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tv   Journal  PBS  November 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute the chancellor calls for a stronger commitment to europe by germany. >> of the eu looks on nervously as italy moss -- italy's new man in charge struggles to save the country from crisis. >> government officials are expressing concern and dismay over a series of murders here in
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germany linked to right-wing terrorism. of turkish origin or shot dead in separate attacks across the country. believed to be connected. the fourth suspect was delivered to germany's highest court. the presiding judge issued an arrest warrant based on evidence demand aided and abetted the terror cell. the 37-year-old lived in a small town. he was known to police, but had members of the seller received support from a network of neo- nazi sympathizers. there are growing calls for.
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germany's interior minister has pointed to obstacles. ban would have to come from the court, and in communications with informants on the inside. >> as more evidence of the activities comes to light, there is mounting criticism of germany's domestic intelligence services. >> there were some question marks indicating that once again, a public institution was blind to what was happening on the four why french -- far right fringe. >> 22 people were wounded in that blast.
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>> we will have more on this story coming up in our report after the news. the chancellor has told her party delegates that a closer union with in europe is the only way out of the euro zone debt crisis. speaking at a party conference, she said that a strong europe is essential for the futures prosperity of germany. angela merkel has been facing some criticism from her own party over her handling of the debt crisis. >> she received broad party support for her policies. that followed an emotional appeal to the conference earlier in the day. >> europe has a common destiny and a globalized world. that is why now is the time to act. this is the moment to move forward. to do what is necessary at home and in the united europe to
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defend the values that are worth defending. >> she is calling for more joint european responsibility, including a euro wide tax on financial transactions. there was gunny's among some delicate about the increasing cost of bailing out troubled economies. >> we are now financing the escalating states data sets of several countries. that is not what we agreed to. >> on the domestic front, they agreed to a legally binding minimum wage, something that conservatives always rejected. >> we spoke to our chief political correspondent and began by asking her what the christian democrats had decided on so far on this issue of the euro zone crisis. >> it was lively, some skeptical
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voices were raised on euro zone policy, but in the end, a solid majority agreed to all of the party leadership proposals. that means a clear no to a more aggressive role for the ecb. a very clear yes to what the chancellor called mort europe, meeting more fiscal and political integration. we heard a rousing compelling speeches from both the chancellor and the finance minister. sometimes quite emotional on the need for continuing german commitment and leadership. we saw a clear consensus emerged that the cdu is a pro-europe party that wants to rise to the challenge. >> there was some concern that angela merkel is moving too far to the left. what are you hearing? >> that is right. you could sum up the direction at the party conference over the
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past year as a shift towards the middle, a shift away from that neo-liberalism toward a more compassionate conservative. that has been most visible. about adoption of a form of a minimum-wage. critics say that takes the party too far away from its core values. it is all about the election opportunism, but the chancellor says, this is about the central christian ethics. >> thank you for that during much. -- very much. >> international pressure on syria continues to grow. king abdullah of jordan has added his voice to those condemning the regime. he called don bashar al-assad to step down. the arab league has announced --
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damascus said welcome such a mission. over the weekend, the arab league suspended serious membership and is also planning to introduce economic sanctions. in addition to that, eu foreign ministers meeting in brussels agreed on tougher measures to impose on syria for its crackdown on opposition protesters. this comes as turkey warns that the syrian leader is committing political suicide by going after his own people. >> german foreign minister insisting military intervention is out of the question, saying syria is a completely different case that libya. >> it means assets worth several hundred million euros will be frozen.
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their bank accounts will be frozen. >> in a reference to russia's recent veto against sanctions 40, they called -- sanctions, they called on moscow to rethink its stance. >> the dutch foreign minister says his government no longer rule out military action. germany and france disagreed. >> we must use sanctions to increase the pressure and avoid any irreparable intervention. >> the eu aims to reach a decision on further sanctions against iran in december. >> let's check in the with steven parent can italy rescue itself from the debt crisis? >> the markets do not seem convinced. italian officials are racing against time.
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italy is one of the most indebted nations and of the world. there is a lot of work to be done. there is also a lot of convincing to be done. >> italy's financial situation remains precarious. on monday, the markets did not appear calmed. italy had to offer 6.3% interest. that is the highest yield since the introduction of the euro. >> today's auction was not very successful. the markets are waiting to see what the cabinet will look like. it is still too early to say whether a bond sale was a premature failure. the markets are still waiting to test the government. >> mario monti faces a mammoth task to bring italy's finance is under control.
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it is still has to be paid 37 billion euros in doubt by the end of this year. that is just the beginning. in 2012, it faces a bill of pre hndred 7 billion euros. on saturday, lawmakers passed an ambitious package of austerity measures. his main task will be to ensure that they are implemented. >> he is very good, i hope he can restore and maintain confidence. wait and see. we certainly need some kind of change. >> mario monti is under pressure to quickly form a new government. >> italy's biggest bank is also struggling with major financial difficulties. the institution surprise the markets, reported a 10.6 billion
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euros net loss. >> it is a stunning setback for italy's biggest bank. they have been struggling in its home market and acquisitions in eastern europe have proved costly. it is that you write down the value of its entire operations. in the ukraine. the bank posted a loss of 10.6 billion euros in the third quarter, a huge sum. the bank aims to repair the holes in its balance sheet by raising 7.5 billion euros in new capital. over 6000 jobs will also be axed, most of them in italy. the bank also has to contend with italy's debt crisis. it holds 40 billion euros and italian sovereign bonds. >> for a roundup of the market's
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action, let's go to frankfurt. >> changes in greece and italy will help to set the country's back on track. the worries are remaining. italy has to pay record height yields. refinancing will be a rather expensive. the financial sector is still suffering from the debt crisis. italy's biggest bank suffers from heavy write-downs coming from eastern europe and also from a break bonds and we did great -- greek bonds. >> at the closing market numbers. the dax, 1.2% lower.
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across the headland, the dow jones at 12,056. deutsche bank says the ceo will not seek to become chairman of the advisory board next year. the company said the supervisory board recommended instead. he has led the bank since 2002 and plans to step down in may after the company's annual shareholder meeting. the cadet -- prosecutors searched the bank's offices in connection with this testimony in a long-running court case brought against the bank. his company went bankrupt in 2002. portugal's economy continues to cause concern. gross domestic product shrank by almost half of% -- half of a
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percent. output has fallen 1.7%. the downturn is the result of slow export growth and a significant reduction in investment. officials expect the economy to contract again next year. >> the man accused of -- brevik admitted killing 77 people at a youth camp, but he denied any guilt. claiming he was a military commander of the right-wing movement. >> the hearing took place in this district courtroom. it was open to the public. the judge did not allow him to make a statement.
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>> security was tight and several hundred people crammed into the courtroom. reporters and spectators got a look at him for the first time since his arrest. family and friends of the victims gathered outside, relieved that he is being brought to justice. >> he cannot hurt us. it is safe. >> he has admitted killing -- committing two separate attacks on july 22. after detonating a car bomb, he went on a shooting spree. he claimed 77 victims. his motives was hatred of the islamic faith. he described himself as a military commander for the norwegian resistance movement.
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the massacre shocked norway and the entire world. >> in the world of literature, chinese author has been awarded the prestigious prize for his powerful memoirs about his time in a chinese jail. it is an eyewitness reports about life in chinese prisons. he was able to publish his manuscript only after immigrating to germany earlier this year. i will be back after a very short break and we will be taking an in-depth look at right wing extremist violence in germany. to not go away. -- do not go away.
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>> every day, it seems that more and more details are coming out about an organized far-right group in the country which allegedly carried out at least 10 murders over a period of seven years. between the years 2000 and 2007, 8 people of turkish origin were killed in various cities across the country. a policewoman was also killed. questions are being asked as to how the group got away with the killings and a series of bank robberies, despite being under police surveillance. media reports also suggested the group may have had contacts within a state intelligence service. here is a closer look at the case which has gripped the nation.
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>> 19908, police discovered a bomb making shop and weapons. warrants were issued for three suspects. they were never captured. the german news magazine is reporting the trio had links to a local neo-nazi group. it included a paid informant. that has raised questions about how the suspects for able to evade the police for so long. >> it certainly received help and protection would then be -- within the neo-nazi group. whether they also received covered from employees of state agencies is not something i am informed about.
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>> part of this house in these east german city was granted by the trio. just over a week ago, a bomb went off in the building. investigators found disturbing evidence, including fake identification papers, similar to those used by germany's secret services. lawmakers want to know how they got there. >> the original intelligence agencies also is insisted it was acted as an early morning system for democracy. it is becoming pretty obvious that something went wrong. it was not an early warning system. >> germany's regional intelligence agencies are likely to come under close scrutiny. >> there were protest here in the german capital on sunday against police failures in this case. angela merkel said the killings were a national disgrace and she has pledged a full investigation.
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the case has also raised the larger issue of the far right in germany. how organized is it? what is the potential for organized violence? have the authority is underestimated the threat? >> the four years ago, we talked to this right wing extremist that was sent to prison. we are asked him whether he ever apologized to the victims. >> i can not have anything to do with it so i did not see any reason for me to apologize. >> experts say there are organized cells of militant neo- nazis throughout germany. they like to participate in demonstrations of commercial power. they often glorify violence. >> basically, what they are
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doing stems from nazi ideology. they see a need to resist democracy. they see a need to resist what is known as a foreign infiltration. in other words, immigrants. >> they dismiss them as insignificant or irrelevant. when it became clear that the young policewoman was killed, it was dismissed as an isolated act. >> my note working hypothesis is when you have an organized group of militant activist, you have to -- you have a foundation for a terrorist gang. you have to look at the kind of people who are involved to see if they could turn to terrorism. i think that is possible in any
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well-developed structure. >> in addition to a willingness to use violence, many have connections to the mpd. one such member is this man. several years ago, he tried to run down a lebanese rapidly with his car. police searching his home found a submachine gun, a semiautomatic pistol. >> earlier, we talk to our political correspondent. we asked him how the german authorities remained on aware of the group's activities for such a long time. >> clearly, there is a failure by police to establish a link between these murders. with the other activities of this group, such as bank robberies and it may be a difficulty that this group was
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operating around the country in there is also a suggestion that police and other authorities may have a blind spot that they may believe that there is no such thing as organized terror attacks carried out by the far right. of course, of a left-wing extremist in the past, one thinks of the red army faction. there has been those with right- wing terrorism. they have not taken this issue seriously enough. >> simon, what about media reports that the neo-nazi had links to the domestic intelligence services? >> these two men that committed suicide may have been cooperating in some way with the
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intelligence services, at least at the regional level. these faults identity objects were found in the house where they had been living. these documents are only available to people who are operating with the intelligence services. it seems that the problem is -- it has had problems in the past. it has been criticized for continuing links with neo-nazis. at any rate, it seems that those intelligence authorities did not pass on their information to national intelligence services, let alone to the justice authorities or to politicians. in that sense, this whole case represents a massive failure by
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the domestic security services. >> there have been new calls for a band of the far right mpd. >> angela merkel has been saying that she will look at that. the mpd is a legal political party. it is represented and regional parliaments and receive taxpayer funding. the government has tried to ban the mpd. they could not tell who was too. that has been the problem in the past. it will take a long time to withdraw those people. that, of course, complicates the situation. it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. >> thank you during much. investigating the far right in germany has been the focus of "in depth." thank you for joining us.
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stay tuned.
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