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tv   Journal  PBS  March 4, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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a ruler and measured the space between each one. well as usual folks we're running out of time. this has been so much fun. i can't wait for next week when we can finish this up. so i want to remind you to keep painting, keep the cards and letters coming, we love to hear from you. stay inspired, keep painting, and i promise to see you right here real soon on another yarnell school of fine art.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> canyons are voting in general elections seen as a test of the democratic credentials. the two front runners. >> kenyatta facing charges for
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his role in post? -- post-election violence. both say that there will be no bloodshed. >> boating has been mostly peaceful, but has been some violence on election day. >> voting had barely begun the for the first deaths were reported. 15 died in attacks across the country. >> whether it is isolated and can be contained, we do not know. >> rival tribes attacked each other in the wake of the disputed presidential election. more than 1000 people died, thousands more chased from their homes. many voters in today's election are anxious to avoid a repeat of the violence. the two main candidates represent the rival tribes involved in the violence that
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followed the last election. one is the prime minister odinga, who they feel was robbed of the presidency in 2007 calling and to respect the outcome of the election. odinga's opponent is a rival, ohuru kenyatta. he has also been charged with allegedly orchestrating the violence after the last election in 2007. >> in a moment, we'll go live to nairobi to get an update on how the voting is going. >> first, a look at the two main candidates. >> he comes from the kenyan political elite. he is a son of the country's founding president. he and his running mate have both been indicted by the
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international criminal court. they're charged with orchestrating the violence that erupted after the last general election in 2007 in which more than 1200 people were killed. it was the worst bloodshed since independence. they see this as a western conspiracy. >> our opponents say the europeans are against us. do our work for them more for you? i know i work for you. >> he has said it will cooperate with accords. the other main candidates is the incumbent prime minister, odin ga. they have a longstanding rivalry. supporters say he was robbed of victory in the 2007 vote. he joined the unity government and supported the 2010 constitution which she says make elections more democratic. he has focused his campaign on food security and economic progress. >> we want to change the life of
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kenya. our main goal is jobs, jobs, jobs. >> polls but the two neck-and- neck making a second round of voting likely. >> and now we go to our correspondent standing by at a polling station and joins us from nairobi. how concerned are people out kenyatta has been indicted for his alleged role in 2007? >> people perceive the charges are not correct . they are saying that they voted for him. they say that they're going to show that kenya has been an behind both of them. if we vote for them, the charges have to be dropped. >> there have been some reports of violence. tell us more about the mood on election day.
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>> it is still quite peaceful. they're trying to make it a successful day. they're referring to the violence last time of people who really wanted peace. assaad and man on the street painting on the side of the road. that is actually the mood. calls are still going on. the national election commissioner of the promised everyone in the polling station on the bonds tell now, 5:00 in nairobi, they will be able to cast their vote. >> what role does business to the plate in kenya? >> ethnicity is still playing a key role in kenyan politics. it has long been the perception that as long as one is playing a big role in the government, then your ethnic group should also have rights to be a part of
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getting something from the government. young people now feel like it has become a plan for the tribes and they are now the ones who should get the presidential seat. >> thank you very much from that update from nairobi. >> later in the program, more will be coming up. doctors in mississippi have cured a little girl of hiv. she was treated almost immediately after birth. >> this is the first case of an infant going into hiv rendition of. no sign that the virus is copying. >> shortly before giving birth, the mother was diagnosed with hiv. they decided that they would treat the baby with a cocktail of three standard drugs as soon as it was born.
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>> we believe perhaps the initiation of very early armed prevented the formation of the reservoir is in the cells that are normally used. >> traces of the virus remains, but they are in such small quantities but the now 2 1/2 year-old's immune system can hold them in check without assistance. >> we have been unable to detect duplication after 10 months of anti-viral therapy. >> of the report is confirmed. it would be a breakthrough in the treatment of newborns in africa and asia were the risk of hiv remains high. experts believe about 300,000 babies worldwide were born with hiv last year alone. >> this doctors attending the conference in atlanta where news was announced.
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i asked him how excited he was about the news and its implicications. >> what we hear about now is that there's obviously a baby that has been born to an h.i.v.- infected mother who was diagnosed just in labor. the baby it received treatment right after birth and eventually got the treatment which was quite an intensive four a year and half and then treatment was stopped. the virus has not returned. we can track the virus in the blood and certain tissues of the baby, but it seems to be functionally healed which means the virus cannot replicate itself anymore although it is still present. >> they're calling this a functional cure, not a complete cure. what does it actually mean? >> i said, the virus is not
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completely eradicated from the organism of the baby. it is just controlled. this is what we call a proof of concept study showing the immune system under different circumstances can control virus eradication of. in this baby, it seems that its own immune system is capable of controlling the virus without anti antiviral therapy. >> is this a complete medical breakthrough or do we need to continue to be cautious? >> we're still waiting for the complete story, which we will hear in about two hours. what we know so far is that this is one of the cases that has also been reported that they were treated very intensively early on after acute infections and they're called post- treatment controllers. if you treat certain impatience
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a very early on, they may be capable to control the virus by their around immune system. this is something that we call it functional cure for the future. >> from atlanta, thank you for talking to us today. >> the catholic cardinals have arrived at the vatican to start the process selecting a new pope. >> there is setting a date for the conclave to elect a successor for benedict. >> there is no clear favorite, but they all agree he will face daunting challenges. >> leaders of the catholic church's sought after like movie stars. cardinals from all over the world gathering to prepare their conclave. every arrival sparking a rumor, every sentence holding potential meeting. that is why the cardinals who are charged with picking a successor are very reserved in their statements. >> we have one week of meetings
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ahead of us to get to know one another better. i really cannot say more. >> anything is possible. >> it is almost a new personality and that is the surprise. >> this is what st. peter's square looked like yesterday, the window from which the pope uses traditional blessing on sunday was shot, a sign of a church without a leader. >> we would most like a mixture of john paul ii and benedict xvi. >> he should be someone who has appealed to come someone who can bring us together and lead us forward. >> observers believe it must also be someone who can bring the vatican's house in order. the cardinals may soon be given access to a top-secret report commissioned before he shocked the world with his resignation. rome is rife with speculation
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about the contents which some say have details of a sordid ring of sex and corruption within the vatican. >> eurozone finance ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss a bailout that cyprus has requested. >> they expect a deal with cyprus to be hammered out by the end of the month. last month, they asked me to help with a bailout to keep the government solvent. germany and others have concerns that cyprian banks are involved in tax evasion. people in switzerland voting to impose curbs on executive pay. 67% of voters backed a proposal giving them the right to veto executive pay as well as banning big rewards for managers. a clear majority was unusual from a corporate lobby group. they said it would damage their
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competitiveness and scare away international talent. now for the response from frankfurt, conrad is standing by. we're talking about some global giants that could be effected. what are traders saying? >> there is no direct impact on prices today, but they are heavily discussing this topic and the people i talk to say that we should not overestimate the potentially negative impact on this. we should put a stress on the boost that corporate governance of the companies might have if the owners of a company, the shareholders, have more to say when it comes to the payment of executives. that means most people here are convinced that in the long term, investor confidence will be getting a boost by all this. >> what is driving trading today?
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>> this week will bring a lot of events to influence the markets. the european central bank will have a council meeting here. 8 dax companies will come out with earnings at of all of this, so investors are referring to stay on the sidelines and not decide for any upswing in the market. the euro stocks 50 [no audio] >> stay with us. we have a lot more news after more coverage on the canyon election and. >> also looking at germany and the news in brief for the headlines. also some news on sports with the latest. stay with us on dw.
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costa taught
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>> returning to our top story , the reflections -- the elections in kenya. they're watching the polling very carefully because of the violence erupted. >> the last ballot led in a power-sharing government and a new constitution was also drawn up. >> they say inequality remains, not just between tribes but also the region's fuelling violence in the country. >> here is a look at how it's affecting some people. >> putting in a long day when his hectare of land in western kenya where has lived for 20 years. he grows the grass with which she feeds his cows. he used to grow corn, but that was not profitable.
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his dairy farm provides him with their regular income of about 60 euro amount. >> i used to sell milk and pay for my school fees for my children. and also for our daily living. >> he has four children and his mother also lives with them. the cost of living as high with school fees adding up to 1700 euro a year. he would like to see more state support. his family only manages to make ends meet with the additional money come from a grain mill. with it, his wife earns another 130 euro a month. both are hoping for peaceful elections but they have painful memories from the unrest after the last elections. back then, violence erupted as the tribe disputed the results
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handing a victory to their arrival. across the country, more than 1000 people died. >> it was very difficult for us. they're running away with their children. >> we pass a makeshift camp on our way. it was a flash points of post- election violence. people burned it and set up camp here. during the unrest, it was raised by fire. she is skeptical that it will bring change. >> i don't know by problems will be solved. i have lived here for long time. >> the city's center is next.
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>> they are running on a joint ticket. he is from a lively university town but widespread corruption and cronyism putting the brakes on the unemployment -- on business. unemployment is high. this 23-year-old rescue worker as a first-time voter and she hopes the next government will fully implement the constitution limiting the president's powers and calling for a more decentralized political system.
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>> like millions of fellow kenyans, she is open a result of this election will pave the road to a better future. >> it's time for a rethink. that is what some in the german coalition of think about gay rights. >> chancellor angela merkel's conservative party is holding a meeting to solve a dispute erupted between members of her own party over this. we get the latest in a moment, but first this report. >> 20 by thousands in six partnerships are registered in germany. the exact figure house not been tallied. the german constitutional court has confirmed their legal status as a family, but they still do not enjoy the same adoption rights and tax advantages. leaders of the conservative bavarian christian union wanted
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to stay that way. >> we have adopted a clear position and public debate will do nothing to change it. >> in the conservative party in the rest of germany, the view is shifting. even the finance minister and says he is open to modifying the tax law. what's the constitutional court says our concept of family has changed since the basic law of 1949 was written. that's something we need to think about. >> a party conference agreed not to introduce legal equality without a constitutional court ruling, but they are feeling the heat from the junior coalition partner. >> we very much hope tolerance will prevail. they still have time to send a signal indicating a more democratic, tolerant society. >> the question is whether the government acts before a court
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ruling forces their hand. >> how is the meeting wrapping up that we mentioned, terry? >> an interesting meeting. the purpose was to cquell a debate on the gay marriage and the outcome was this. the conservatives decided they will wait and see what the constitutional court rules in extending more rights to individuals in same-sex partnerships. meanwhile, conservatives decided they are against extending any more rights to individuals in same-sex marriages unless they're being forced to by the court. essentially, what we have ended up with is nothing. chancellor merkel wants to end this potentially divisive debate for her conservative party in an election year. whether the fact she wants it to end will make it so is doubtful because we are ready have
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people within her party coming out on both sides of this debate very strongly. i think we will see more to come. >> is the onus back on the constitutional court? >> very much so. they already ruled within the past year that certain rights, adoption rights, should be recognized for individuals in same-sex partnerships. this summer, they are expected to go even berger in its ruling extending a certain tax rights also to same-sex partnerships. >> it being an election year, wouldn't it look better for them to lead the way on this issue? >> more members of the party think exactly that. they will like to see this debate moved forward, but there is a staunchly conservative when that does not out all feel comfortable with this. almost all opposition and parties are definitely supporting it sending more rights to members of same-sex partnerships, so i think we will
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see them trying to drive the conservatives together with the constitutional report screaming and kicking into the 21st century. >> thank you for the analysis commentary, from our parliamentary studios. >> coming up, all of the bundesleague action. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry has had talks in saudi arabia. the syrian consulate and the disputed the iranian nuclear program more at the top of the agenda. he stressed the time frame for a diplomatic solution with tehran was limited. >> the head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog, the iaea, has called on iran to grant them access to the site near tehran. they have long suspected it is at a site for u.s. -- for nuclear research. they say they are refining uranium for peaceful energy purposes.
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>> the city is observing a day of mourning after a bomb blast killed more than a 50 people. at least 150 were wounded. the attack in the shia muslim neighborhood is the latest in the minority community. it was not brilliant or pretty, but they did not show up another hard-fought went on a sunday in the bundesleague. >> they have held on to their 17-point lead in the standings. they did not give them an easy run. >> they defended valiantly against the league leaders, but to no avail. punishing a mistake from the relegation defense to make it 1- 0 at the half. [no audio]
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free kick struck the woodwork and not once but twice. in quick succession. it was a workmanlike, but they win nonetheless, the 20th of an impressive season for bayern. >> dusseldorf also playing. >> need every point they can get. [no audio]
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[no audio] eighth minute. his header back to keeper took everyone by surprise. it remained 1 all. dusseldorf edging one point closer to safety. >> stay with us. good to have you here.


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