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little. it is. chu you. we were weak. the key to these like dell laptop. it doesn't wild. then stopped on the first day of life the end of the nazis stopped to wait for decades in munich department website i found was this much. our executive
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chairman dr minute present only one the eye. an attempt would oust the egyptian president mohamed onesie on trial went nowhere on its first test. alice off to the child stop the justice and proceedings until january because of uncontrollable disruptions in the courtroom the supporters will contest inside and outside the court this was the first time the world had seen what he says he was ousted from office in july. any wasted no time telling the court that the wrong man is being put on trial the kid in for the first time to see who can lead to life. egyptian state television showed him the rioting in the court with a time delay and with no sound. apparently so the cheers of his supporters could not be heard. a bit
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more she's gesture of defiance was quickly cut off what is with the former president seems undaunted despite the ruling requiring like prison time. morrissey unlike his fourteen co defendants wore a suit presiding judge of jack and scuffles broke out in the playground. the trial was postponed. at one of bush's lawyers described his statement to the point. while umno is the president said that he rejects the military code. that he rejects the court and that he rejects the legitimacy of the prosecutor general oh once he is charged with incitement to murder related to events last december while he was still present. class is outside the presidential palace rest of the ten people dead. all of them said to be opponents of the muslim brotherhood. prosecutors accuse more sea of courtenay to the islamic groups behind the attacks. his defence team has criticized the treatment
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the true test which he supported to have doubts about the legality of his ouster the international community has expressed concern that the government's crackdown on muslim brotherhood in egypt could be read to him. and correspondent korea not the harry joins us now on the line from cairo to really know there was plenty of chaos of the southern but why exactly did the judge postponed the trial for two months. was it more sees as souths and chanting. they are more than one vehicle. there were two of them were kickin it in code the judge them on the fifth. there were quite the overall open to it on
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the beach and then they were helping make sure that court between. if the political publicity which were calling for help although the military. it does mean that the that i'd buy it. it was a chore. put in particular she opened it to put the point when tend to judge whether the opposition and it difficult to make your day to generate tht. leading two minus one blog actually changed by january. it just that touch a thing to look to give it to work this into the occupation of the river with the kids think it would make no pic if it could all take a picture taking. i cried. egypt is giving in to taking all the people are impatient. whether it is to take a look into it. it will continue because going into all the love of the pollutant is that they did. the fifth some time. with that despite the government to come in response to muslim brotherhood still taking to the street every day to protest against the trial and imprisonment of them and they see as the country's legitimate leader. but what's less known is what well known
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is that the mother had had what you would call assist organization the muslim sister but that's just as active. we met one of its young members in cairo the nielsen co to the deep end we used to using the whole thing gets in the women's team from the gardac- to the monkey's name the money demand for them as he insisted that she sees is an etf having stay tuned. on tuesday because one hundred seats. people wounded during. the when the. lucas the fourteen hundreds of people that he was when security officers stormed a brotherhood protest camp in kind as the gospel and that the copyright in eighteen nineteen and the what really happened that day. many egyptians now and can be despite the issue needs to be
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and often attack the protests. the monkey's a visa to what's called a family in ma it is one of the sons of buddhist was shot dead two months ago. his brother says he can peacefully demonstrating for the brotherhood twenty eight eighteen in the text. his father says something needs to be done to stop the cycle of violence. each again we have been victims. each morning without eating victims' names and a new speed. did you do what is the end of the squad to stop drugs and stopped to think you are not succeed in bend because it's just the canal from flaking. from there for her forehead a defense that is quite informative religion revenge. many egyptian saying the muslim brotherhood is partly to blame for the escalation in violence psalm eighteen east of the dome to the organization
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he accuses the brotherhood of all authoritarianism and lack of transparency. oh and i have to commit leah time to the mission. your mission is the brotherhood. you'll spend on them for permission. one is in the face of press freedom is guaranteed in a surreal and in sydney and i'm sure the nineteen month today's refuse to be intimidated. a woman in the alps and should be imprisoned for it and tell face. as we learn to knit something will change. and we have to carry me out not bad besides i was using to god's mercy which depends the muslim brotherhood has rejected negotiations with the next week. reconciliation is more romantic than ever about power struggle in egypt is being monitored closely in neighboring saudi arabia. the wells family there supports the military backed government in cairo and is angry that america has
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frozen some military aid to egypt on monday us secretary of state john kerry makes the skin of july in riyadh kerry praised as he called the two countries can be learning tiniest facilities lisa says be differences remain including on syria and iran. staying in the region thousands of khamenei and cafes in teheran to monte on industry of the nineteen seventy nine seizure of the us and see the rally outside the former embassy complex is an annual of them hardline. the demonstrators had the slogans of death to america. the gesture is rightly directed against a more moderate stance that presidents have some honey comes on the eve of talks between iran and world powers aimed at ending the standoff over its nuclear program the european union has condemned the violence that marred sunday's local elections in kosovo. it was the first nationwide balloting cause but to include the serb minority since the country declared independence in two thousand eighth of may to peacekeepers said they harassed into
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the nanda devi it's the ultimate truth itself this does not diminish attack polling stations in progress that has ten up with email among asian accent despite backing before the coordinating sandia peacekeepers will still help safeguard our blocks of housing in the capital pristina. lots of spectacular discovery that's been making headlines around the world precious paintings by the likes of picasso and seagal has been uncovered here in germany and there was an estimated one billion units. fifty is that lay hidden in a munich apartment until tax collectors came calling his will. when he is going to a pensioner capital works out of sight in his munich apartment. fifteen hundred works of art made the masterpieces were stored in darkened rooms. going to lead a reclusive life with these hidden treasure. he was not officially registered as living in germany authorities came upon this treasure trove during a tax investigation two years ago
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the find was not made the works by pablo picasso conn smythe home today and others were among many ceased by the nazis and had not been seen since world war two. you guys in the end. the nazis used these works with suspicion. they didn't represent an image of humanity the nazis could identify with. they were stigmatized from the outset on to become one. isn't it many of the paintings found in munich belonged to a group of works to nazis were able to degenerate art. one exhibition of these works was staged in munich in nineteen thirty seven. art dealers like cornelius grill it on their cake and was then allowed to sell them abroad the agreement clearly held on to many works and an important and has destroyed after the war. it's likely that collection the regionally contained more artworks sold by going over the years. this is certainly true of at least one painting
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a max beckman were called to the line team. the chilled it for more than eight hundred fifty thousand years construction of the total value of the unique find the us and german intelligence officials say they'll continue holding talks in washington on a possible new tool nine spy agreements the relations between the two countries have been strained. ever since news came to light that the american ns agency was tapping into town on the knuckles cell phone and harvesting millions of emails that sparked a firestorm of controversy here in germany with many demanding action phenomenon that the sentinel paul mchale whistle blew at sneddon is making things even more complicated. he's offered to come to germany to testify at an angry. putting pressure on governments to grant a mistake cost each german politicians would like edward snowed in to tell them what he knows about american spying here. but how snowden was given asylum in russia on condition he not do
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anything to harm the us opposition parties in berlin said he could be given asylum in germany too. daniel icon of the american slang provide any information benson and in mosques. i think think and the government and will counties to get the signal for him to come he added protection. it's them. but fundamentals conservatives say there's no legal way to grant snowden asylum in germany. instead they want to look at ways to question him it think that the style of up to. i think if we take all things into consideration especially regarding this nineteen safety solutions can be found after halloween he intended to benefit his knowledge. although green party parliamentarian hans christian women and that was snowed in in russia. an official investigation would be far more difficult the german interior ministry doesn't believe it would be impossible but this little
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puzzle this is a common tree inquiry that would of course the opportunities for its members to questions in russia but that won't happen unless noted agrees and that could endanger his asylum status in russia. so for german politicians it's back to square one. said could to end with snowden and appear in gemini. all we could ask questions on political correspondents time in yemen well into the guineas frankly as you say they are all more calls weekly from politicians to snowdon to be offered either a smile and prop up clueless safe passage and protection from extradition to america that's the main thing he's learned about the argument is that he's done a great service to the westin that he deserves to be rewarded for that. that said the government here is saying the diesel would be looked at it the idea of saddam's the snowdon back in july. there's no legal basis for new clothes today so she say would put further pressure on him in his relations with united states
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the americans who made the provision newly launched an application for snowden six tradition that he should come to germany. so i don't see the way full with debt that said there will be a gym delegation in most of all perhaps these lawyers will the questions the rainbow mean that it seems unlikely snowden could be offered asylum engine. some restaurants. the issues of data security are high on the agenda of coalition talks currently underway between thompson and intimate conservatives on the social democrats. a very decent different issue is causing your site a major headache plan to charge for drivers for use in germany's autobahn the country's politicians have reportedly discussing the details of such a scheme like the model to the illustrious distance when drivers have to patch is a tall stick at the polls expected to cost two hundred usd pm german car when the lights all proceeds from their vehicle registration tax the desk and said that it's cold took a toll to improve the house upon a
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sweat. johnson the mackerel opposed the proposal key link in recent parliamentary election campaign. also great for when the biggest names in german soccer will have whenever you keep watching. i do. two. do. do you i knew
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who he was infected. i foresee the land to the teacher only. she aims to prevent mother to child transmission of aids. each nation. fourteen do something i make it a nation. back to the world of football now seen by nenek presently tenants will stand trial for tax evasion. that's according to a judge in munich during this to make a fortune in the meat packing business alongside dispensed with the reigning blues to the town's accused of hiding money from gm and tax officials in a swiss bank account has turned himself into authorities earlier this year. one thing to avoid a trial by settling out of court. but that plan hasn't worked. in recent weeks we couldn't seem to be back in good form. he celebrated by
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and unstoppable series of wins on the field. and soaked and admiration from tents those days may be numbered a munich court has ruled he must stand trial for tax fraud. prosecutors office charged police units in july you know the indictment has been reviewed and will go to trial. the charges will stand in their original form. well i'm going to lead us. it found guilty who knows could be fined or sentenced to prison. earlier this year he revealed his swiss bank accounts and tax authorities filed an amended return. ms spoke to reporters ahead of a buy in champions league game in the czech republic the debacle. i'm surprised that our voluntary declaration was not accepted as valid in the coming months my daughters and i will do everything possible to convince the court with our
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arguments before the trial begins in march. to apply. so far by and supervisory board has backed buddhist and he says he's gotten plenty of support from santa his supporters say it's too early to judge. let the unicode is his chance for him to clean everything up. and to prove to people that he really just made a mistake. people shouldn't judge held that once boasted me then and the food and a monthly level that. it's unclear how much money stashed away. and what he was in back taxes. what is clear is he's very much back in the eye. and somemore the story we joined now by our sports correspondent jefferson's taste death in the trial is due to start in march can really hard to stay on as buying a present we'll see me. i think this is only one answer to this gets because he is taking on of the team has come out in full support of him missy has to
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understand that he's no pie in munich without believing this is the theme is mystifying. he made his major race because of what it is so policy to help me get rid of him unless an absolute disaster happens. he's also arguing that found that these charges and um um the day he admitted to himself. they have nothing to do it by mimi says it's a private affair so until he gets convicted of something expect him to stay at the helm and five now will we see a witness in court there is another option um well it's because of a speculative at this point that i would be very surprised if we do actually see it is quite out of debt for four rounds of negotiations scheduled for march and you have to ask yourself what are they talking about what the state to negotiate. i think what they'll be trying to do prosecutors defense attorneys and the judge is find some way out of this to um avoid having to put such a high profile figure on trial
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he's so kind as to what the charity no one really wants to see him behind bars it's very unlikely that want to go to get any when you tune into jail time or else i don't think you have to get before court. despite all that you think this case will tarnish descendants. will cement the divine munich since they don't really care about this but of course um he's a very very high profile figures. it's not a particularly good of granting the east and to make money and then squirrel it away in swiss bank account. um he was also think it is a bit larger than just sports means he's a fixture on talk shows like these all always offering his opinion on political matters financial matters. i think that's over i think he's basically lost its moral authority. so i think we'll see of smaller version of the dentists in the future ii jefferson say thank you for that analysis. to some business news now europe's biggest bank london based hsbc posted strong third
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quarter net profit on monday up more than twenty percent from last year to three point seven billion barrels moon and the hsbc statement said monday that made most of its money in its traditional home on kits from britain and hong kong. since two thousand and ten. hsbc has been in the cost cutting mode closing and is profitable branches and cutting me in the fifty thousand jokes will fly. well monday show european stocks declined to five g of high among its correspondent and was sentenced this report from the trading floor in front so tonight to make it a plus as the automaker folks bought and the plastics could you sell excess. these three companies might come from very different backgrounds but they have one important thing in common. hopeful the market in china. and that's why positive economic news from china made these three says the biggest dax gained is this monday the services sector in china is going more than i was
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hopeful costs and the chinese peasant made optimistic statements about the quilt perspectives of the country of course there were also a few significant loses on the stock trading gold this monday. ryanair for example you to the disappointing growth will cost at blackberry because the planned takeover of the mo but computers make up was called off. the blues mentor us from the french eggs and here are some in the mess we are now standing in front of the gemini is dax clash at nine thousand fifty seven the budget more than a shed the euro the music stage the old store and it's up a share higher at ten thirty sixty one. monday she emailed the dow jones industrials coveted fifteen thousand six hundred and twenty seven and the url is traded for one you're still a bit too high the team. we've just heard from contact with the shares
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in europe's biggest budget airline ryanair has plunged in response to its latest profit warning in september and expected profit of five hundred seventy million year old. now it's as if looking at just five hundred ten million. pioneer is heading for its first drop in profits since the global economic crisis five years ago. it's as if we'll try to counter weak demand in europe by lowering fares by about ten percent. the two independent probe in switzerland say there's no evidence that a top executive who apparently committed suicide in august was subject to undue pressure at work. cnet insurance group executive two pm when she left behind an intimate reading tool on bearable whacking conditions on the company's branch and the use of the month before when the going to die. what is read as say she can manage least partly responsible for their stance. funnily the accusation interact among steps down to prevent any threat that downing street to me the neon november for russia celebrates do today
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what has to be a holiday honoring the country's state owned by increasing years it's become a platform for far right groups to stage massive anti immigrant rally on monday thousands of nationalist demonstrated across the country. chanting slogans like russia for russians tensions on the running high. nectarines and a young russian man was stabbed to death outside of moscow. his killing was blamed on muslim migrants the incident sparked protest and outrage and xenophobic sentiments appears to be on the box the protesters are demonstrating against migrant workers from central asia and the caucasus. she was put to a migraine as criminals and say they don't want russia to become an islamic state. that ten thousand protesters gathered in the outskirts of the capital. he didn't hear him and told immigration must be stopped. there are too many migrants they bother it seems so bleak one was
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shopping everywhere at the moment as the union. and it didn't seem to stick to what is it that the overwhelming majority of serious crimes in moscow are comet my children grow up alone. it's now we think the much more than a thousand fighters targeted markets and a warehouse in the southernmost district of the oval after twenty five year old mastiff my step dad. the alleged killer was said to be a migraine from azerbaijan. a large contingent of security officers was on hand to make sure monday's rally remains peaceful. the growing animosity towards migrants has created major problems throughout russia. even the un is fresh and not the country has seen increasingly openness do it see to what foreigners especially to what that's like us the essential taste of what this band rocks and desperately needs the growing band of nationalism here at present a clear threat to the multi ethnic makeup of russian
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society. change of pace now and is a question for you what product last for decades even know that most people only use it twenty minutes the answer is d backs every year billions of them are left to slowly decay causing untold damage to the environment and the european union is taking on the issue brussels wants to make it easier for governments to ban plastic axe or could get the beginnings at the stores shoppers receive a plastic bag to hold items which themselves are sometimes already wrapped in plastic and then there are other like plastic bags for fruit and vegetables often provided free of charge in really reviews the easily escape into the environment instead of being recycled in europe the per capita annual consumption of plastic bags varies widely. in denmark the rate is just four. in ireland and luxembourg to secure is eighteen. germans use an average of sixty four plastic bags annually. in
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hungary poland and the baltic states the average is over four hundred fifty bags each year. the european commission wants to change consumer habits. it's proposing to give member states to me years to reduce the mountain of discarded plastic bags our estimate is that he fondled a best practice of the members to deduction could be somewhere around thirty percent. that would not be difficult. have been to some member states renault with good depth and scope of course we have the possibility of contentment. if the goal is not at the commission could impose a tax on plastic bags experience has shown that taxes and dance can achieve quick results. when ireland impose the fifty cent levy on plastic bags in two thousand to their usage plummeted more than ninety percent. that's all thanks for watching
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