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tv   European Journal  PBS  November 3, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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stadium is in brussels. but the week's top headlines this is awesome and makes the news. on the air and online for the globally minded audience. wind rtc one will. the event will welcome to european jungle coming to you from dw stadium is a priceless kentucky with us. he is a look at what's coming up today tacky white greeks are intending to an island. denmark comes to sit by the well lol. and what that looks just as extended supply. in these days of the stair it's the most politicians would do best if they refrain from sloan sing
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that well if they have any that is why little fist in the darcy try and portray themselves as needing a modest lifestyle living an ordinary house is diving ordinary vehicles which the odd exception of course and was the exception seems to be russia's president sardinia putin is portrayed himself as the ruthless commentary and shayla system and braving freezing waters and now some say he can add yet another title to the list of the richest man in. beach nice ot streaking. land and bows and has been taken for construction sites. now just three hundred meters and peaches left. all the other available property along the coast has been sold off the idea. i did this same spot every summer this year i was shocked. in the other regular vacationers work too they took one look and said they felt like leaving again we are which. one luxury
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hotel after another is under construction in the crust and our region on the black sea even in fairly remote spots a consequence of president flooding of proteins ambition of hosting the perfect winter olympic games. putin himself is an avid skier environmentalist so again has a gun has been campaigning to preserve the region's natural parks for years. he says the construction comes at a huge environmental cost two years ago. he made in your unbelievable discovery enterprise is built. this villa complex for some eight hundred million euros. inside a nature reserve. beat on clear if the hat building permits. as a young was told this was a children's hospital. with security personnel stopped him from taking any more pictures. now he's convinced this is in
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fact pride in how a score of bloody meat protein. and he faces a possible three years in prison for trespassing. he says due to coney and penalties only show how sensitive you can everyone see it in the political not only did we run into security agency. but the guards responsible for the president and the prime minister in the news. she again come next week off was one step closer to the line. he confirms has a young suspicions. the more tranquil than the way it's the place is a huge palace more than twenty thousand square meters of space what's that sound they aren't katikati gas and power lines. a state financed access road. with a sports center where the garden. tea houses in dc of the chair in the swimming pools boss the man and three helicopter pad see the benefit was that you only need helicopter pads for state residents. we
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are going to go best with exhibits. money is said to have been put out by putin's oligarchs trends come and stay close as they came up with a complex financing plan that was officially meant to fund only hospitals. yes closely i said i wasn't going to keep working with the team they decided to lead the new infiniti. he said he can sneak off and the yen has a young male goat move to estonia. not many people in russia are willing to write about it as personal fortune on his website. opposition politician boris mins to reach the manatees available to pretend. twenty villas. a number of dots and forty three aircraft. going alone on board the presidential plane costs and sixty thousand euros. most ordinary russians remember to choose his own to deal with the nepotism associated with
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its predecessor. forest hill team. it teaches you to make you sneeze you get the reality of the past years the citizens had been robbed simply rocked the end of this property on the one and two thousand luxury houses on the other where did the money for them come from. the sugar was given to him. these days on the official inquiries carry a certain amount of risk. when he left russia to again has a young had to leave his wife and children behind. the kremlin has no comment on putin's personal wealth. yet they still are telling you something that they don't stand a chance against the power of the kremlin. and so construction of luxury facilities continues unabated in nature preserves all around saatchi. now the houses in this village are starting to collapse these residents as the entire hillside their village is built on has been eroding for the past three years. ever since have a concrete rubble was dumped here illegally. the village
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can't afford to pay a lawyer even if they can find one prepared to take on the construction companies the citizens and environmentalists are essentially powerless. the eu has agreed to a scotsman this the colts with tacky ending a three year freeze. but the number of stumbling blocks remain techie as a long way to getting tons of grunting its citizens to democratic rights is priceless. and then there's the conflict surrounding the underside. tech is on the still occupies the north by the sound is inhabited by greeks. tech increase about the difficult relationship a decade. but on another small island in the eta attacks the beginning to demonstrate a new level of utterance the turkish island of kimchi that towers over the aegean sea. the island's greek name is the ropes. the new trees get the most he's an ethnic
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greek. every morning when he unlocks the door the primary school he feels he's traveling fifty years back in time. this is where he learned to read and write. a few weeks ago he became the school's janitor a fellow pupil from a school days has come to visit. the news about the newly opened greek schools protest. and they're excited. wasn't this the way to the coal cellar. treated her that it is like being back in school. it's just like it was back then. i hate being commissioned until nineteen twenty three when the island became part of turkey only greeks lived here those policies and its entry in the greek residents me find the thousands. for decades the greek school in the village of isu dory was deserted. now the turkish state has laid it reopened and is paying the teachers the taxi takes all the pupils to school in the morning. they're just four of them. the youngest is
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five. their parents have returned from greece and move back into the family holds they left long ago due to the greek turkish pensions but the school has given them new hope. the pupils learn reading writing and everything taking turkish and greek. the principle of the school is an ethnic greek who was also returned to the island of her childhood forget the esoteric as is usual in minority schools in turkey his mansion on the four students and three teachers. that's something that needs getting used to. i believe that it will progress to be as long as we do good work in this situation for young korean families improves. i'm sure that more pupils will come to our little school. anaheim ca. or use a greek orthodox foundation fall to have
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the school reopened. to be seen as a symbol of the greek community's determination to survive. these creek school kids have already gotten use to being a tiny minority. i mean i don't want you to my class. the village priest would like to offer christian religious instruction in school. but that is not alone his father and grandfather were also clerics in the village. he says past conflicts should be laid to rest. it is to teach the kids to grow back when the congregation hardly existed no one ever touch the church. one of the book with you. the worst of times to make when they were fanatics on the other side of the beginner i would want to return someday. now i'm happy to be back into the wound the nineteen sixties and seventies turkish nationalists who clean grease for the cyprus dispute forced
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to the ethnic greeks to immigrate. today the turkish state has adopted a more tolerant stance toward its minorities. proofreading properties being returned in the right to schooling or minority languages has been striking. anchor is aiming to improve its image and easy the committee means but for fun and our prime minister is solving these issues i can truly great statesman it. we want more. former greek residents to return in time for me. they should be able to do business here again in the fuel flow. reese is suffering from a serious economic crisis. they can make a fresh start here it was all live together peacefully. i even get a lot not everyone here in the greek village of i a two door is convinced that times are changing. despite the reopen school. older residents still recall the bad times. the new trees giacomo says he's glad he spent the past thirty years in greece and germany. it did
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after the military coup in the nineteen eighties. this is a restricted area you could only enter the island with a passport. people here were cut off from the outside world. the government to increase in the islands allowing khan takes to harass the local greeks. few people here are willing to talk about that now. no greek life is refined in union brooke's house is no need to do we have been renovated there's even a small hotel the new trees giacomo said the other return these are mainly pinning their hopes in the small village school the scene as a test of how series turkey's about its new policy toward minorities secret offshore accounts are you what comes to mind when we talk about tax evasion
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but what about when is the stand and that the seats so that it's a trade slovakia has calculated that it loses out millions of years every year due to such practices. but now the government has come up with a creative idea to take stock. slovakia already surprise its european neighbors when it introduced a flat tax rate of nineteen percent in two thousand for it was a move that proved popular with the business community but it's already been scrapped. now the finance minister has come up with a new idea. to encourage the nation's people to help keep tabs on who is and isn't paying tax. it went well for everyone to get a receipt in to check out and make sure it's legitimate gold were in the eyes of the silicon below the idea is very simple one with me. a lot of businesses didn't have cash registers before just handed out any old receipts of them on the twenty oh seven and about the status under way to make us look at
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what we get one of the ox the key to my aunt. it works like this. by registering their cash register receipts online or with the country's lottery company. the holders automatically take part in a drawing that could win ten thousand euro or a sleek new car. two hundred thousand slovak participated in the first drop. it's a great idea. the government will have greater tax revenues as a result the city and interesting could be a winner the scheme was some really dumb every purchase yet so most of the head. which is twice the box and now more likely to make sure they get a receipt with every purchase seven million receipts were registered for the first drop this florist had to invest in new equipment. we got this little machine which is perfectly adequate. it has all the necessary functions so we've done our bit
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financial analyst mark england team's key has been religiously collecting his receipts. even for a single yogurt. although he doesn't believe the idea makes sense from a fiscal point of view recently visited a local dog owners will receive collecting businesses wonder if any great effect. though most of the major shopping centers are already cash registers and they were already paying their taxes the old lady get the house without a stop at some length says the government is secondary. it's too soon to tell how much extra tax revenue will be generated from all of this. but the finance minister is hoping it'll draw attention to a serious problem. on the global steel. this lottery is a means of sparking a national debate on the payment of taxes. we're trying to encourage people to insist that they are given receipts. one shopkeepers to realize that in a fair
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business environment giving receipts is normal. whoever doesn't pay taxes jointly seriously jeopardizing the country's competitive capability. so by using an unfair advantage during the petition on federal if italy. evening in practice law. even during spot at a bar come with a receipt. and that's no bad thing because come the morning after the night before from all the complains that the drinking was nearly late to take part in the draw. do see the lights in the period to stop. yes that's how survors describe the risque of thousands of danish during the second book will denmark was invaded by hitler's troops in nineteen fourteen and three is linked to a german diplomat to disassociate themselves from the regime while the and
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denmark that time typically seem to concentration camps the fled to escape to sweeten with the help the local population. reese robina dh has returned to custard powder honey and stir to coat the making. to mark the seventieth anniversary of his escape over the lesson straight. then thirteen year old who was born in germany and greece and denmark. we can cure for it fishing boats to carry him and many of the to safety. i didn't get to most is still there for a couple of hours because when we clean out and went down to the boat was really dark patches and still. no hustle of the departure. morris was separated from his family and he didn't see them again until the end of the war. i should be. when we arrived and sweden i wasn't afraid that my parents went with me
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i think that i could but i just thought they might not have been able to get on board me calm stillness there were so many other people on the boat making it nice to have to meet him for. he was only after the war that he discovered the truth. german soldiers had ceased his family at the harbor and sent into the kerosene concentration camp. everyone but his fathers are blind. he was caught trying to get to france. the october nineteen forty three rescue operation was organized by the danish resistance. following a secret tip offs from inside on people in germany administration. the idea was to transport denmark's jewish population across the strait to sweden. almost eight thousand people made it to safety before the german armed forces could erase them and transport them to concentration camps. to vote on two was three at the time and her mother were among those trying to escape. they traveled to the fishing village it even make a living and others like them. he
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missed the last thirty days seventy years later she's returned. the memories. i knew it will release of three hundred booths outside when the germans marched past. you would have been so easy for them to figure out that people were hiding out here the amman. the memories are locked in my head which is why i'm not going up there i don't want to open this door in my soul a good week. it was legal options parents computed using the blind the thing to help the refugees get to sweden in the theater. did it thank you for all worked out to something i remain proud of his day. his name to the tree to clip into all crew is definitely good for me to know that my parents and such courage the gorgeous mother lost courage in the last moment and left her
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daughter behind. she was afraid that something might happen to her on the voyage into the three year old remained with the fisherman in uni until the end of the war. we decided to try and bring the key to healing i know from my room and my foster family's house i could see sweden there were lights he won the allan scott that's where my mother is spending the next para dance thing. meanwhile my eye foster parents later adopted tool for any fishing village became a new home. her relationship to her biological mother remained strained until his death the escape of the and the support he received to rank among the heroic acts of the danish resistance movement. on those cold october night. the majority of the country's jewish population was transported to safety. journalists believe that god has studied all the old files and re evaluated the testimonies. he says his country. it
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singularly. true here in denmark and the view was different to elsewhere in europe. the persecution were often very slow the persecuted who bravely sees their last chance. and the society to tell them and their plight. all dawkins after the war. most refugees returned for a city which became one of denmark's best known jazz critics and spent more than forty years writing for a leading newspaper. only when he found out that his father had been killed in a concentration camp. did he appreciate how lucky he didn't. compare that to me that i didn't know about any of that stuff. which means that period touches me for more now than it did at the time. he might use them i cry anyhow i mean i guess it's good to celebrate this event with each other again but we mustn't forget that it was time to let the deep
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wounds in the lives of many people saw light in the remains as a team. moon steps to making the stones of many and which continue to hurts today the place is what people up and said seemingly supernatural phenomena of the century is one thing rocks and doesn't start some bullpen and lightning storms scientists are not to look for an explanation. and that's also true for placing well in their article ten has also discovered a fascinating phenomenon. a country road between the toes of knowledge in which the state north western poland. the dual roles across the pavement near a small respite. nothing added the ordinary. but something is radically different. the laws of physics don't work quite right here. pupils from primary school number one in which role bottles of water to demonstrate to our astonishment the head uphill
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instead of them. it's not possible the eye. no doubt about it to me dear i to magnetic fields. the ufo and here and here was magical which is put everything in your endurance spell. it's also a call to tell the reporter gets it right out from cell phone use a water bottle. very obviously it should roll downhill. and in the other direction is a slight incline going uphill now i leave the bottle in the ground it should roll down it. but what does it do efficiency. though it doesn't do that in all of the country on a roll scene just the opposite direction of the hill. and that really is the sauce. saw this. we asked
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professor mightiest of us be a physicist at the university church and join us in the forest. he conducts an experiment on site with liquid nitrogen to try to determine what causes the phenomena those that some people this is it a magical place that really ought to feel. we suspect the gravitational anomaly you know the ore deposits create a magnetic field and ears gravitational pull works differently from what were used to it for it's an optical illusion. this is the polish law ness monster were looking for here is an explanation. another theory is that some thirty meters beneath the asphalt has a strong water current the swastika is a water divine. he tries to find out why the laws of nature seems so crazy on the spot he takes
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me by the hands. we concentrate. and the divine in roddick's. there must be watered down there somewhere but she will go to stay here any more than a few hours someone built a house used to be dead within a year notice it myself. i'm slowly getting weaker. how would you feel a headache. contract. a german polish couple sees the tv current stops to see what we're shooting here in the middle of the fox. they all believe this. until the car starts rolling uphill the engine switched off. it is. the court's ruling by itself it's crazy because rolling out dough. i do. i've
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got to try this myself attorney in jail and a few seconds later the company cars rolling uphill. it actually works. no one has yet suggested this phenomena to a federal investigation and it would be a bit expensive to tear up all the patrons. so we left with a mystery. we just don't know why gravity works differently here. but it does. there's no doubt about that. we've seen it with their own times the book wraps up this basin of their games at all until next time i'll be dancing and spike are now. richard
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statistics. call. the most you know the too much the us now on dvd. will rule the event. yours. the new
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the book said. handing us a bit. in many of these seats about forty years of age. his success either. msf two two i was going on fourteen if i made myself and i was fourteen i wouldn't recognize this of course that person today. it's the same spot on reduce like a normal work on green st. well know everything about them and cut it off long beach. no these guys going to be the same now
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below are the false teachers what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes and you will not be the same tomorrow i still could. so i try to get ryan to working to clear the deal is seen to conduct a life changing. no only giving you the ccs so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstances. crowe will last a living person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. it all. you can see that. he said. well world is cooling his own home. it's no use to the scene in the inquest in another direction and in use them
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the same vintage. this mole is the key. mr the sea nature makes you in no way around. nosy. looking at the horizon and new year songs for something. you don't know what to do this along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for kink uses a move by love it's a man whose longing for something. he's only in a slump or something but he doesn't know what is wrong aye. see what seem to get extra chances. in the past two weeks of declines. this is art to new research in life. the company because
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