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tv   Journal  PBS  April 11, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to the journal on d.w. coming to you live from berlin. >> here is what is coming up in the next half-hour. g-8 foreign ministers threaten more sanctions, fail to agree on syria and vow to make rape a war crime. >> look to germany, technology and trade. >> and once again it is not what they order. more horse meat labeled as beef in europe.
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>> g-8 foreign ministers in london condemned north korea in the strongest terms possible and promised more sanctions if they do not back off the nuclear rhetoric. >> they discussed syria but not a lot of progress there. the group remained divided on the best way forward in ending the civil war. >> but they agreed to back a star powered u.n. bend to use rape as a tool of war and ethnic cleansing. >> angelina jolie attended the meeting to promote an urgent cause. the hollywood star and u.n. special envoy was invited by william hague to appeal for action against sexual violence in the world conflict zones. >> rape is not a woman's issue or humanitarian issue. it is a global issue. ask it belongs here at the top table of international decision making.
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>> the g-8 countries pledged 27 million euros to provide support to rape survivors. after the actress left the building the summit turned to the crisis on the korean peninsula. the latest round of rhetoric from north korea is threatening to destabilize the region. the foreign ministers issued a joint statement that condemned their continued development of nuclear weapons. >> i am pleased at the world's eight leading industrialized nation were finding a consensus on north korea. this war rhetoric is unacceptable and must stop. it is very important that the international community is united on this issue. >> guthe g-8 can't find consensus on the throrny
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problem of syria. >> north korea and sexual violence and conflict is concerned there is unity among the g-8 partners. but on syria the summit hasn't helped to find a common position. russia with its soldarity towards president asad. germany now wants to increase economical help to those affected by the region in order to strengthen their popularity with the syrian people. >> it is a partnership for the times with both sides standing to gain a lot. >> it sure is. germany wants access to india's middle class and india wants expertise in renewable energy. >> they are expected to sign a number of far-reaching trade deals. >> the atmosphere at the german-indian cabinet session
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was cordial. but there are still sticking points in the negotiations for a free-trade agreement between india and europe. they are concerned the country's economy could be overpowered by the economic might of the e.u. but offered words of encouragement. >> it is germany's experience again and again the volume of trade increases each time a free-trade agreement is reached. >> germany is india's bgest trading parer in th.u. and exports have grown steadily. imports from india were about the same value. that was an increase of nearly 20% over the year before. the indian government says that it is concerned about the debt crisis and its effect on the global economy. >> a strong euro zone is in the
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interest of all of the countries. we want the trading system to remain strong. >> from the german side there are questions regarding india's human right record and specifically the question of rural women and children. the prime minister took note of the concerns. our political correspondent, simon young, has been falling the talks here in berlin. simon, india is a rising power. how important is it to germany? >> well, i think that it is growing in importance. of course it is mainly about trade. india mentioned that there is a huge potential market for german and european goods and services. india is germany's most -- germany is india's most important trading partner within the european union worth
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about 27 billion euros but the trade fell back slightly last year. it is below targets. so, the trading relationship is very important. but it is not only that. of course many people see india as a potential counter weight to china. that is the other sleeping giant if you like, in asia and potentially in the context of concerns about iran's nuclear program, which is also mentioned by the two leaders today. it is important for germany to have a good partner in the region. >> of course there is a fair trade deal or free trade deal we heard about in our report. how far along right now? >> the talks have been going on for some years, as you mentioned. the chancellor referred to many sticking points today. intellectual property not protected in india as many
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companies would like. in the automobile sector german automakers would like tariff makers to be removed but they are less keen to do that. there are areas where there are problems, but there is also progress. the two sides say they are making progress. >> simon, as ever, thank you very much. and the german vines chancellor met with the turkish president calling on a court to secure turkish media access to a high profile neo nazi murder trial. the case involved the murders of 10 people, eight of whom had turkish roots. >> time now for business news. it is a pat thearn the euro zone is becoming all too familiar with. a bailout is announceses and in
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a few weeks turns out is not enough money. now it needs to be bumped up by a third to 23 billion euros. cyprus negotiated a bailout last month. that deal closed the island's second largest bank and imposed huge levies on savings accounts worth more than 100,000 euros. >> staying in the mediterranean. greece has seen its ranks of the unemployed swell. numbers out today spell a new low. >> 27.2% of t working population is jobless. a new record there. a year ago the record was 21%. it doesn't stop many greeks from venting their anger at the government. >> these unemployed people
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demonstrating outside of a job center in athens know their protest won't help them get jobs, but they want to express their frustration. >> we will step up our protests and initiatives in the name of class soldarity. we are calling on every person not to conform, not to accept things. when some people can't even pay for a bus ticket. >> the outlook is not optimistic. the greek economy has been in recession for years. this year g.d.p. is expected to decline by 4.5%. unemployment among young greeks is high. the jobless rate for 18-24 years of age is 60%. they are waiting for payment of 9 billion euros, the next charge of the bailout but it is conditional on job's being cut in greece's public sector, a measure likely to increase the
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unemployment figures. >> four japanese car makers announced a mass vehicle recall. toyota, honda, nissan and mazda say the problem affects about 3.5 million cars made between 2000-2004 saying a malfunction could cause the air bags to burst and spray pieces of metal. there are five cases already it is a global recall.ed. - many of the vehicles were sold in europe and north america. >> well, enough is enough. that is the message from shareholders to top management at deutsch bank. germany's biggest bank has been ronked by scandal. now they had to repeat last year's annual meeting after judges ruled one investor should have been given more time to speak. the defunct cash media group which has been in a long legal
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battle with the bank. rerunning the meeting costs millions of euros. they were anticipating an angry crowd and took shelter behind a waist-high fence. now time for a record to see how the markets rounded out trading. another day of stellar trading in europe. >> in the morning a few investors thought the markets in frankfort would take a break after wednesday's rally but the rally continued mainly because of new data coming out of the u.s., jobless claims shrank significantly last week. these numbers have been able to beat expectations, and this gave a boost to shares because the unemployment data that we have seen in march have been far weaker than expected and now the new data shows that maybe the u.s. economy is able to get back on track so the
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rally will continue. >> we are go to stay in europe where the dax was up three quarters of eight percent. it is already rallied by more than 2% yesterday. a lot of gains there. in new york trade suggest still underway for the dow and it continues to climb from one record to another hitting an all-time high on thursday. it is incredible. dow 15,000. does not look so far off. euro dollar has been trending higher for most of the day. >> here in germany many are wondering right now what was in that frozen hamburger or discount lazahn yeah last night. >> dutch officials recalled 50,000 tons of what is supposed to be beef. they say it might contain meat from other animals, such as horses. >> the equivalent of 10,000
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truckloads of meat and figured to be the latest in a scandal unfolds for months now. >> this supplier is suspected of mixing cheap horse meat in with its beef. the european union called on member states to recall 50,000 tons of the mislabeled meat. dutch authorities discovered potential cases of fraud in two suppliers. meat that was declared to be beef was sold to wholesalers in 16 eu countries. in fact it may have contained horse meat. authorities say they believe the supplier is part of a long chain of fraud. distributeded from 2011-january of this year it is not clear how much is on super market shelves. it was distributed throughout europe. most would have been consumed.
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but we are going to try to locate the rest. consumer groups long criticized the lack of adequate controls on meat. >> it is crucial the food sector is closely monitored. we want more controls and we want the results to be made public. >> the eu is set to awant to new legislation to ensure consumers know where meat and processed foods from come. >> fishermen often talk about the one that got away. >> they do indeed. but this time around the tables were turned. a lucky escape for a fisherman out in his canoe. >> take a look at this. he just caught a fish when a hungry shark tried to snatch it off the hook. the fisherman was shaken by the ordeal but made it safely back to shore and lives to fish another day. lucky guy.
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>> stay with us. we are going to a break. we will be back and look at venezuela. >> back in a minute. stay with us.
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>> thanks for staying with us. >> welcome back. the people of venezuela go to the polls in a presidential election to determine whether or not that country continues the socialist revolution launched by its late leader, hugo chavez. >> the acting president has promised to continue the revolution by raising the minimum wage up to 45%. the main opposition candidate however has pledged to scale back government and end the growing corruption among the country's leadership. >> it is a very divided nation right now. let's look at how this often bitter campaign has been waged, including at the street level. >> it is the final push, every day for the last six weeks the
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streets have resonated to the sound of supporters from both sides. the battle lines are drawn. the campaign is exposed the gap between the poor who want it to continue and the middle class that wants change. sometimes when the chanting stops the trouble starts. carlos says he was hit by a stone thrown by a government supporter. >> there is a lot of hatred on both sides. it is because over the last 14 years the governing party set the tone in political debate. and that has been dominated by hatred, anger and division. >> these students came together to form a opposition movement accusing the ruling socialists of turning venezuela into a corrupt and undemocratic nation. they brought their demands staging a hunger strike.
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>> i want a different country. my convictions are strong enough to challenge the other side. i believe we can make change happen. i don't want to abandon my country. >> as if to underline the seriousness of their protest four of the students have sewn together their lips. theirs is a silent protest for greater freedom of expression and another example of how radicalized campaigning has become as election day approaches. >> i am fighting for the children so they will live in a better venezuela. i don't want to go out and demonstrate. i want to study and bring up children. >> supporters of the former president, hugo chavez, say he that did away with privileges for the rich giving people access to education and other opportunities. >> when i was young i did not do well in my school exit
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exams. but here i am now. i have shown that i have a brain as well as a heart. >> from satellite dishes to household appliances. the government has been generous in their handouts to the poor and fear it would end with an opposition victory. >> the people have woken up. >> the anger and the divisions have also reemerged. overnight the student campaigners are attacked with fists, bottles, stones and gunshots. even the police admit that chavez supporters are to blame. but the government sticks to their claim that agitators paid by the u.s. were the culprits. the attackers were caught on camera but were able to escape. the incident shocked the opposition activists. >> this can't be happening in vens waila. we have to stick together and
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make things work. we are children and brothers of the same nation. >> there is little unity on display during this campaign. students vow to ignore attempts to intimidate them and to keep up their protests. only when the violence and confrontation ends can venezuela truly move on. >> let's go live to our correspondent in the capitol. search talking about how devicive this poll is. give us a feel for the mood. we just have a few days left until the vote. >> yeah. if you are walking the streets you can feel it, the nervousness all around you in the marches and exapes there were acts of aggression from both sides. when people talk politics in bars and restaurants they often end up in quarrels. on the other hand we see people buying great amounts of basic foods in the super market like oil and flour like they would
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be preparing themselves for after the election. >> the two parties seem to be on complete opposite ends of the speck rum. is there any chance of the winner finding any common ground? >> i don't see a challenge. but this would be a target of the new president. the sides are completely divided. they benefit from the gifts of the government like cheap foods and other payments and the others go with the opposition for what they call a free and democratic venezuela. >> mark, thanks very much for the update. police in jerusalem arrested five feminist protesters for praying out loud and wearing prayer shawls, both reserved
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for men. the protests are held regularly from a group calling themselves women of the wall as part of a campaign to be allowed to pray along with men. >> gun control in the suzz in full focus now. >> thursday the senate voted on new legislation requiring a universal background check. >> gun rights and self-defense group said it undermines the second amendment. proposals would require federal background checks to determine if buyers are mentally unstable or violated the law. the senate has to approve the measures. the obama administration put gun control at the top of their legislative agenda. united nations took up one of the darker sides of globalization, the plight of at least 600,000 people tricked into forced labor or prostitution in the middle east. >> a two-year study on human
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trafficking in the middle east paints a grim picture for thousands of migrants. >> hope to improve their lives many african and asian women agree to work abroad. they are lured by false promises of jobs as nurses, teachers or waitresses. on arrival they are often sexually abused. the worst cases are found primarily in middle eastern countries. >> the economic interests are enormous because a lot of people are making monothis trafficking. we estimate that workers enforced labor around the world are losing a total of $21 billion a year. >> wages are frequently
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withheld or illegal fees are levies driving people into debt. these men say they are being massively underpaid. now are now pressuring for better legal protections for migrant workers and reforms to a middle eastern tradition which gives employers a vice-like grip on their employees. >> soccer, the four semi-finalists have been confirmed for the final four along with the spanish teams barcelona and real madrid. >> they are relishing the possibility of an all-german semi-final. >> there may be tired legs among the players but the prospect of taking on their rivals in the champions league semi-finals has the club energized. >> if we have to take on real
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madrid or barcelona first, we will not be frightened. >> they are spearheading a german resurgence. >> back when i coached in spain it was like the league did not even exist. so much has changed over the last few years. we produced a lot of really talented players and quality teams. now there is lots of respect. players and fans will be eagerly awaiting the draw for the semi-finals. it takes place on friday noon local time in the swiss city. >> barcelona squeaked through on wednesday to make the semis for a record six years in a row. >> two german teams and two spanish sides in the hat for friday's eagerly awaited draw that could yield all german and all spanish semis or even a
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final. we know more on friday. >> ok. the countdown is underway. now to paris. a day after violent attacks on staff members by pickpocketters. 200 employees went out on strikes after police -- >> they called on more to be done to end the illegal networks. more uniformed and plain clothes police are on patrol. >> ok. let's hope that works out. and we have one more report for you. uruguay has legalized gay marriage. legislation has been passed by the lower house with a clear majority.
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they celebrated the decision as an historic moment for the country's gay and lesbian community. the catholic church strongly opposed the move. argentina legalized gay marriage in 2010. that is all we have time for right now. thanks so much for joining us. >> we will see you next time.
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