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tv   Journal  PBS  March 8, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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and then you've got one that's turned sideways, which is fascinating because it adds a little character to the painting here. you know you don't have to make it that big. you can again you have to experiment with this you guys. find the configuration you want that you feel good about. and as usual we've got to go, so get your sketch in there and we'll finish it up next time. so god bless you, stay inspired, keep painting, and i promise to see you real soon on another yarnell school of fine art.
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>> nice to have you here on the "journal" on dw in berlin. north korea threatens to scrap all non-agression pact with south korea after united nations sanctions. >> dozens had to caracas to their final farewell to hugo chavez. >> on international women's day, we look at an initiative in india to train women cabdrivers.
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north korea says it is scrapping a non-agression pact with south korea and canceling the armistice agreement between them. >> these threats come after the united nations security council put fresh sanctions on the communist country over its nuclear program. they have called for calm and restraint, saying the situation on the korean peninsula is highly complex and sensitive. >> the german foreign minister has urged china to use its influence on p'yongyang to stop its provocative actions. >> propaganda and north korean style. state tv shows kim jong un visiting units close to the border with south korea. his focus is on a south korean island, a gesture aimed to provoke neighbors and please the north korean people. tensions have heightened since
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the regime scrap its non- agression pact with south korea and threaten the u.s. with strikes. south koreans are responding with a mix of concern and defiance. the south korean president attended a military swearing in ceremony and praised soldiers for their work. the ministry of defence did not mince words. >> if north korea really were to attack us with a nuclear strike, i can promise one thing -- kim jong un's regime would disappear off the face of the earth. >> the united nations security council voted on thursday to impose tougher sanctions. germany says it is the regular people who suffer. >> international isolation is increasing poverty among ordinary people, and that is why the policies pursued by the
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north korean leadership are focused against its own people. >> china, which has always defended the country, is also on board with the sanctions. it has called for restraint. >> if both sides do not keep calm or one of them lose their cool, the consequences could be dreadful. >> north korea has also cut off the top line with south korea. it is designed to act as a point of contact in the case of escalation a breakdown of communication did not even take place during the cold war. >> for more on the story, our reporter in the south korean capital. how do you assess modern steel right now, given these latest developments. >> most cells -- most south koreans have heard these threats before from north korea. they have grown up amid the context of the cold war.
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south korea over exaggerated north korean threats. there is a general apathy. your average south korean does not pay attention to a north korea does until bombs fall. then people start getting concerned. >> this is a political test for south korea's new president. what sort of options that she have? how has she handled the crisis so far, do you think? >> she has played it very cool. the military here in south korea has said that as it is, there are not any profit -- if there are any provocations, that it will immediately retaliate. that if north korea were to launch an attack, they would go after the command structure. they are definitely talking tough, but as i have seen here, sometimes the best thing to do is just let it slide by. sometimes the best treatment for
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north korea is just to ignore them and things eventually cooled down. >> this is the closest the countries have been to the brink since the korean war. >> with north korea first attacked the south korean naval ships and killed about 40 sailors and later in 2010 attacked this island and killed four people on that island -- that was definitely the closest. we've heard these kinds of threats before. whenever the united nations passed the sanctions, whenever there's a new political administration here in the south, we hear these kinds of statements as a way to test south korea, the u.s., the international community to see what kind of concessions they can get out of this. >> thank you very much for that update from seoul. >> syrian rebels have failed to release 21 filipina u.n. peacekeepers they captured on wednesday in the golan heights. >> troops have appeared in
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videos online, saying they have been treated well and telling their families not to worry. the philippines government says the rebels are insisting syrian government troops must first withdraw from the area before they will free the peacekeepers. preparations are under way in caracas for the state funeral of president hugo chavez. his body will be kept lying in state for another week after the ceremonies so that more people can pay their last respects. >> some 2 million people have filed past his coffin. dozens of world leaders have started arriving for the funeral today. >> things have been busy at the airport in caracas. high-ranking guests are arriving. among them, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad, cuban president castro, and the brazilian president. some venezuelans have had to wait 10 hours and longer to bid farewell to the common dante. police have their work cut out to keep order among the crowds,
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and they do not always succeed. hugo chavez's remains of lying in state in the military academy in caracas. venezuelans have until the end of the week to pay their respects. >> the comandante looks good. it is not like we are going to say "house said. he is so thin." he looks normal. >> people are still cheering. "chavez lives. the fight goes on." as a delegation from vietnam paid their respects, the mood was almost festive. >> venezuelan tv is broadcasting pictures of chavez lying in state. chavez has been placed in a glass-covered coffin with a guard of honor beside him.
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the vice president says chavez will be entered in the military museum of caracas instead of being buried in the city's pantheon, as had been previously thought. he also said the remains would be embalmed and place so they could still be viewed. >> the race for the presidency in kenya looks set to go down to the wire. >> a runoff is looking increasingly likely. the front runner has just slipped below the 50% mark for the first time. his main rival is now trailing by about five percentage points. if neither candidate wins more than half the votes, they must face a runoff next month. the vote has so far been largely peaceful. it has been hit by some technical glitches. >> business news now. expectations of positive economic data for the u.s. was already helping push up shares on global stock markets earlier today to their highest levels in years.
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the dax briefly broke through the 8000 mark for the first time in five years before falling back slightly. as soon as the good news to come through on jobs, the dax was back up there again. it continues to hover around the psychologically important level. let's get more on that with our frankfurt correspondent. what is behind this week's surge? >> of course, also the dow jones in the united states has reached one record after the other. compared to this, the dax in frankfurt is only reaching the highest level in five years. what is pushing demand for stocks is a combination of the perspective of a continuously generous monetary policy in combination with positive economic data coming in from the united states. in february, the unemployment rate plunged to 7.7% -- or in march. this is because of the jobs that were created in february, which
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is a far better development and economists had anticipated. this piece of news is what has been pushing the dax again about 8000 a couple of minutes ago. >> equities keep heading north. a lot of uncertainty remains. >> of course on these levels, investors are cautious and easily ready to take some of the profits. in the midterm, a lot will depend on the communications that the central banks will choose, when they will try to end their generous monetary policy, but for the moment, nothing of that is inside. the mood is positive. the dax currently trading a few points above 8000. the euro stoxx 50 gaining above 1%, nearly 1.5%. the euro is trading above $1.30. >> thank you. have not seen numbers like that for a long time.
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>> the ceo was fired in january after a series of blunders and amazed. the new airport was supposed to open in june last year, but technical errors and other problems mean it is unlikely to start operations before next year or the year after. computer users know the crucial importance of protecting files, programs, and networks from viruses, and we've all been hearing reports of large-scale cyber attacks on corporations and hackers leaking sensitive data. >> what about another computerized device? many of us are using them these days without much thought of security. most smartphones have no security features at all, and that is something companies in hanover would like to change. >> this smartphone is secure. it's providers say highly
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secure. this special card in crypts its communication using a code that no one has been able to crack so far. until now, two devices were always needed to protect speech and data, but this new level of security has a price. >> the whole solution costs to thousand 500 euros, including the telephone and microsd card. >> the i.t. security industry will never be short of work. it is a marathon race between cyber criminals and those who pursue them. the financial stakes are enormous. the german government is said to have reserved 10,000 of these
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>> the canals being close to large vessels. battle last year, almost 30,000 ships pass through it. three of the 400-year-old locks are out of order.
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>> there will be times when the canal has to shut down, and that will not change in the future. what we can do is look for ways of responding to the situation more quickly or of finding faster ways of getting the canal open when we do have to shut it down. we will have regular problems in the future. >> a fifth block is planned, but little has happened since the transport minister attended 11 months ago. on thursday, he would not comment on the closure. unions wanted to resign. businesses feared big losses. >> the canal is extremely important. >> larger ships now have to wait another two weeks. that is how long the repairs are estimated to take. >> if you have just joined us,
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you are watching the "journal" on dw. when will the conclave meet to elect a new pope? we will ask our religious correspondent. >> and when was international women's day set up? it was a long time ago. that is our only clue for you.
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with so long to set a date? >> the main reason was because they were not all there. when pope benedict's last acts as pope allowed the cardinals to decide for themselves when they wanted to set the conclave. the cardinals were waiting for the last to arrive. he did so yesterday. these meetings they hold before the conclave begins are tremendously important, and that is why they did not want to rush it. >> why were they so important? what did they talk about behind closed doors? >> the talk about the issues as they see it confronting the church. the challenges facing the new pope. in a sense, although there is officially no lobbying going on, they are drawing up a short list that they would agree that the future pope would have to address. obviously, things like the child abuse scandal are very high in discussions. it obviously has to be someone who is not tainted in any way
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even indirectly with the child abuse scandal. a further problem, perhaps even more pressing, is the question of the central government of the catholic church. through the wikileaks scandal, it merged the circumstances were pretty chaotic. it needs to be someone with the force of character to reform that. >> a lot of speculation about who that somebody might be. >> if i'm right in my analysis -- but this is really speculating -- then of course, they will either go for somebody who is a rome insider, who knows the curia and can reform it. that is the one main thing. on the other hand, if they want someone who will present a better face to the world, a charismatic figure, they are likely to go for somebody in the department of experience.
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i'm personally tended to think they will look for a compromise candidate. that could be somebody like cardinal shearer of sao paulo, brazil. >> thank you very much for that analysis. >> in germany, the president has been meeting with young muslims in a bid to promote cultural harmony. >> although germany is not as popular as the u.s. or australia for immigrants, today, many different ethnic backgrounds call germany their home. >> the president wants to ensure that everyone has a stake in the country's future. >> they are young, ambitious, mostly muslim, but more than that, they are part of the future. the delegates want to advance the dialogue between the countries in germany -- between the cultures in germany. >> with your face, with your culture, you are part of the present day, but also the future of our country.
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the above for this 23-year-old, the president's insight still has not reach some parts of mainstream society and politics. >> we have all noticed over the past years that many people in this country have difficulty accepting the change and recognizing that germany is a country of immigration. some people might see that fact as a threat, but for most of us young people who are growing up together, it has long been normal. >> the meeting in bellevue palace is a start of working groups and discussions with politicians. the aim is to agree on recommendations on ways to improve cohabitation between the cultures and the future in germany. >> coming up, we take a look at international women's day. >> first, some other stories making headlines today. the egyptian president has accepted a postponement of parliamentary elections. a court found his decree
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unconstitutional as he failed to consult with the prime minister and cabinet first. the country has been without a lower house of parliament since june. >> in burma, the national league for democracy is holding a historic meeting to elect a party leadership. it is the first and the particles to 25-year history that such a meeting has been held. the delegates are also due to set up their manifesto for the 2013 election. >> the czech republic has a new president. he took his oath of office today appear the popular social democrat is the first czech president elected by voters. his predecessor was on it last night. >> an international meeting of conservation's has rejected a u.s. proposal to ban cross- border trade in polar bears. washington argue that climate change was shrinking the polar bears habitat and that the species needed protection. but a majority of nations found
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the polar bear population was not shrinking. events are being held across the world to mark international women's day. it began over 100 years ago when women can to get a campaign for equality. women working in the civil service could lose their jobs if they got married. in 2005, angela merkel became the first female german chancellor. let's take a look back. >> the main breadwinner and head of the family.
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women won the battle against legally defined marital roles. they got to decide if it wanted to go to work -- if they wanted to go to work. in 1997, marital rape became a criminal offense. >> the end of this century, also the end of the middle ages. >> women from across the political divide one the fight against men who rape their wives. at the beginning of the new millennium, women gained the right to serve in all military roles. women could now go to war. the move product practical questions. >> there is no rule about bras and underwear for women, is there? or should they be a special color? >> as long as they are not least panties, then you could buy everything. >> four years later, angela
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merkel became the first female chancellor. >> the role of women in german society has changed significantly since the 1950's. >> the position of women in india has been in the spotlight more than ever before since the brutal gang rape of a student and the subsequent injuries she sustained in december. >> the government is working on anti-rape legislation which will make it easier to convict legislators, but there's also the day today discrimination of women. we take a look at one initiative which aims to provide skills to women, including taxi drivers. >> sabita gupta is having a driving lesson. the card tricks in a bit and she does not halt the horn as often as other indian drivers, but she is getting better by the day -- the car jerks a bit. many men disapprove of what she
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is doing. >> in india, people think women are incapable of driving. it is unthinkable that they could do it well. >> she will be the first in her family to get a driver's license. it is not just for fun. an aid organization is training her and other women to become taxi drivers, and they are not just learning about street signs. >> it is very important for me. >> they are also learning english and how to be more self confident. >> when my father heard that i wanted to learn how to drive, he was shocked. my mother said no one in the family has wanted that before. he said it was not for me, that i should take a soling class or become a beautician. >> driving school is meant to teach all kinds of life skills.
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most here have almost no formal education. gita had always dreamed of becoming a cabdriver. now she steers to the chaos of delhi streets like a pro. >> i like it. it feels like i have wings. i know all the places now. before i did not feel like i knew my way around at all. >> she drives only women passengers. she cannot take everything that comes through, especially when it is dark. even she knows it is a risk when a man gets in. >> we are there all night for women. they are safe with us. if a man is driving, a woman will always be afraid. >> but it is not easy to get a women's taxi. for the millions in delhi, there are only 10 female drivers. >> the last german club in the europa league looks to be on their way out.
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>> a german woman while climbing a glacier befell has had a lucky escape. then she was rescued this morning. a first attempt to airlifter to say he failed when the helicopter was unable to land because of heavy cloud coverage. the woman suffered arm and leg injuries after falling more than 13 meters. rescuers said she was lucky to be alive. >> indeed she was. that is it for this edition of the "journal." great to have you with us. >> hope to see you again soon. captioned by the national captioning institute


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