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tv   Taiwan News  PBS  March 20, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> coming up on the show, top model, how keren ann mccorkle but from the czech republic became one of the world's best paid models. crime writer, the creator of donna leeland in venice. an stephany is the mother of six toma a writer, and the owner of a palace. here is your host. >> welcome to the show. as you have just seen, in honor
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of the international women's day on march 8, we are between lots of wonderful women and show today. but first, we celebrate rose monday, a high point of carnival cure in germany. -- here in germany. it is a day of fools. he is most probably in his element. >> it is a a.m. and there are people already on the streets of cologne. the party is only just beginning. >> 1 million people are expected here on the streets of cologne today. carnival is celebrated with huge processions. the first one was held in 1823 hearing cologne. today, it is the biggest and most famous one in germany.
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it will start in just two hours. >> students from russia and singapore line up for a snapshot. they arrived in germany just yesterday and this is their first ever cologne carnival. >> i am here to catch more german culture. i think it is a very good opportunity to have this carnival. >> it is one of the biggest four caramels in -- carnival's in germany. people have the day off and where all kinds of costumes, go on the street, and enjoy a total outrage tuesday. -- outrageous day. >> most of the working population appears to be off sick. beverages will not be in short supply. getting made up is part of the
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fun with no excuses for reporters. carnival in general seems to bring people closer together. compulsory kisses are something that are there are plenty of during these days. >> we have been partying since thursday. my knees hurt. today is the climax. >> you should shop for candies -- shout for candies. you get them anyway whether you call for them or not. >> the big parade gets rolling at 10:30 a.m., with over 10 -- 10,000 people actually taking part. close to 100 floats, than five hours winding through central cologne. and the 1 million-strong crowd get a reward. those on the floor -- those on
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the floats get sweet treats. >> everyone is dressed up and screaming and having fun. a dinner the in the day the atmosphere is sensational. it is just fantastic and i am heavily pregnant and i am still here. you just have to experience it. >> the carnival celebrations continue until tuesday night. then on wednesday, a carnival and, the fund sob's and the fasting begins. -- the carnival ends, the fund stops and the fasting begins. >> for most people, the celebrations will and much later, after the crowds have migrated into the city's bars and clubs. >> enjoy the party. i know you will. and people are going carnival crazy around europe. a look at some other examples
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from other countries and other stories. >> in much of europe, carnival again rose. a spanish really jumped into a sea of foam. in venice, the traditional masks began dominating the scene around st. mark's square where thousands turned out. on the portuguese island of madeira, samba beat dominated the carnival festivities. and although the festivities differ greatly across europe, they have one thing in common. on ash wednesday the party is over. >> on the beneficial royal wedding queen for the upcoming nuptials for prince william and kate middleton they went on display this last week. the couple is depicted on the
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front side while queen elizabeth, williams grandmother, is shown on the reverse. the limited edition coin costs about 12 years to buy. a -- 12 euros to buy. >> on the catwalk, stella mccartney presented here autumn/winter don'repartee -- collection. she showed some masculine designed and also some tight dresses. the show was attended by many big names, like u.s. actors live tyler, fashion critic na went to war, and pot -- and father paul mccartney. >> carolina coco but is one of
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the great models around today and is now worthy of the title supermodels. she is said to be the one of the most -- the nicest in the business. she was nice enough to spend a day with us in the french capital while she was rushing from one show to the next. >> that is the walk of a super model in a fashion show. >> while this is her in private on the streets of paris. born in what was then czechoslovakia, today she is one of the highest paid models in the world. during the paris shows, her agency is in a commotion of activity. but in the midst of all, carol linnik is an island of column. -- carol lena is an island of calm. now 26, shuster of which was just 16.
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>> for four years straight i had no time to see friends and have fun. i really worked. >> but the hard work was worth it. her career went ballistic. she became the model of choice for labels like vehrs taji and york. -- versace and oior. >> i love carolina. she is a great woman. >> the top model progressed into stardom. but she remains a woman with your feet firmly on the ground. >> the more you are around beautiful things and people say oh, my god, you're the best, it is very easy to forget and lose touch of real things. i think is very important. i love talking to people on the street, people i do not know that come up to me and to maybe do not know who i am and i can talk to them and they feel so
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happy i am talking to them. i do not think of myself as more than them. >> she can now select her jobs and less can be more. her manager says the only shows he will consider are ones that are useful to your career. -- her career. >> she no longer requires an introduction. everyone knows her. when you promote a model, you try to get as many shows as possible, but with her id is different. she is supposed to be present, but only so that people want to see more of her. >> she is the face of this latest ad campaign. the offer, it is a successful comeback. in october 2009, she became a mother and took a year off. >> definitely, having a child is like another layer to you, yourself and your work and what
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you do and how you do it. it makes it better. and sometimes hard, you know. i would not say it is always amazing in perfect when you have to leave and you miss your child. but we all go through it. >> carolina is hardly recognizable on this catwalk. she is wearing a gray wig, but keeping the perfect pos. >> carolina is a very good model. i have been working with her for 10 years down and for me, she is still just as beautiful and still has the same energy. she moves well, knows what she wants, and the camera loves her. >> dutch designer have also book tour for their show. it might say -- it might take some getting used to, but models have to endure the another box.
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-- the unorthodox. >> it definitely gives you an attitude, gives you a persona, a look, a field. >> the designer said they wanted a fashion crusade with strong women. they succeeded. >> we have worked with carolina for a very long time. she is just the most beautiful, amazing girl around. >> despite all of the compliments, after the paris week, one star model is looking forward to the simple things in life. >> i will be at home with my son, going to park, playgrounds, cook, a big, clean up the apartment. >> a supermodel who does not put on airs. how refreshing. >> we like to ask a well-known people about their hopes and dreams and their philosophy on life.
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today we visit best-selling crime writer donna leon, lives in venice, the setting for best known books. her detective novels -- novels are famous, as the world over et in italy. she prefers to have anonymity their purity -- to have anonymity there. venice is the setting for all of her novels. her detective stories have been translated into 34 languages and have made her world-famous. how would you describe your personality? >> this is not the age in which to confess it, but i think, pretty happy person.
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>> who is your personal hero? >> admiral lord nelson. i find him such an admicourageo. >> what is a big temptation for you? >> a big temptation, chocolate and pistachio ice cream. >> what is your life philosophy? >> have fun, really, have fun. >> what is your dream? >> my dream is to be involved and with alan curtis and his baroque opera orchestra to a record at least 10 more operas. >> what drives you bananas? >> noise. really, noise everywhere. we live in a world in which there is noise. people on the telephone
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everywhere. there is television everywhere. there is noisy and stores, noise in restaurants. why can't we just stop and live a quiet life. >> describe your perfect day. >> i get up, go have coffee with roberta, we meet for coffee. i go home and work. i have lunch. i work. and then i go to the opera. >> the european union has 27 members and every six months the government of one member state takes over the presidency of the you. at the moment it is hungry. it is the first time it has had the presidency since it joined in 2004. it is reason enough for us to take a look around its capital, budapest. it is known for its architecture and is known as the pearl of the danube.
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>> from the fisherman's passion -- bastion of the danube to the parliament, this is a top spot in europe. it's famous ballads are popular with hotel guests and others alike -- locals alike. some, like the chess players, can stay in the water for hours on end. the city's venerable cafe culture is experiencing a resurgence. a rounded turn-of-the-century their 1000 cafes in budapest. it almost feels like you've gone
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back in time here, except for the laptops. this woman works as a tour guide for vips, travel agents and has heaps of local inside tips. this drama is used almost exclusively by locals, but it is also a great and cheap way to taking some of the city's sights. >> this is the no. 2 line, which goes along the danube. for the price of a transit ticket, you can see some of the tops -- top sites in the city. >> there is another option, too. this and tibias bus travels up and down the danube offering -- this amphibious bus travels up and down the danube offering sightseeing tours. this was completed in 1904. the that there listen staircase
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leads to the domed central -- the domed central hall. the dome itself is 90 meters high. below is the whole league crown of long. . just about everyone gearing keen from the year 1000 to 1916 was crowned with it. but that fried currently goes to this castle outside budapest -- that wright currently goes to the castle outside budapest. >> this is the largest borough council in hundred and where the eu presidency is being run from this year. -- in hungary and wary the new presidency is being run from this year. -- and where the eu presidency is being run from this year. >> austrian president first
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visited in 1751. a century later, elisabeth spent 2019 in all. as dusk settles -- 2000 nights here in all. as dusk settles, 15 types of this delicacy are offered, both sweet and savory. everything is prepared and baked on the spot. local galleries and antique shops are also worth a visit. there are plenty to choose from. this auction house is so large you can easily get lost. >> this is the largest art gallery in hungry, some 2000 square meters. there are 32 rooms filled with art -- with art.
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>> there are mainly hund darian artists, but others, too. -- mainly hund darigarian artist others, too. a transylvania and recorders the basis of this timber physician. -- of this is improvisation. ♪ at the end of a day of touring to run the late night budapest skyline is inspiring. these are the sites that true not be missed. >> by the way, we got lots of four trains of european cities on our website at www.dw- although it has been a century
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since kaiser aristocratic families have ruled in germany, some people still have their titles and castles and people are fascinated with their lives. we are featuring some of the best known in our series this week and today we are off to bavaria and east of the state. here there is a magnificent baroque palace. this is the home of a real superwoman. this contest is a mother of six -- this countess is a mother of six and also works for good causes in bayberry have.
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-- in bavaria. >> nice to have you here. >> the renaissance palace did not always look so delightful. when the count has inherited it on her father's death 20 years ago, she -- it was eight disaster. she invested her own time and energy to restore it to its former glory. >> i could have sold everything, but i love rural life. i am not a city person and i like being in the countryside. plus, i have my roots here. >> and the country life certainly has its advantages. how about starting the day on one of your own horses? >> i find writing a fantastic way to start the day. -- riding a fantastic way to
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start the day. >> the family's riding arena is located right next to the palace. >> i see it as a real privilege, having this opportunity on my doorstep, being able to ride a lovely or so in the morning. i know it is -- a lovely horse in the morning. i know it is a privilege and i enjoy it. >> and her days are busy, indeed. she has a palace and six children. in addition, she organizes events on her own. her partner lives far off. she has just published a book on interior decorating after all, she has just had to do it here.
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>> i was born into it, but we live in a democracy, not a monarchy. in effect, it is just part of the name. although it does enjoy a certain degree of glamour in the tabloid press and women's magazines. and if you happen to live in a big building, then double that. >> things get down to earth when it comes to inspecting the 1,000 acres of forest on the estate. the lady of the matter is also a graduate in forestry menands and these trees will lady -- will later provide income for her great-grandchildren. >> what we are closing -- cutting down now is 100 years old. my grandfather counted them. what we are planted now will be ready for harvest in 90 years'
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time. >> she still finds time to revel in life and can rely on her cook to prepare meals for kids. and the joys in life for the palace these days outweigh the leaky roof. the enormous historic hall is available for rent for weddings for 7500 euros per day. but the owner knows a lot of other great uses. >> the hall needs to live. amid needs other things going on, more than just you walking around in your slippers or looking at paintings. we used to play badminton and their or below ground on roller blades. >> she is also active away from her family and powerless. she has been awarded an award of
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merit for work with children's charities and she is also involved in the local political front. >> it is not a question of obligation. that is a personal commitment. i do not think it is in my genes. it is in my opening, and of course, the location. -- my upbringing, and of course, the location. >> and we will be pashtun again tomorrow with more harris does and lots of other -- we will be posh again tomorrow with lots of aristos and lots of other fund. >> next ahman euromaxx, this year the ginna votto is celebrating -- this year in geneva we're celebrating the jaguar. it is one of the most expensive
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and sought-after cars. dow jones index closed at 1410ce national captioning institute
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