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tv   Journal  PBS  August 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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emergency help to the hundreds of thousands of people starving in eastern africa. >> the trial of a former president of egypt has adjourned after a second appearance. >> google makes an offer to motorola in the biggest acquisition ever. >> the number of famine victims are increasing daily, with ch olera spreading in refugee camps, germany is increasing -- they have made is available to the united nations food program and want to make this available in the days and weeks ahead. >> nearly half a million people
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have arrived here in search of basic necessities. this is the biggest refugee camp in east africa. millions of them fled the famine in somalia. >> it took me several days, and on the way down and stole everything that i had. >> 12 million people in somalia and ethiopia are in danger of dying from starvation. this is one of the longest droughts on record. >> it is clear that we need to do much more in terms of being able to provide facilities and support within somalia. this means encouraging the political side of things. and there is trying to make this progress even faster. >> german development minister
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-- has made plans to visit the refugee camp on tuesday. >> the german development minister joined us earlier today, and talked about how this would affect countries affected by the drought and similar disasters in the future. >> in the past 15 years, the international community has neglected these regions, perhaps because the results are slow in coming. this is a major mistake. we want to provide education for farmers, to help them with new methods of irrigation and how to store rainwater. most gardeners at home know about these methods but here this is about new technology.
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we also want to improve education at all levels, taking these issues up with the african union. they should be involved with in the refugee crisis to unending as soon as possible. -- an end as soon as possible. >> in other news, soldiers from syria continue to assaults a coastal city, causing thousands of palestinian refugees to flee the camps. this is the third day in a row they attacked the city to crush the protests. neighboring turkey has told them to halt these operations. they are demanding that the asaad regime stop this quickly. hasni mubarak appeared in court
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today where the judge declared an ending to the broadcasts. he is facing charges of corruption and is being held responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. he was flown in by helicopter from a military hospital. >> he was wheeled in on a stretcher. interest in the trial remains high in egypt and around the world. he followed the proceedings from inside of a cage. a large group of his supporters were inside the court building. they demanded that the longtime former leader get a fair and dignified trial. >> if they see you on the bed, and looks as if you were
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sleeping. >> this is a serious insult. the trial has divided egyptians. supporters and opponents clash when police were no longer able to keep them separated. the outcome of the case may depend on whether the military council leader will be called to testify. his testimony could show if the military received orders to attack demonstrators in early 2011. >> iraq has been hit by their worst violence in months with 60 people killed and 200 wounded. in the worst incident, 37 people were killed with the twin bombings. roadside blast were followed by a car bombing at the same location and dozens were wounded. this led to violence as the u.s. military prepares to withdraw
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from the country. the german government is taking a hard line against the euro bond. >> they have announced their opposition to this. they debated solutions at the crisis talks. but so far, european bonds on the agenda, and they say it would make that a common burden, but others worry about the burden for the taxpayers. >> merkel and nicolas sarky have stood together, with germany note -- not supporting the idea has -- with france not supporting the idea with germany -- there are voicing fears that are
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expressed by many that this threat may push up the german borrowing costs. >> we consider this to be the wrong option. there would be detrimental for nations like germany that are economically strong. that have a good credit rating and pay lower interest ratings. >> the opposition believes that the coalition is blocking the best way out of the crisis. >> in my view, germany is opposing the one very effective means of limiting speculation, the joint bonds. >> some say more broad cooperation with it keep speculators from playing these nations against each other in the market. >> we need a clear statement about how the cooperation will take place, not just in crisis
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management but economic policy as well. >> the message from the chancellor's office is clear, berlin is against european bonds. >> some leading groups are backing the call for these bonds, despite the government's opposition. the president of the export association says that all other avenues for fighting this crisis have been exhausted and the central bank is looking to defend italy and spain, with 20 billion euros of bonds. the market has reacted positively. and the yields have plunged. the european central bank has 96 billion euros as it tries to buyback programs to bring down the cost of government borrowing. google has announced the biggest buyout yet, as a takeover the mobile phone division of
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motorola, and google kosek this will bolster their android platform, which is available on motorola phones, but this will also give them control of the payphone portfolio. >> motorola handsets have been selling badly as the market share shrinks to 2.4%. but google splashed out billions on the company. they hope that the patented portfolio can help protect against increasing scrutiny from anti-trust authorities. on the official blog, the chief executive says that this move will enable them to better protect android from other companies. they're also betting that this acquisition will strengthen the position in the smart phone and have led computer sector with
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control over hardware as well as software. >> a major takeover bid, and this is where the markets impressed. we have this report on today's action in frankfurt. >> this is good news that google is taking over motorola, but the recent market disruptions have cost a slump of activity. in the first two quarters of this year, there was an increase in mergers and acquisitions that now we are reporting a steep decline of business. that is why the news about the takeover of motorola mobility has caused some stock prices to rise but the broader market was not that impressed. >> let's take a look at the
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market numbers and we began in frankfurt where the dax ended the day up four tenths of 1%. this is up 23-24 at the end of the session. the dow jones industrials are also up by 2%, and the euro is trading for $1.44. one of the biggest cases of tax fraud in german history has gone to trial. six men face accusations of pocketing 230 million euros. >> this is a trial of huge proportions. the frankfurt court will hear from hundreds of witnesses over 18 months. the defendants are accused of defrauding the authorities of 240 million euros. but the full extent may be even
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bigger with 170 people under investigation. it is alleged that that they are part of an international crime ring. they set up a letterbox company purchasing from other european countries. those deals were not taxed and the credit immediately defaulted into partner firms with 19% tax. the managers kept the money instead of paying this to the authorities and the letterbox company disappeared. the partners then sold them on and have the taxes reversed by the authorities. this is designed to regulate greenhouse gases. this could pocket total of 850 million euros. this follows a tremendous police operation. this affected thousands including at deutsche bank in
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frankfurt. >> shell oil says 1,300 barrels of oil have leaked into the north sea. >> this is the biggest oil spill in the region in the decade. this is 180 million kilometers away from the scottish section. they expect the oil to dispersed before reaching this -- the shoreline, and that this is 5,000 barrels per day and they will fix this soon. >> after an eight year absence, he is finally back home. the former captain signed a five-year contract with his boyhood home. this is one of the most protracted transfers in modern soccer. >> parcel on has waited three
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years for this homecoming. this is the club and he left when he was 16. >> i have never forgotten that i grew up here. i have always loved this team. >> he was desperate to return to his home city, and the 29 million euro transfer fee probably did not hurt. he has a five-year contract with the club and they're hoping to keep them all lot longer. his buyout is 200 million euros. >> young palestinian musicians yearning for a free state and israeli musicians wanting to live a life without the threat of terrorist attacks have been giving a concert along the dangerous border. this band has performed the
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beethoven between north and south korea. he wants to remind people in korea everywhere that they have more in common than they think. >> they played in the shadow of one of the most heavily guarded borders. he conducted the orchestra in a performance of beethoven's ninth. >> i hope that this will be perceived for what this, not as politically motivated or directed at north or south korea. rather, this is a wish to start a dialogue between people. >> dialogue has been punctuated with barbed wire and concrete. but now, violinists are playing
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here and many of them are from the palestinian territories with firsthand experience of the division. this is help them overcome hardship. the choir sings that all men will become brothers as organizers hope that north koreans will be allowed to participate. the south koreans still enjoyed this performance. >> i think that we will be reunited soon. it would be nice for north and south koreans to witness this together at some time. >> the message likely resounded across the border of the near and yet so this that north korea. >> there is more news just ahead.
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>> welcome back. belgian politicians remain unable to resolve their differences that have left the
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country without a government. with no decisive winner in the last election and the flemish as the strongest political force, a new government is farther away than ever. they're seeking advantages for their own respective regions. the flemish though closer to the dutch and they identify more with the french. the differences are also reflected in the media landscape. get one magazine with a couple of additions. >> movies and television, music and art. this is how the belgian magazine sells itself. this caters to a couple of belgian lifestyles, one name on a couple of different covers. flemish on the left.
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this is a normal state of affairs. these are the editors of the same magazine but work in different departments. >> they have the same name but this is produced by different editorial departments to fit a different leaderships. >> even from the front cover, it is clear that they have different ideas about fangs. they use more color in their addition of the magazine. >> it is better to have an original idea then, the eighth team. >> down the corridor, there is a different philosophy. the editor and chief has an eye for detail. his addition is characterized by clear and elegant designs. >> over year, the magazine is
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designed around a featured person, and his appeals to the readers. in terms of design, we must print in black and white. we use as little color as possible so as to not distract the reader. >> the focus is on style and music, as they dedicate their magazine to films and books. the two teams of writers are only a short walk away, but the readership is worlds apart. >> we take more from american culture. on the other hand, they take more from france. we even have a couple of national television broadcasters each in their own languages and independent of
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each other. the flemish have a different sense of humor to the walloons. >> one magazine for all the people of belgium? with no real definition, the editor in chief, imagine this happening anytime soon. >> a few weeks ago, the king of belgium warned the country of the risks that they face along with the european continent. as a result of the political crisis. the cell mate claims to it -- may create belgian and european unity. the king is a powerful symbol in the divided nation. >> this is a popular tourist destination and many people believe that the king is the only thing holding their country together. >> he is more important than before, the only person who is
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still there, in contrast to the government, which we do not even have. >> the king called on lawmakers to put their differences behind them and to form a government. he also had a message for the people. >> the people must not only remind their representatives to make brave and necessary decisions, they must also endeavored to create harmony in society >> they are doing just this. their web site aims to bridge the cultural and linguistic divide between the flemish and the walloons. >> we wanted something that was not critical, something
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constructive for society that was not political. we wanted to show people that they can and want to live together. >> the say their web site is not about preserving the unity of the country, they just want people to know each other a little bit better. >> i think my friends and i are the perfect group that we can enrich each other's lives in simple ways and become friends. even if we are different in many respects, we have a lot in common. there are not many things that cannot be settled over beer. besides the marquee, a love of beer is something that they both have in common. >> there is plenty of beer in the popular holiday destination on the northern coast, where
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the belgian set aside their differences as they enjoy the surf and the sea breeze. >> at the coast, this is a multi-lingual. this is a holiday destination in flanders, to the north of belgium. the locals speak flemish among themselves, but they will switch for visitors. >> these are good languages. >> so i hear. although the political risk is deepening, the locals feel at one with each other here, for this summer, at least. >> the only thing i am interested in is what the weather is going to be like. right now this is typically belgian but this does not stop people from going to the beach.
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there are the cabana to shelter in and the flemish beach houses. >> some people have a little kitchen in there. this is illegal but no one checks. >> people love to mark their territory. >> i have no idea if there are french speaking people here or not. >> maybe not. i do find some, watched over by king leopold the second. >> there is no problem at all with the people here. this is just about politics. >> what would the old king have said? his love of this place turn this into a resort. and this is the manager of a rocket -- a luxury hotel built at his request in the 19th
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century. he says the guests are not bothered about the divide. >> the daily things that they are leaving behind, they take this up again when they go home. >> for some, there is no issue. many young people do not see what the fuss is about. >> this is simple, being from belgium. there are flemish people here. that is important that they understand this. >> may be what the politicians need is a holiday. >> that is everything for "in depth." thank you for joining us.
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>>reporter: this week on world business... >>it stages staggeringly expensive olympic games and is an economic powerhouse, so why does china still receive millions in foreign aid? >>i'm not saying this is a taboo question but it's a question that for the time being our leadership, let's say, has decided not to take


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