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tv   Journal  PBS  December 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> you are watching "the journal" here on dw tv. >> welcome. >> here are the headlines this our. eurozone crisis. german chancellor angela merkel demands patience. parliamentary elections are coming in. and the 2012 football championships. we will talk about which sides have the luck of the draw, and which ones do not. this is a marathon, not a
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sprint. that is out german chancellor angela merkel describe the process of fixing the eurozone. >> she says it fundamental changes are necessary to keep the 0 live. >> those changes could include how all eurozone countries run their finances. this will be discussed at a crucial summit in just one week. >> again, rejected ideas that quick fixes simply will not work. >> germany has been accused of wanting to dominate europe and of putting its own interests first, but chancellor angela merkel said it was simply advocating against the culture of instability. >> we have to work to strengthen the foundations of economic and monetary union. we have to repair the construction mistakes made when the economic and monetary union was formed.
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we have to finish the job. the goal is fiscal union. >> that would require a change in the eu treaties. merkel tougher sanctions for those who break the rules. >> a central element of the new stability union, fiscal union should be a debt break for members of the eurozone. there will be further aspects as well. we need to create stronger and more tightly integrated structures in the eurozone. we need to tackle problems early to prevent the crisis from occurring in the first place. >> the opposition says that's merkel was preaching fiscal discipline, but not practicing it at home. >> the european house is on re, and u're sred a rning yr fiers. you fly away the politic the crisiso on as make o whethr
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l ro bo race. weha most of the individual candidate resav go to a runoff, which will take place next week. show the islamist parties are doing well. this is the resultcandidates tho very welinhe runoffs. the candidates are t win. >> what is this going to mean for those segments of society, and also the political spectrum ingy, atreot connected to the islamist parties? do they have anything to gain now? >> ll, they are certainly
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going to be interested and come tn e next round of the elections. theynt tth polls and make sureha the pay's get as high a percentage as possible. a lot of tm a cceed about where things are going to go. >> thank yy ch >> the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton today held a ting with the burmese oppositionde. w a symbolic moment there, especially in the scene where thtw women met. the nethe burmese leader was held at -- they met with the rme ad was held in prison for several years. >> it w t sonimth two women met in as many days. th hd talks with the nobel
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peace prizeinr -- where the nobel peace prize winner was kept imprisoned. she talked about the careful ties withur after decades of dictatorship. later, clinton talked of -- talked with representativesf r's ethnic minorities. >> we will match action for acon if there is enough progress, you know, obviously we will be nserg lifting sanctions. but ai said before, and we are still at the very ely sge of this dialogue. >> the u.s. maintains sanctions on senior leaders in burma, whh was ruled by a military junta
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>> the afghan president mohamed karzai -- comment karzai -- hamid karzai welcomed by the foreign minister. germany has pledged long time -- long-term assistance to afghanistan after the nato pullout in 2014. earlier i spoke to our correspoenin bonn, and i asked about the hopes and expectations for this conference. >> they have spoken of a common vision for afghanistan after troopsitra i20. there are three parts to that vision. first, the transfer of responsibility for security to the afghan government. then theueio oow to get commitments from the international community to assist afghanistan, even after the tros thaw i20.
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the third part is how to achieve reconciliation among the rival factions in afghanistan after theorgnros ve lt. now the german and afghan foreign ministers published a joint editorial in a german par o friday saying the conference should set a cornerstone for the political system in afghanistan afterhe taliban era has come to an end. but no one sees that era on the horizon. >> how serious alo iit that pakistan is not taking part? >> everyone agrees that pakistan will play an important rolen afghanistan's future. in the a determining role to some degree. there are different views however on what it means that pakistan is bcoin this conference. some feel it will deal a serious blow to the conference, undermine it complety indeed. others say the conference is doomed to failure it anyway
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because the taliban as represented here. it is not car t cfenc would be better off if pakistan were here. >> all right, that is our political correspondent the fo a now to talk steel. >> deal, still. no corporate news. the largest steel company declared a loss. they remainspiay wk in the u.s. there is uncertainty over how the european sovereign debt crisis will impact core markets in europe and north america. thurnt environment is not easy for the company. >> part-timers for german industrial giant -- hard times for a german industrial giant. the steelmaker had to write down some 2.9 billion euros oit u.s. and stainless steel businesses. the company is also suffering from spiraling cost overruns for the construction oa new plant
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in brazil which is still not running at capacity. >> w have to say that we're not going to be able to compensate for these increased costs in the short term. the improvementannot be expected until the second half year. we expect a negative result for steel in the current financial year. >> 1 rating agency refused to release a forecast, but they did say they are expecting declines in european steel business. >> germany's auto industry has had a bumper year and 2011. the bda says total sales are up 13%. forecast for the coming year are not as positive to to the scope of the financial crisis. of the manufacturers are looking to the u.s., china, and russia.
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and now we go to sports. >> yes, you were saying earlier, it felt like the world cup a couple hours ago. soccer is making big news in europe. the draw has just been made for the 2012 european championships to take place in poland and ukraine. poland avoided the big sighs. spain will face italy in their group. there is a fascinating client prospects between germany and the netherlands. ukraine's group includes england, then finalists, and that may help next summer. >> all right, let's talk about what this brought tells us. and our man of the hour is here in sports. let's start with group c. >> that is spain's group. all eyes are on the.
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they are the world and european champions. they are the favorites going into next summer as well. they have croatia and italy, and ireland, which is fairly favorable to them. they might throw out some surprises there. that said, spain does not have much to fear. they have had a few wobbles recently. >> let's move to group b. germany, of course, is in that. obviously, a great game in the making here, germany and the netherlands. >> they are great rivals, obviously. germany does not have much to fear that. -- germany does not have much to fear that. is a tough group the. -- it is a tough group the. germany has a score brimming over with young stars. after spain, there definitely
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said it favors for the tournament. i think they will go quite far. >> all these games take place at basically in new stadiums. this is the first time in eastern european is -- eastern europe is hosting this tournament. there are reports of delays. are we going to be disappointed summer of next year? >> certainly not. this is the last tournament before 2014, so we will relief and savor the football this time around. the stadiums of, leaps and bounds in the last 12 months. -- the stadiums have, leaps and bounds in the last 12 months. i do not think a few pot hold -- potholed rhodes will stop germany. >> it never has.
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i guess you are the man with the optimism. stay with us, what happens when the leaves afghanistan. back in one minute.
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>> all combat, everyone. it was 10 years ago this month -- will come back, everyone. it was 10 years ago this month when leaders discussed the future of afghanistan. it was a moment of modest tow. the taliban had been ousted in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. there was talk of rebuilding shattered infrastructure and restoring human rights to groups such as women. fast forward to today, and world leaders are about to gather in bonn to discuss hopes for the next few decades. those hopes remain just that, hopes. women still face huge problems in their everyday lives.
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>> this is kabul today. large areas of the afghan capitol remain undeveloped. many homes do not have electricity. donkeys are used to haul firewood to homes on the hills. but not everyone is pour. wealthier districts are packed with shops selling a variety of goods. kabul is a mirror of afghan society. men dominate the public sphere, from politics to the workplace. women are marginalized. many where the full length gurkha -- burkha, as they did when the taliban were in power. young women here are gathering for their first lesson in activism.
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>> look here, it is all green here. there is a bridge down there so you can cross our river. everything is peaceful. piece is the most wonderful word there is. need to teach that to your husband's and above all to your son's. >> she has been a teacher for 30 years. now every three days she leaves the capitol to teach women in thational help us do not arrive. >> 10 years ago, promises were made at the bonn conference that are never fulfilled. at the time, they said they would help war widows and teachers. i have not seen that happen. not at all. >> and she does not expect this year's bond conference to change much. but pessimism is not part of her
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curriculum. >> these courses have a huge effect on the mn. if there is even a small chance of achieving something, we must give them the self-confidence to do that. we often say it is god's will when we mean we are powerless. but we can achieve anything. >> she asks the class what misfortune is. 1 yen woman responds, "misfortune is win your parents argue or you do not have enough to eat." this is an important part of the course. for these women, it is a rare chance to be free of social constraints. behind these walls, away from the strict laws and traditions that rule their daily lives.
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>> the truth as to be told that the bonn conference. what our politicians say often has no bearing on reality. women's rights are trampled on in this country. girls cannot go to school. we have to speak openly about the situation as it is. >> we're back in kabul. most delegates from afghanistan have already left for germany. few believe the bond conference will address the country's most pressing problems. that they are grateful there is a discussion on the future of afghanistan and the rights of women and children. >> framing at those talks in bonn, a deadline, 2014. by then, western powers will withdraw their combat forces from afghanistan and leave security in the hands of domestic forces.
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this deadline is controversial, and there is no way of knowing what afghanistan will look like in three years. the key regional power, pakistan, is boycotting the bonn conference after nato aircraft killed 24 of its soldiers last week in what the alliance called upon " a tragic attack." as you can imagine, nothing is easy or simple when it comes to talking afghanistan. nevertheless, we decided to do just that in our next report. >> 130,000 troops from 50 nations. the u.s. is the biggest contributor to the nato forces in afghanistan. the road map has been laid out, but not everyoneees with the timing. so, and when is the best time for withdrawal? >> i think it is very dangerous. to set a date or a year and say, by that year we are going to be out.
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it has to be conditioned on what happens on the ground. >> the combat forces will be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. but there will still be a training capability for the police, the army, for others in 2014, because they will need that. >> the international community is gradually handing over responsibility for security to afghan forces. but the power struggle between the taliban, local leaders, and kabul is it increasingly leaving scars on the country. what will happen once international forces leave? >> there is the possibility of some insecurity in the country, but i think the afghan people have to be empowered to take responsibility themselves. >> the international community cannot repeat the colossal mistake it made after the withdrawal of the soviet troops.
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>> the whole afghan region is still traumatized after the experience of being abandoned in 1990's. i think we have learned from that. >> i hope and i am sure that this promise is fulfilled, things will get slightly better in the future. >> afghanistan has a new infrastructure. boys and girls now go to school. power plants have been built. elections have been held. the next generation stands to benefit. what has been achieved in the last 10 years? >> would think there have been very significant achievements in the past 10 years. of course, the problems, the insecurity that is still there, the terrorism, the nature of the insurgency. we have to remember there's progress in the field of women's rights, access to education, the economy, building infrastructure.
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>> it is a mixed picture. we have made some significant progress, but we have also made mistakes. we were far too ambitious in our expectations and goals in trying to create a kind of switzerland's. >> we are all aware that now. >> in the last 10 years, violence has been down, but not by enough. expectations were high. what should have been achieved was not. >> we are frustrated at the way things have gone. >> we have unfortunately invested in the strategy much too much. therefore we have not place the emphasis on the civilian components of the exit strategy, and we suffer from that. >> and that has been our in-
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depth report. thank you for watching. have a good weekend, everyone.
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