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tv   Journal  PBS  November 10, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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pare. th i thi he t right, ani ink he will help the cotr. >'t owifis a g or a devil. we will see at he does. >> eectis e high in greece and the rest of the eurozone. >> and we spoke to oundt atheng
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if the greek people are tiie with papademos as the new prime minister. >> mixed reactions from the people. onwon s llg how book is papademos served as the ad nier, so all of his failedes are rll h advisers and we will not see any change when it comes to the g lies, financial decisions as well. ma that i was speaking to said the authority, cee excellence that because papademos has -- -- that lucas papademoss,o rg at he r athe greek government, all of these will bewh ty negotiate the second bailout with the country. hopes are very much pin country restore its tarnished credibility.
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a group has scheduled a protest against these political deloents and against book is papademos. theyayhahe represents the choice of the establishment, he is a bker, and very much reflects all of theiske th he enarried on. these people did not like him. med emotions. it remains to be seen if the greekswi go into the streets and vent their opposition. mu wlbe expected from book padoso ae reconcthisnchor of greeks agns austerity and european union demands -- much will be expectrothisapem. >>ot everyone and greece is happy that an economist is now running the cnt.
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the communist party and union had a mass rly ainst the prime minister. they say has promised to stick tohegrments that the e.u. made it just means more suffering for greek workers. thcoer are the third largest party. > italy is said to be next i rewind. and economists is expected to lead a transitional government. the pieces are being put in place r ghraitn en the prime minister silvio berlusconi gives up power. is believed to be holding talks this evening with the italiarede, jules on a napolitano. that is still not clear when berlusconi will step down, but clde elys this weekend. italy and greece are just two countries in trouble in the resin. the debt crisis has become so big that it threatens to stifle economic growth.
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the eopn uon economic chief put it in his latest report. if european countries did not get their fiscal houses in order, trernoecsi i inevitable. >> the report shows the impact of the sovereign debt crisis of the european economy is worse anead. he says that eurozone growth has ground to a halt and it could be heading for tough economic times. >> as for now, the european economics is gloomy. as we know, this forecast is the last week up call -- at wake up call that the recovery in e roan union has come to a standstill and there is a new recession a must determine tha acons ke >> the european commission revised its forecast of growth down to 1.5% thisye. growth across the eurozone in
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2012 is predicted to virtually stagnate at just 0.5%. greece could see its debt increased two fold. five countries are on course to exceed their debt limits. he also called on italy to form a new government as soon as possible. he warned that t cnt' borrowing costs could approach unsustainable levels. >> in the short term, the impact will happen relatively soon. this will have at a significant impact on the financing conditions, and the real economics. >> he called for more fiscal discli t help spur economic growth. he hopes to have controls on economic members in hopes of
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onolnghemot debt. despite the forecast, the market seemed to have perked up today. >> utus optimism, with a little bit of relief. the euro, shares in germany and the u.s. all rebound it thursday after an italian debt auction went better than expected. italy and greece moved cser to forming national unity governments come encouraging signs amid an abundance of warriors. mixed sna lkese to fuel more volatility in the days to come. >> many observers see encouraging signals coming from ital yields on the country's bonds eased thursday. that gave traders on the frankfurt floor a bit of breathing space but they warned that role must be quick to install a new reform-minded government. >> if nataly fails to get their political house in order, there will be no help to get italy
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needs to roll up their sleeves and do their homework. >> investors and greece are worried there could be a two- tier eurozone, with some economies and one group and weak ones in the other. >> we should not consider dividing the roza like that until all their options have been examined. the eurozone with all of its different members must learn to stand together, even in a crisis situation. >> even warnings from the european commission of the potential eurozone recession did not affect european markets very much thursday. perhaps it has already been priced in. i>> german blue chips enjoyed a strong rebound. we have this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> several strong earnings reports.
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deutsche telekom topped analysts' forecasts, mostly thanks to vigorous ct-cutting. still, investors remain cautious. this was clear this thursday, when the fertilizer producer reported that wholesale dealers are a bit reluctant with the new orders and that it could well be that earnings this year may be at a tiny little bit below the forecasts. their stock immediately slumped and lost nearly 5%. staying in frankfurt, for a look at thursday's numbers, starting off with the dax. that is up by 0.6%. atthe euro stoxx 50 up. across the atlantic on wall street, the dow jones looking solid, but 0.75%.
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and the currency market, the row trading higher against the dollar, $1.3590. amid all of the bad news and turbulence, there are some encouraging signals coming from portugal. the euro group chairman does not expect lisbon to need a second injection of bailout cash because of portugal's efforts to meet its budget goals. they began debating planned austerity measures thursday. the package includes tax hikes and wage cuts. the government has a comfortable majority in parliament and the bill is expected to pass easily, especially since opposition groups have pledged to support it. the boss of siemens says he does not see a recession looming and expects his engineering giant to post moderate growth in 2012. he also sees sales topping 100 billion euros per year in the medium term.
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for the past fiscal year, siemens just posted record operating results, with global orders climbing 16%. >> a high profit raked in by german companies last year are a distant memory. this year, the eurozone debt crisis looks set to slam the brakes on growth. europe's largest engineering company siemens is bracing for the fallout, and it says things have to change. >> of course the debt crisis has to be soft. your past to better coordinate its bigness at -- your past to better court and its business and economic policies. at the same time, there have to be measures to spur economic growth. but the real economy and industry are not in sync with the financial markets at the moment. >> luckily for siemens, and has the financial clout to act independently of those markets.
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it can fall back on the 13 billion euro cushion during tough times. even now, siemens is creating a new infrastructure demand -- infrastructure section to be the featured a man of futures markets. rescue workers are searching for survivors after another major earthquake in eastern turkey. dozens have been rescued, but many more are trapped under the debris. the five. magna sued it -- the 5.7 magnitude or earthquake struck just two weeks after another earthquake killed 300 people at the same area. >> a survivor is found in the rubble. emergency crews are searching for anyone still alive on the collapsed buildings. the earthquake struck wednesday night, causing two hotels and more than 20 houses to fall. many of them were empty,
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abandoned after the last earthquake. this man had just left a hotel when the earthquake struck. >> there were things falling from the buildings. the people were screaming and everything was covered in dust. >> the search continues. it is not clear how many are trapped underground. >> the number of survivors who have been pulled from the rubble has risen to 30, and nine people have died. >> as well as the collapsed hotels, angry residents protested. they say authority should have closed the hotels following the earthquake three weeks ago. the police responded with force. away from the protest, rescuers continued their work. they know that time is not on their side. syrian opposition activists
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say security forces have killed at least 25 people due to the latest crackdown on protesters. these images were uploaded to the web. this is supposed to be wednesday, activists say. they arrested dozens of people. the syrian government agreed to a peace plan last week, but the violence has continued to. protesters are calling for nationwide rallies on friday to demand the suspension of syria's membership. germany is set to withdraw thousands of soldiers from afghanistan next year. they admitted the proposal thursday that would see germany's force in afghanistan reduced by almost 1000 soldiers. correlate, 5350 are deployed there. -- currently, 5350 are deployed there. opinion polls show the position is not popular with the german
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voters. 5 of the original six back in the running for the around the world ocean race. abu dabi lost their massed just hours after the start of the race. they are almost 1,600 kilometers behind the leaders. that is the french yacht, past the canary islands, on its way to keep count. a u.s. server has broken the world record for the largest wave ever ridden. he completed his feet off the coast of portugal. it is an area notorious for its enormous the swells. that the mayor caught a massive 30-meter waves. -- mcnamara, a massive 30-meter wave. amazingly, mcnamara managed to stay on his feet throughout.
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amazing. stay with us for in depth. we will be back in a moment.
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welcome back. that is just over eight months since japan was hit by an earthquake and tsunami which triggered the worst disaster in the world in 20 years. nobody narrows -- nobody knows how much damage was done by the fukushima nuclear plant. at the time, there was an outrage at the handling of the crisis by the operator of the plant as well as the government. the anger remains. tens of thousands were evacuated from their homes. many say they will never go back there to live, at despite the potential dangers, some people like those just on the edge of the 20 kilometer exclusion zone either refused to leave or have started to return, including some young families with children.
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life there is bleak. they receive little outside help. dozens of people have taken their own lives in desperation. a buddhist monk is trying to help current he says that people's souls are connected with their land and he wants them to -- and wants to help them rebuild their lives. >> it has been raining here for days. a typhoon is approaching. that is a frightening prospect for this month. every drop of water contains radioactive cesium. he checks the wind speed at atmospheric pressure. the data that he receives is vitally important, 20 kilometers away from the damaged fukushima nuclear power plant. >> risk of contamination is much higher if the weather is bad. if we get what, our skin soaks up the gamma rays. that is why we have to protect
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ourselves from rainwater. >> hot care rescue, and they have made a brave decision to stay in the evacuation zone. he cares for those who decided not to leave, the elderly, and those living alone. people like this person. hardly anyone lives closer to the disaster site, where the radiation is dangerously high for at 20, 30, 40 lycoris sieverts. our. he should have gone, but explains why he stayed. >> why do i stay? our relatives have lived here at the thousand years. i cannot run away. i have to stay here until i die. >> it is depressing. the people of very spiritual. but their souls are closely connected to the area. they had to leave quickly but
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did not want to. it is a real dilemma. >> the produce from the gardens is hazardous waste. monks won a tested, along with the spring water from the mountain. -- marks what it tested, along with the spring water from the mountain. he experienced the march disaster first hand as a co- worker inside of the nuclear power plant. >> that was no ordinary explosion and block three of fukushima. there was a chain reaction involving uranium and plutonium, and it all blew into the air. but nobody is measuring. nobody wants to. i think the government is hiding the truth. >> if a chain reaction with uranium and plutonium took place, it would have been something like a nuclear explosion.
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this person's yawn family lived close by. they have four children. the youngest was born three months after the nuclear accident. at their home was contaminated. it now they live with their in- laws just a few kilometers away. >> it is especially stressful for the children. they cannot play outside anymore. they have to wear masks and caps on their heads. they have to wear jackets and long sleeve shirts, even in the summer. >> she drives her children at to school, through the contaminated grain. this city is hanging on, defined the dangers posed by fukushima. the city council is actively recruiting young families to live here, but is it safe? >> put it in the washing machine. >> today, they're getting their own personal 30 meters.
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parents campaign for months to get the devices, but the teacher is still not satisfied. >> i do not like handing out the meters. the instruments to not even show the radiation level. all they do is store the data. it would have been better if the children got an immediate warning so they could run a wedbush. -- so they could run away. >> living with constant uncertainty destroys you in saside, he says. some did not want to eat. others have taken to drinking. others have killed themselves. there have been more than 70 suicides in the fukushima region since march. >> to me, the sound of the sea at the cemetery sounds like the voices of the dead. that sounds like a cry for help. we have to do better at explaining how dangerous radioactivity is or we will never be happy again.
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>> this person has an apartment at the city hospital to get her son's tested for radioactivity. 75 students are being tested each day, which will cover all the students within a year. >> i am afraid the results will be bad. on the other hand, i want to know the truth. i am torn. >> the scanner detects radioactive particles in the body. caesium and bones, iodine and the thyroid. in fukushima, doctors have already discovered bad news. every second child has been contaminated with cesium. child cancer rates will soon increase. at this person is worried. it is she is five months pregnant. >> everyone says it is okay,
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don't worry, but you never know if they will get sick in 5, 10 years. maybe one day we will regret staying here. >> stay put or start anew. the month has been called to a new development on the edge of the city. a young family with two children live here. in one year, there have been exposed to three times more nuclear radiation that is safe for a german power plant worker. >> we will see how much decontamination we complete today. we will start at the top, with the roof, then the walls, then the pathway in the front of the house. >> the group puts on helmets, face masks, and protective suits before they get started there gradually trying to decontaminate all of the city, from the schools and streets to
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people's private homes. it is risky work. and some say there is really no point. come winter, the wind blowing down from the mountain is likely to carry new radioactive particles into the area. this person has received a radiation test results in the mail. are her son's healthy? >> everything is all right. there are different numbers. my younger sons are somewhat higher than the other, but there below the limit, and that makes me happy. >> the hospital says the results are hardly above average when calculated over a person's lifetime. doctors say the residence about 20 kilometers from the fukushima plant have only been exposed to an extra x-rays' worth of additional radiation. >> fukushima was the focus of
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in depth. that is it for the show. thank you for being with us on the dw-tv.
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