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tv   Journal  PBS  September 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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once the young man, including a german of lebanese origin, was arrested following months of surveillance. they have acquired the use of napalm. the police arrested two men. they are suspected of planning a terrorist attack that german
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capital. their neighbors were stunned. >> you would never think that someone here would be suspected of a terrorist attack. >> who knows, maybe there is someone in my neighborhood who has these ideas. >> security experts say that the german authorities were informed. authorities say bomb making materials found in of the suspects apartments. they allegedly ordered large packs of gel packs and chemicals. these ingredients could be used to make explosives. they received large orders from private individuals. >> i hope this kind of thing is not going on in my neighborhood. if it is true, it has had to do
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with -- >> this is the cultural center that was searched. the center itself is not under investigation. >> the police have stressed that the cultural center is not linked with any attacks. the police don't see a link to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks or the upcoming visit of the pope in germany. what they were planning would be the police investigation. >> muammar gaddafi has denied reports that he has escaped libya. he vowed to continue the fight against his enemies. loyalist fired rockets on one of
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the last remaining stronghold of bani walid which rebels have surrounded. >> the fighters have advantages kilometers of bani walid. gaddafi's supporters have been given until friday to lay down their weapons. >> we ask that there be no more bodies. we ask that the group believes the town for two years. >> it remains unclear whether the leader is hiding in bani walid. two of his sons at least are tied up there. gaddafi said that he fled. he said that young people in that it -- young people were ready to eliminate the
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mercenaries. many residents have dismissed the threats. >> what does he have? every libyan is against him. >> the head of the interim leadership is against too much optimism. he says the oil is what to be vanquished, then the much harder task of rebuilding will come. government forces in syria have escalated crackdown. violence also escalated in the city of homs. human rights activists say that 20 people were killed on wednesday. eyewitness reports say that there are scores of people
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defecting to the opposition. palestinians have officially begun their campaign for you when membership defying calls from the international community to delay the measure. the rally coincided with a strategy meeting. they're expected to make a formal request the september at the u.n. general assembly. let's go to capitol hill. members of congress are awaiting the speech of jobs. >> the president is expected to announce a growth package. the plan could be worth more than $300 million. this is to include infrastructure spending, tax cuts. the last time it was $8 billion.
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there is 0 jobs growth. the jump package before a joint session of congress and they are looking to revive the economy. the markets are awaiting the speech. >> the plants are that the u.s. president might push for infrastructure measures to create a job for the opposition's. the republicans will probably favor these cats. the people are skeptical because whenever barack obama might be aiming at, it will be tough to
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get that through congress. something has to be done. there is new economic data which picks up on thursday. they're still sang about the crucial four and a thousand mark that something has to be done, something will be done. >> ben bernanke has said that the central bank will take further actions -- actions to revive the economy. the fed will consider a range of policy options. economic growth has not risen enough. they said the recovery would be slow due to high unemployment and a spike in energy prices. >> the rancid dust european central bank left the eurozone
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interest rates lower. the head said that the rates are receding. john karr tree shays said they expected modest growth for the economy. germany has whether this but will this continue. -- jean-claude trichet said that they expected modest growth. >> the majority of german companies are reporting orders but the ecb is one that could change. growth in germany could shrink by 0.3% this trend will not be confined to germany other industrialized countries might have to rethink their growth expectations. >> we have much slower growth in 2011 and going forward, which
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amounts to a growth of less than 1% in the g7 with the exception of japan. this is the downward revision. we have seen a major slowdown. >> there is bad news for germany's strong export. the exports were worth 92.2 billion euros in may. the decline continued in july with. >> they're hopeful that consumer demand and help offset the lagging demand for exports. >> will greece have to leave the
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eurozone? international auditors will return to greece next week. the opposition to an austerity measures remains high. >> athens taxi drivers are not going anywhere. there is a 24 hour strike to protest the government plan to deregulate their industry. they hope that it will raise much-needed money but it is not going down well. political pressure is mounting on the greek government. the finance minister has called on greece to do more. >> germany will not hold back its solidarity. the common currency. you can depend on that. it must do its own part to make
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its own decisions. there is no way around it. >> the greek government is touting that the of the country can hit their deficit target. austerity measures might deepen the crisis and many people love lost their jobs are already living on the streets. >> i work on building sites for 27 years. >> social workers say the number of homeless people have increased by 25% in the past three years. people in the streets cannot contribute to the economy and they're not paying any tax. >> we can start in frankfurt with the blue-chip dax index which closed slightly higher.
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in new york, the dow jones is down in the day trading. the euro as at $1.30. saab has been denied its request for creditor protection. the court said that they were unable to present a possible financial concept for restructuring and they have ruled in favor of the swedish government. saab could be open to bankruptcy filings from labor unions. >> it was a somber day in russia. people are mourning the loss of 43 people, mostly professional hockey players who were killed when their stock -- when their plane went down.
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investigators are still looking into the cause of the plane crash but many are blaming it on the aging aircraft. people went to the hockey stadium to pay their respects to those killed. >> people here love to lokomotiv yaroslavl. the success of the club has made the city proud and the crash has affected everyone. >> in just a plea given night, they lost wonderful people. a new hockey team can be created but those people are not coming back. this is sad. >> residents came to gather to commemorate the dead. -- to get their -- together but
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the to commemorate the dead. there was a german player that had come to this side and that only recently begun to play in the pros. the president has promised an inspection of the aging aviation fleet which has experienced a rash of crashes. >> john galliano was fined 6000 euros for anti-semitic behavior. he lost his job as the credit director at dior after he shouted anti-semitic insults at a couple in a bar. he said that drugs and alcohol addiction sparked his outburst. an exhibition opening is showing artwork from the first jewish museum in the world
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established before hitler took power. many pains disappeared but now some rare masterpieces have returned. course every picture tells a story. how some more loss, house somewhere out. this portrait was almost sold to private collectors. an old black-and-white paintings. most of the work of a german impressionist were saved but his other work is considered lost. >> we call the exhibition "in search of a lost collection." >> this is a section of the museum that opened in 1943. >> just six days later, hitler seized power. -- this is a section of the
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museum that opened in 1933. >> the other paintings were found in a cellar and some are still missing. >> as you can see, hunting for a loss collection is never quite wrote -- over. this is a work in progress. >> the curators of this exhibition are determined to keep looking for the missing works.
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>> social media and the internet have played a role in the pro- democracy movement sweeping the arab world. the same has applied to libya. the political situation remains uncertain, activists have
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increased their calls for regime change. we look at and woman whose statements caught the attention of gaddafi and ended her in prison. >> this is the old town where this 33-year-old enjoys her freedom. she became well-known on the internet. she was one of the few people in libya to criticize the dufty regime will it was still in place. -- gaddafi regime while it was still in place. >> he listened for an hour, then he asked what i wanted. i said, that social justice, separation of powers. i could not tell him that his green book was wrong. i just said that people cannot understand it yet. >> gaddafi demanded that she
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blog more favorably about him. then she was arrested. now, she can return to the place of her interrogation. >> i will never forget this. i was taken here on february 16th and they interrogated me from nine in the morning until 1 at night. this is a symbol of repression. >> this building is to be a central part of the security apparatus. hundreds of dissidents are said to have been imprisoned, tortured, murdered here. the offices are packed with mountains of files. the regime seems to have spiled. -- spite of this about every one of its citizens. -- spyed on just about every one
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of its citizens. there are also photos of people wanted by the regime. they're not just watching ordinary citizens. >> the also spied on the authorities. >> this was also an interior ministry building. during the war, the complex was used for military purposes. it was a target of nato bombardment. this also houses a women's prison. only her mother dared to come visit her. >> you heard my prayer and i give you my thanks. >> this man says that the mass grave was discovered nearby.
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this woman says she is not out for revenge. she would like her tormentors to get a fair trial. she would like the new libya to be governed by the rule of law. she would like to continue fighting for these principles after the revolution. >> the future remains uncertain for many in the be it including african migrants who are still in the country. gaddafi recruited many sub- saharan africans into his arm forces. it is hard to distinguish between the migrants and to those who were recruited by gaddafi to fight the rebels. there has been reports of reprisal attacks against black africans. they face daily harassment and violence from rebel citizens and
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right to the citizens to accuse them of fighting as mercenaries. the african union has asked the new libyan government to stop the violence. >> this is one of four sisters in tripoli. many workers, mainly africans, lived here before the war. this man does not want to show his face for fear of attacks. he arrived three years ago from nigeria. he worked at a car wash and could send money home. because of his skin color, he is suspected of having fought for gaddafi. >> many times the attack and they forced the africans here.
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>> he said he never carried a weapon. these families are jobless and reliant on the nation's. >> i don't want to be an immigrant in europe. we do not have freedom. >> he came to libya to work. many others came on their way to europe. they are stranded in camps like this one. over 600 people have found shelter here. they're trying to reach the port. many people have opened make
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shelf shelters. people can live under one vote. >> you can see the life we live. i am not drinking good water. we want to move from this place. >> the rebels insist that they did not know that the africans were so badly treated. they say this goes against the principles of the revolution. >> find an african who was arrested and ask him, they can tell you themselves. we gave them food and drink. we release them if they are not a danger to us. >> once a day, a truck brings water from farmers in the region
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in cooperation with doctors without borders. people are sweltering in temperatures of 45 degrees. getting water is difficult and fights often break out. the rebels make an attempt to police the situation. amid such instability, there is little that agencies can do. they can only offer minimum assistance. it is not known how many camps there are like this in libya at the start of the uprising, gaddafi threatened her with a flood of immigrants, but he never said how many. the africans who are here became victims of war.
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>> i went to buy some fuel. up to this time, there is no mention about that. >> this is not how they imagined life in libya. they're happy for the libyans put their own suffering is -- before them come out pieces a long way off. >> that has been the focus of our "in debt," -- "in depth," the bank you for joini
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