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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  September 25, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it's 9 a.m. in beijing. 9 p.m. on the east coast. it will be held from thursday to saturday. focusing on cooperation between china and central asia.
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we will be getting you that in the next few minutes. will have expert analysis in our studios but let's tell you about the team -- the theme of the forum. from concrete collaboration to mutual boom. they have an estimated 2000 guests and it includes eight parallel discussions happening at the same time, focusing on finance, energy, culture, and tourism. the form has been initiated by the member states of the so- called shanghai cooperation organization. it is designed to be a high-end international conference in the vast eurasian region bringing together china and countries in central asia. they are engaged in extensive fruitful dialogue. they have made to bill manson cross-regional cooperation and trade. the euroasian economic forum is
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set to open. we have the latest. >> the fifth forum will soon kick off here and we are expecting a keynote speech from the vice premier. regarding the future of the eurasia economy. the form has been -- for room has been canceled four times. and raised to a strategic level. during the trip he proposed to construct a new road which is seen as a center for peace. this was a route for commerce, connecting asia and curope.
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-- europe. so it is not only the concept of the new silk road. a clear road map involved and that includes connectivity. it is seen as crucial timing for the development of the eurasian economy. representatives are more than 75 countries. we are expecting changes among eurasian countries. and facilitation of trade and commerce in specific industries like energy, resources, high- tech, and equipment manufacturing, among others. >> our reporter at the venue of the asia economic forum. it has been held every two years since 2005.
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this year's event attracts a large amount of attention because of the new silk road. let's make sense of these issues and to walk restaurant coverage is our guest from the peking national school of development. before i get to the silk road, talk us through the forum itself. since 2005, this is the fourth edition. what has this forum achieved in the years it has been in place? >> the economic forum is part of cooperation and organization in a sense that it is an economic platform of the shanghai organization. the shanghai organization is more political, economic, cultural and so on. but the economic forum here is
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especially on economics. in essence that that it is more business oriented. it is not politics. this is -- when you talk about business we are talking about long-run perspectives that is sustainable, everybody making a profit. and the event could carry on forever. this is the fifth time i believe since 2005 or 2007. i think this time we're talking about the silk road economic belt. >> tell tell us how does that make sense -- tell us how that makes sense created it is an ancient concept. how does that make sense in the modern era. >> the silk road was a thousand years ago. we are traveling by sea and much easier by traveling by road. things have changed.
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we now have high-speed railways in the sense that you could go from beijing to maybe paris through high-speed railways. that will facilitate a lot of -- a big transformation about geography. in a sense the middle and east asia is part of the heartland that no one has cultivated before. they have this road convenience, the old silk road can rejuvenate. >> how can that lead to economic integration in this region? the talk is about concrete ideas. how do you go from ideas to reality? >> what happens in central asia is we have seen diversity of people. different religions,
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ethnicities, all that. they're also relatively poor. if you somehow can enrich the land, a lot of resources, energy, oil, petroleum and so on. if those ever can be economically feasible he developed, all these controversies what you have seen, afghanistan and all these ethnic groups to be easily solved. not an impossible dream. i think if we have -- if china can initiate this kind of forum, it used to be an ancient city and less developed. in the last 10 years it has transformed itself into a beautiful city. >> i was there just last week. they have a new metro system. it is not the same that it used to be. >> i am going on saturday to attend the forum. i think this is what is happening. we hope that it is going to
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happen a long other cities in the silk road. >> china's relationship with this -- with the central asian countries are seen to be a one- way street. china sells cheap manufactured goods. how do you diversify the nature of that trade? >> what -- we need to have a trade and then you can talk diversification. each country or region, you develop expertise, specializations. once you have the specializations that we talk about diversification. at this moment we are talking about specializations as far as the diversity -- diversification, it may be 20 years down the road. >> how is this in keeping with china's changing model of development question mark china has been the -- the engine room
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has been in the east and south. how has this helped china? >> china has been developing along the coastal regions. the east -- western part of china has been less developed. in a sense it has become true that the wage in the western part of china is much lower than the coastal areas. also the supply of land is vast. think about what happens in central asia. that is almost a of what happens in the western part of china. low-wage, a vast amount of land, but we need good infrastructure in the western part of china as well as central asia. >> if you look at trade in the last four or five years between china and the central asian countries, it is declining.
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how do you explain that? >> ugly that is because of the ethnic group and the less developed origins of these areas. we need a concrete and feasible way of developing these countries and areas. economics, you point out that each area are each country has its own advantage. you do -- you need to find out what is the best advantage on your side and you develop specialization and we are talking about diversification. >> one of the speakers as the afghan president. what is the sort of business interplay going on between afghanistan, central asia, and china, what stakes are at play here? >> what used to be the afghanistan and all this places arm natural barriers for anybody.
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-- these places are national barriers for anybody. china has built in this pipeline for the petroleum shipping through this area. this was never imaginable 10 or 20 years ago. it has now become possible and by way of example, i was in xian . now you go and it has transformed itself. we have all these places. i am looking forward, down the road we will see mimics of xian city. >> there was a similar example as to what china has done in africa in the last five to 10 years or so. it has gone in there and build tremendous amounts of infrastructure. in return for resources.
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do you see a similar story playing out in the central asian or these countries in the next 10 years? >> in terms of distance it is much more farther. you think about central asia it is right next to our neighbors. simply put, it is our neighbor but it is the western part of china that is less developed. there is a lot of development. i am looking forward to what has happened and what will be happening in the next five to 10 years. >> how do businesses take advantage? companies would want to go in and make a profit. what are the sectors that can stand to benefit? >> sibley put the labor- intensive sector and industries, i do not think they would develop their.
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it would have to have a big supply of land for that industry . plus some educated labor. >> skilled labor. >> yes. with that in mind, the different economic pattern of development which is different from the coastal side of china, that would happen in the future. >> explain that to us. how with the development of the west in the next five to 10 years be different? i have been given by a cue that we can go live to xian. the economic form has just begun in xian. > -- forum has just begun in xian. >> your excellency --[inaudible]
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good morning. the open session for the economic forum now begins. first of all, i want to invite the secretary of the committee to deliver a speech. [applause] >> your excellency vice for mayor -- premier and your excellency president karzai, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, today we are gathered
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in xian, a big city with a long history for the opening session of the 2013 economic forum. on behalf of the committee and government i would like to extend warm congratulations to the opening of this forum and say welcome to the guests who have come to attend this forum. today's world is [inaudible] major transformation and major adjustment. oddly with cooperation can we share opportunities -- only with cooperation can we share opportunities and development together. four sessions have been successfully held. it has become an important platform for exchanges and cooperation among eurasian countries and an important
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window for china to open up to the west and important for opening and economy. with the theme of cooperation and promoting common prosperity, this forum has carried out extensive exchanges and dialogue , and is of profound significance to carry out close economic exchanges among eurasian countries and promote well-being of all countries. it is endowed with natural resources and talents. it is an important origin of the chinese civilization. xian served as the capital of the 13 dynasties for over 1100 years. it is one of the four world famous capitals of the world.
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and it is open to the world. in recent years, it has seized the historic opportunities of development and made great efforts in development and reform and international and forum markets and resources and accelerated development of a strategic [inaudible] economic growth and opening up. it has maintained good momentum of continuous growth. last year, the important exports volume stood at 14.7 9 billion u.s. dollars. and over 80 top 500 companies in the world's settle down.
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in particular, the samsung high- end storage to program -- chip programs settled here. it has meant that it has become a fertile land of investment which has attracted worldwide attention. not too long ago, the president of china put forward a strategic proposals of building the economic [inaudible] this has shown the good wish of the chinese government to deepen cooperation and common development with its neighbors and aroused good common and extensive results for the international community. this was the starting point of the ancient silk road. it is an important hubs in the eurasian land bridge of the modern times. i has the foundation and conditions and capability to
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become a pilot vision in delving this among the -- along the silk road. fully promote policy communication and connectivity and trade links, currency flow and people to people exchanges. and ensure smooth and successful regional cooperation. it will go global. we will attract foreign enterprises, especially enterprises from central asia to invest and support competent enterprises to expand markets and foreign countries especially in central asian countries so as
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to enhance our exchanges and cooperation with central asian countries and promote common prosperity and make the city a new gateway and the economic else along the silk road. as the permanent side of the eurasian economic warm, this will continue to offer quality and efficient services, create a sound irking and living environment, and ensure the success of this forum. i wish all the guests a happy day and good health and i wish the 2013 eurasia economic forum a full success. thank you. [applause] >> thank you for your speech. now let's give a big applause to welcome the member of the
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political bureau of the cpc central committee and the vice premier of the state council to give the keynote speech. >> your excellency resident karzai, your excellency the first vice premier of ukraine, your excellency and distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. it gives me great pleasure to -- together with you in xian, a beautiful city with a long history for the 2013 eurasian economic forum. on behalf of the chinese government, i would like to extend warm congratulations to the forum. and sincere welcome to all
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guests who have come from afar. with vast charities, numerous ethnic groups, rich resources, long history, and talented people, the eurasian continent is a vibrant land. in the time honored history it was the eurasian continent which kindled the start of civilization, created histories and cultures, and has been leading the development and progress of human society. which has made us more proud of is that the eurasian continent has opened the chapter of exchanges, integration, and mutual learning among different civilizations which has had a
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found impact on world civilization. as early as over 2000 years ago, our ancestors conducted cultural exchanges between china and the west across the roof of the world and opened up a great commercial route traversing asia and europe. [inaudible] traveling between east and west back and forth. this is a vivid description of ancient silk road. china silk emma t -- silk, tea, lacquerware were sold to persia and europe and other travelers. black pepper, and western horses were also brought to
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china's households through the ancient silk road. xian, where we are now, was the starting point of the silk road, which witnessed the glorious exchanges. in the han dynasty, xian was a vibrant and international business hub gathering businessman and treasures from all over the world with many shops. xian was the only international metropolis whose population exceeded one million. and there were over 180,000 foreign businessmen living in xian. much has changed since then. since the 16th century, due to ethnic problems, religious disputes, cultural conflict, and
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different social systems, as well as the big impact of the maritime trade, eurasian countries have lost many historical opportunities to unite for strength and develop themselves. the ancient silk road has also experienced rise and fall and gradually, lost its radiance on the world stage. since the beginning of the 21st-century, eurasian countries have seized the important opportunities of multi-clarity and globalization and endeavored to open up the path of rejuvenation. developing countries have reasoned very fast and this has -- have risen very fast and this has changed the world and political pattern. this kind of cooperation and
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developing -- are developing vibrantly and trade and investment in this region are expanding quickly. in 2012, the trade volume between member states of -- exceeded $310 billion. china has become the largest trading partner of russia, kaz extend, and afghanistan, and also, the second-largest for pakistan, is best withinand ukr. china, central asia gas pipelines were were completed and after that, the natural and oil-producing central asia arrived at the pacific coast along the 8000 kilometer pipeline. after the railway was completed,
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it only takes 16 days for the containers to load -- loaded to reach duesberg on the rhine. this has shown that eurasian countries can be good neighbors who have tied all their difficulties together and also good partners with mutual cooperation as we act in the spirit of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, and negotiation. the ancient silk road is fully capable of dealing with vitality today. ladies and tillman, in today's world, the international situation is undergoing profound and complex changes. the trend toward multipolarity and economic corporation is irreversible. peace, development, and cooperation are present the
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joint aspirations of people of all countries and eurasian countries have ushered in a historic period with the most common interests and opportunities. at the same time, the international financial crisis is having a profound impact and the world economic recovery is arduous and torturous. regional hotspot issues keep the problem of. three evil forces of separatism, terrorism, and [inaudible] are still flagrant. all this have posed great challenges to stability and prosperity. the president visited four countries and he put forward the strategic -- the strategic proposal to build the economic belt along the silk road and this has one extensive response
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and active support of countries in this region. facing us is the task to promote regional cooperation and reach higher levels with firmer resolve and practical measures so that the [inaudible] will yield bumper harvests. to attain this common objective, i would like to make the following proposal. first, we need to stay committed to promoting political mutual trust as the foundation. mutual trust is the precondition of state to state relationships as well as the foundation of cooperation. eurasian countries have different development levels, societies, interests, and aspirations. only with mutual trust and mutual respect can our cooperation be more effective,
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more in depth to my and more sustainable. we must uphold the notion that countries, big and small, strong and weak, are all equals. we will pay attention to all parties. no one should seek supremacy or impose his will on others. we also need to respect the differences among countries in terms of their development [inaudible] and political systems. and pursue harmonious coexistence. we need to view each others'cooperation from a strategic and long-term perspective, expand our common interests, properly handle our differences rather than allow isolated incidents to affect the larger picture of our cold -- cooperation. second, we should stay committed to promoting common development as the central task. the eurasian continent is a
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region of those -- both great vitality and major prosperity. all countries here are at a key stage of growing there economy, reducing poverty, and improving people's lives. we face the urgent task of accelerating the shift of the economic model. we need to learn from each other's develop and experience and explore paths compatible with our conditions. we need to uphold the spirit of extending a helping hand to those in need and provide financial, technological, and human resource assistance to underdeveloped countries. we need to prioritize economic cooperation projects that are closely related to people's well-being so that more people will enjoy the fruits of development. we need to strengthen security coordination, crackdown on the three forces, and foster a
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peaceful and stable environment for regional development. third, we need to stay committed to extending opening up as a driving force. eurasia is home to half of the world's population. it is one of the regions with the greatest growth dynamism and consumption potential. as long as we open markets to each other, drawn each other strengths, and facilitate exchanges, we will be able to become long-term and stable cooperation partners. in the face of the severe and complex global economic situation, it is all the more important that we continue to open up and cooperate jointly with all forms of protectionism. we need to deepen cooperation and customs, quality inspection, logistics, e-commerce, and integration. and facilitate the free movement of goods and personnel within
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our region. we need to advance infrastructure connectivity, accelerate the negotiations and signing of the sco enter government agreement. so as to broaden and deepen regional economic cooperation. we need to deepen his financial corporation, expand local currency settlements, and provide financial guarantee for business cooperation. we need to actively negotiate multilateral and bilateral trade agreements and investment agreements. remove all kinds of trade and investment barriers so as to fully leverage the geographical and geographical advantages and economic koppelman -- competen mplimentaries. it has made an indelible
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contribution to the exchanges and cooperation of human civilization. in today's world of in-depth economic globalization, all countries have their responsibility to further advance the exchanges and dialogue between civilizations and promote harmonious coexistence among different ethnic groups, religions, and cultures. we need to expand people to people exchanges and increase the mutual understanding and friendship between our people, especially the young people. we need to expand exchanges in education. the chinese side will provide 30,000 government scholarships to sco member states in the coming decade. we need to tap our potential and tourism. china supports eurasian countries and becoming the overseas tourism destinations of chinese citizens and we support
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opening more direct flights and we welcome people of all countries to come to china. ladies and gentlemen, xian is the cradle of the chinese nation and one of the best places of the chinese civilization. the history has written splendid chapters of chinese civilization. it enjoys a sound economic foundation, favorable natural conditions, and technology capacity as well as profound culture. it is home to asia's biggest railway stations and china's biggest lan ports. it also has two branches -- comprehensive bonded areas with comprehensive functions. the government attaches high importance to the to teach it status in developing and opening up china's west. we warmly welcome to invest in
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business here. i believe that all the enterprises, all the business leaders will find satisfaction in cooperation and achieve great success. in 139 bc, the great chinese envoy embarq on his journey from the imperial palace of the han dynasty about 10 k my desk kilometers away from this conference hall. after many adventures and hardships, he finally opened the door to exchanges between east and west. this kind of bravery and the resilience has forged a remarkable historic milestone. today, the ancient silk road has once again embraced new missions and a new vitality.
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as eurasian countries and peoples in the new era, we have the responsibility to take -- carry forward the great spirit of the silk road and shoulder the responsibility bestowed upon us by history. that is work together for building the economic belt along the silk road and create a better future for people in eurasian countries. thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice mayor -- premier is busy but he has attended the opening session of the forum and delivered a warm keynotes speech. let's give him applause again to express our heartfelt thanks.
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now, i would like to give the floor to president hammett karzai of afghanistan -- hamid karzai of afghanistan. [applause] >> vice premier yang, the prime minister of ukraine, secretary
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general of shanghai cooperation organization, excellencies, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen. a very good morning to you all. it is a pleasure to join you here in xian for the 2013 session of the eurasian economic forum. i wish to thank the people and government of china for hosting this forum, and the shanghai cooperation organization for supporting it. over 2000 years ago, this ancient city saw the beginning of trade activities, but -- that connected asia and europe. through dynamic and mutually beneficial exchange of goods and technologies of the time. she and -- xian is truly an
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appropriate setting for this important forum committed to helping shape a new era of commercial exchange and economic cooperation. between europe and asia. ladies and gentlemen, globalization is not only resulting in greater dependence but also in the rise of a new economic powerhouses of china and india. and also to the rise of the fast-growing economies in africa , asia, and south america. the benefits of globalization in eurasian can best be realized if we work together to transmit the
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extraordinary potentials and strengths of our populations, resources, and markets. in order to achieve our aspirations for eurasia as a driver of global economic growth in the 21st century, there is need for principled and cohesive strategies for multi-lashing -- multinational trade and connectivity. in line with the theme of the forum, from concrete collaborations to mutual boomin g, i would like to share with you the -- afghanistan is intruding to the modern-day silk road. [indiscernible] by virtue of its location on the
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crossroads of eurasia, afghanistan is a natural land bridge for transit and commerce between east and west. the rich markets of central and south asia. afghanistan is well-positioned to contribute to promoting trade and transport things between european and asian economic centers. as you all know, for the past decades, external interference, conflict, and terrorism destroyed afghanistan's transit and transportation infrastructure. and capabilities. today, those dark decades are behind us. we have taken great strides toward regaining the central position for trade and exchange within the larger region. we have rehabilitated our road and highway networks,
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constructed railway a connectio, constructed new airports, and expanded cross-border transportation and structures with the aim of facilitating transit and the flow of trade between regions. commercial aircraft now crisscross afghanistan's airspace, shortening travel times across the continent. we're moving moving ahead with plans to build a natural gas pipeline that will carry central asian gas to the markets of pakistan and india. afghanistan stands ready to help accelerate economic operation and growth in eurasia and south asia and china by facilitating the transfer of energy, railroad , transportation, communication, and trade bill meant. it is from this perspective that we endorse
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the president's proposal for the development of the silk road economic belt. the renewal and promotional silk road of which afghanistan is a part will not only unleash unprecedented opportunities for regional cooperation and integration but will also contribute to global economic growth and security. ladies and gentlemen, in addition to being ready to resume its investment and busins development. we have vast unexplored in natural resources including minerals, hydrocarbons, and other materials that our neighbors and regional powers, economic powers need for the development of their industrial economies and their sustainment. i encourage business participants at this forum to explore business opportunities in afghanistan, and to follow the example of china's to the
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logical -- how many and the corporation by investing in afghanistan. these companies have already invested quite heavily in afghanistan. ladies and gentlemen, good neighborliness, trusting relations, mutual understanding, and constructive engagement are essential prerequisites for the achievement of shared goals, of development, well-being, and prosperity in eurasia and asia. in order to consolidate and expand multi-dimensional context, we have acquired membership as observer states -- status ain regional -- in regional organizations. we are an active member of the south asian association for
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regional cooperation. we have expanded our role within the economic corporation organization and the asian regional cooperation. we have become, happily for us, observers of shanghai cooperation organization with an effort to become a full member of this good and strong organization. in addition to the support of our regional and international partners, we have initiated the heart of asia [indiscernible] in order to build trust and partnership within our region. in the first meeting of this organization in china will be held next year here. excellencies, we all know that terrorism not only inflicts great society -- suffering in our societies but decelerates
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economic progress and development. the recent terrorist attacks in pakistan and nairobi underscored the graphics scope of terrorist networks, whereby no country is immune to their madness and violence. today, i invite you all to work towards an eurasian partnership to confront extremism and terrorism with a shared determination to destroy the networks, sanctuaries, and sources of financing. ladies and gentlemen, our presence here today is a testament to our collective world to create a better future for our peoples, by fostering harmony and hardship between asia and europe. the two continents are increasingly becoming interdependent and their economies -- and security are closely intertwined.
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partnership, corporation, mutual respect for our values, territory integrity and goodwill are the way forward. ladies and gentlemen, in conclusion, i wish to thank the chinese government for making xian the permanent venue of the forum. this connecting our rich past with the opportunities and potentials for a prosperous future. i also wish to acknowledge and commend the organization -- the organizers of today's meeting for their valuable work and for making excellent arrangements here in this lovely city of xian . i wish you all the best and i hope that we can all visit xian again and again. so for us to make the aspiration of eurasia a reality for today and for our next generations. thank you very much. [applause] >> you're listening to the
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afghan president, hamid karzai, who was giving one of the key speeches in the opening ceremony of the euro asian -- eurasian economic forum. and a detailed vision for economic development and the eurasian region. we are still in conversation with our guest. he proposed quite a few points about how you can better integrate the economies of that region and one of the themes was political mutual trust. unless you have mutual trust my these countries have mutual trust, any amount of business will not make sense. >> mutual trust is the cornerstone foundation to everything. if you do not have that, i.e. we do not have economics, we do not have culture, we do not have anything. with mutual trust you still need infrastructure, you still need a lot of hard work. i think the time has come that
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china's economic success has been proven to the rest of the world that this model can be sustainable. why can we not wrecked -- replicate xian. for the central asia, land rich countries, land rich areas, but with diversities of ethnic groups, that might create controversies, conflict. >> that is one of the other things he said as well. whatever growth this region is going to portend in the future must be equitable for all. it has to be common to bellman for all. you cannot have certain countries benefiting and others not. >> yes. i think the origin of these controversies are conflicts is because economic deteriorations -- those come having here. we need to solve the diversity
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of conflicts or economic deteriorations asian. -- deterioration. the ethnic controversies, they would declined to a certain extent. so for countries like afghanistan, they would be able to be modernized, they would have their modernized universities. the students that we are looking for a half better lives and infrastructure and let's hope for the best. >> one of the things that hamid karzai said in his speech, it was -- there was a recent terrorist attack and passion were. you cannot do business unless security is guaranteed. businesses will not invest in these countries unless they know the business will be secure,
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their employees will be secure, it is going to be safe. after -- as afghanistan moves into this transition period and their own security forces stay charged, how do you ensure security that so that businesses comment to my that investments command =-- come in? >> when you have government, effective governing is [indiscernible] you need some resources for the government so you have security police, elementary military forces so they can secure the area. investment does not need a very [indiscernible] they can use enforcement so effective governing, that is what we need in afghanistan or
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in other areas of central asia. >> the broad theme that although speakers touched upon is the revival of this silk road. explain for the benefit of our viewers, this is the idea that was floated by the president of china. how feasible is this idea and why would this be beneficial to the countries in this region? >> the ancient silk road, there is time to have a roundtable conference. i think it included 16 cities along the silk road economic belt. >> it starts from xian. >> i can imagine that -- the 16 mayors at a roundtable and each would propose what is our city's economic advantage, what we can put forward. the other city, we can do this. tourism will come in and along this belt if we can develop 16
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or maybe 30 different industries and with the connections of the railways, i could see in the future there is going to be economic momentum's along this belt. >> so far in this region the cooperation has been energy driven. we have seen numerous energy conferences in the recent past. everything has been best the focus has been some say disproportionate on energy. >> energy is a good thing. if they specialize too much and energy and you do not do anything else, they are accumulating a vast amount of wealth. and squandering money away. what i am reposting is that once you extract the petroleum and
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wealth, you need to have effectively spent it in a way that can facilitate human capital accumulations, facilitate the next-generation's economic structures. energy is just a starting point. without energy in this area area, i see very little hope with energy, let's hope not creating more conflicts. >> tell me this. you have these parallel things happening and sometimes it seems going in the opposite direction. what is the need for energy and there is a huge amount of need for energy and it can be tapped into these central asian companies. -- countries. there is the growing need for clean energy. people are becoming demanding of their governments that they want clean air and clean water, a environment so therefore the focus towards clean energy. a paper was put out, they want to put down emissions by 25% in the next five years.
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>> what is the difference between energy and clean energy? skill, technology, high-tech. that is what we need over there. you need energy. no one can dispute that. in the transformation from energy to clean energy, you need this high-tech or the high-end skills. without investment, you can -- with energy you can transform to clean energy. [indiscernible] without energy we could not have clean energy. we cannot hopefully jump from nothing to clean energy. >> as a final comment, what is your outlook for trade and
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investment cooperation in this region in the next five to 10 years. to you foresee the amazing economic story that we saw in the coastal parts of china now transforming to the west question mark >> china has been doing this successfully, transforming from the coastal area to xian through the restaurant part of china. afghanistan -- western part of china. this is following all the infrastructure it has build. what you need for effective governing is a minimum amount of resources. they have the police and security and so on. >> samsung has a huge plant. xian has been transforming
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itself. we will wait and see if more companies come to this region. thanks for joining us. his thoughts and perspectives into the opening ceremony of the economic forum. we will have continuing coverage through the course of the next three days. it runs thursday through saturday in xian. we will have it covered. more news on the other side. w we will see you on the other side of this break.
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