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tv   Journal  PBS  July 12, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> welcome to "the journal." the british government would like answers to the charges facing robert murdoch and his media empire. germany pushes for a resolution against syria at the u.n. security council in new york. -- prevails in a throughly sprint finish to win his first tour de france. british lawmakers have summoned
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rupert murdoch and his top executives for questioning the scandal that his on his media outlets, spied on politicians, celebrities, and the victims of crimes. according to police, investigations into those charges are being blocked by his employees. gordon brown has now accused the news managers of hiring criminals to obtain his private information. >> he is what the highest level victims of the hacking scandal. the former prime minister gordon brown. brown has accused the british newspapers of illegally obtaining private information about his family. he alleges the use this information to publish the news that his newborn son was suffering from cystic fibrosis. a new police investigation will ensure that the culprits are punished. >> this looks like yet another example of an appalling invasion
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of privacy and had been a personal data. my heart goes out to gordon brown and his wife. to have your children invaded like this is completely unacceptable and heartbreaking for the family concerned. >> a parliamentary committee has been tried to discover why the police have been covering up leads into the affair. the police commissioner in charge of the investigation told them he was sure that his phone was also attacked. he denied this intimidated into closing the case. the british parliament's decision comes as a completely outraged public calls for an inquiry into the ties between rupert murdoch's news organizations and public officials. >> they want to show that they
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have the teeth and they're not the poodles of rupert murdoch and his media and that is the average person's opinion. they also want to signal that the takeover of their television station, bskyb which is what rupert murdoch would like to do, which is a deal that is pretty close to impossible. >> how can the british police be expected to navigate-investigate when they themselves are implicated. -- be expected to investigate when they themselves are implicated? >> they are blessed to have been corrupt then pass on the information to a private investigator. -- they are believed to have been corrupt and then passed on the information to a private investigator. it appears that newspapers have not given them the information that they needed in order to
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investigate the corruption of these police officials, then they stopped short of a full and proper and complete investigation. they have confessed that the relationship with the murdoch press has been too cozy. this is shocking for the british people. >> the scandal and investigation is having a negative effect on news corp.'s plans for the takeover of bskyb. >> labor and liberal democrats have said that this takeover should not take place. the conservatives see that they have an image problem. they are seen as too close to brocken his empire. they know that at the moment to sanction this takeover is politically impossible. >> thank you so much from london. the half brother of the afghan president has been assassinated in kandahar.
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he was shot dead by his head of security. this was call it -- this was called one of their top achievements by the taliban. the murder took place where the french president was on a state visit. -- while the french president was on a state visit. >> nicolas sarkozy had come to announce the withdrawal of french troops by the end of next year. that news was overshadowed by the assassination. for the afghan president, the death of his brother is a political loss as well as a personal one. "we hope that there would be an end to the pain and suffering of the afghan people and peace and security will be established in our country so that no other family has to suffer such pain. >> ahmad wali karzai was the provincial chief of kandahar and of the most powerful men in southern afghanistan. this death will leave a power vacuum in be -- in the battle
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against the taliban insurgency. he was stopped by allegations of corruption. he is suspected of been involved in the heroin trade. he had survived two previous assassination attempts. >> we were joined earlier from kandahar by our correspondent who had more on the circumstances of karzai's death. "certainly, this was an inside job. the witnesses say that a man who was a longtime aide of ahmad wali karzai who commanded some checkpoints near the home, apparently the assassin ask for a private audience. three shots rang out behind closed doors. he was dead at the scene. many of his aides doubt the
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taliban's responsibility. this might have been some kind of personal grudge. >> even if this was an inside job, what does this tell us about the stability in southern afghanistan? >> things are very fragile and even more fragile on now that ahmad wali karzai is gone. he helped to keep together so much of kandahar. the coalition forces are more and more dependent on him to make sure that if the development happened, there would not be -- in the streets. now there is a power vacuum. >> how will this affect the rest of the country and could this weekend president karzai? >> people look at president karzai. they see a lot of similarities with his brother here in kandahar. this is a fragile coalition and the different interests. there is almost a cult of personality around them both.
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people are wondering how long hamid karzai can stay around if it is so easy to kill his brother. >> thank you for the update. just across the border in afghanistan, officials in pakistan say at least 40 people have been killed and dozens injured in suspected you estrone attacks. the strikes targeted the northwestern tribal belt close to the border. missiles hit a vehicle and a compound. hours later, in the south, another area was hit. the death toll could rise. moody's causing more turmoil in europe today. "just when you think the situation is under control, there comes the next blow. the rating agencies moody's has cut ireland's bonds to junk status and has warned a further downgrade. it has been a fallevolatile day.
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stocks rebounded after six days of losses. the whole euros own is jittery. the leaders are talking about holding a crisis meeting to fight the contagion. -- the whole eurozone is jittery. >> this is one of the top rating institutions in europe. they ended the day up almost 6%. the european traders were panicking that the debt crisis might be spreading to italy. many put the blame on the politicians. >> there has been a discussion going on for days now and the eu itself is to blame by expressing concern about italy. that was an open invitation to the speculators. >> what annoys analysts is the lack of consistency from brussels. one day they categorically rule out any debt default.
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the next day, it is back on the agenda. >> what we need is a clear and final signal to creditors that there will not be any default on debt. that is the only way we will be able to get on top of the problems we have increased and the dangers of other countries being infected as well. >> instead, the politicians say they're not ruling out a selective defaults. the european council president visiting madrid on tuesday would only say that another emergency summit might take place before the week is out. >> there was some good news at least, pimco is using the option of the italian debt to increase their holdings and they have said that italy is not in the same boat as greece and the market's response positive to italy. we got this report on the day's trading session.
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italy successfully borrow 6.8 billion euros of new debt on the money market. the yield was relatively high the still, as though there is a sigh of relief which would go to the markets, the banking stocks, especially italian ones rebounded after this auction of the italian treasury bills. now the market is bracing for next thursday. this is when italy again will show on the markets to issue new government bonds worth about 5 billion euros. >> let's take a look at the market numbers. in frankfurt, the benchmark index shed between 2% and 3% this morning. the eurozone euro stoxx 50 closing down by more than half a day%. the dow jones industrials is down in negative territory to
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close at 12,446. in the currency markets, the euro dipped below the one euro 40 mark. record numbers of for germany pause biggest airport. frankfurt international handled more passengers in june than ever before in this time of year. more than 5 million people landed and took off from the airport. the airports owner also registered strong growth at its foreign operations stretching from turkey to -- air freight shipments dropped by almost 6 1/2% to 180,000 tons. >> and blast has hit an egyptian pipeline that transports gas to israel and jordan. attacker's blow up a distribution system.
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this is the fourth time that this is happened this year. it comes a day after egypt announced the resumption of gas supplies to israel following a previous attack on the fourth of july. the u.n. security council has condemned attacks by the pro- government mons in syria on the u.s. and french embassies in damascus. the council called on the government to protect diplomatic properties. germany says it will push for a resolution against the syrian crackdown on anti-government protesters. >> for all those present here today. >> germany chairs the security council. on tuesday, they passed a german-sponsored resolution condemning the recruitment child soldiers. agreeing on a resolution against syria is another matter. germany has called on the council to condemn the regime of president bashar al-assad. >> germany, together with our
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other partners and especially our other european partners to work on a common resolution, on the resolution in the security council against the syrian regime. >> russia and china remain strongly opposed to action against syria. negotiations at the u.n. are continuing. anti-government protests show no sign of weakening. these are pictures from the country's third largest city. human rights activists and their say security forces shot dead at least 1 westchester early tuesday. >> russian authorities are facing growing public anger over the sinking of an aging and overcrowded tourist. some divers discovered the bodies of dozens of the children. the death toll is expected to reach 130. this is underscored concerns but negligence and corruption. >> of all russian ships are flying their flag at half mast.
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like all these boats in the capital. the entire country is mourning the victims of sunday's disaster. the accident had shaken people badly. >> i am really sad, especially since so many accidents recently have happened in our country. a few weeks ago, a plane crashed. now we have seen this ship sank. >> i am shocked. we cannot get used to all of these accidents. all of us have to be much more careful. >> a final salute sounds at the side of the disaster. relatives had brought breeds with them. -- reeds with them. divers found the bodies of 30 to 40 children in the hold. after a memorial service in moscow, president dmitry medvedev promised to investigate
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why the ship turned into a death trap. >> andre greipel has won the 10th stage of the tour de france. he defeated his archrival, cavendish. >> andre greipel made the most of them moment. he celebrated his first stage victory in the tour de france. discovered a 150 kilometer course. after the crash that marred the race, the riders took a more gentle approach on tuesday. the europe car teams at the case -- the pace for the captain. the few attempts to form a breakaway group went nowhere. then the sprint finish, mark cavendish lost himself into the front coming after the last curve but for once, andre
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greipel had the strongest legs. -- keeps hold of the yellow jersey. >> i will be right back. stay with us.
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>> german chancellor angela merkel is on a three nation tour of africa starting with kenya. thin she goes on to enroll and nigeria. berlin has revealed a new africa policy. -- she then goes on to angola and nigeria. >> pineapples before they are exported. this factory was set up for a development fund from israel and germany. this is a typical example of the one-way street approach to development policy taken by germany over the past decades. now, that is about to change.
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>> the new approach has been created in such a way that it is developing africa. we're helping afghan and only want to know how we can spend german taxpayer money. rather, we want african nations to tell us their own development plans and where there is private capital and investment from germany. >> for the first time, the plans have been approved by all government ministries. this has been welcomed by the opposition. criticism remains. >> the development of africa's economy is not the main focus, they only want to cooperate with german business interests and i don't think that that should be part of our concept. >> the man spearheading the development efforts does not see a conflict of interest. >> this is hard to imagine how they can fight poverty without economic development.
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the economic development is crucial in order to then distribute aid in specific areas in an inappropriate fashion. >> africa it is rich in raw materials and industrialized nations have long desired to access it. they are calling for total transparency. >> agreements negotiated between the eu and african nations should not be dictated by european business interests. they should be negotiated in a way that serves regional and local economies and africa. the german government argues that that is precisely the aim of their new development strategy. >> we have to ensure the contract concerning ron materials currently being agreed in africa actually benefits africa including permanent financial income from those materials.
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>> this is also in germany's interest to prevent though raw materials being snapped up by the raw materials that snapped up by germany and canada. they should benefit from a partnership of equals. >> we're happy to be joined in the studio by an african analyst at the conrad -- institute. the german government is calling this a partnership of equals. is that what the african governments are looking for? >> well, it depends on how you define a partnership of equals. i think by this term it means that this is a partnership of mutual respect and the past that was always up the case. hundreds of years ago, but nowadays, i think that germany is looking forward to deepen its relationship with africa and in the long run, it has to be a
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partnership of equals. >> in your assessment, why has germany decided to change its strategy now and will this initiative be a good one? >> well, i cannot really see a change of strategy. this is a very good initiative. i think that it is more the trial to unify the different policies of the different german ministries. doocy, we have the foreign office, we have the ministry of economic development and cooperation, we have the ministry of economics, we have the economy, we have the ministry of environment could all of them are dealing somehow with africa. this is an attempt to unify this to one comprehensive single approach for the benefit for the african partners and germany as well. >> ok. this is a lot of coordination and streamlining to improve the delivery of services to enhance
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trade. the aid organizations are saying that the emphasis is too much on trade and not enough on aid. is that a fair assessment? >> well, i think that it should not be seen as a contrast. i cannot see really a difference between trade and aid. this is very important for development for africa and also for germany as well. you see, trade could be very important for accelerating the development. you can see that with china, the chinese since they became more engage in africa. there are many african economies that are growing very fast. for sure, one could be criticized engage regina. -- criticize the engagement with
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china. germany would like to catch up and would like to have equal and fair partnership with the african partner countries. for sure, this is very important to have fair trade conditions. >> thank you so very much. >> thank you very much. >> in kenya, the chancellor is visiting kenyan scientist working with international experts to combat diseases that kill livestock and devastate african economies. >> this could have far-reaching consequences. they're working on something unique, it is a precise and simple method to screen cattle for a series and contagious disease.
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>> the results for positive infection will turn dark yellow in color. we want to implement something like a pregnancy test for use in the field. every farmer can simply go to one of them and take a drop into the test. if it changes color, then the animal is clearly affected. >> the international research team is close to being ready to present their work. at the same time, they are developing a vaccine against the disease. the test has parties, the aim is to market it in two years. until then, they will continue to carry out trials at the institute's own farm. the plate only affects cattle. this is widespread in africa. in just a production is rare in
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a continent where most farmers move around with their herds. the quick and simple test should make locating infected animals easier. germany's federal institute for development and cooperation is financing the project because the play destroyed many african farmers livelihood off the plate -- because the plague destroyed many african farmers livelihood. >> is as real consequences. that is why we need to fight this illness. >> two our scientists from europe's. others are ph.d. students and laboratory assistants from kenya and nairobi. they're hoping that they will be able to help the entire region. >> it is rational to fight the diseases where they occur then go somewhere else. the institute has the basic equipment it needs. >> the team also hopes to lay
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the groundwork for similar tests for diseases affecting animals in europe. german and european researchers can also profit from the research done in kenya. >> thank you so much for joining us.
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