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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  September 29, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> hello, and welcome to newsweek south asia. in this weeks episode, the prime minister will hold crucial talks with obama on security. the taliban will regain power
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after the u.s. retreats says a cleric. and now for the details. the prime minister will be meeting u.s. president barack obama this week in washington. the agenda is packed as both countries are close to signing a new pact. world leaders are expected to discuss security cooperation and regional issues. the meeting is already overshadowed by reports of the indian government diluting the liability law for nuclear energy. the government has denied it. the report of dilution of the nuclear liability bill by the government of india to favor us- based firms interested in nuclear deals is false. the indian prime minister's
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stated this in new delhi. the indian media had reported that prior to the visit of the indian prime minister to the united states to attend this year's session. in the course of his visit, he would also meet the u.s. president, barack obama. the media diverted attention. the diluted version of the bill will overlook security concerns that would hold foreign reactors liable in the event of faulty equipment. the indian government said it would always be firm on its stand in the interest of the country. >> we have stood our ground and we have said that whatever we have done by way of position the
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parliament has taken, there is no question of retreating from it. we have been convinced and tried to convince them that whatever the basis of our agreement, there is adequate scope for them to get the protection they legitimately deserve. >> us-based nuclear vendors such as westinghouse have negotiated extensively with washington and new delhi to have this provision removed. in 2010, the indian parliament opened up the country's nuclear power market, creating legislation crucial for the entry of u.s. firms like general electric and westinghouse. since then, u.s. countries have been waiting for the easing of indian norms which can harm the interests of the vendor.
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the prime minister shared his views in the capital. he noticed that the diluting of laws to facilitate american firms could result in higher costs of generating power on account of several factors, like insurance. >> the united states is supplying the reactor for the simple reason that insurance and other costs are going up. because of this laws, the end is going to be extremely expensive. >> i would also -- india will also take part in the u.n. general assembly. in 2010, barack obama had endorsed india's long-held demand for a permanent seat on the u.n. security council, a
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reflection of the asian countries growing global reach and is a challenge to china. nt, the u.n. general assembly begins on the 20th of september. >> the expansion of the un security council, the permanent membership, continues to remain an important priority for india. the prime minister would the -- would be taking up this issue with key leaders, including at the u.n. general assembly. >> the indian prime minister would meet the u.s. president on the 27th of september in washington, and the pullout of troops from afghanistan could dominate the agenda. the prime minister is visiting
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the united states from thursday, september 26th to monday, september 30. the prime minister will meet president obama on september 27th at the white house in washington, d.c. i, which has invested billions of dollars in afghanistan since the taliban was ousted from power, fears that the taliban will come back to power when the united states withdraws its troops at the end of 2014. arch rivals india and pakistan have long waged a power difference in afghanistan. many see this struggle intensifying after the withdrawal of most international
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forces by the end of next year. world leaders are also likely to discuss regulations with regard to issuing visas to skilled, nonimmigrant workers, which is a cause of concern in new delhi. >> we are trying to flag the fact that some aspects of the proposed immigration reform would adversely impact visas for highly skilled nonimmigrant workers. >> india has protested against a u.s. law from 2010 that has doubled visa fees for skilled workers, saying it is a violation of global trade commitments. while world leaders discuss the unraveling situation in afghanistan, one cleric told
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reuters that the taliban will regain power once the united states drawdown completes. the prediction by the pro- taliban cleric has raised concerns among the international community over the uncertainty and threats in afghanistan. >> a radical pakistani cleric known as the father of the taliban predicts the taliban will regain power in afghanistan once u.s. forces leave. while he is revered in pakistan and afghanistan where his views carry enormous weight among the taliban an. on the main highway between the border, this is still often
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described as the incubator for radical ls. he said he was sure the televangelist soon sweep back to power in afghanistan once u.s. forces -- sure the taliban an would soon sweep back to power in afghanistan once u.s. forces leave.
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>> the seminary is recognized officially in pakistan. it is believed to be close to taliban and forces, a legacy or -- legacy of an era when pakistan supported forces including osama bin laden. pakistan has long been accused of harboring terrorists while publicly condemning extremism. in the 1980s, many graduates drove west along the highway just outside afghanistan where they joined groups to fight the russians. one of them took advantage of
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the soviet withdrawal in 1989 to found the taliban movement, a time often recalled with nervousness ahead of next year's withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan. he is now believed to be hiding somewhere in the ethnic posh tune tribal regions of the border. he was asked about the whereabouts of one of his best students.
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>> the seminary, founded in 1947, is now one of the biggest and most respected islamic institutions in south asia. it propagates a radical strain of sunni islam. protected from the hustle and bustle of the outside world by high walls and barbed wire, it houses thousands of students in its buildings. he says he and the seminary have nothing to do with guerrilla warfare. he has offered to meet with the united states and militants to bring peace to afghanistan.
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he says as long as foreign troops are there, they will continue to fight for their freedom. >> the taliban was initially popular among afghans after years of soviet rule and warlords. but that quickly changed after they seized power and enforce puritanical restrictions on all spheres of life. after years of war, the taliban and might be brought to the
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negotiating table or even turned into a political movement. but would the taliban and still listen? >> he speaks fluent arabic and said the u.s. ambassador to pakistan visited him in july to discuss the situation in the region, but had told him that keyes was not possible as long as foreign troops were in afghanistan. he said it was time the pakistan government took concrete steps to put a stop to war.
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u.s. armed drones have become a key part of the fight and drone strikes in pakistan have increased a medically under president barack obama, giving rise to strong and dynamic -- increased dramatically under president barack obama, giving rise to strong anti-american sentiments. >> time now for a quick break, but do stay tuned. coming up after the break, anger over war crimes.
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and probably would actors launch a romantic -- bollywood actors launch a romantic film in mumbai. welcome back. moving on, anger over disappearances and murders during the war is getting louder , and the moroccan government is under intense pressure to hold an independent probe. recently the united nations human rights commissioner was met by protesters who demanded to know where the family members who disappeared were. some mothers holding photographs of the missing were crying. relatives of the disappeared and those who lost land during the
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war wanted to talk to the u.n. and human rights chief but they were not accommodated by the local office. a 42-year-old mother of three girls strongly believes her has and is somewhere in sri lanka -- her husband is somewhere in sri lanka. >> outside the governor's residence, over 100 people held a protest.
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the united states sponsored resolution urged sri lanka to carry out credible investigations into killings and disappearances during its nearly 30 year civil war, especially in the brutal final stages of 2009. the sri lankan president, under pressure to address human rights abuses, has ordered an investigation into mass disappearances. many want to return to their own homeland, which they left during the three decade war, and resume a peaceful life without any military ruling.
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quick solomon was a fisherman until 1990, before he was displaced. according to the human rights commission, around 700 people disappeared between 2006 and 2009. onto bali would now. --bollywood. this duo has taken up the promotion of their film, said to be released on the 15th of november.
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>> bollywood actors are launching the first look of their upcoming romantic from a -- drama. the lead actors talk about the construct in the characterization. they said the plot of the story was very different and refreshing from other romantic dramas. >> i remember when i was being given the character description, you write a few words about the character. it was raw, rugged, energetic, intense. he is basically a young guy must lad -- a young, strapping lad.
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it is my take on romeo. >> it is a take on romeo and juliet. >> i think she is the female version of ra in a sense, a very feisty character, vulnerable but emotionally strong. she knows what she wants from life and is not scared to explore the world and take on the challenges. but most importantly, fun- loving, takes each day as it comes, maybe a little bit how i am. >> she will once again play the
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role of antigone in the movie. the poster already has gained range -- rave reviews, as the lead actors are seen embracing each other passionately. >> on the 19th, kashmir girls
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participate in a tournament. they went through regular training and practice sessions to perform well. here is a look at the sights and sounds.
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>> and with that, we come to the end of this weeks edition of newsweek south asia. we will be back next week with more news from the southern continent. meanwhile, you can visit us online. on behalf of the entire production team, goodbye. captioned by the national captioning institut
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