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tv   Journal  PBS  August 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to the journal "." our top story, rebels in the libyan capital seek control of moammar gaddafi's compound. international investors are already at eyeing libya's oil wells. the case against dominique
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strauss-kahn has been dismissed. the pre-revolutionary flag of the libyan rebels are flying over gaddafi's compound. there is no sign of gaddafi or his sons. they launched a massive attack on friday afternoon, bringing it under their control. it was the last stronghold of the leader. the speedy fall suggested that gaddafi's regime is coming to an end. >> the rebels turned to celebrating their victory and destroying the symbols of the tyrant's power. the giant fist crushing an american jet, a monument to adopt the's the finance when u.s. jets bombed the city in 1986.
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it was here when he tried to rally the city when there were nato air strikes. gaddafi is now on the run or in hiding. a few hours ago, the word was that he was heading to neighboring algeria. something that he may still be in tripoli. it will take rebels days to search the compound where they made their final stand. it covers several square kilometers and is believed to have an extensive underground system of bunkers and tunnels. after fighting their way house by house into the city, rebels and residents set up roadblocks to defend their gains. they have also seized large quantities of guns and ammunition, including heavy weapons that gaddafi's troops have abandoned. libya's civil war seems all but over.
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the dictator's hold on power has been broken. >> some extraordinary images there. i asked our correspondent to tell us more about what has been happening in tripoli. >> when you look inside the compound of gaddafi, you can see the big celebrations going on for about two hours. not only the rebels. people from the street coming out because they are curious. people moving in and celebrating. one of the cameras can mop to the camera and said this is like a sweet victory. at the same time, there is worry. the big question is, what is the army of gaddafi doing? they withdrew.
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the question is, where are they now? are they going to go into some kind of a gorilla warfare? are they going to go down to the home town of gaddafi? are there going to be snipers on the roofs of tripoli? there are questions right now. the rebel commanders are very worried. the biggest battle of all is now to keep order and quiet and calm and peace in the capital. they are worried what is going to happen next. >> the biggest thing is the rebels and their capacity to fight. can the rebel stay together as a cohesive force should they encountered determined and prolonged resistance from gaddafi's forces? >> they have been together six months. at the beginning, they were a
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very interesting group. there were a group of young men with no military experience or training. six months made this into a different kind of group. there were fights going on. for hours this morning, sustained fire from both sides. they kept going until gaddafi's military withdrew. the question is, and not how capable they are, but once it is over, are they going to stay together politically? >> as the battle continues, another important question revolves around the people of tripoli. where do they stand in all of this? are they loyal to the man that ruled them for so long? >> this has disappeared from the streets. they are very quiet right now. you see people from tripoli out
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in the streets celebrating. this was people from tripoli curious and having a look at what was happening. we know that there is a significant amount of people. they came out in support of the rebels. until now, it is difficult to gauge how many people work for gaddafi and how many were against him? a bigger amount of people are very happy that the rebels are in the city. >> thank you so much for that update. what can foreign countries do to help libya cope with the enormous challenges that they will face? berlin abstained in a security council vote that mandated nato to protect civilians. that was not appreciated by the u.s., france, and britain. germany says that it is willing
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to provide reconstruction aid. >> of foreign minister is stressing that berlin will play its role in a post-gaddafi era. >> the economy needs to be built up. the consequences of the war need to be dealt with. assistance is needed. infrastructure and much more. germany is ready to help. many countries are interested in the libyan economy. there have been many offers of help from china. germany sees other contributions and can make. >> we need the help to build up democratic structures in libya. it is important that assets are moved quickly into the reconstruction efforts so that we can start along this path in the most peaceful way possible.
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>> libya's oil reserves has made it a rich country. money could quickly be released to help with reconstruction. libya is hoping that there will not be any need for huge amounts of development aid from germany. experts believe it will be necessary to provide libya with a degree of economic support. >> we should concentrate on getting economic assistance. something we are good at. it is a country that lives from its oil reserves. technical education for the population. >> there is speculation about whether german troops will be deployed. the opposition is against the idea. >> there has been no request from the libyan government. there is no international mandate.
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if there are speculating about german troops being deployed, then that can only be because it has a guilty conscience in its abstention from the security council vote. she will vote vote " -- discuss closely with the security council on the role that germany will play. this is likely to be led by the united nations. >> the chairman of the foreign relations committee. we began by asking him what role he expected germany to play in a post-gaddafi libya. >> from the european union side, we will be helpful in reconstruction or constructing a civil society in libya after gaddafi's fall. this may mean that germany could be helpful with the political
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foundations to help new parties to get new structures and new programs. as they did with latin america in the 1970's and 1980's. >> could they be called on when the fighting is over? >> i do not see that there is a role for nato in this regard. it is the united nations that should provide additional security, international transitory council and not provide it. here, in regional neighboring countries and the african union arden mainly the countries that should be contributors of troops, not nato. >> what will happen to bring this conflict to a good conclusion? >> it is very difficult to predict. the war is not over yet.
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after gaddafi's paul, it is crucial that the transitory council is able to organize a peaceful and smooth, moving forward toward more democracy and rule of law. this means scheduled elections. there are plans on paper. will they be put in practice? >> as germany's position on libya damaged its standing with its nato partners? >> i do not think so. germany made it quite clear that after the vote in the security council, we participated in the headquarters which plan the campaign against the gaddafi forces and protecting civilians.
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>> the chairman of the foreign relations committee, thank you very much. >> when you think libya, you think oil. planning for the future, they are closely following events in libya. others see new opportunities to rebuild in a post-adoptee era. those who stayed on the silence might lose out. russia and china not may not be eligible for lucrative new contracts after they failed to back the revolution. those comments have on settled beijing. >> beijing is now flying the flag of the transitional council. china did good business with his regime, mainly in the oil industry and on construction projects.
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>> as we all know, the situation in libya has affected china ' s investment activities in the country. we hope after a return to stability that libya will continue to protect the rights of chinese investors. we hope to have cooperation with libya in the future. >> before the uprising, the country exported 1.6 barrels of oil per day. that is down to 160,000. some facilities have a bet -- and then abandoned, others destroyed. >> shares rose on hopes of a further easing of u.s. monetary policy. german stocks did struggle and then managed to lock in their first gains in six sessions.
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>> in the morning, the dax had a cheerful start to the trading session. there was a big disappointment, falling back to levels last seen in december, 2008. the dax could gain more than 1%. deutsche bank was lowered. not only on the and during that crisis, but the united states of america is fighting -- filing a complaint against the bank. they have 1 billion euros in damage claims. they said that deutsche betrayed u.s. authorities. >> we can stay for a quick run to the closing numbers. the dax finished more than a fall 1% higher. in new york, an impressive rally
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is under way. they finished 14 minutes ago at 11,476 points. the european commission has given german energy giant rwe the go-ahead to it sell-off a high vaulted subsidiary. expense 11,000 kilometers. they say that it would not have any a larger effect on the competition. they would go to a financial consortium that is paying 700 million euros. rwe will retain strategic control. they plan to use the proceeds from the sales to help reduce its 30 billion net euro debt. a swedish company is disposing of in poland. they will focus on germany and
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the netherlands. they are shutting down heat generation plants in poland as well as the distribution networks to two polish utilities. if approved by officials, the deal will go through later this year. with all of the gloom and doom about the world economy there is a bit of optimism on germany. they predict that exports will grow by 11% this year. they will take the value of foreign sales past the $11 trillion euro mark. political stability in the country could pave the way for smaller countries to invest there on top of the oil and engineering sectors. >> germany is mourning the loss of one of its best humorists and satirists. he has died at the age of 87.
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he has been in poor health for some time. he achieved fame in the 1970's as a cartoonist and went on to have his own tv series. we will have the latest on new york's first earthquake in a century. 5.9 there. we will have more stories from libya and the latest on the dominique strauss-kahn rape case.
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>> thanks for staying right there. they have dismissed the it charges against and dominique strauss-kahn. he was paraded in front of the tv caprine -- camera's eye after being picked up for raping a maid. the case shocked the world. >> by the time dominique strauss-kahn went off to court,
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the judge had already dropped alta charges against him in the sexual assault case. it was a huge setback for this immigrant in the pale jacket. her lawyers say that she will pursue a civil lawsuit. >> she as an innocent victim. he has turned his back on the forensic, medical, and other evidence. >> on may 14, strauss, and was staying at this hotel in new york. the evidence says that he had a sexual encounter with a maid there. was a conceptual -- consentual or was it rape? prosecutors lost faith in her credibility. they eventually came to the conclusion that her testimony would not stand up in court. in france, despite his
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prominence, there was little fuss about the case being dropped. >> there is a lack of evidence, so the decision is justified. we will have to see if there were similar affairs in similar circumstances. >> even though the case has been dropped, that is not necessarily the end of the scandal surrounding dominique strauss- kahn. it branched writer has filed a criminal complaint, accusing that he tried to rape her in 2003. >> new york has been hit by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. the epicenter happened in virginia. tremors were felt as far away as new york city. the pentagon was among the buildings evacuated. there were no reports of major damage. here in germany, the governing
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christian democrats are struggling to find an approach to the euro debt crisis. they are putting together a special approach to hammer one out. angela merkel is facing a backlash for more bailouts for wheat euros on members. the labor minister has called for members to use their own gold reserves as collateral for future bailouts. >> the finance minister needs to gain the support of the conservatives for her policy. many are concerned at extending the stability package will mean that german taxpayers will have to foot the bill. >> this does not help anyone. you have got eurozone members in constant need of help.
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germany's creditworthiness is being damaged. >> 40 billion euros is designed to help out indebted members. conservatives say that all payouts must be linked to strict conditions. >> europe will only be competitive when those countries carry out the necessary reforms. we need to make it clear that that needs to be reduced rather than new debt constantly being created. >> they will vote on the measure's next month. austerities support makes it certain that the measures will be passed. she is trying to shore up her political base. part of the rapidly developing events in the political capital trouble -- tripoli. rebels stormed moammar gaddafi's compound. it is not clear whether nato
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played any part in the operation. they said that there force was aimed only at protecting civilians. nato has stressed that moammar gaddafi himself is not an alliance target. >> the rebels were eager to hear about the alliance's role in fighting in tripoli. when journalists asked whether western special forces were involved in preparing the assault on the capital. >> obviously, national decisions are national decisions. i will not prejudge any national decisions that have not even been made. >> in contrast to neid no's nebula statement, "the new york times" did not beat around the bush. they said that they were involved in the ground offensive.
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french troops provided food and weapons to the rebels, in clear violation of the un mandate. they are likely to take on more responsibility in libya. >> to know that that role is needed, primarily the focus on the protection of civilians over the next day. people then turn to at nato to decide what to do. i will look for a collaborative approach with nato. >> the un is likely to take on a leading role in libya. >> a dramatic turn of events in libya was made possible in large part with the negotiations with leaders backed dave access to the capital. libya is a tribal society. we take a look now at some of the challenges and that you could face in a post-gaddafi
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world. >> the council is likely to play a major role in the parse gaddafi area -- era. one of the most pressing tasks will be to prevent the outbreak. there are 140 tribes in libya. they can be divided into four groups. in the north are arabs. in the southeast, the nomadic group. in april, most of the larger tribes said that they no longer supported gaddafi. there are still groups that remain loyal to the libyan leader and say they are prepared to die for him. the question is, how can these gaddafi loyalists be integrated into inouye libya and how can they be kept from inflecting vengeance, especially after their heavy losses. he is calling for restraint.
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>> there is no longer any difference between libyans. the whole nation can rebuild the country in line with the constitution that makes no difference between sexes or tribes. >> some of the problems can be seen in the face of this man. the former rebel military chief. he was assassinated in july. some believe he was killed by his own men. there is the question of what role islamists play in the movement. they have been increasingly prominent as fighters. >> up until now, i have never had a kalashnikov in my hand. gaddafi's secret service restricted us from getting access to weapons. >> the challenge when the regime collapses age to reconcile libya's divorce tribes. >> that wraps up this edition of
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the the "journal" looking at the dramatic events of the day. we leave you with some of the images out of tripoli over the last few hours. stay with us.
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