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tv   Journal  PBS  January 7, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> welcome to the journal, live from dw. i am steve thomas. >> i am steve chaid. >> the opening of the berlin brandenburg international airport is again delayed. >> five gang rape suspects appear in court for their first hearing. >> get ready for the wagner year as classical music fans celebrate the 200th anniversary of the german composer prosper a. -- gir-- german composer's birt.
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>> construction problems and safety concerns have dealt yet another set act, the fifth now, to berlin's new international airport. no new opening date has been scheduled, what it is looking like the airport might not be opening before 2014. >> the delays are now having political repercussions. early in's mayor has announced his resignation of chair -- berlin's mayor has announced his resignation as chair. >> the list of problems facing berlin's new airport is getting even longer. the latest raft of issues means the airport will not be able to meet the revised opening date of october this year. over one billion euros more could be needed for the project. it was one disaster to many for klaus wowereit. after a crisis meeting, the mayor of berlin resigned from his post.
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he has come to represent the continued failure of a project which has been delayed yet again. wowereit not give any information about when the airport will finally be open for business. >> a new deadline cannot be given at the moment, as we have made clear. it will be considered by the supervisory board. work on that will be continued as before, but further steps need to be taken before a new deadline can be given. >> the board has reportedly known about the delay for weeks. wowereit's opponents are not happy about that. some say it is time for him to go. >> at this point, it must be said that klaus wowereit is no longer fit for the job, especially if it is true that he left the public in the dark for weeks, leading as a --
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leaving us a disaster that will cost hundreds of billions of euros or more. >> beyond 2014, there is little indication when the new hub might open its doors. >> a lot of questions out there. our political correspondent is following this story for us. how could this happen in a nation that is so very proud of its reputation for efficiency and technology? >> it looks like a mixture of planning failures, technical failures, and failures of the management oversight process. the problems are not just with the fire safety systems. experts are also saying that the baggage handling system in this new airport will not be big enough to take all the bags that this huge airport is going to have to deal with. they are also saying that cables have been laid in the wrong place, and a whole list of other problems -- all these things are going to have to be
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sorted out. the costs are spiraling. look on the bright side -- berlin has two other airports still that people can fly in and out of. it's not as if the german capital is cut off from the outside world quite yet. >> looking on the bright side. is it too optimistic to say the airport will be opening in 2014? could there be more political consequences? >> that is the really shocking thing today -- that no one is willing to stick their neck out and say when the airport might open or even to say when say whs going to open. i think these repeated delays have taught everyone that it is unwise to make predictions. as for further political fallout, some are calling for berlin's mayor to resign. equally, questions could be asked of the federal transport minister, who is also being close asch who has also been closely involved in planning this new airport -- who has
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also been closely involved in planning this new airport. accusations are the only thing flying so far. >> thanks so much. that's cross over to the u.s. -- let's cross over to the you tha u.s. u.s. chuck hagel has been nominated as the secretary of the defense -- as secretary of defense. he has been criticized for opposing israel -- opposing strong action against iran. obama has also nominated john brennan to head the central intelligence agency. we cross over now live to washington. what more can you tell us about obama's pics? -- picks?
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>> john brennan is truly an insider. he has 25 years of counterintelligence experience. he has been a trusted advisor for the republicans and the democrats. he is very much trusted by obama. it is said that he only needed to raise his hand if he wanted the job, and, apparently, that is what he did. he he supported the so-called enhanced interrogation technique, most commonly known as waterboarding, back under the bush administration am a but that should not keep him from being nominated -- bush administration thomas but that should not keep him from being -- back under the bush administration. that should not keep him from being confirmed. he is a real vietnam veteran, chuck hagel. that is not what is controversial about him. he is a very outspoken politician. he was a republican senator, but it is the republicans who do not like him now because he
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supported president obama in the 20 12th and also because of the things he said. is about three things ash in 2012 and also because of the things he said. -- who do not like him now because he supported president obama in 2012 and also because of things he said. it is because of three things. most importantly, he called one of the most powerful pro-israel lobby groups in washington pro -- jew is -- row-jewish -- rpro- jewish. >> is looking -- is it looking like he will get calm her -- is it looking like he will get confirmation? >> some i not vote for him because of his aggressively gay comments -- some might not vote
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for him because of his aggressively gay comments. it will be an uphill battle. >> thank you so much from washington. staying in the u.s., a new coalition of gun rights activists says it wants to take the work of the powerful lobby group, the national rifle association, a step further as the debate about the second amendment heats up. >> the second amendment association has urged gun owners to turn out in force a day before obama is scheduled to be sworn in for his second term. this comes in response to the president promised to tighten gun laws. >> gun shows like this one in orlando, florida, have been doing brisk business. gun shows have reported a surge in demand since the new town rampage. many are worried that tougher laws could make it more difficult for them to buy certain kinds of weapons.
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>> they are afraid they are going to lose their gun rights, their second amendment rights, so they want to get a gun. hopefully, they will be grandfathered in. if mr. obama makes any changes, they will be covered. >> the murder of 20 schoolchildren and six educators by a gunman in newtown, connecticut, triggered widespread calls for tighter gun controls. president obama and many lawmakers have promised to take action. one proposal has to been -- has been to renew a ban on military -- military-style assault weapons, like the one used by the connecticut gunman. sales of those weapons were banned from 1994 two 2000 four. the proposal that the white house is now reported to be considering -- from 1994 to 20 04. the proposal that the white house is now reported to be considering would also include better background checks. >> special courts are being set
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up to fast-track trials for sex crimes following the brutal outcry -- the public outcry over the brutal rape and murder in delhi. the current backlog may have fueled a rise in rates. >> five suspects appeared in court in india today for the first time to face charges for that attack in the indian capital. the proceedings were held behind closed doors amidst protests and increasing calls for the attackers to receive the death penalty. >> five of the six accused appeared before a deli he'd thank judge to hear the charges against them. -- ellie bang -- delhi judge to hear the charges against them. the judge closed proceedings to the public after tempers flared in the courtroom. a shouting match broke out when one lawyer broke out -- one lawyer stepped forward to defend the suspects. >> i know the whole country has branded them as criminals and all the evidence is against
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them, but family members of the accused asked me to help them. i am taking up this case to prove whether the evidence is correct or not. >> the next hearing was set for thursday, and the case is expected to be transferred to a past abstract court. public outrage -- to a fast- tracked court. public outrage continues. many complained that authorities do little to prevent or punish sexual crimes. demonstrators are hoping attitudes will begin to change. >> i don't know how much of security will change, even after all of this. i hope it will be out there in the minds of some people, some kind of consciousness will come. >> prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty if the men are convicted, but experts caution that moving too quickly could give the defendant's for appeal if they are found guilty -- defendants grounds for appeal if they are found guilty.
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>> the crowd gathered in the southern chinese city of guangzhou. they laid chrysanthemums, a flower traditionally used that chinese funerals. the demonstration came after government censors blocked a new year's article in the popular liberal newspaper, calling for greater reforms from the communist party's newly elected leader xi jinping. egypt has resumed talks with the international monetary fund over a 3.6 billion euro loan to help stabilize the country's currency. >> the value of the egyptian pound has slid to record lows against the us dollar in recent weeks as egyptian purchase foreign currencies out of fear the economy could collapse. two years of political upheaval have discouraged foreign investors and caused a sharp drop in tourism, one of egypt's most important industries. the imf loan was originally agreed on in november, but then delayed by cairo as the government rushed to approve a
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controversial new constitution. >> germany's former president, christian wulff, and his wife have separated less than a year after he resigned in disgrace over corruption allegations. lawyers representing them confirmed the split and said the couple are already living apart. >> it is no doubt the final act in a long drama surrounding wulff, who, more than a year ago was a rising star in the conservative cuddu. he was forced to step down following allegations o. >> it was in february of last year that christian wulff announced he was stepping down from the german presidency. at his side, his wife of three years, bettina. >> i am resigning from the office of president in order to quickly clear the way for a successor. >> the resignation and the face of corruption -- in the face of
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corruption allegations rattled the establishment. controversy has swirled around them for weeks. christian wulff remains under investigation to this day, although he denies any wrongdoing. the couple, often portrayed as young and glamorous, were one of the main attractions on berlin's social and political scene. then, last fall, bettina wulff went public with the problems in her marriage. in her memoir, she admitted that, for years, she had put her husband's interests ahead of her own, and she said they were both in therapy. bettina wulff will remain in their jointly-owned home. lawyers said the former president has already moved to an apartment of his own. >> daimler could be getting a new major investor. we will tell you from where. >> and we will have a look at the 200th anniversary of german composer wagner.
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stay with us here at dw.
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>> welcome back. >> it certainly does not take long for rumors on the stock market to have a real impact. that has been the case with the german carmaker daimler. a newspaper in china is reporting that the chinese state pension fund is planning to buy a stake of 10 % in the company -- 10% in the company. you must share prices have been boosted. such a person -- >> share prices have been boosted. such a purchase would make china the biggest shareholder. > >> daimler has had no real anchor investor. current stakeholders are widely spead out. funds, banks, and smaller
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investors hold the lion's share of daimler stock. further shares are held by kuwait and other strategic investors. in light of this investment structure, the chinese state fund could buy up shares in the market relatively easily. share prices have already begun to rise in the market. a regular occurrence when rumors of buying plans are floating. analysts say such action would be a good thing for daimler. >> in current -- in comparison to other german car brand in china, daimler has fallen behind somewhat. with an entry by the chinese, it could gain a lot of potential. >> in other words, the state fund could open the door to the chinese market. whatever they have planned, the necessary cash is there. the state's coffers are flush. the fund invests a portion of chinese enormous currency reserves. with that alone, it earned as
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much in one year as the entire market value of the daimler company. >> germany's second-biggest airline, air berlin, has announced a surprise change at the top tier the ceo has stepped down -- at the top. the ceo has stepped down and been replaced. >> the resignation comes after 16 months. air berlin returned to profit after deepening its partnership with the abu dhabi-based company. they discontinued some of their routes. the head of planning and strategy has become the new ceo. >> thanks are cheering a decision by the international regulators as possible -- banks are cheering a decision by the international regulators to give them more time to build up reserves. >> they are getting four more years. they now have until 2019 to stockpile enough cash to see them through an acute crisis. the new liquid 80 rules are part of an effort to prevent
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another -- liquidity rules are part of an effort to prevent another shock like the one from the lehman brohers' collapse. banking stocks rallied further. no surprise. our correspondents and does this summary of the trading day in frankfurt. -- our correspondent sent us this summary of the trading day in frankfurt. >> this means that the banks can take this money and profitably lend it off or invested on the market. for the banking sector as a whole, and for the economy, this this delay probably is not good news. -- this delay probably is not good news. it means we all have to live for a couple more years with a more risky banking sector, which is less protected against new turbulence. >> we will stay in frankfurt
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for a closer look at the numbers. the dax finished down by nearly six/10 -- 6/10 of 1%. the euro stoxx 50 was down 0.5%. the dow is down by similar numbers. the euro is higher against the greenback, trading at a value of 1.3108. the financial and environmental costs of importing food are driving new efforts to produce and sell more goods locally. >> that trend is now encouraging entrepreneurs to expand the cultivation of freshwater fish. aqua farming is cost intensive and has traditionally been very tough business to make a profit in, but that appears to be changing. these african catfish -- >> these african catfish have reached maturity and are ready for slaughter.
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they are fished out of the water and then weighed. they hope to increase the volume to full capacity. he launched the business only one -- 1 1/2 years ago. >> if consumers decided to buy and eat more local profits, it would certainly be more profitable. that is because demand would be very high. everyone knows that fish stocks in the world's seas are declining, and that has to be reversed. this kind of aquaculture will make a lot of sense. >> the catfish breeding is part of an agricultural cooperative. the farm also cultivate crops like wheat and corn -- the farm also cultivate crops like wheat and corn -- cultivates crops
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like wheat and corn. >> that is half of the total energy we produce. it is a shame to let it go up in the air. that is why we thought it would make more sense to use the heat sensibly. breeding african catfish was a very suitable option. >> the heat is now being used for eco-friendly agriculture in the form of farm machinery. they receive a subsidy per kilowatt hour from the government. the cooperative is still not breaking in much profit because -- raking in much profit because the business is cost intensive. sales have been rather sluggish. >> how much fish that we process this week? >> 150 kilos. >> we invite people to taste the fish. every two years, we organize a
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festival. more people are coming. that helps, but we face difficulties due to the wholesalers and supermarkets, which offer imported fish at very low prices. it is hard to compete with them. >> for example, these cost just one.60 -- 1.60 euros. no supermarket is willing to pay that much. >> 2013 is a thrilling year for wagner fans around the world who are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the composer's bert. special concerts and opera performances, as well as exhibits are planned in numerous -- composer's birth. special concerts and opera performances, as well as exhibits, our plant in numerous countries. -- are planned in numerous countries. >> it is part of the soundtrack
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for the great dictator, charlie chaplin's parity of -- parody of hitler. his new exhibition at the academy of art attempt to shed new light on the composer. 50 artists have been invited to share their views. they range from adulation to contempt. >> he is probably the most german of all composers. that also makes him one of the most divisive. >> richard wagner, composer, poet, philosopher -- a man who transformed european music. a genius who was larger than life, awkward, and often uncompromising. an artist to win is impossible to pin down. in 1876 -- an artist who is almost impossible to pin down. it is a place of pilgrimage that draws devotees from around the world. it attracts some of the best world -- the world's best
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singers. ♪ wagner arias demand huge singing talent. only the very best can carry them off. this production of lohengrin was staged two years ago. >> the seductive power of his music is one of its strengths. the question is, to what end does it seduce? >> one problem with wagner is that he was an anti-semi -- he was an anti-semite. some of his descendents were admirers of adolf hitler. hitler had his music performed at rallies. that is the wagner dilemma. is it still possible to love his music? >> it is not the uncritical that
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you see in his compositions, but the transparent, the ethereal, the looking forward. that is key. ♪ >> many consider wagner's music of neil -- the most beautiful ever can post -- many consider wagner's music the most beautiful ever composed. this year, wagner is going global for his bicentenary. major productions of his works will be performed around the world, from leipzig, munich, and frankfurt to new york and melbourne, australia. but the biggest celebrations will be in bayreuth. >> what i love with wagner is
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the idea of [indiscernible] that is something very modern. >> deutsche welle is offering a new look at wagner in our special wash on our special wagner 200 website -- ion our peschel wagner 200 website. >> there is a lot on the website about wagner and the second -- 200th anniversary of his birth. that is all for now. more news for you at the top of the hour.
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