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tv   Journal  PBS  January 21, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> live from berlin, this is "journal" on dw. >> here are the headlines. u.s. president obama balm kicks off his second term with a call for national unity. >> a regional election in germany, a wakeup call for the chancellor. >> and extreme winter weather halts travel across much of northern europe.
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>> we start this show in washington where president obama balm has publicly taken the oath of office for his second term. he had to take it twice. >> official ceremony held in private on sunday at the white house. now the ceremonial swearing in in front of more than 700,000 people that showed up. >> and an international audience watching on tv. a lot of europeans want to know which way the world's biggest economy is headed and can politicians sort things out. here is a man that thinks he can make a difference the second time around. obama then looked forward to his next and final four years in office calling an end to the politics of division and saying
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the united states could achieve anything if it acted as one. >> a decade of war is now ending. an economic recovery has begun. america's possibilities are limitless, for we possess all of the qualities this world without boundaries demand, youth and drive, diversity and openness. an endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention. my fellow americans, we are made for this moment and we will seize it so long as we seize it together. >> our washington correspondent was there. you were at the inauguration. obama had quite a big wish list. take us through it. >> well, it is not really a wish list. inaugural speeches are not the
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place for a wish list. but you can read between the lines. i would sum it up with two words, unity and equality. a message to republicans meaning let's work together for a change to try to make things better in america, especially economically speaking and also for the budget. now equality is something that rsonates very well with his voters. not just about gender and race equality but equality for immigrants. he talked about that quite a lot. that is the point that might translate into serious political action. as we all know the latina community is affected by immigration and they helped to re-elect barack obama. major project coming up there. the last point that is important for us europeans, he talked about climate change. he signaled he is willing to take action in this field. the first term he did not do
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that. maybe change is coming in the second term. >> realisticly, how far can he get? >> he might come farther than we all think. because he has changed his strategy for a second term. we got a glimpse of that last week. he is trying to mobilize public opinion before he tries to do anything politically. he does it with campaign style events, a lot of money and advertisements. we saw it work for the fiscal cliff debate. seems to be working for the debt ceiling debate. expect every major issue in the coming months and years to be a major campaign style event. >> obviously it sounds like there will be a lot of focus domestic issues. what about foreign policy? >> history shows us that presidents in their second term focus more on foreign policy than the first term and try to forge a legacy. bill clinton did that in his
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second term. barack obama will try to focus more on the middle east, maybe more on syria. the most pressing issues are domestic. his voters expect him to act on that. he will attack in the first two years. history also tells us after the midterm election of a second term president start to fade away into sort of a lame duck status. >> interesting analysis there. thank you very much, max. in more international news suicide bombers and gunmen attacked afghanistan's travel police leaving three officers dead and more than three wounded. rather assault began at dawn at the entrance to the complex, the second coordinated raid in as many weeks. taliban claim responsibility. it is feared there could be more of these attacks in the
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months ahead as international forces prepare to withdraw. voter it is are ready to say goodbye to the chancellor's conservative government. >> it shows the social democrats and greens grabbing power with one seat majority over the christian democrats and free democrats. it is not a mandate but it is an alarm for federal elections later this year. >> it was a neck and neck race but it was a loss in sunday's regional election. she hoped her conservatives to gain momentum in the run up to the federal election but the propping up her coalition partners cost her party value political capital. the national election involve every man fighting for himself and his own votes. maybe that is the lesson. we don't need to be so worried
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that the liberal democrats will be removed from parliament. the liberal democrats polled unexpectedly well in sunday's election. there had been calls for his resignation but now he will lead the call he will be our nominee for this year's federal election, he will be our face or the brains of our campaign. as party head he will lead the team that is part of successful campaign. the central democrats say they have all of the ingredients for a successful campaign and challenged his base in several key regional elections and they are confident that their
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candidate can take back the chancellorship this fall. we have a great opportunity with the green party to affect a change in berlin in 2013. for the chancellor the christian democrats poor performance sunday means one thing, the result of this fall's elections are still wide open. >> he has to take over with a crisis on his plate. the dutch finance minister is expected to be named the next head of the euro group later today. the former president is stepping down after eight years on the job. a man replacing him is virtually untested, but he is the only candidate for the job. >> the dutch finance minister looks set to take on an extra job. he has only just become a minister in his own country but
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he emerged as the candidate from a small country that is a proponent of unpopular budgeting. >> there seems to be a few basis, a new basis for trust, and we have to work to enhance it and strengthen it and to build new growth in jobs on that basis of trust. that is as short as i can say of what needs to be done in the euro group. >> goodbye to the head of the finance minister since 2005. he spent most of his time deal width democratic crisis and says he is eager to understand that over to somebody else. but apart from designating a new head little else of substance is on the agenda. tell leave a pressing decision on a bail out for cyprus until after elections there. >> since i heard the president
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has ruled out every form of privatization, i am in a bit of a loss as to how we can address and let alone solve the problem given the numbers involved. >> he will have until after the cyprus elections to get used to his job. after that decisions will have to be made. >> time now for a wrap of monday's trading on the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the election of the new euro group boss hasn't moved the maret so far. traders hope that it may strengthen improving mood. the start to the trading week was pretty quiet as the markets in new york are closed but traders expect to get very positive for economic and corporate results this week. this winter weather did not
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affect shares. >> a look now at the raw numbers from the market. the dax was up about .06%. euro stocks similar gain finished at 2726. the euro basically steady at 133.16 against the dollar. well, while equities across europe were heading north, it was completely different from business travelers and tourists. they were not going anywhere at all. heavy snow has affected flights in europe. >> that is where our coverage starts. >> passengers in frankfurt got drinking water and chocolate bars to help them through the long wait. a 500 arrivals and departures were cancelled. the airport remains in the grip
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of the snowy, icy weather and many might not get out for another day. >> we have been stuck here since yesterday afternoon. first two hours on the plane. then the flight was cancelled bausts bad weather. >> more than a thousand employees spent monday freeing up the four main runways. now that planes can move again it is a matter of clearing the backlog of stranded planes as fast as possible so that there is space for new arrivals to land. >> we are hoping for a let up in the snowfall as monday progresses so that we can better deal with the air traffic and normalize the situation by tuesday. >> other hubs have been hit by the wintery conditions too, and europe's biggest airport outside london bad visibility forced controllers to extend
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the time between takeoffs. 1 in 10 flights were cancelled. >> the world has been watching the algearian prime minister over one of the world's worst hostage crises in years. islamic militants attacked a facility in the desert. the government responded with a military operation. basically there was a blood bath. there was ultraconfusion and the real story is only just emerging. a search for answers. japan's vice foreign minister visited just days after the algearian army stormed the site. algear yeah's oil minister accompanied him to the fight. at least seven japanese died in the drama and another 10 are unaccounted for. the prime minister has given algeria's first account of the siege. he reported that his army killed 29 of 32 hostage takers.
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they came to algeria from northern mali. the cell was comprised of terrorists. one of the former captives revealed how he escaped. >> there was a point with eight or nine men with guns pointing. then you don't know if it is the terrorists or who. that was a horrible, horrible thing that have you escaped. >> and now jihaddists are threatening further attacks. they want them to end the support for the french intervention in mali.
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>> still more to come from my hometown, washington, d.c. more on obama's inauguration. >> you didn't get to be there though. >> not so bad here. >> we have all of the analysis for you, more insight and a lot more action. the boys are back from their winter break.
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>> welcome back. four more years, u.s. president obama balm begins his second term becomes a member of a small group of presidents to earn a second chance to lead the united states. >> obama will never have to run for election again. that means time in office will be dedicated to governing and crafting a legacy. >> they had the power to change the course of history. and they are measured against
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their predecessors. abraham lincoln remains a huge inspiration for president obama. wayne is a washington analyst and former diplomat who examined years for what it takes for a president to become unforgettable. what could barack obama's legacy be? what will he be remembered for? >> i think his historic place is secure. however that does not mean his legacy is secure. his legacy is probably what he thinks his second term is all about. >> not far from the lincoln memorial, a tribute to america's many war dead. president obama is pledge to bring home the troops from afghanistan and to completely rethink defense strategy. >> the obama administration will put a huge focus in the term on reducing spending. one of the things he will look
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at is the cost of the transatlantic security relationship. >> a strategic rethink could have consequences for europe. president obama could push ahead with an idea floated up by the previous administration. >> donald rumsfeld wanted to eliminate american presence in europe. that will be on the agenda again. >> china clth town in washington, d.c. president obama has a special relationship with asia having spent part of his childhood there. it is likely to be the focus of his foreign and defense policy in his second term of office. >> barack obama has an interesting biography from a black father and white mother. he spent most of his yuse in indonesia or hawaii and has a natural understanding of the asia pacific region. in this regard he represents a new america. >> but what does that new america look like?
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we take a drive north of the white house along 14th street to an area populated by hispanic migrants. immigration is another key issue for obama's second term. >> the obama white house will introduce a major piece of reform legislation on immigration. the problem is that it almost that's deal with what is sometimed called amnesty, legalizing people who are already in this country illegally. that is highly controversial, not just for republicans. >> there is much to do for president obama. and the countdown is on. he has just four more years in was to seal his legacy. >> just about 700,000 people turned out to ring in obama's new term, way down compared to the 1.8 million to turn out four years ago. >> clearly the excitement does not compare to the first term. what about here in europe.
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we asked people and politicians what they hoped to see from obama part 2. >> it is great he was reelected. he had four years and he has four more. it is a big opportunity. i think obama can now push the things that he wants to. things that are important to him. >> the u.s. is important to the global economy, so it is crucial that it manages to overcome the debt crisis. the main issue he needs to address is the budget.
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he needs to to find a solution. otherwise the u.s. could soon end up like greece. >> if you look at how high emissions are you have to say that there needs to be changed. i hope obama has the courage in his second term to be more forceful in this area. >> i hope the u.s. and its partners push for joint initiatives. i think the question of disarmament is still at the forefront. it is crucial how the u.s. positions itself. we had elections in russia and the u.s. a window of new opportunity for disarmament opportunities is wide open.
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>> for europe he is important p >> >> he is going to have to push himself. everyone is watching. we'll see. >> lit is 50 years since one-time foes, france and germany, signed the accord that began a new opportunity of friendship. they have already taken part in one joint event, a field of question from 200 french and german youngsters before heading off to a working dinner. they will address the german and french parliaments here. well our political correspond sent covering the visit. german and french leaders had their differences over the euro crisis. what about the atmosphere today, john? >> the atmosphere today was more than cordial.
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of course they have political differences. the euro debt crisis, speaking about conditionality and soldarity. but basically they have a common goal. it is what ignites them. a common view of europe. the raging debate right now is absolutely unthinkable and meets with blank astonishment here in berlin as it does in france. >> looking forward to the official ceremony tomorrow, the same enthusiasm we had 50 years ago? >> well, the signing of the treaty, friendship treaty was a milestone in european history. as you mentioned these countries regarded each other as archenemies, it was the beginning of a long process. perhaps more important than the consultations that it demands between the members and heads
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of government of france and germany and their foreign and defense ministers is the cultural exchange between the two countries, literally millions of german and french schoolchildren have taken part in exchange programs in the last 50 years, learned each other's languages and formed some of them lifelong friendships. that has really changed the relationships between the two countries. >> thank you very much for the insight, john. in employment, the second part of the season. >> a special fast track court has started the trial of five men accused of the gang rape and murder of a student. all pleaded not guilty. if convicted the men could face the death penalty. the brutal rape that occurred on a moving bus shocked india and the world. >> two german battery of
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patriot missiles have arrived in turkey. it comes in response to a request for help, the major backer of the rebels in the syrian civil war. >> rebels in columbia ended a cease-fire that they declared in november. a spokesman said the truce was over because the government refused to join it. talks underway in cuba for two months to end the country's civil war and little progress has been made so far. soccer back now after the winter break. >> they got what they wanted, a 3-2 win. perhaps a signal of determination to get out of the drop zone. >> they were shaky on the
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dismount but they finally celebrated their first away win since april 2012. in the game low on quality their defense obliged opponents. only too happy to open up the scoring. the korean midfielder netted one before halftime to make it 2-0. 2-0. somehow the host rallied, pulling one back and added a second in stoppage time. he even put the ball in the net again. the referee spotted a foul and no goal. their fight for survival starts here. >> and in sunday's other match the new coaching duo grabbed a point against hamburg. >> the match sprung to life midway through the second half
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when the striker put hamburg ahead with his seventh goal of the season. but the hosts struck back. the german had been with the team since 2010. a year after it began to compete on the circuit. >> the president said it was making the move to cut costs and secure the team's long-term future and a difficult economic climate. new formula 1 season will begin in march. thanks for joining us here on the journal. >> we will have more news the next hour.
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