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tv   Journal  PBS  June 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching the journal on dw-tv. here are the headlines this hour. was it is being spread of? the german health officials say they do not know -- was it the bean sprouts? the journagerman health officiad they do not know for certain. and the end of nuclear. the german cabinet approved plans to phase out nuclear energy completely within a decade.
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we are no closer to knowing the source of the deadly e. coli outbreak here in europe. german officials said on monday that tests from a bean sprouts farm do not conclusively prove that the source is the vegetables from that form. but tests are still being run. the toxic strain, one that has never been seen before, has claimed at least 22 lives. consumers have been worn for two weeks not to be too cumbersome, tomatoes and lettuce and now been sprouts are on the list. >> the company' in lower saxony supplied sprouts to cafeterias where others fell ill. despite a trail of clues, officials still have no proof.
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nearly do -- two dozen samples taken from the company have come back negative. >> the federal consumer protection ministry and its counterpart in lower saxony are advising people not to eat sprouts as long as tests are ongoing and suspicions have not been completely dispelled. >> finding the pathogen is becoming harder with each passing day. it has been several weeks since the first person presumably became infected with the first case of this strain of e. coli. >> we may never find the source. that happens frequently with food related outbreaks. >> forms, such as the one in lower saxony that has been temporarily closed, can hope for a temporary compensation. e.u. ministers will meet tuesday to discuss a financial assistance package. meanwhile, many patients have been released from the hospital and the number of new infections have dropped.
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>> he said he did not do it. on monday, dominique strauss- kahn pleaded not guilty to charges that he tried to rape a hotel made last month. he is under house arrest in new york city. >> lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn say they intend to make the case that any sex between a banker and the accuser was consensual. his defense team is gathering evidence that they say will damage the woman's credibility. >> we will not comment substantively on any of the facts of this case outside the courtroom. we will do so in the courtroom. >> lawyers for the alleged of victims say their client will testify against the former banker in court. they say the woman is determined to protect her reputation.
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>> this whole approach is a distraction. >> it's just a long trial and nonstop media attention. whatever happens in the coming months, most observers agree that strauss con's career as a financial leader will never recover. >> armed groups have killed 122 members of security forces in an ambush in the northwest of the country. there has been no independent conduct of a nation -- confirmation of these reports. security forces have been cracking down on anti-government protests. human rights groups say at least 35 people have been killed in the area since the operation began on saturday. the u.n. says monitors are still trying to determine the facts behind a shooting of pro- palestinian demonstrators by israeli troops on sunday.
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24 people died when is it -- israeli soldiers dieopened firen demonstrators in the golan heights. israel accuses damascus of orchestrating the violence to distract attention from the brutal syrian crack down on anti- regime demonstrators. the u.s. has expressed concern over the incident. russia as well. in yemen, a ceasefire agreed by the country's vice president and rebel tribal leaders appears to be holding. some rebel leaders say they will support the transfer of power to the vice president. demonstrators continued to celebrate the departure of the president's, who was flown to saudi arabia over the weekend after being wounded in an our rocket attack. -- in a rocket attack. he is reported to return in a
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matter of days, the opposition groups vowed to prevent men t. to iraq now, five u.s. soldiers were killed by a rocket strike outside an army base on monday. four iraqis were killed in separate attacks around baghdad. in another event, the central iraqi city of tikrit, a suicide car bomb killed at least 12 people. a security compound was the target, as well as the target of attacks just last week. >> the greek prime minister has just been talking. he says he will consider holding it referendum on austerity measures passed by the cabinet and would push for legislation to make that possible. the government insists there will be more cutbacks coming
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this year. they are part of a discussion designed to secure a bailout to by the european union and the imf. >> auditors have determined that greece paid 16 million euros in pensions last year to people who had already passed away. anchor is growing at stories like that and government -- afger is growing -- anger is growing at stories like that. the eu monetary fund has -- the u.n. the monetary fund have already extended loans. it will be 2014 before greece can once again draw on capital market funds. the country will need assistance for of these the next three years. but some financial experts are taking a skeptical view of the new bailout package, saying it is just a stopgap. >> it is just time gaining measures right now. we need a business plan for the next couple of years.
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the agriculture, tourism, energy exports for the middle east. that could be the best bet for greece in the next couple of years t. to pump even more money into greece is no solution. >> german and french banks hold about two-thirds of greed bonds. repayment on the will most likely be delayed. athens is also pushing ahead with privatization, selling off another 10% of greek telecom giants ote, to deutsche read telekom and jayantha -- to a georgia telecom giant. -- anddeustche telecom giant. >> for builders of industrial machinery, just keeping pace with demand means working flat
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out these days. it is a similar picture throughout germany's export industry. despite the euro crisis and upheavals in the arab world, german exports are outstripping role -- global economic growth. in 2010, companies exported goods and services worth 952 billion euros. this year, the german federation says that figure will exceed $1 trillion -- will exceed one trillion euros. as a comparison, the world leading exportist, china, hit that mark one year ago. they are expected to hit almost 16% more this year. china is expected to stay at the top. >> investors are unsettled by greece's problems and the general outlook.
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>> the probable resounding of greek debt to lower share prices will affect the floor, especially finances that have been hit not only here, but also all over europe. it was a weak start into the new week anyway. the market has been driven down by concerns about european economy. although, there has been -- have been some very good numbers coming from the german export business. the export association cut its forecast for the rest of the year. airlines may be hit by a higher oil and fuel prices. >> let's have a look at the numbers. in frankfurt, the dax index finishing monday's session lower at 70.84. the dow jones in new york, 12,089, and the bureau currently trading at one $0.4568.
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would you like to have lunch with one of the world's most successful investors? you can if you have the money. warren buffett is auctioning ofd lelinski. the highest bid so far is about $2 million. the money will go to charities to help the poor and homeless. last year's benefits paid over $2.6 million. the bidding closes on friday. the international energy agency says the natural gas will play an increasingly important role in the coming years following the fukushima crisis. there is mounting concern about nuclear security. the demand for natural gas is going to grow and it could soon be meeting for it represents one of the world's energy requirements. >> an estimated value of nearly 70 billion euros for this natural gas deposit. and efforts are already under
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way to exploit the windfall. analysts expect the demand for natural gas will increase by half over the next few decades. major discoveries of natural gas are being made all the time. a study by the international energy agency predicts the percentage of energy from natural gas will grow from 21% to 25%. kohl will drop from 27% to 22%. crude oil will remain the largest energy source, but its share will remain 23% to 27%. rising demand will have to be met by exploiting shale deposits, pockets of oil and gas locked inside rock formations. germany is rich in shale deposits, but drilling also involves environmental risk because of the dangerous chemicals used to extract the product. it could seep into ground water.
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environmental groups in germany and the u.s. have vowed to resist efforts to develop shale reserves. >> i am still thinking about that lunch with warren buffett. i hope the stake is good. >> germany is a step closer to getting rid of nuclear energy. the cabinet signed off on a package of bills that will make germany the europe's largest economy that is nuclear-free by 2022. a power grid will bring renewable energy to homes everywhere in the country. >> many conservative colleagues used to criticize his negative view of nuclear power. that change with the fukushima disaster. germany plans to exit nuclear power within a decade. >> we are creating a national consensus out of the decades-old
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issue of nuclear power. >> germany's social democrats have already signaled their approval. the greens are more cautious and are planning a special congress to debate the issue. they say the government oppose the about-face on atomic power is due to their own -- the government's about-face on atomic power is due to their own stance. >> if we build more coal-fired power plants than those already approved, then it will not be moving forward. >> the government can probably count on across party support for its plans. now it is up to them to show that shutting down nuclear power is doable without electricity prices shooting through the roof. >> it is being called another left-wing loss in european policy this -- politics due to the european crisis. social democrats punished the socialists for their handling of the social -- the global crisis.
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here is more. >> at the polls for the social democratic party. one portuguese newspaper called it the ouhour of this group. >> we hope things will be better than before. i hope he will be a good enough men to govern the country. and that is it. >> let's see what they do. they have to enact really deep reforms or it will be very difficult. right now, we neither have exports, nor in boards. -- whewe have neither exports nr imports. >> we will do everything we can to honor the commitment between portugal, the european union, and the imf.
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we want portugal to win back the confidence of the market, which is essential for the country to recover. >> voters no longer address to the process to the outgoing prime minister. he stepped down as leader of the socialist party after its worst election results in two decades. >> in the southwestern united states, a huge wildfire has forced the evacuation of thousands of residents in the state of arizona. it has already destroyed some 800 square kilometers of forest. officials say they have not been able to contain any part of it since it broke out a week ago. high winds and extremely dry conditions are making fighting the blaze very difficult. under terms are switching across parts of germany after another day of warm and humid summer weather. it has caused chaos in some places, like here in homburg. roads were inundated.
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more storms are on the way. >> i will be back with our in- depth report on the latest in yemen. stay tuned.
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>> the column -- the political climate in yemen remains volatile thdespite the departure of the prime minister to get medical treatment. his leaders insist he will be back in office once he has recovered from surgery. rebels are vowing to block his return and they want is with transfer of power. he has refused to resign, despite months of anti- government protests, protests that have killed hundreds across the country. >> for days on end, the power struggle in yemen escalated.
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dozens of people were killed in fighting between tried it -- tribal militias and groups loyal to the government. it is on the brink of becoming a failed state. the president wants iron grip on power has been weakened. the conflicts are flared up again, conflicts that the controversy leader had controlled for decades by playing the various sides off against each other. yemen has always had a reputation for being difficult to govern. the tribal system is still deeply rooted in the country. large family clans jostle and fight for power and influence. political leaders are only accepted as long as they serve the client's own interests. there are many different flashpoints. \] in the north, they are fighting against the shiite rebels.
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terrorist groups like al qaeda have used the ensuing chaos to carve out their own niche. solvay has always seen himself as the only leader that can -- saleh has always seen himself as the only leader that can control the chaos. in the end, members of his own tribe, supporters of the influential klan leader fought back out of more -- of the influential clan leader falek al akmar turned to conflict. tens of thousands of peaceful protesters that have been demonstrating for months for his resignation, mostly young people, were inspired by thithe successful popular abrasions in egypt and tunisia.
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-- popular uprisings in egypt and tunisia. but now their voices could be drowned out between the struggling -- in the struggle between the clans and the power elites. >> they do have one goal in common. they do want to see the end to saleh's 33-year-old hold on power. they have been inspired by egypt and tunisia. they have expressed openly concerned about who might replace him. we take a look at the man who has led him in for three decades and who is destined to leave sooner rather than later. -- lead sooner rather than later.
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>> p.m. and was a communist regime financed -- yemen was a communist regime financed by the soviet union. when the soviet union collapsed in 1990, the two countries unified. saleh was identified as the leader. but the alliance did not hold for long. civil war broke out in 1994. saleh's troops defeated the government -- the communists. his government have surprised them, but not completely defeated them in the fight for their own state. militias have broad bloody skirmishes with the government troops for years. yemen is a dangerous place for foreigners.
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hundreds have been kidnapped over the years, including in 2005, a german diplomat and his family. they were freed unharmed after three days, but many other foreign hostages have been killed. since the end of the 1990's, the al qaeda terrorist network has been active in yemen. in one of their first attacks on the american warship, the uss kolk in october of 2000, seven soldiers were killed. since then, the yemeni army has waged a series campaign against the islamists. so far, without much success. commander in chief of the army is president of the of dole hasanni. as an enemy of al qaeda, he has received strong support from washington. but right now, his days in office appear to be numbered. >> let's pull in our middle east expert for some analysis.
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the yemeni vice-president says saleh will return within days. do you think that is going to happen? >> that is wishful thinking. i am quite convinced that the president himself wishes to return to dimon as soon as possible, but his sponsors -- return to yemen as soon as possible, but his sponsors will tell him that his return is not to the benefit of the saudi interests. i am quite certain he will say abroad. an ongoing civil war starts with the return of mr. saleh. this is not the best interest of the saudis, who share a 1,000 kilometer border with yemen. >> what do you think riadh is saying to saleh right now?
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>> well, you had your chances for 33 years. and we supported you in rebuilding gavin, but you failed. you did not use your chances -- rebuilding yemen, but you failed. you did not use your chances. they want this country to be quiet. on the other hand, they do not want democracy to succeed in yemen because if it did, this virus might also infect saudi society. and saudi arabia is a country based on a family tree. it is the family avi sauds who made this country and -- the family of the sauds who made this country and they rely on that. >> the president still has not resigned. he has still not been kicked out. it is almost a situation of being in limbo, isn't it? >> absolutely, yes. it is his deputy who is really
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holding power, but only in theory. yemen is a very difficult country, more less on the brink of collapse in the past years. the government does not control much beyond the capital city. of any future government faces the same problem the last one did. the state is virtually bankrupt. there are rebel movements to the north and independence movements to the south. this country is running the risk of becoming a second somalia. it is very unfortunate because it is really beautiful country. >> what do you think the tribes are doing right now in yemen? do you see any kind of organization taking place? >> no, no organization of the time. ii have a feeling the tribes are trying to seize power for themselves over the peaceful opposition movement recently. >> thank you very much.
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that wraps up our in-depth report on the latest in yemen. as always, thanks for the company, everyone. dow jones index closed at 1410 captioned by the national captioning institute
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