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tv   Journal  PBS  June 17, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> hello. a very warm welcome to the " journal," coming to you live from dw in berlin. >> our headlines this hour. >> g8 nations convened for a summit overshadowed by russia's disagreement over syria and how to close tax loopholes for multinational corporations. >> with the protests in turkey showing no sign of abating, the turkish government threatened to use the army against demonstrators. >> and reigning world champions spain get off to a winning start in their confederations cup campaign. >> thanks for joining us.
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the g8 summit is underway in northern ireland where the war in syria is expected to dominate the two-day talks. >> positions are still wide apart. u.s. president barack obama is promising to back those who chose -- choose the path to peace, meaning the syrian rebels, while russia is unrelenting in its support for the syrian regime. >> leaders have signaled progress on a free-trade agreement between the united states and that you. and they are looking to make it harder for multinational companies to avoid paying taxes. here is more on what is on the agenda in enniskillen. >> british crime -- prime minister david cameron personally receive the group of eight. u.s. president barack obama and french president francois hollande, despite the idyllic surroundings, tough talks lie ahead. syria could prove an especially thorny issue. russian president vladimir putin says he will continue
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deliver weapons to the syrian regime. >> president assad wants us to think that the only alternative to him is extremism and violence, yet there are millions of people in syria who want a peaceful and democratic future. we should be on their side. >> there has already been progress in one area. the eu and u.s. leaders have agreed to meet in washington next month. it could be the biggest trade deal ever. a move obama says will improve transatlantic relations. >> this potentially groundbreaking partnership would increase those ties. it would increase exports, decrease barriers to trade and investment. as part of broader growth strategies, it would support hundreds of thousands of jobs on both sides of the ocean. >> cameron sought out remote in his killings for the summit -- remote and his killings -- remote enniskillen for the
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summit. the leaders have limited time to find answers to some very difficult questions. >> the differences between russia and the u.s. is certainly overshadowing the summit. thank you for joining us here. the u.s., france, and great britain are intent on arming the rebels. we have russia on the other side to liberating arms to the regime. is this not becoming a proxy war? >> > we have a conference in a couple of weeks. now it is time to put political pressure on the assad regime as well as on russia. therefore, the announcement to be ready to provide weapons to a limited degree to the syrian
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rebels is a political symbol. on the other hand, it comes as no surprise, given the military advances of the syrian army in the last couple of weeks, that the decision has been made to counter those advances. >> germany has decided not to deliver any weapons to the rebels. could this isolate written -- britain? >> yes. the crucial question for the german political system or leaders -- can they offer anything, political initiative led by germany and or the european union, some kind of diplomacy between the capitals of the region? as long as i don't see this, there is the danger of being isolated. >> what about the comments by bashar al-assad that delivering arms would result in the export of terrorism to europe?
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is this something we should be worried about? >> that is already a problem, which has nothing to do with arms procurement or it delivery to the syrian rebels. according to the german intelligence services, more than 50 islamist individuals are fighting in syria. the question is what is going to happen after they returned to germany with the knowledge they have acquired. this will be a problem of the security services, security authorities in germany. >> ain't you very much for bringing us up-to-date. -- thank you very much for bringing us up-to-date. >> iran's president-elect has promised more transparency in regards to the country's nuclear program, but he has made it clear the islamic republic will not stop enriching uranium. in his first a look remarks since his election win over the weekend, hassan rouhani remarks --
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>> he has warned foreign powers to stay out of syria. rouhani will officially take over the president's job in august. germany is home to the largest population of turks outside of turkey. go test over the last month have received a lot of attention here -- protests over the last month have received a lot of attention here. on monday, german chancellor angela merkel issued her strongest warning yet to the turkish government, saying it must protect democratic freedoms. >> taksim square and gezi park remain under lock down after being cleared by police last week. >> gezi park was abandoned on monday after the remains of 10 square cleared -- of protester'' tents were cleared. demonstrators say the removal of their camp does not change anything. they vow their protests will continue. >> gezi park has become an
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image, a symbol for the people, the public. it represents freedom, resistance. shutting this place down does not mean anything. the people are resisting. >> the government is maintaining a hard line against demonstrators. on sunday, prime minister recep tie appeared one -- recep tayyip erdogan said -- hundreds have continued to take to the streets in istanbul and elsewhere. union members walked off the job's -- off of jobs in solidarity with protesters. the government warned anyone taking part in rallies would face the consequences. >> we will not allow these kinds of activities and behaviors because they are not covered by the law. our police will carry out their duties. >> the government's hard-line
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has met with international criticism. german chancellor angela merkel has unease about the government crackdown. >> my theory is that what is happening in turkey right now is that it does not fit our ideas of freedom of expression. >> the makeshift camps may have been removed from taksim square and gezi park, but in turkey, simmering tensions still remain. >> for more on this now, we go live to our correspondent in istanbul. what is the situation in istanbul at the moment? >> as we speak, getting reports from social media that large numbers of people are gathering on the main shopping street in istanbul, and entertainment street. it leads to taksim square. it has been a flashpoint throughout this unrest. a number of people are gathering on the streets as we
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speak. there are impromptu protests going on across the city. this is almost a daily occurrence. the protests are going on. and this is in the face of a severe warning by the deputy prime minister today, who warned that if the unrest goes on, it would not hesitate to use the army if it was needed. this is a further ratcheting up attention by the government, but it does not seem to be having any effect on the protests. >> what about the impact that the nationwide strike has been having on -- by the unions? >> that has been very much not as big as it had been expected. the trade union leaders are predicting mass numbers of people on the streets here that did not materialize. around 1000 people going on protest in istanbul, similar number of -- in the capital, and cara -- ankara. syrian ministers warning of severe consequences -- government ministers warning of
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severe consequences. >> thank you so much for that. >> political upheaval continues in the czech republic following the resignation of prime minister -- of the prime minister over corruption and spy scandal -- over a corruption and spy scandal that resulted in a police raid last week. >> the country's president has asked him to stay on as caretaker until a new government can be formed. it remains unclear whether he was directly involved. eight high-ranking civil servants and politicians have been arrested. water levels continue to receivde in southern and eastern germany after the record- breaking frauds -- floods of the past two weeks. >> the situation in fishbeck is
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improving after weekend efforts to plug the gaping hole in the dyk-- in a dike. bundeswehr helicopters have been dropping concrete blocks to seal the hole. rail traffic on the important link between berlin and hannover will remain detoured for the foreseeable future. today, the 17th of june, marks the 60th anniversary of the east german uprising. >> the 1953 uprising began in east berlin and spread throughout the communist state before being violently suppressed by soviet troops. >> earlier today, chancellor angela merkel, who grew up in the former east, took part in a ceremony of remembrance. >> german chancellor angela merkel played -- paid tribute to the victims of the uprising at a memorial in their honor. this is where the workers revolt began 60 years ago, now known as karl marx alley.
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this man was 16 at the time. he followed the thousands of protesters who were marching to demand higher wages and more freedom. >> there were a lot of tanks to meet them, circling and shooting in the air. then i saw one of the construction workers i had followed that morning. he was wearing a rain jacket. he had been run over and was dead. >> the protests then spread across east germany. more than one million people rallied to call for free elections. that the protesters were brutally silenced highest soviet army crackdown -- that the protesters -- but the protesters were brutally silenced by a soviet army crackdown. this serves as a reminder that government action must always be rooted in the support of its citizens. >> the global media forum kicks
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off. international broadcasting is under the spotlight. >> to celebrate the occasion, many political figures and media experts joined dw director general eric federman -- erik bettermann. >> performed by singers from all 30 broadcast languages. the german folk song, "our thoughts are freed," highlights one of dw's core objectives, promoting freedom of a -- of expression. opening the for him, director general erik bettermann spoke about the changing nature of ash before him -- opening the for him-- the forum, director
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general erik bettermann spoke about the changing nature of broadcasting. >> you do have to be in the places where broadcasting is important. especially in arid regions. we have to make targeted programming to reach the people there -- in arab regions. we have to make targeted programming to reach the people there. >> the event is being attended by professionals and students around the globe. many regularly tune in dw programs. >> they don't only focus on german topics. they are very spread out all over the world. >> i find it very interesting. it gives another perspective of the same news covered by other mainstream media'. >> the responsibilities of news broadcasters is one focus of the forum. this year's main theme is economic growth, values, and the media. >> coming up, the latest on
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guantanamo bay, business news, and sports. a lot to look forward to. don't go away.
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>> welcome back. "i will" guantanamo bay" -- i will close guantanamo bay" -- that was one of president obama's elections campaign promises. >> but it is still open. dozens of enemy combatants being held in indefinite detention. >> this report shows the first impressions of the detention camp, that critics say operates outside of international law. >> journalists gather at guantanamo bay before daybreak for a rare chance to enter the facility. the tour has been carefully arranged. we are accompanied by soldiers. we are not allowed to film the
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faces of prison guards, nor are we allowed access to the prisoners. at 5:00, the call to prayer. the inmates pray in their cells. almost all of them are in solitary confinement. they are only allowed out on rare occasions. even then, they remain handcuffed and under close watch. of the 166 prisoners at guantanamo, more than 1/3 are on hunger strike. most of them are being force fed, according to one doctor. he does not want his face on camera. >> we try to recognize patient choice and autonomy. our mission is to preserve the life of the detainees. >> the prison's chief commander has defended force-feeding. >> something that has been established as a legal,
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sustainable procedure that is established, again, by the policymakers above us. it is -- i have no issues with the policies they have given us to execute. >> we were unable to ascertain whether the five suspected masterminds of the september 11 attacks are among the hunger strikers. we do know a majority of the prisoners come from yemen. u.s. security officials have declared that many of them do not pose a danger and have ordered them to be sent back to yemen. that decision was part of president barack obama's moved to close one todd mo -- guantanamo bay. >> there has been talk. the demeanor is fairly positive. there is discussion about the fact that the president has mentioned that. >> in a few days, the five suspected masterminds of the september 11 attacks will appear before the camp justice military court.
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the office is close by. he advises cam management and liaises closely with the prisoners. >> to say, at least i know there is an end date, there is a fate, i will be sentenced for life, i will be this, i will be that. >> for some, the upcoming trials are a source of hope. for now, there is no sign that tension that the camp is leading up and it remains unclear if, let alone when, the camp will eventually be shut down. >> president obama has reportedly named new special envoy for closing down the detention facility at guantanamo bay. >> washington says more than half of the detainees are approved for release, but most countries because of fears that they will revert to terrorism. >> human rights activists say leaving prisoners in this kind of legal limbo is a new form of torture.
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>> this theater in new york is continuing to draw attention to guantánamo. actresses via -- vanessa redgrave and mia farrow are involved. even the u.s. government says there is no evidence this man participated in or supported terrorism. >> being detained with no concrete end insight is psychologically traumatic. it is a a form of torture and abuse. i think you see the effects of that with the hunger strike. >> more than 100 detainees are refusing to eat in protest of their conditions. 86 inmates in guantánamo face no charges but are stuck in legal limbo. for many americans, the memories of september 11 mean they continue to fear reprisal attacks from former detainees. surveys show 2/3 of americans support the detention facility.
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congress has blocked transferring any of the 166 and inmates -- 166 inmates from the island to the continent. >> there is a fear of backlash by importing terrorists into the united states. >> the fates of men such as these do not have a high political priority in washington, despite continuing pressure from activists. for now, it remains open -- guantánamo remains open. >> german engineering giant siemens is shutting down its solar division completely. about 280 workers will lose their jobs, most in israel. >> earlier this year, siemens announced plans to exit the sector and said it hoped to find a buyer, but it was not able to attract one at an acceptable price. they moved into the servo --
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solar thermal production about four years ago and have run up losses of billion's of euros. some optimism and upward momentum. european stocks rose to a one- week high on monday as invested a -- as investors anticipated a positive outcome from a meeting at the u.s. federal reserve ear to our correspondents send us is summary -- reserve. our correspondents sent us -- correspondence sent -- traders have been in the mood for buying shares. qatar holding sold its entire stake four years ago after the failed vw takeover. [indiscernible] >> we will stay in frankfurt for
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closer look at the numbers. the dax finished the day up by about 1%, if we can get the graphic rolling -- if not, then all i can tell you that in -- is that markets were higher. we will get back to that later. [laughter] a new study published by the anti-globalization groups attacked bank claims that most of the bailout funds -- groups attac claims that most of the bailout funds given to greece have gone to the financial sector. attac says more than 4/ -- 3/4 of 200 million euros went to propping up banks. the government says that greeks have benefited from the government and they need more time to implement key reforms. >> a court in the netherlands has convicted six young footballers and one father of manslaughter. they kick the volunteer linesman to death last december after a youth match near
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amsterdam. >> richard nieuwenhuizen died the day after the beating, which forensic scientists say contributed to his death. judges sentence the father to six years in jail and six teenagers received lesser sentences. >> the family of the deceased lines man, richard nieuwenhuizen, left court after hearing the verdict against his attackers. family members said the judge's decision to impose maximum did -- sentences brought closure. >> the verdict sends a statement to those who are violent on the football pitch. they should expect the harshest penalty. hopefully everybody can understand that. >> back in december at sc bowed and boys -- sc buitenboys in amsterdam, they beat the linesman. the death of the linesman a day later triggered a debate in -- over violence in amateur football across europe.
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>> this unbelievably savage crime is unnerving, especially because there appears to be no reason for it. we condemn that in the strongest terms. >> the court found six teens and one of their fathers guilty of manslaughter, but some have already announced they will appeal the judge's ruling. >> it is time for a change of action now. in international soccer news, sunday was the second day of the confederations cup. >> the defending world and european champions, spain, made a very strong car to the campaign uruguay. >> this was richly deserved for spain. the final score did not do their superiority justice. uruguay show them too much respect and found it difficult to disrupt spain's masterful passing. seth gas -- cesc fabregas bore down on the goal.
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they had the lead after a deflection from the defender. uruguay only threatened in the first half. half an hour in, sold auto -- soldado struck for spain. 2-0, spain. after the break, spain continue to hog the ball. soldado again went close. uruguay were not completely down and out. suarez scored with this late kick. it was not enough to overcome spain. >> down in rio -- >> italy beat mexico with a stellar performance from midfield maestro andrea pirlo. >> when you have an artist like andrea pirlo on your side, sometimes football can seem so simple. he put his side ahead in style.
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>> hats off to andrea. he leaves me speechless. he is a brilliant role model for all players. >> italy mixed the rough with the smooth. in this case, it was enough to concede a penalty. have you heard and as -- javier hernandez converted to make it 1-1 at the break. italy's winner came from their most talked about player. 2-1 to the euro 2012 runners- up. captioned by the national captioning institute
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welcome to "newsline." it's tuesday, june 18th. i'm krath lynn kobayashi. leaders of the eight major economic powers have gathered in northern ire land to discuss the challenges they're share. they have run into some problems over differing views on syria. british prime minister david cameron said they will work through that and other areas they can agree on. >> we seized on three particular areas that can make a big difference to hardworking families around the world, making sure we have more trade deals to keep


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