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tv   Journal  PBS  August 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> the business news, welcome. stocks in the u.s. down following another day of sell- offs in europe and asia. >> italy and a the squabble over who was responsible over the failed rescue. and investigating the solar system's biggest planet, jupiter. it certainly has been a week to write home about, almost two trillion euros have been wiped
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off the global markets. >> they are worried about the u.s. recovery. jobs data was stronger than expected, but only a small drop. it did not last long before the volatility set in again. >> there was little respite for battered financial markets. a day after suffering their sharpest drop since 2008. investors were jittery despite better than expected jobs data. the president, those figures are a drop in the ocean. >> this is the seventeenth month of job growth in the private sector. nearly 2.5 million private- sector jobs in all. we have to create more jobs than that each month to make up for the more than 8 million jobs that the recession claimed. we need to create a self
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sustaining cycle where people are spending and companies are hiring and the economy is growing. we know that will take some time. >> things are even worse. germany's's index was down after trading. it would be nice eve to expect the falls this week to be turned around in a few days. we will see very jittery markets. if we learned anything from the greek and irish crisis, it can get bigger and bigger very quickly. the markets will be that way over the next few weeks. >> little can reverse the current slide of global financial markets. >> ending the day and the week with heavy losses. >> a grim week in the financial
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markets alone, they lost about 13%. people were talking about a sell off. traders were throwing material into the market. there was not one reason but several that added up that situation. having more trouble financing than cells and the financial markets. there is the agreement on the debt ceiling rising in the united states. it is -- there are several other were the comments by high politicians. in the coming week, people don't see a fast recovery. >> a quick look at market numbers, and germany finished its worst week since 2008. down almost 2.75%.
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the euro is trading for $1.40 to 78. the turmoil has prompted the policy in europe. the german chancellor spoke with the french president who discuss the latest problems and the hot zone. the trimester announced a meeting of finance ministers to tackle the debt problem amid mounting fears that italy will be dragged into the deepening crisis. they also said italy will try to balance its budget by 2013, a year earlier than planned. he said that he supported increasing the rescue fund. for more, we're joined by the we have seen european markets panic and other emergency conferences again.
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why are they having such problems communicating ideas? >> they go far beyond what we have seen in the european union into and out in terms of financial solidarity. it is a highly complicated compromise. behind the scenes here, experts are very busy to form the package into agreement. it will have to pass parliament and the european union. during the process, it could be the job of the politicians -- we could have seen during this week that they failed again. >> what is the main message from friday's talks, especially those from the chancellor and french president. >> they have to streamline their political communication once again. some say there are signs.
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there is no comment on what they have to numbering another comment into the market. the only comment we got was from romo. saying that they will try to gain further confidence. they announced they might, on with interventions on the bond markets. we will see what is going to happen after that. >> thank you for joining us. stocks bucked the trend on friday after a dizzying global rally that like to 0.5 trillion dollars of global equities this week. it brought back memories of the 2008 financial crisis. however, wall street stocks recovered from opening losses of more than 2% to trade mostly
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higher in the afternoon after posting their worst losses in two years. >> let's take a look at how stocks closed in new york. the industrials were up. concern over the volatile u.s. and european markets is now spreading even further. they met friday in the capital to agree on new measures to protect their economies. they agreed to step up to prevent a similar crisis engulfing their own financial markets. south america is at risk because a lot of the raw material transactions are in dollars. >> the germans love gold, and with the precious metal at record highs, a lot of people are starting to wonder whether they should sell their family
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holdings. >> gold is a safe haven assets in times of economic turmoil. that is why it is almost impossible to come by in germany right now. >> at the moment, gold is sold out again. even those are at very expensive prices. >> the market works the other way, too. that has rarely been as easy to sell off and they are selling keepsakes. many people take old james to this berlin goldsmith. >> it is an heirloom from my mother that has been gathering dust in a safe. i thought, let's get rid of it. gosh i saw how good the market prices on the news yesterday and
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i have a look at what i have lying around for years. i thought i would take it and sell a. >> they expect the price of gold to continue rising. it could double in the next two years. >> the violent government crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators continued. 10 people were gunned down during friday prayers. they have been putting increased pressure on syria to stop the shelling, but they have ignored the warnings. demonstrations against the regime are being put down with force. >> this video shows government forces opening fire on demonstrators. witnesses say the onslaught came just after sundown. there were beginning to break their fast. reports vary on the number of casualties.
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they are chanting that got as on their side. thousands took to the streets following friday prayers in the capital vows of solidarity with the people. on state television, news reports show on the men as proof that the pro-democracy movement has a front for violent militants. they blame terrorist gangs for the setting up roadblocks and damaging public property. international pressure is also increasing. the u.s. and the u r offering tough sanctions. it will do little in the short term to help those risking their lives by taking to the streets. >> italy is calling on nato to investigate reports that the alliance failed to rescue a vote
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of refugees fleeing libya. units were aware of the overcrowded boats in the mediterranean but did not come to save it. >> this woman says that she sings to stave off the fear of death. it worked. she survived the perilous journey and many others weren't so lucky. the italian coast guard came to the rescue overnight. most were fleeing the fighting back home. survivors are telling of horrific circumstances aboard the hopelessly overcrowded open boat. their bodies were thrown overboard. the coast guard has been carrying -- caring for survivors. one alliance a ship was reportedly nearby but a ignored sos signals.
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the foreign minister has announced an official investigation and is demanding that the issue of clear guidelines on the issue of treatment. they have received several hundred african migrants. >> kosovo has reached an agreement to end the crisis of border crossings to neighboring serbia. it will remain in control until september. the crisis flared last month when coast of the tried to seize the border to enforce a ban on trade with serbia. one police officer was killed. it was threatening to derail talks. the former ukrainian prime minister has been put behind bars in her trial on charges of abuse.
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they are accused of illegally securing a 2009 natural gas deal with russia. the ukrainian leader was led away by police hunting protests in scuffles with security forces. thailand's parliament has confirmed the first female prime minister. they won an absolute majority in elections last month, sister of the former prime minister that was exiled after a military coup in 2006. the main challenge will be to close the gap between the working class and the military and business establishment. >> in july, she let her party to victory taking 53% of the vote in the general election. parliament is concerned.
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her party has a majority, but she has formed a coalition with other parties taking 300 out of 500 parliamentary seats. a higher minimum wage and higher rice prices for farmers. her top priority is to bring her people together. >> i can help people, i will do it anyway i need. >> she is a wider array of her -- riding the wave of her brother's popularity. she insists she is her own woman and can turn things around. >> of munich has been handed a manageable task in the playoff draw. they will face in a direct that are currently struggling.
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the first mass take place august 17. the winner will make into the tournament. and though have more on the soccer league coming up later on in this half-hour. nasa has launched a new mission to ensure better. the space probe but blasted off from cape canaveral just a short while ago and is expected to reach the orbit by july of 2016 and orbit the planet for one year. they're hoping the mission will give them insights into secrets and how our solar system was formed. >> it will be five years before the spacecraft reaches jupiter. the plan is more than twice the mass of all planets in our solar system combined. it will be the first spacecraft to fly over its goals.
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it is meant to spend a year orbiting jupiter studying the chemistry of its atmosphere and its magnetic field. one aim is to find out about the structure of the planet, how far down to the individual layers ago? and how they move? what interests scientists most is if it has a solid core or if it is a ball of gas. there will be able to tell much more about how it developed. jupiter should not exist at all. it has not had enough time to grow to such a huge size. they hope the approach will help unlock the mystery of how jupiter and our solar system first developed. >> you're watching the journal, we'll be back after a short break.
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we're looking at the start of the season.
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>> welcome back. they have started their new season with the titleholder's facing off against hamburg. there is a lot on his plate this season. players are quite young, so he will have to help his team found that delicate balance of discipline and high energy. the team is still riding high from last season and they're also ready for new challenges. >> be successful, passionate, and young players are the fan favorite spirit and more in demand than ever. in may, they swept aside the competition to clinch the title.
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for the young squad, it is now a reality appear in >> it was an incredible feeling that you will always remember. that was in the past, and we're looking for the future. you want to bring out the best in ourselves. >> they are sticking to the tried and tested formula. the youngest player in the squad. an average age of 24 years. he will feel the youngest team. >> we have a lot in common in our young team. you can do that a lot more with younger players because we did better as a group. but you can also have a great chat with the older ones and they help you whenever you need something.
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>> is proving a winning formula. they said german soccer alive last season with some spellbinding play. their passion and will to win embodies the philosophy on the field. but they are still young and inexperienced. >> i've got to know why we should worry about it. we know what we want and we will keep each other's feet on the ground. i think we already have our feet on the ground. >> the soccer coach and father figure rolled into one. he is carefully nurturing his players. he keeps a close eye on them and tries to channel their youthful exuberance. >> it will be crazy to look back and say i had my best year when i was 18. we want to make sure they have positive things ahead of them.
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>> they have their sights set firmly on another title. >> the germans are big sports fans in general, but anyone who has ever been here knows that soccer dominates. statistics show that the number of fans here is a glowing hot -- the growing even among women. the fans say nothing beats the atmosphere of a packed stadium. >> a soccer fan through and through. he went to cheer his team at the super cup match against the reigning champion. the bus ride took two hours and he shared it with lots of female fans. >> is great that women are into it. >> when the whistle blows, stadiums are almost always full.
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for the first 30 years, spectator numbers roughly constant, but in the last few years, audiences have been reaching new records. last year's matches were attended by roughly 140,000 people. >> we got off to a good start with the 2006 world cup. the stadium infrastructure is modernize for that. even cities that were not involved in the world cup build these stadiums. >> they keep spectators out of the ring. the atmosphere is what counts, every game can be seen in live, but the true fan has to be there. >> it is drilling for everybody. the atmosphere is unique. >> the level of play is high and
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managed to maintain a high wire tension to the end. are high compared to italy and spain. last season, stadiums were over 90% full on average. we don't have corruption scandals. we don't have sponsors buying of clubs and the players are closer to the public. >> the match is over, they win the super cut. >> is definitely worth coming. we are a small family. we are crazy. >> iuahat will be re athne gets under wabeehi pvetusheat. rounds
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