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tv   France 24 News  PBS  August 10, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> because a new page of history is written every day. because breaking news can't wait. informati information. everywhere. in all situations. on every subject. understanding the world. imagining the world. "france 24" a different take on the news.
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>> 50,000 euro is the price for migrants had to pay to sneak into europe and u.s. but now the chinese trafficking ring that has helped them smuggle has been busted. dozens of suspects are being arrested in spain and france. they are expected to elect their new president following months of political turmoil and war. we take a closer look at vote rigging allegations with a local n.g.o. ramadan has ended in blood shedd in iraq more than 70 killed as car bombs exploded in a cafe and market mainly in baghdad. it has been ravaged by a wave of violence. welcome to "france 24." we will go straight to the top
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story a human trafficking ring has been busted in spain. 75 suspects have been arrested including two chinese ring ladyers they are uzbekistan -- leaders accused of smuggling migrants into the u.s. and europe. spanish and french police have been working hand in hand during this two-year investigation as we have this report. >> it has taken two years to track them down but these are four of the 75 suspects arrested. 51 were detained in spain including the two alleged operatives of the elaborate chinese trafficking ring. this shows the materials used to forge travel documents to bring migrants in europe. authorities seized 81 fake passports. they describe it as complex with the kingpin based in china and
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individual cells operating independently of each other across europe. the traffickers accompanied their clients all the way from china to spain which was the final launch pad into the u.s. or the u.k. the routes changed constantly to prevent their discovery. >> operations by this organization revolved around human trafficking of people from chi china. there were some instances where it led to people being trafficked for sexual purposes. >> migrants were expected to pay up to 50,000 euros to get into the u.s. or europe which could be worked off in some cases when they arrived at the final destination. a recent commission report warned that the problem of human trafficking was worsening across the bloc noting nigeria and china were the most common but this shut down one ring in the
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joint operation has been hailed as a breakthrough. this comes as six migrants from syria crossed the ocean looking for a european eldorado but when they reached the coast of sicily they drowned just a few meters from the shore. more than 100 other migrants traveled with them on a small boat most of them syrian and egyptian. but italian authorities are trying to identify the victims as well as the survivors. >> body bags on the sand at this tourist resort in sicily. unlike their fellow passengers these six men, all under 30 and one in his teens were unable it swim to shore. it was on this small fishing boat that the group of around 100 attempted the dangerous crossing from northern africa. it seems they took a wrong turn. normally vessels aim for secluded shores away from cities and resorts.
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>> it is an event quite out of the ordinary here even if just a few00 kilometers down south we are used to the daily rhythm. the police are carrying out procedures to identify the migrants. >> on wednesday another group of about 100 migrants, mostly syrian families, were rescued off the italian main land. numbers of asylum seek eers pea during summer month. during the first half of the year around 8,000 landed on the southern italian coast mainly from northern africa but the boats are cramped to bursting meaning ship wrecks are a regular occurrence. 40 are known to have died crossing to italy during the same periods but it is thought many go unreported. last month pope francis led mass in memory of the thousands who died trying to reach the shores.
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malian are gearing up for the second round of the election. an historic vote that is taking place after 18 months of chaos, first a coup and islamist insurgency then a war. thomas martinez terms us more about what is at stake. >> the second round of the election will be focus the on correct being the mistakes of the first round. the government and many civil societies in the country are focusing on explaining to voters the correct way to vote in an attempt to avoid the almost 400,000 void votes. tensions are high and troops and national guard and arms and military. enthusiasm is a little low due to conflicting campaign season which conflicted with a festival but they expect a smooth vote
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which should complete 18 months of turmoil. >> the vote pitches the former prime minister against the ex-fine arts minister. whoever wins what challenges will he face? we learn more. >> corruption, the jihadist threat and youth unemployment a few of the challenges to face mali's new president. >> the president has it deal with the problems in the north. above all he has to choose to tackle the issues there and at the same time he has to address the provision of basic needs and education definitely. >> the country's economy has been at a virtual standstill since the political crisis hit last year. but the world binge believes it is relatively resilient. continued high gold prices
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should help. it is the third largest producer of the metal in africa. a lack of jobs is feeling discontent among young malian. frustrated and marginalized university could cause huge problems in a problem where weapons are all too easy to come by. after the war mass rebuild something operator especially in the north. the shauplist in ssurrection an french intervention has left much of the infrastructure destroyed and some problems date back. for decades money meant for schools, roads and health centers was lost to corruption. international donors who pledged aid in may expect the new president it share resources fairly throughout the country. this would go some way in appeasing rebels in the north. a key factor in raceway -- raceway storing lies with the army he must get them back on their feet as france prepares it pull out remaining troops.
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this is being watched by international observers but local n.g.o.'s says there's a risk of vote rigging. some reportedly sell votes and others can't keep track of their veteran cards. >> it is a public holiday and very few people are working but members of the malian and democracy are busy receiving calls. many ask where they can get their voter i.d. cards and which polling station they can vote. >> he is the head of the n.g.o. she wants to have the turnout as big as possible. >> many have a bad habit of selling their vote. t the aim of the n.g.o. is to convince people it abandon this bad behavior. >> hundreds of members of the n.g.o. use street theatre to get their mentssage across.
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>> we use theatre so that the public can then be self-critical. >> after the coup last year and war gets jihadists they have great expectation of the next president. >> i want the next president to make sure the army can guarantee our safety. >> the n.g.o. democracy ask malian what were their priorities. >> people are more interested in better living conditions than the territorial integrity and safety of mali. we want gutters, fewer mosquitos, more food and credible and honest leaders. >> concerns that are tied to the next president's success in restoring stability to the country. >> in syria more than 30 people including children and civilians have reportedly been killed. assad forces pounded a province
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in western syria and a modern city with earth strikes. it was the only provincial capital in rebel hands. we have this report from lebanon. >> there was a strike where the rebels have been making advances in the last week. that is also the province is the area where the assad regime and where they are from and the b biggest concentration. the rebels. the advance that the rebels have been making the last few days enter into that province has been a real kind of sharp message to the regime that they shouldn't feel safe anywhere. it is not surprising that they seem to have struck back forcefully in this area.
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just an early report which hasn't been confirmed of an air strike in a northern province which has been under the control of islamist groups the last few months. so, it is quite interesting that while the regime strategy at the moment is mainly focused on consolidating its security zone from the coast down to the capital, it is interesting that they are still, it seems, capable of doing the strike in the north where the rebels are much stronger. >> the end of ramadan turned into a blood bath in iraq with a dozen car bombs exploding, mainly in iraq, killing a number of people reportedly fueled by sectarian tensions between sunnis and shiites. we learn more about the violence that is thought to be the worst in five years. >> there have been car bombs
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basically so far. most of which were in baghdad in the neighborhoods mostly targeting civilian sites. car days, restaurants, public marketplaces. at the moment the toll stands at upwards of 50 killed and over 200 wounded. the there has been disenfranchise ment which is fouled the groups but there's been the spillover effect from the conflict in neighboring syria. the april events was one of the sort of matches that lit the fire a little brighter. >> russia is hosting the world athletic championships and usain bolt has raced to the 100 meters semifinals. the championships have been overshadowed by a controversial law recently approved by president putin targets what he calls gay propaganda something this sparked a wave of anger
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just six months before the winter olympics in sochi. >> day one for the world athletics championships in moscow but controversy over recent antigay laws has drawn the focus from the games themselves. >> i may disagree with the law of the russians but i'm here as guest and i will behave responsibly and obey their laws but when i go back it america i will continue to speak my mind and continue to exercise my freedom of speech. >> a law passed in oncould see finals and even prison sentences against people providing information on homosexuality to minors under 18. however, opponents say it is so vaguely worded it could be used to target anyone based on sexual orientation. what that could mean for gay or lesbian people a backlash has
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been pierce. many have called doctor a boycott of russian product and lose the right to host the winter olympics but not everyone agrees. >> i'm against boy cots. i don't think they achieve what they set out to do. they only damage one group and that is the athletes. international sports is tee shot an inhibitor of social change. it actually has quite strong catalytic effects. >> on friday the u.s. president barack obama called out to gays boycotting the olympics though he added his voice to growing criticism to what many are seek as heavy handed discrimination. >> she is called sweetie, he is called sunshine and the two sunshine pandas are thought to have mated. staff there believe sweetie could be pregnant a rare event as they are only fertile two or
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three days a year but they have encouraged the couple by building a love tunnel. the cub could be been in september and it can be the first to be born in britain. >> stay tuned to "france 24." more news coming up shortly. >> this week on the next look at how the financial crisis has turned the web into something of a researcher's paradise. the week's news. and the videos of the week. consumption france the retailer
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of secondhand goods is booming. in six years it has become the second most popular website and leading classified in the country in this virtual secondhand store anything can be given new life. nowadays in france if we want to buy a bed we wonder if we should buy new or used. there could be a substantial difference in price and more importantly in quality. you can buy a new item for 100 euros or spend 100 euros on a second hand item and get better brand and better value for money. >> a re cycle ecyclist's paradi. frequented by people from all walks of life.
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>> it is a kind of awakening among french people. they are saying i don't want to throw away or give away my things any more. i'm going to sell them to someone who can make use of them. i think there is also a growing awareness more reasonable skurpl consumption. it is about saying they still have use and still have a purpose. i think at the moment people are aware they have to watch their spending. >> think again. there are some specializing in reselling and trading at cost price. thousands of web users visit the sites every day looking for a good deal. >> there's a huge trend for collaborative consumption on the internet. we are seeing more platforms offering their service like consider rentals between c
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individuals and reselling tickets. there is nothing new about recycling objects. but it has become more widespread with the internet and made a significant impact on current trends with performance less compelled to own and placing more value on access. >> peer-to-peer commerce is a powerful vector providing an alternative to traditional distribution channels. shops that have taken this on board which is also being developing this particular niche. where the poplarity of secondhand goods other firms are moving in similar directions and looks like what started as a trend is here it stay. it reflects a common desire to recycle and be a good citizen. >> the abuse is not acceptable.
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it is not acceptable in the real world and in the acceptable on twitter. on saturday the boss of twitter u.k. said sorry to women who had been threatened or insulted on a social network. the british police are investigating eight allegations of abuse by social media one lodged by a feminist campaigner caroline perez who fought for the face of jane austin to appear on 10 pound baker notes. whether at the came to a successful conclusion she received death frets on a blogging site but challenged twitter to face up to its responsibilities denouncing its procedures for reporting abusive content saying they were too slow and complex. and opinions shared by some 125,000 web users who signed this on line petition calling on the network it take action toward preventing and tackling
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abuse more efficiently simply surveying the system for reporting cyber threats. it fwas seeming they announced the reported abuse which is currently only available on one app is to be added to the twitter website and used on other mobile devices. on this website two tea party republican senators are urging colleagues don't fund bottom care. their petition has gathered over 200,000 signatures and calls on fellow members of congress to deny the funding needed to implement the health care reforms. the senators argue obama care will cost taxpayers too much money and in order it block the funding they are even saying they won't vote on any federal agency deals when congress resumes which could force the
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u.s. government into shutdown. a strategy that has drawn strong support from some web users has divided a couple. former president candidate paul ryan said there are more effective ways of stopping or delaying the healthcare law. but time is of the essence. they have to agree on the 2014 budget next month. as from october 1 on americans can start registering on this website to choose their health insurance. >> find information of the hospital and prescription. >> we expect them not only to defend the rule of law and support independent courts and ensure officials are accountable for society. as the times laid out in a document on wednesday. this is signed by 37 c.e.o.'s
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and entrepreneurs from sports companies and a headhunter to the founders of online retailers. they have hailed the bravery of such a stand saying he has other entrepreneurs who will follow their example as few russian businessmen dare to publicly show government support since one was sent to prison in 2005. as he waits for the logistical and financial support promised by the russian web figures the blogger is making no secret of husband presidential ambition and continues his campaign funded by online donation. following his release on parole. he said it was politically motivated. >> graham hughes traveled it
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over 200 countries in 1,426 days. he has condensed his amazing experience into this four -- minute film comprised of 2 201 one-second frames filmed in each of the nations he visited. >> gambia. mali. guinea. liberia. i'm in ghana. togo. >> leaving nigeria. >> 63 years old and hasn't played in nearly 20 years. as you can see in this video filmed in wisconsin in the u.s. mary houston doesn't seem to have lost her touch. she is enjoying massive success online and has racked up some 4.5 million hits on youtube making the woman dubbed grandma drama the latest web sensation.
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>> let's look at what weekly news magazines have been saying around the world. hi, flow. let's start with the situation in tunisia somewh. we saw massive demonstrations against the ruling islamist part and we look at the fracture between the islamists and rest of the country. it points out while across the arab world in egypt and tune
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initial they are seeming to have a hard time dealing with the reins of power. can he hold on and it has been a dangerous summer for tunisia after the opposition of the -- murder of the opposition leader and massacre where nine soldiers were killed. for now the islamists seem to be persistently in denial but this blind determination can become fire and they wonder could tune initial face a -- tune tpheuisia similar situation. it is rather sin confidential and critical of the army saying there is order once again in egypt but you see here egyptian general that is plowed over a bunch of muslim brotherhood members. >> also in express this week they look at the planet. one year after the launch of the
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mars rover curiosity. >> there's not been that much exciting space activity since the apollo missions to the moon about 40 years ago but it says the race is back on. it is a really fun issue for all of you space lovers. it wonders what is the future going to be like. will there be such a thing as space tourism. it says you should start reserving your tickets. it looks at what we have learned by the rover curiosity. seeing images off mars and scientific facts. there was water once upon a time and there is the right chemistry to support life even though so far none has been discovered. and it lets its imagination run wild saying one day man will colonize the planet and farm and mars is just the next frontier. it wonders what could be next in outer space. >> space travel is more my cup
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of tea. the king of kings or the king of the sun king as he's known they look at what was the shiny parts but the more obscure parts that were in the shadow because 300 years after his death he is quite a mystery for historians. they are trying to figure out whether he was a war genius in love with art and founder of the nation state or more of a magalomania monarch who was manipulated by his advisors. >> this looks at people that are around us who have decided to radically change their lives. >> it says it right here. how to change your life. it says 80% of people dream about doing this but who actually has the guts to start over from scratch, finally do what they wanted to do. they look at some people who have taken the big leap. there is rudolph who went from being a flashy banker to opening a hotel in the swiss alps and dennis went from statistics to
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being a baker because he loved the smell of bread. people who changed careers and people who more radical like sex changes. it looks at what are the keys it successfully changing your life. it says you have to figure out whether you want which can be difficult. you have to accept to put yourself in question and believe in yourself and have fun and thinking of people having fun that the front page spending their vacation. maybe they are thinking about how they are going to change their listens. >> thanks for that flo. thank you for watching "france 24." have a great weekend.
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a group of indonesian transgender people parade through the streets wearing traditional costume. the word waria is written on their banner.


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