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the ips hours to lead the more sea forces the court to juggle the first day of his trial on charges of inciting violence by the crowds rally this fall. activists across the globe appeal to the head of lettuce to an open access a national security should be used to justify the wrong dude. i might organize a kids area. the uk government's response to revelations. not
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that they can thank our actions are raiding fundamental human rights. on the drums biggest anti american rally in these provinces demonstrate against president dr haneef had breached a walking to the find out why the ratings is so great. i wanted to be doing it it must go it just wrote this this is up to one and kevin nolan our top story then. the trial of the jeeps as to psent mohamad most he's beendjourned until january next year he's bee charged with inciting the killing of protests as last december. hunters of the fully to support has been running outside the court as in cairo that a heavy police prence of people mostly it was there for us the preceding six and is still time to get the sauce m is held to tell you what's
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inside that cold. wh actually happened there. plus because it has been in attendance of the eighth of january the past three months time in the top it's about a tsp of italy's t of that to these enormous case files that this is said to be his biggest fight to six thousand pages long and all the noise concentric they support saying that more cds dates and days against him in the trial. it seems that a database files yet. they need to tighten existing mostly not saying that any access to these noises and cats since he was ousted in to cut it in an indication to bake the crust on the scene and it doesn't affect me can only succeed when i'm not speaking the typically is that all brown's speech on skin and the people back on ground salt incitement to kill protest this and looking at the evidence the untidy going to cope with all this means being carried out the quantity size right. she was like inside the courtroom but it was it really is tyson scenes we saw them and that of the myths about the hate enhance the appearance of a topic that most of the summit mostly in south. at this whole place erupted into a
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contrasting chunks add the missing mother hid themselves from it most the city can often recognized as cool as the city can just imagine that the most he remains the president's all to eat it. meanwhile days he was on against an indycar teams against a precinct execution execution he lets his hands and say oh that is extremely drop it in at one point a fight broke out between act and it sounds and only gives the tories of muhammad mostly keith tended to be paid by the states at once and it's happened to that site at that site is basically a list of the sudan somalia say he was extremely acts ronson is very tense at the misanthropic at the same time mum at most he can beat st stephen's and isn't this a bit residents. this was a fake trial. this is a political trial and that really did just as he needed to prevail in this cold case the defense. as you say mostly keeps insisting that the specific child which is the reason that he states he will be defending himself having said that better than some twenty five affiliates that are disappointing for the defense attorney tenth in the backseat been given access to the clients. of
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course most of its standing accused of the insight team met at an on site. fourteen i bet most of the support as this is mine seeking seen as a political trial. of cause tension snapped up riding high. most ordered to pull the trigger page woman with venomous and colorful the online. one tool that my mind. in twenty eleven the egyptian revolution so long time on me but neither was the barracks to then followed by a year of political turmoil. aj and twenty told mum that most became the country's first democratically elected president drivers push for that islam is the competition's but deadly unrest in december of the seine and violence that erupted again up to this tolerant of most the protest in front of the many free to add is a mystery to follow them but a vicious crackdown on muslim brotherhood supporters. in which thousands were killed while for some perspective on
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the status of the few mas is a gem if the north of focusing on the middle east by that morning tv egypt remains divided despite everything that's going on here at present most he says this trial is his knowledge of cement what do you think is going on. well ihink theseuzzles out of that trial would use such situation i didn't think there are no trials the former president's allow you to drool. say anything the withdrawal. i'm really annoyed you will. they will be doing is seeking to reconcile with those. trauma icu for my sins government rather than continuing to you prosecute and skin like this when i don't think it's going to result from them yet because of wrong on a one sided but will see things still the president and his big questions over the military and did they have the right and the bank to oust him like that. that the people avoidingalling it a coat. still the people had to read study break and see around the outlet but if
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they don't negotiate where is this going ahead d singh twenty one race. well a good example is a good negotiate in the muslim brotherhood has the power to make the country unintelligible the country's oil is the rule anyway. add them to grow that can bring it to its knees and supreme civil action in the law. i'm sceptical was the eighth of the lack of progress towards the goals of the revolution for social justice and prosperity. multiple meanings and eighty six months old one yet we will see a million people back on the streets again. i'm going to try to make this then why let the pendulum will swing in the other direction and the combi all who are out in the most potent than even conceivably low season. they
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will sedate that they can come back to go be a very uneasy coalition if they did with it. i am. in the meantime in the shelter this is costing egypt and also a lot of cash money that the us to stop the run. but the proportion of its day in bed because of this alone is not going to last for the fig those distinctions these penalties. well the u s is customary that is significant to the fact is the gulf arabs who stepped up with very very last eight packages of cash and oil and gas though. other things the egyptians desperately need. the initial time in egypt does not have one of the room. that was in twenty oh two the government has been replaced by this new for me says that the stress of disintegration. this law into civil war the money's
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going over the phone the danger is quite a lot of these goals are. that is to stay on the road the trouble is that in their countries given the money to lease the only condition is that the government closing the most irrelevant. and this is for him at that time. b is that eating hers is the symbolic than double to reconcile an indy is to petition government and all money coming from the cities they are really more like the snow to reconcile. to know when it comes in well one of majority of the people of their final full to go to the idea that the two fall that lead is on trial at the same time. so the role that troubles the going through a new one is it like what is life like for everyday egyptians of what the majority want think the thing right now the agencies are in the middle of morning. which means that am the sort of policy based on the side watching tv. the reason of it i'm extreme minority usable the islamist an extreme minority who are going bald and only supports this
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the most concern to us and just care about getting the next meal on the table this is our adoption country whether it's politics is important that people eat clean drinking water they need food and even though they didn't have to last beyond that though but if anyone can invite the statistics you most of the school for things like mike and his thoughts. said human rights organizations from around the globe are setting the alarm of the religion of freedom and britney but then open less than that to the uk prime minister boston the government's response to surveillance leaks. but he said if it has more on their appeal. well some of the race to lead the decline is said that from a seaman michael deny patients and that might flow back against what they call the upgrading of fundamental rights in the tray. it is some of the main claims that the arrest and racism that concerns center around the state terrorism legislation against a toronto when he was detained he said apples. they all say took
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about a sustained pressure against me overnight patients for posting the ad was mainly feed on the nice thing to come on fifty two month trek he calls to mind that had they had government's this has actually come to that building and destroyed the heart writes now the interesting points but that the estimates is a bit of potential violation of freedom of expression not that this is the other week in the uk government he's the last hour when bank and getting the geeks the topics that it's damaging national security. in the uk who are permissible limits to freedom of expression press freedoms according to national security and there will prescribe international. our concern is that the uk government has simply gone way beyond what is normally prescribed limits on the effect that the protection of national security can be added to the trees in full swing and the freedom of expression because i miss is the radio calls and when the government
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that demonstrates that the expression actually harms at the national security will simply not for them to freddie did it well. i'm not coming up this week the gang see the heck that i might buy it at my sink and she states she questioned in an ap at the concession at the things people cause fiat topics as lightning as it is great for me not that way however much you can imagine the uk government will be wishing it will right radicals will be bringing you will these developments as they happen industry co produced time meantime see i can trust that it was one of the snowden has released a manifesto calling on the world will hold more valleys the limits of their lives protect human rights he also slammed the us uk spy agencies is the worst offenders. the text appeared in the german magazine it was sent the edits is from moscow by an encrypted channel. he's been all abuzz mormon make a statement. the spa nice comfy allow it to the taste of politics. that's according to whistleblower edward snowden right thing in the major german news weekly dish beagle he's put forward what
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he calls his manifesto for truth and which he calmed and state security agencies around the world didn't set out to simeon only handle so that journalists that if published his articles in various publications around the world he'll say that plays out saying that we need to stop this kind of spying culture that is taken over it's all parts of a teenager and that and make a set of articles about deadwood snowden inmates in the gym and paper it comes on the bucket that support for edwards to admit it in jimmy on animosity increase we've seen a group of over fifty as senior figures calling for him actually to be granted asylum in germany now in the optical it to say that something that perhaps be that the current german government wooden supports perhaps because suggesting a bed and some of. skeletons in their own clothes that could come out if there was a mean age investigation into just exactly what's it going
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on in terms of the nsa spying program. how about a monk spends fifty that say that it snowed and should she come to you and should be allowed to come to germany. that is will that says swansea new foliage and politicians say. edward snowden is the late great service to the western world and now it's up to us to help him so huge support for snowden and he's laying out his ideas. right here in the german press. while multi component the rest of the pickled white roses rejected any idea of privacy said he violated the lord should come back to the us and face justice that the snowdon and sis called for full intelligence gathering agencies believe he was justified leaking classified think that seven edmonds head of the national security whistleblowers coalition told me while later still won't take any real action against washington
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that was. they have to be with the information. will i be caught in the us dollar over mexico. it's the only one thing is that it will be trialled well kind of reaction and had a studio with deceit from each country will be in contact. in a week so that's why you'll see three the action. the ears. i have faith. not only will you be that not all trades. he leads. whip it out of me
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just ahead when cash is king uk scraps of leftover bread the moment when people put it was the moon and on bundle. the new skills like console. auntie meets the new black suit and fittingly can only pitch. it's just that off. the use it. i am. he lead us we did it. he pushes his duty. your party years ago. it is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from saudi politics. only on rte
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admission free. presentation and three. unfortunately it is free. arrangements for you spirit. for your. the radio thousands of iranians the former us embassy in tehran venting their anger at present the knees the initiative to mend relations with washington the rally comes despite a statement from supreme leader ayatollah khomeini was the key support for the diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the long running international standoff over iran's nuclear ambitions the set i made this face criticism from hardline opponents and take iran should not be seeking any
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compromise of what they see as a hostile power to run most of the harsh economic sanctions against it lifted and has signaled its wilngness to make concessions on its controversial nuclear program for scott's investigates why these diplomatic and accuse them of being something is being resisted. sandra ponies recent speech to the un general assembly was said by many to represent and storing in relations between tehran and washington. a sign that the rainy leadership is keen to initiate warmer ties with the global community. but not everyone is keen for the stop and hardline conservative protest is to exit the president upon his return to tehran. now the reason constable with the idea of increased to twenty with washington. towards the first day of a cow with the usa contest. the idea was to find the most creative anti us propaganda. contestants are invited to submit photographs posters current issue of power wins games and golds or relating to the slide and
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down with the usa. over three thousand dollars for grabs for the winner. there will be a prize for the best idea to mark the death of america which will we knew the concept of death to america because of the arrogance of man the message is clear. for as long as the u s policies are hostile to us we will continue to use the slogan will the slogan of us came to prominence during the nineteen seventy nine iranian revolution. the us backed government was destroyed. since then has been widely used by critics of washington. but critics know there were times when he needs to read a date with the us could undermine the revolution. we also see no reason to start to play misty for the country that produces the enemy on the subject of the country and harsh economic sanctions and frees you to the program. states like these. and their allies constitute an axis of evil this administration has systematically impose the tougher sanctions on iraq
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on iran ever. the united states is not going to lift the sanctions until it is clear that a very verifiable accountable transparent processes in place despite efforts by the us government is just the sanctions aren't affecting the general population. food clothes and even basic medicines have rocketed in price in recent years. on the leadership to tend to engage with washington wizards anti american slogans and time as if hearing the latest iran in recent weeks with work on the demonic many be taken down. with talks about ron's need to program the evening largely to its wake. it's not just the international community. prisoner honey has to convince. cool skulls of tea. this month so sure that i'm on a sunday begins to run into force by the european union america many of the powers that be at un security council's possible resolutions. adding to the measures which include bands don't have the iam
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supplies most of nuclear technology. a vicious factions to range from a goal try to live in pull ups and tell america was gone as far as the ball was opened on the one and it's the province to mention efficient and at croft pots all this that is crippled iran's economy because the national currency the. despite all this a former adviser to iran's need to negotiating team says the radiance is still not sold on ronnie's diplomatic initiative. it isn't cool thingy done that is deeply suspicious of the united states and base i use the city of long standing animosity for. the is there let's get this and continued on back to you is is needed to double its people logging on and the one time parking lot. engagement of their spanking new dawns bright sun on the other hand adopting new baby and makes the most hardline negotiations had deceived at the manse much condescension from the non without expressing willingness to to a no show
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if any it takes to be that we are today. the two of sanctions even if we have seen a statement by the top us negotiator with wendy sherman bad that the us has not offered any tangible and sanchez immediately in on that bailouts their negotiations on ending the iraq and that should be very disheartening to me meeting and so on the team for the concrete tangible signs of blog space to login on by the united states. all went in one of great stores might say to get minced chicken and a seagull calm patient activists to fight back against america's global online surveillance operations as reported but with a badminton easy group claiming to be part of the national network of mama's short of the websites of school was a respected companies in revenge for the country supported he said but we got more into line from us that silly us efforts to revive the israeli palestinian peace process with another roadblock custodians announced plans to
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build more settlements in the west bank it because of that ought to go well. it takes a nomad said developing story the last couple of hours the reports coming in at least one suspect and taken into custody the central connecticut state university. a campus emergency alerts been issued to os can choose to seek shelter in long goals up reports of a possible gunman in my school's two ovals been put on lockdown but to just one school had been evacuated since returned to the cost is the kiss the safety reasons were given a coastal developments on that story slightly confusing picture coming from everywhere across it also headlined by three people killed it in our boss hijacking western norway local media say the attacker my mid fifties a zombie with a knife but he said saying the suspects mill and ethnic norwegians. he was captured by fire crews arrived to the scene now. princeton was first reported traffic accident voted for by dante witnesses say the man was i
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think one desperately. fresh protests of rope several cities in bangladesh. it's the latest twist to them a little crisis has divided the country ahead of upcoming elections in january. at least two people including a member of the youth wing of the opposition the scale protests is the whole michael was in school which cost more than the bangladeshi government to resign last week sixteen people died in a similar rally. incredible to eight thousand of rally here in moscow in the so called russian macho demise by the country's national list at least thirty people arrested for wearing mosque chanting slogans and see my tag is being fuelled by the recent killing of a russian man by my coworker from central asia. and since fall of audits across moscow in a clampdown on illegal immigrants. so the completely different next week and was artistic cracks may live in a serious home some of them anyway but old let's spend it comes to some crushing maintenance bills to him in some cases remember to take
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menial job to make ends meet aussie star system that met one such red line what was most of the british aristocracy be traditional landed gentry are noble and one would imagine lavish lifestyles and that the state that the bottom in centuries ago but the reality today is not quite up to par as it was good to pass. ammonia what we could've pulled because the loans so i have to support the married couple most new moms moms to teach those kids fight comes the day. well what can i this isn't what one would expect to hear from an earl heir apparent to them on the side of aylesbury the state has been in the family for a thousand years but he's now in a fierce legal battle with the state's trustees with no access to his money the money to heat the us civil war confess that when
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my wife lois was treated on the both the mold for the financial times reports high court cases and unofficially scavenging trust doubled from two thousand ten to two thousand twelve coinciding with the financial crisis the cost of newquay off to an aunt has his staggering on a yearly basis. this stately home in norfolk was built in the late nineteenth century at all much of the state remains in tact parts of it had been left to wreck and ruin in restoring it to its full glory could cost up to three million pounds. add to that gas electricity water maintenance. the list goes on around sixty percent of the historic homes are now open to the good use for various purposes such as weddings conferences and pores and this one in particular used to be used as a wetting the bed knew that the reason for such diversification is to be able to generate some income for properties that are very expensive to keep going the reality is that the cost of maintaining these houses is great now and aristocracy tend to be in the past in
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which the couch or something that holds very true for this girl. even finding a job that didn't quite work out for him will become proof of income employment of the completed the session ending. um the final. the new skills like and so on a conical straw if so i've had a few part time holmes drive up and mom delivered to him upon by the more trouble. i didn't know what to think they must think i shudder to think people will smoke the last thing i was going on. this seems a title can only mean so much when cash is still king. thus our silly on rte since every post canary employment a few in the developing story just now the manner of you but you can keep it has that gone online and to save the old clay has been given at the central connecticut state university two people are reportedly in custody they look they do not like that. camille and that's tough to break a copy to see if the lakers two of the sport of washington
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matched with in britain to be the view of the new show people going underground enjoyed. off. the you lose
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