go in a long drink glass. it served elegantly in a cocktail glass. >> making these special cocktails requires more than
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just liquor and juices. he looks for the right places for his drinks in a tea shop. in reality most of what we identify as a flavor is mostly scent. we identify scrents through our noses, just 20% through the tongue. he is looking for teas. >> a touch of earl gray. it should be creamy, because this fragrance is a bit powdery. i'm sure i'll get the right scent. >> back to work. right by the brandenburg gate at the five-star hotel atlon. the ground floor. he is creating using japanese arthur liquor and the bare monte hotel tea. >> i let it steep like it would in hot water.
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instead of the heat, the alcohol extract it is stew's flavors. by then the liquor has absorb ed the flavor. >> it has given him a repation as one of the most creative minds on the cocktail scene. >> it could be a bit stronger. it needs a fuller quality. and you can use cream to do that. >> mixing cocktails is a lengthy process. he takes his time with the taste testing to find ideal flavor. >> it's a catastrophe. you don't need put any cream in this drink. that was a big mistake. >> back to the drawing board. no cream this time. instead of that, he uses cognac. it mimics the soft scent of the
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as a whole mar hotel. >> the bartender is satisfied. but what do the guests think? >> it tastes good. it's not bad. when you think about drinking perfume, you are a bit sceptical. given that it should be really similar, i think it's a good match. >> it's something new, like the perfume. >> the men seem to like a cocktail inspired by the women's perfume. but the ladies? >> it's a bit balanced. sweet, start, spicy. >> and now it's on to the next aeromatic creation for art he'sen. >> long before there were ipods or ipads, there was "i.d."
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magazine founded by terry jones starting out as a type-written fan magazine devoted to the street and youth culture of punk, literally ealways at the fore front of germany's passion. and now it's been traced from its beginnings to its iconic presence. >> colorful, sharp and provocative. "i.d." magazine can look back at 30 years of youth culture. a book featuring every cover the magazine has ever published. times have changed. but the trademark has stayed the same. a winking eye on the cover. a visual i.d. logo. >> something i know now.
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>> playing there was -- >> to solve the first cover with lady di. diana did that. and so i really have kept at close eye. stuck it over here. -- over her. from there on, everyone has to figure out a way. >> terry jones is the founder, publisher and editor in chief of "i.d." during the 1970's he worked at voge and "vanity fair" before deciding to start up a study of their own. >> the world sees designers like vivian westwood. but she was not getting paid yet. very strong mess. and they were picking up the feeling of it all. but having a smags that reflected that.
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that this base didn't exist and it was a good principal of ideas. advancing a few points at the beginning. >> the first issue was published in august, 1980. with a run of just 2,000 copies. i.d.'s fashion shots were all eggans and every fashion magazine. >> i heard that you won -- was going on ebay for the 500 euros of -- so i was lucky to make the next -- which would be collectible and not thrown away. >> throughout its 30 years in print, "i.d." has kept its creative freedom by never joining up with a bigger magazine. and the corps of "i.d." helped
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jump-start many celebrity ideas. >> this was shot by a relative unknown at the time. madonna's cover from 1984 was a first for any international magazine. "i.d." was also a model of kate moss seen here at the average shade of people, that's always our emphasize. -- emphasis. there's certain things that has more comfort than anybody. he just became iconic. >> the offices are located in the trendy shortage area. his young talent helps him keep up with >> i could not wear this and i worked at the magazine. attracted to working in kind of you know, youth culture. in london.
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the two magazines do. >> the focus is still on youth culture. r but much has changed at "i.d." over 30 years. >> it was less financial pressure on "i.d." when we first started to work together. and then it would let competition or. i would say today it's not always about the late ost. it's about what you take in your life. >> and it seems terry jones has a knack for making the right choices. that's kept "i.d." going for three decades. and now there's a special book to mark 30 years of success. entitled "i.d." covers from 1980 to 2010. >> well, many women will agree there's nothing like a little jewelry under the christmas tree. and while diamonds weather
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taste or price, some of us prefering in more unusual. >> split the ticket at object and materials. get dressed up to dazzle. >> believe it or not, this sophisticated necklace was originally a fwoik chain. -- a bicycle chain. upmarket rekikaling. these milk carton seals have been reworked. a ring made not of diamonds but a tiny little book. the concept is jewelry with a difference. >> my ring is called my secret boofpblgt because it contains secrets. the pages are empty, so you can write down thoughts or poems.
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>> established in 2009, the berlin-based company gives young people freedom to express their jewelry makers. she was third learn about things all expenses paid. she's also -- the workers have to use unusual material. >> the company's concept is very daring and experimental. for many of us, it's our first experience of the working world. we're taking the opportunity to be experimental and develop ideas that perhaps we won't be able to do at a later stage in our lives.
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because we'll be more at the mercy of commercial considerations. >> the idea for her bicycle jewelry came to this 30-year-old dynasty when she was cleaning her bike one day. she discovered with the beads the bike chains are barely well, it costs up to 700 euros. it sounds like a lot. but they are hike in. -- but they are unique. >> i think this is a great skull. ture of these pieces. and i love the movement. and it's nice the way it moves with your body. so i would like to create a little skull. ture for the woman who wants to wear it. i think. >> jewelry made from
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unconventional material is of course, nothing new. this company has been creating jewelry out of the porcelain for decades. these days it works with guest designers. >> hamburger designer favors sin net i can materials. >> also partial to sin netics. and especially shields. these are shot all over the world for deler 3,000-plus. >> it's hard to say what's value. if it's fair or correct ith or
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if it's to show that oh, i have a lot of money. i can afford to buy something really precious. and if you want that, you could be doing to reduce diamond size. >> so it seems diamonds aren't every girl's best fend. for those with the taste for the unusual. sprageland is also an all terntive. >> those of you with small children may well be familiar with the children's story that's been selling like hotcakes for a decade. the gruffalo. the book about a fantasy monster has been translated into over 30 children's books and now it's being made into a movie. >> where are you going to, little brown mouse?
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come and have lunch in my underground house. >> it's terribly kind of you, fox. but no. i'm going to have lunch with -- uh -- uhgraffalo? >> here's the monster that inspired an animated film. the crew at the studio were the ones who brought the character to life. >> the animation studio employees -- employs tgruffalo. it was the longest picture ever made. >> in charge of the technical side of the production.
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>> what's special about this project is that all of the elements at studio soy came together. we had illustrators. designers. someone who knows how to >> this product gave us a chance to bring all this talent together. >> unlike in many other stewed yos, every animals unlike many other studios, every are welcome to -- >> these serve as the backdrops featured in the film. then the studio's own workshop took those drawings and turned them into real sets.
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this broom was transformed into the branch of a fur tree. and the team spent an entire day skull. ing the snow. but the figures themselves came to life via the computer animation. >> i don't begin to focus on the character and instead of the design. for instance, the walk didn't start. gruffalo is a large character and walks slowly and is lethargic. >> the cardboard cutout was used to check the size against the background and then uploaded the images to the computer. >> the gruffalo required about 50,000 snapshots. >> the gruffalo monster was originally created by axle scheffler. even before the film's
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released, the children's book of the same name was a best seller worldwide. >> the feeling i had gotten when i saw the gruffalo move was interesting. i always grew the gruffalo from the side, so i got see him from the front and back and zehr every -- >> the gruffalo was the biggest project yet for he and his team. he and six colleagues founded the studio in 2002 when they were still students of a film school in lewd wicksburg. >> there's such a division of labor in animation, it's rare to find snncommock do it all. >> it's easier if you've known
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each other for eight, nine, 10 years and are aware of one another's strengths and weaknesses. >> the studio's first big break through was the 2002 film. then they received tension on the film festival criveraget especially from movie stars. the gruffalo also brought them into annual rec in addition shsm >> wouldn't it be great if we could still continue working at our studio even if projects do get more specialized and bigger. working to face and overcome our challenges would be best of all. >> well, as we continually prove on this program, one of the easiest and most direct ways to become aquainted with other cultures is to try out the best we caught up with two
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taiwanese students who joined a family for in southern france. >> these two haval traveled for a two-day visit. these two students from taiwan are studying abroad. tonight they have been invited to eat dinner with a french family. even though theyen don't know them. >> it's great to be invited into the house, and look like we will and also to can't wait for the locals to understand what their daily life is. >> daily life in the jado family is usually fairly routine. but not tonight. they are hosting a dinner for six people they've never met.
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they are preparing brazed beef . they want their guests to enjoy a tra dibble french dinner. >> i wanted to introduce this dish to my guests. it's a dish that takes a long time to cook and has to be prepared with a lot of love. i hesitated at first, because there are so many delicacies. and i didn't want to make the traditional fish the -- >> i didn't want to resort to cliches. >> an hour later, the two arrive at the family home. [phone ringing] the other guests have already
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arrived. one person from scotland, two from germany, and one from elsewhere in france. they kick off the inc. with drinks and hors d'oeuvres in the living room, as is usual among france. ofer -- >> they can arrange to meet for a meal. >> we took a trip to mexico and traveled around with a tour guide. we followed all his tips and of course, ended up with other french-only people in a restaurant. we didn't like i have the so well and decided it shouldn't be that way. >> so they created the website, live my food. it's been online since october and since then more than 600 people from 30 countries have
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registered, rangaging in ace >> please come to the table. everything's ready. sit wherever you'd like. >> usually the guests and hosts agree on a price for the food and drink before the dinner. after the evening, both sides can rate their experience on the website. >> actually, it's much more than i expected. because for instance -- the dinner is really friendly, and also method skirt. and i feel comfortable. although i can't speak french, i can feel this will come on us. >> the host enjoyed it too. >> it was my first time too. and it was a very pleasant
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experience. it was like eating together with friends. i think i'll definitely keep this up and really keep using the website >> at the end of the four-course meal, the cheese platter is placed on the table. it's typically french, but unusual for the taiwanese if he -- taiwanese. >> and they've had a chance to see france in a whole new lighted. >> don't forget you can find out "euromaxx" highlights on our website. go to dwde/ -- >> well, that brings us to the end of this edition. hope you enjoyed them, and all the best from us here in berlin. bye-bye. úaúy@áúwpdp";";"; ñ ? w
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