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tv   Journal  PBS  January 28, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> this is dw in berlin. you are watching the journal quote -- "journal." stepping down after more than 30 years on the throne -- the netherlands' queen beatrix says she will advocate.
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>> the opposition rejects calls for dialogue with egypt's president. >> brazil begins morning after a nightclub fire that killed more than 230 people. it is time for a new generation. that was the message from the ducks -- dutch queen beatrix. >> she said she would abdicate just over three months from now and hand over the throne to her eldest son, willem alexander. , there was heavy speculation she would make that move for some time. she is approaching her 75th birthday. >> a 32 year reign comes to an end. a visibly emotional queen beatrix made the announcement internationally-televised address. , it was a rare honor to spend my life in service to this
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country and to fill my duties as queen -- fulfill my duties as queen. >> she was one of the longest- serving monarchs in europe, ascending to the throne in april, 1980, after the abdication of her mother. beatrix quickly made her personal mark, combining a fierce sense of duty, hard work, and an engaging personality. not content to be a ceremonial figurehead, she got involved in political issues as well, and proved immensely popular with the dutch people. as a princess in the 1960's, she created a minor scandal by marrying a german diplomat. the memories of nazi occupation were still fresh in the minds of many, but the a tricks and her husband overcame those -- but beatrix and her husband overcame those doubts. he, too, became a popular figure. now, her oldest son, crown
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prince willem alexander will extend -- ascend to the throne. queen beatrix celebrates her 75th birthday this week, in the knowledge that the succession is secure. >> we are joined -- >> we are joined by a guest who is in the hague. why has the queen made this announcement now? >> queen beatrix will be 75 years old on thursday. that was one of the two reasons she gave for stepping down to the second is that the kingdom of the netherlands is celebrating -- stepping down. the second is that the kingdom of the netherlands is celebrating an anniversary. she wanted to choose a very historic occasion two and 100 years of female rain -- reign in the netherlands. >> what kind of king will
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willem-alexander be? , i think he will be very disney like. he has been traveling throughout the country with his wife --, i think he will be -- >> i think he will be very businesslike. he has been traveling with his wife. he is willing to take over his mother's role. he does not have to. he is a popular young man. 45 years old, young children peered i have interviewed him myself a couple of times -- young children. i have interviewed himsel mysela couple of times. >> what does the government have to say? >> they make it clear that this is queen beatrix's own choice. the monarchy in the netherlands forms part of the government am a part of politics, part of parliament -- government, part of politics, part of parliament.
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there are many who believe that this role should be left involved in -- less involved in parliament and more ceremonial. there is a trend toward modernization of the monarchy. when willem alexander takes over, things will stay as they are for the moment, at least. >> on to other news -- more violence in egypt. police and protesters have clashed in cairo and the city of port said on day five of the latest crisis to hit the country. >> it is becoming a test of the authority of president mohammad morrissey and his muslim brotherhood. he announced the state in emergency -- president mohammed morrissey -- mohammed morsi and his muslim brotherhood. he announced a state of emergency in three areas. >> they have asked all
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egyptians to express themselves peacefully. >> on monday, cairo saw yet more street battles between protesters and street forces -- security forces. tension is high after the weekend cost deadly violence. the situation has been further polarized -- the weekend's deadly violence. the situation has been further polarized by the state of emergency. dozens of people were killed. president mohammed morrisse -- t morsi gave the soldiers power to arrest citizens. he made a plea for active -- national dialogue, but said he will protect public and private property. demonstrators took to the streets elsewhere in egypt on monday. imports i need, hundreds ignored
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-- import -- in port said, hundreds ignored the curfew. >>, chrissie in egypt will only work through dialogue. only -- >> democracy in egypt will only work through dialogue. >> right now, there is no sign of that. first, morsi must accept responsibility for the latest lead shed. >> -- bloodshed. >> the opposition has been rejecting president morsi's offer of dialogue. tell us about the conditions it has set. >> they don't want to have a dialogue without any conditions. they have offered to meet the president under certain
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conditions. for example, they want morsi to create a government of national salvation where the opposition is included. they demand that they rewrite the very controversial new constitution today also have other demands -- constitution. they also have other demands. they say they are not going into any dialogue without any agenda or set course. >> we have seen the opposition become more united in recent months. how much of a problem is that for morsi? >> we have this salvation front. the problem with the opposition is, besides the fact that -- it is everything but the muslim brotherhood. there is not much that unifies them. that is one of the problems. until now, they did not come up with that kind of vision of where to move. there are always economic problems with people out of work, with rising prices.
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they only want to get rid of the muslim brotherhood. just give us more time and everything will be better. none of them knows what to do with this country. >> morsi is in a position of a state of emergency. it looks set to bring back memories of mubarak, doesn't it ? >> we have a curfew. port said. suez. reports are that the rallies began at the moment the curfew's -- the moment the curfew started. it's are moving downtown import -- in port said. -- riots are moving downtown in port said. , in mali, troops have taken control of another major islamist --, in mali, troops
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have taken control of another major islamist -- >> in mali, troops have taken control of another major islamist stronghold, the biggest victory so far since the start of the joint operation since -- of the joint operation since months ago. have german banks been manipulating the eurozone's key reference and her straight? -- key reference interest rate? >> deutsche bank, the country cost biggest lender, said to be on the list of suspects. investigators are -- the country's biggest lender, said to be on the list of suspects. investigators are saying that the bank manipulated the euro bor. it influences interest rates from everything on home mortgages to car loans. deutsche bank is under investigation for manipulating the libor, the more widely used
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london interbank interest rate. the dax finished within striking distance of two-year highs. our correspondent sent us this summary of the first trading day of the week. it is yet another unfavorable --, it is yet another unfavorable -- >> it is yet another unfavorable report about an investigation into deutsche bank. penalties could be hefty. still, people are quite relaxed. deutsche bank going up for the day. the trading day was relatively quiet and relaxed, but the level remains high. that high level is part of the reason why boom this bank -- the bundesbank says that germans are richer than ever before.
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half of the wealth -- the growth in wealth was attributable to the enormous rise in share prices. >> the dax finished down by 1/3 of 1%. the euro stoxx 50 pretty much flat. the dow trading down just slightly. the euro trading at a value of 1.3452. well, who is going to challenge german chancellor angela merkel for her job later this year? the spd have their candidate. they want to send him into the campaign with winning issues. his party has been meeting this week just outside of berlin to set the party program for the general election scheduled to take place in september. our reporter, peter craven, attended the spd conference.
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he joins us now from the studio in the city center. the democrats have had success in a local election and could possibly be poised to knock angela merkel off her throne, so to speak. what are the chances? >> there is a bullish mood in potsdam. it has a lot to do with the election victory in lower saxony. it was part -- in part because they have strong elysian partners. -- coalition partners. that is a bit of a plus -- strategic fuss. the man they want to send into the ring to challenge angela merkel, peer steinbrueck, he has had his back against the wall not too long ago because of the indiscreet comments he
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made, also because of his extracurricular activities on the lecturing circuit, earning hundreds of thousands of euros. it was very controversial. he looks like a more -- more formidable challenger. >> what will the campaign issues be? >> social justice, minimum wage. they are talking about greater tax equity, a campaign against tax havens and tax evasion'ns, a clawing back against the prices we have seen rising, and more measures to rein in the financial sector. will it be a winning formula? we will have to see what the voters say. >> one of the world's richest
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man and a philanthropist, bill gates was -- bill gates, was there. what did he have to say? , he pointed out that germany, like many other european economies -- >> he pointed out that germany, like many other european countries, as failed in its pledge to contribute 0.7% of gross thomistic product to development programs. >> we will be back in one minute.
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>> welcome back. more trouble for angela merkel 's coalition partners, the free democrats. in addition to lagging in the opinion polls, now they are facing allegations of sexism. >> the parties lead candidate in this autumn's elections, rainer bruderle, is accused of making inappropriate comments to a female journalist.
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>> the case has triggered a national debate on how sexism persists in german society. >> rainer bruderle is not talking to any journalists at the moment. he has made no comment on the allegations that have triggered a fierce debate in germany about verbal sexual harassment of women. the leading politicians of the party are covering bruderle's back. they say it is all just a slur campaign against their top man. >> i have seen nothing else to support the impression that the ftp -- fdp is in any way less sensitive to the participation of women. >> the party's top female are all supporting bruderle as well. according to a current survey, 90% of germans think he should apologize if he really did harass the journalist. the german media is abuzz with
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discussions about sexism and society in general. >> staying in germany. with another issue playing a prominent role in the upcoming election, the transition to renewable energy. it is a move that does have broad political support, but the price tag is controversial. >> angela merkel's environment minister says he wants to free the levy that is paid by consumers to fun that transition. it is billed as a temporary measure -- to fund that transition. it is billed as a temporary measure. >> electronic -- electricity prices are rising. with an election looming, the environment mr. is -- minister is putting on the brakes. subsequent rises would also be limited. i do not think it is right that consumers and small and
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medium-sized businesses carry all the risk of electricity price rises as a result of the move towards renewables. >> industries that use a lot of electricity also face changes. until now, they were exempted from the clean energy surcharge. under the proposals, they will pnow have to pay their share. chancellor merkel's deputy has given his backing to the plans. >> i believe it is right not to proceed in small steps. we need a big, bold move, and a fundamental reform of the law on subsidizing renewable energy. >> the government will need the backing of the opposition to get the plan through parliament. the gamble is that the social democrats will find it hard to deny consumers price relief in an election year. >> police in brazil have arrested three people in connection with the nightclub fire that killed more than 230
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people over the weekend. >> among those detained are the owner of the club and two members of a band who were playing at the venue when the blaze erupted. most of the victims were students. some were on their final holiday weekend of the south american summer break. >> is ill has declared three days of mourning. for those who lost their -- brazil has declared three days of mourning. for those who lost their loved ones, it is hard to imagine the pain will ever go away. >> it is very sad. i lost my son in this tragedy. he was 27. he was so full of life. >> i have been looking for my niece since this morning. she has just been identified at 5: 00 in the afternoon. -- 5:00 in the afternoon. >> i saw two brothers there. he found another one of my friends had died -- i found
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another one of my friends has died, too. my this makeshift morgue serves a gathering point for the mourners -- >> this makeshift morgue serves as a gathering point for the mourners. the fire was triggered by faulty pyrotechnics set off by the band. as panic broke out, many were trampled to death or suffocated. the fire services said the premises were overcrowded and vital escape routes were locked. brazil's president broke off a trip abroad to pay an emotional visit to survivors and families. with so many people dead or fighting for their lives, dilma rousseff said it was a tragedy for everyone. >> on to the shadowy side of sports. one of the biggest hoping programs ever uncovered. the dr. accused of being the mastermind behind the network has finally gone on trial. >> eufemiano fuentes has appeared in court seven years after his arrest. he has been accused of carrying
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out blood transfusions for some of the biggest names in cycling. >> prosecutors believe he treated as many as 200 top athletes. they say he was most involved in prfessional cycling >> but tennis and soccer players allegedly sought out his services as well. the only charge leveled against him is offense against public health to investigators say he and his network of accomplices developed a comprehensive system combining medications and sporting schedules. this allowed the athletes access to epo and other substances and pre-seizures -- procedures, both during and before competition. alberto contador was handed at two-year ban -- a two-year ban for doping. even if he is convicted, the sentence will be mild. >> officials in indonesia say at
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least 21 people have died and landslides triggered by torrential rains on the island of sumatra -- have died in landslides triggered by torrential rains on the island of sumatra. they are working to recover the bodies of those still missing. the wall of mud and rocks buried more than a dozen homes on sunday. a separate landslide at a drilling site left at least five people dead. >> more business news. toyota is king of the road once again. the japanese automaker built nearly 10 million cars last year here that is a record. it put the firm back in front of general motors for the first time since 2010. >> toyotaback to the top spot ae massive setback of the 2011 tsunami and a series of quality problems that hurt its image. they can now -- can now rest on their laurels. >> every car counts in the race
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to become the world's largest automaker. in 2012, toyota swept to first place. it was a big comeback after a string of problems. in 2011, the company had to recall 10 million faulty cars. in the same year, a powerful earthquake and tsunami in northern japan disrupted production for weeks, causing profits to dump -- plummet. last year, toyota bounced back with record sales, particularly in the u.s. and asia. general motors moved from their former first-place position -- moved down from their former first-place position. volkswagen slipped to third place. volkswagen aims to become the largest carman -- world's largest car manufacturer by 2018, but conditions at home are not favorable to read the european market is -- not
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favorable. the european market is in decline. pe -- opel hopes to make substantial gains. >> staying in the auto sector. daimler has announced a new alliance with ford and nissan to research hydrogen-powered cars. the automobile giants hope their partnership will speed up development of the emission- free fuel and cut costs. their cars will be fitted with a font -- a common fuel cell system. the announcement is a bit of a change of course for daimler, which had previously said it aims to produce a hydrogen- powered car by itself by 2014. three people have been killed in floods in eastern australia. the area has been battered for days by the remains of a tropical cyclone. >> the town of bundaberg has been worst hit. thousands of residents have been evacuated. risdon is also on high alert.
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new south wales is now bracing for the storm to arrive. >> they have never seen flood the -- floodwaters like this in bundaberg. the raging torrents are threatening to rip homes from eir foundations. river levels are getting a record peak. -- hitting a record peak. it is no longer safe for boat cruise. dozens of stranded residents have been plucked to safety by helicopter. or the prime minister, it is the second natural disaster she has had -- for the prime minister, it is the second natural disaster she has had to deal with in a matter of weeks. >> we are being challenged by nature, but we are a strong and smart nation and we will get through this as we always do -- by pulling together. >> in australia's third-largest video, people are bracing for the worst. it is only -- third-largest city, people are bracing for the worst.
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falling powerlines are an ever- present present danger. a number of people have been hospitalized, some in critical condition. stormy weather has also whipped up the -- the sea. it is an unusual phenomenon along the sunshine coast. the worst is far from over. high winds and heavy rains are now moving towards new south wales. australia's most opulent estate -- popular state. >> do you have a sweet tooth? how about sea salt truffles? >> they sound like something dreamed up i willie wonka -- up by willy wonka, but there is nothing fictitious about these. they can be sampled at the show. kaiser's say there is a shift towards exotic flavors and high- quality -- organizers say there
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is a shift towards exotic flavors and high-quality ingredients. >> stay with us here on dw. captioned by the national captioning institute


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