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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 5, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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when will it . heck. one wonders just what it all happens when or why he has come up with great delight not that mature. what are
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all called to happen if it doesn't help. twenty ten if it wants. people tend to be completed by the middle east and africa. as time goes to the un security council what's that depicts the democratic republic of congo by the queen of revelers. they'll be here we're told. welcome to the stop light all sci fi tv news articles by them will be with you for the next thirty minutes with the latest stories from china and iran the well. we started putting china's discipline watched all that has just noted online discussion with internet uses to explain how it carries out its work the discussion which was posted on the official website of the commission for discipline inspection of the central committee of the cpc sold vice minister of the commission john jones of the questions about improving inspection work and strengthening inspection
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supervision. the second batch of inspectors divided into ten groups. i've just begun their inspection work being designated for wins since sunday. the second such inspection focuses on violations such as ca for money deals bribery and corruption and influence peddling. the count inspection work has attracted increased attention which goes to show that more work needs to be done to construct a clear and almost coffee wiseman is the john jones said that it showed that people but the inspection groups tended to be rocked and could the momentum of rampant corruption he said the cpc central committee has made the inspection work a priority. new guidelines for the inspection work were issued in june. formalism bureaucrat system hadn't listened and extravagance which would consider this whole fullness of undesirable work styles by the cpc central committee will be primarily targeted by
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inspectors during their work in addition violations of political disciplines and the legal official promotions we'll start of the major inspection on time. hong kong's chief executive hugh and churning is warning the city would take necessary action unless the philippines make substantial progress within a month ago the twenty ten min of a hostage tragedy speaking ahead of a device final mike is calling for sanctions on the philippines human urge the philippine government for concrete and timely response. he wants manila to apologize and compensate victims family is full of the tragedy. hong kong the philippines have close economic ties and more than a hundred thousand filipino domestic helpers where can this is the tension continues over the incident in which ice hong kong terrorists were killed by a dismissed policeman. he held a bus load of tourists hostage and
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opened fire on them. author of march police rescue. with political strife in syria and sudan yemen and the central africa the united nations security council is expected to take a leading role in global diplomacy in the coming weeks. and this month china resumes the council's rotating presidency. the fifteen members of the us penny at peace and security body have much to consider for a preview as our correspondence even see the new york. during the presidency of the security council kind of calls will be guided by the principles of objectivity jenny c deficiency. micah some transparency in a month squeezed by holidays and procedural business. lewis says the fifteen security council members will need thirty times this month on sun twenty agenda items spots
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on the actual look of consul might be even more for months combined. as there are issues that we see on the horizon which will most likely be dealt with in team with conflicts in mali in the central african republic for example changing by the day. the security council has had to become increasingly nimble and less reliant on a formalized agenda. it's interesting to see that november we're seeing a lot of these informal. for matt's coming to the fore. these are very good because they enable the security council to perform better in the early warning signs were in the stagnant service coaster read as foreign minister and u n ambassador and he now directs the publication security council report syria's brutal civil war he says poses perhaps the forty s challenge for china as it guides the council there is a general sense among council members that. although syria is complying on the chemical weapons plant. there has been absolutely no movement in terms of humanitarian access and in terms of basically
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addressing the wider conflict a conventional war. china now contributes more than seventeen hundred personnel to un peacekeeping missions worldwide and is the sixth biggest financial donor to peacekeeping operations and stag know believes that could go hand in hand which china taking a more folk a leadership role on the council. i do think that it's about time that as a step up in terms of their political leadership. their desire to give a certain cream art or art to the way the council operates on and also so that we can have a more equitable distribution of all the work of the security council and see how their work cut out for them in addition two agenda items covering bosnia somalia lydia and eleven on the council on tuesday will receive its first reading from the joint un mission in overseeing the destruction of serious chemical weapons steve and the cctv new york china's chief nuclear envoy would always has to ride in
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pyongyang as the relevant parties make their efforts to revive the long stalled six party talks aimed at ending the nuclear program. all the democratic people's republic of korea. his visit follows is meeting with his us counterpart. when babies in washington. on sunday in south korea nuclear chief chart thai tiong visited washington and exchange views on the issue with babies later this week the united states south korea and japan are set to hold three way talks in washington to find a way it was all the dprk is the pay of deadlock. the six party talks grouping china south korea dprk japan the us and russia. having been held since december two thousand a night. two south korean firms at the place some industrial complex in the dprk on to clare's their operations because of unfavorable business conditions. a textile manufacturer has an electronic parts for views i
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have signed contracts to sell their factories in the complex. according to the un is another company there is also planning to abandon its operations because of increasing financial difficulties. come play just hop the firm's the chi songs have resumed work up to september's we are paying. it's reported that companies are leaving because they are unable to play more than one hundred and sixty five million us dollars of debts and supplemental security income that's them on bed by the dprk. which is about sixty percent of workers monthly high the only tory opponent or in south korea's president iq and heidi says there is another point you to having talks with japan on lesson apologizes for more time wrongdoings. the president come play on an official visit to europe says issues such as that of comfort women have still not been addressed by the japanese government
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eight months up to taking office park has still not met with japanese officials and she says. until japan changes its stance on war time that has no tolls for type lights japan's use of slaves ole comfort women during world war two. soo when cole was in south korea. the territorial dispute over the islands known as doctor who in south korea and talk to she made japan is also a source of tension. will talk your way is now in london for a fortnight a site visit london is the second leg of her first european to a sense that said ovulation which was in february. and there really aren't francaise we mentioned earlier she was there she and her french counterpart francois long nets at the least a palace. the two sides agreed to strengthen financial and high tech cooperation to develop new growth engines for their own
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connolly's buy or sell agreed to remove tariff barriers and other hurdles to try and expand bilateral investments and i spoke about the korean peninsula trust christ as proposed by sol with eyesight is important for the korean peninsula and full regional and international peace and security. what we're going to die across to allow correspondent in india short of a job because the hindu is counting down to the bourne shell this festival but to two months' that it hopes the complex mission will demonstrate an advanced technologies for space travel sigh well it's across town to issue with us and that she is there waiting for sydney daily chore though this is certainly at the moment it isn't that worth to be in vietnam trying to join others other countries who have been able to send across in
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the same direction. but what is the significance although the thousand year is consent and when is this robot about to go up. ok i just update everyone that the talking past and don't talk to karen mok soccer type lifted off just about forty five seconds back from t high court on congress to support just about fourteen km are from my opinions to be off by jen night of a break yesterday at me can see that that that the stuart chapman and olivia to efficient to have been looking at dynasty on this going to make a choice happens in the air to cars and protein are watching. aha the talking is proceeding. i too would be all that bad at this point in time the north of the rockets that have been an orange success we've got one b i t scouting masada light at this point in time i'm kind of see how that nine month join the debate expected to ip finds out what i'm going back to your
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question eighty four. israel is an extreme team fourteen mission duty to do d davidson was that important mission i've got the engine speeds the start of the night dh and i think and i despite the fact that they will many critics to riches but we could get onto spoken by the fact that probably should have concentrated on the missions like the ten day on beaches in the morning wishing you guys already conducted for the up up down the seam time of four is still not dispute the canary yellow it's after making sure it happens in this hymn is a very important because they make steel back of the mars mission can happen is to cause and sixteen uprising story is concerned. safari to actually do it. i did seo boys important. then came in the month of november idea has never been anointed as the copland out from c hardcore top spot in the month of november. i do better than the bamboo is actually not conducive to it but india wanted to do it i'd be a skinny is eight for the sox like an orange beak and extremely successful in treating it as had this but this could lead to me all this talk of going to be a
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convert to the snow into the twenty fifth knowledge it has had twenty three success for the gorgeous eyes as it gets concerned very important i'm talking the talk of going to be good for it's up to just give us a cd of what does end up dying to do it again with this mission to mars kept speaking to jump into knots. the significance and by being denied to commute is watching it's so cozy. it is the post i am of the dhimmi keen sense of awe is going to upgrade of the dumb ox out tonight treaty. and if it is nice except for the indio all the time i bend it and if the meeting since that is activated i making sense to me peanut out one minds if we can follow up tensions off the lights on mind's eye second team in the archives and has it that has been picking at hunter commotion eu is. it says its leaves and the such organize a . of course it has been using its bs any of the dead that they don't show for many international and just this
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but take a nap i'm going to have to create a significance because something like this i have never been attempted by team gets when he becomes the six nation the wide eyed to door so i'm at the cost issues must listen to other countries on to the fact that attach it to bedok and a fifth last fifteen years. i show was the kind of capability that it has. i'm disappointed i'm a mean game of give a huge commotion significance of the us fire as it opened the door and onto which to step up when in fact i don't speak that the a's and b's consent or aren't sure whether many thanks to the event thanks for confirming that the role that is almost one am we wish him well. it was to deflect off at two thirty eight pm local time and all this way it's done that's how you're watching cctv news were coming here from aging and many more stories on provincial right fan. the
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sells. says. you're welcome
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back to watching cctv is only coming to the wire from vijay the democratic republic of the congo was claimed that we are back in twenty three rebels up the baffling them for twenty months the government says the last remaining rebels have fled across the border for soren that offer week of heavy fighting. belly of the government had rejected offers for a ceasefire from rebels. so bobby and twenty three group hasn't commented publicly but other african leaders have urged him to declare an end to the insurgency and sign a peace deal with the government. years of fighting between government troops and rebels have left millions dead and displaced across one of africa's largest country is bored he does run correspondent stephanie fried end. she has just returned from the democrats and republicans kong are a welcome step three i met with saying no several of your stories a very interesting to a new
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wood there was the ami was a bad signal to to root out the rebels want what did you say. the i mean it certainly we saw the advances we sell the fighting we sell rockets being fired the stock tank movement least i'm tired but since the gates. these are the cooperation between the un and the yep totally starving as they advanced moving foward moving north sunday's victory announcement comes as no surprise the fight was fierce and the rebels did put up a good fight or they put up a fight. shall we say. however they weren't they didn't seem to be any match for the joy that combined the un and congo congo these army for their advance. now that that i had benson cooperation that's what is being attributed to this victory now specifically a brigade it was working alongside the congolese army and un brigade mandated in march that has played a role he's playing a role there on
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the ground. it's a breakaway well from that traditionally un past april. the drill. he says he wins first peacekeeping team. the sling to carry out targeted operations the force intervention brigade is a specialized unit made up of more than three thousand south african tanzanian and the korean troops. they are heavily armed and mandy defensive scheme aimed to guard against an escalation in eastern congo its ongoing war and keep the rebels out of the eastern capital goma seoul the trail. on a sunday morning in october. this can allow you to miss out on a routine patrol. covering a twenty kilometer radius around gomez for renters
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the bomb. they carry. his deadliest war more than five million have been killed and millions more have been displaced by fighting between the congolese army and some twenty rebel groups operating in the east. working alongside the army and independently that the gates infantry artillery and special for the furnace and his men. he revels in their decision. while patrolling the border position. as well thus the topic today is just a few kilometers up the road from here. janice dr securing the area while the commander
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said james howe said davies one boy who choose to go to cvs. soon we'll support you the fall of the sea. when forces be sure to tune the cbs review form. and alice gets so cool. form. i made it. gould. tt's. i missed the news was that for un troops battle and twenty three pm. this position. un troops in to protect be driven from their homes. then it's less about hoodia groceries and more about the abduction. the current
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why the humanitarian sector with the monetary factor week and this special brigade force pasta hundred and forty million dollars to put on the ground. that's interesting till one point four billion dollar price tag on the un mission in congo combined with the fact that now in the wake of this announcement of victory. i'm the ugandan army is beefing up its troops on congolese border. it could bring in china cooperation and the operations there into question and went. and step three if you pointed out there's been a huge toll on people who've lost their lives will be displaced by the conviction about five million and this is tina. a revealing a series of stories that you've done because it's that the conflict that has no white screen on top of the headlines but what was the co ordination like between the un and the congolese army. why when it was quite tight actually
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an audience after quite a history a period where it wasn't there was a lot of hot rumors were rife with rumors that are placed at the congolese army was on a disciplined a lot of drinking a lot of writing on and they need the cooperation between the two sides was a tight what we witnessed on the grounds where the top commanders always at the front top commanders of the special brigade of the congolese army of the un force is always coordinating i'm checking in. i'll tweak their communications with the men who were further along in the front ordinating on maps so there was is there seemed to be very much the cbo says the site cbo says. you could actually see that on the ground. certainly the ei the congolese army or the front it was frightening but the un was right there all the time b side. who wants to play many thanks indeed to for that purports to flee their reporting from tv where she is too which is the usual hundred bison de she has completed the reports from the democratic republic of
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the conga. now you and arab league special envoy mr ryall act opera here he is a stay at the maps of the us and russia today in geneva the suicide innings together opinions from the syrian government and the opposition earlier we start to postpone the kite pockets in geneva to give an update and kai told us that this comes ahead of the geneva to talks that is scheduled to be held at the end of this month well when she needed to conference i as a school is very much in the top of the agenda today between seeing told to an end to need that handles to read between the un arab elite special and fully but he me laugh and i've seen e n a u s and russian diplomats at the same thing as torturous will be held this morning will be financed with two also add that to mean that finds time in mendez of the un security council and mandates it is often aimed at
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school will be happen this is at the request of russia and the u s troops on the house with a sum and that is seriously need dancing pleading for example nevin on i did not send me an e and most of tomes happening in geneva today and i think it is. isn't that a notch and trying to get to add these to me that it holds which are essential to be held at the end of this month. and cheney are open and running because that is still on most of question marks a day that the storks. scary pockets in st louis area from the geneva now the work being a lot of attention focused on the story in aisle nine on of corn up with the indian auction sites areas of the day. the shopping mall was evacuated and around the steps in new jersey after a gunman began firing the incident happened shortly before the goblins site possible will be in for honest with you this was for the night. the mole is in bergen county that's about thirty five kilometers south
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west of manhattan. there were reports of a man dressed in black and wearing a helmet fired up to five shelves at the mall shop is called police after hearing the gunshots witnesses decided i had multiple shots five just seconds apart images from the mold showed a heavy police presence. a new jersey state police said one hundred also shops were closed at it with or the government wants to actually be inside the mall no casualties have been reported. and some of those inside at the time i described the scenes for us and a let's get a sense of their reaction to the drama i love how the county. yet the race. the estate of a new guy. thank you sincerely say they are ready add. the aclu
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when you read right thing the light at the outset of the coming year. just me and just straight up in and all the way he walk pass us partied with that nickname is going to construe as with many bands have that. to me i get sleepy. finally be shown live free trade zones the bean open now for more than a month and thousands of businesses all business owners in fact of the defaulting to the area to register their companies. but normal for this is darkly of what lies ahead. that man has that story. it's not pc to your name on the way there's got to get colds. the guy in front of the semi sane to officially fifty zone has become a common scene horsham to seek some whites become prominent on the team sheet means they just don't rush into high today and haven't attacked team at my hotel yet i choose to simply being directly lunchbox days have been sold out at
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the coffeeshop next goal sales of the coach had searched three times in the opening of the creepy film. the semis and the fridge and i think avril has seen tens of thousands of people really think they owe money to companies that is always bad taking it to be an infection that i ate swindled out of control company registration and consultation the steam bc and the days since the first of all told an overstuffed were in the heart to come home and see all the vegetation and consulting services have began. he's always became top six and seventy n e on fridays have to limit the number of companies make is to read to confront the day. two hundred and twenty nine companies have set out in his own in the first month including nineteen forty one the awesome idea to do it among these companies land in sydney company second cheating. thirty one companies have until the last men's companies while flirting can be nice. during
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transportation isn't it shane's un pc service industry kills the company says it can't be speaking last month orientation of creepy tone the amount or less says come here with the increased use and. who is in the idyllic day in and go when it's over of the prefrontal policy for domestic companies hasn't come out yet so it's better to register first and second acts that are too many people here don't know what business the computer is on the eve of the flesh did not like it's coming on. experts say that's not what types of companies ask to go to bed just in the zone. when the teacher she is a preferential policies to encourage seven industries such as high tech companies and the car took away a few companies. he lied to you the scaffold business has seen the domestic market and the role of human pet and feed from branches to re enter free to stop the latest in domestic treating you may be
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disappointing to come. lee daniels show up. experts also say that the precinct often shunned if it is so nice to be strongly dependent on tues rather than simply applying for financial policy the noun cctv camera. that's it for this upgrade of sci fi tv news. if the company the us. you learn oe
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will. the us. the owner welcome to nhk world is light and you know tommy until chilled. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. chinese officials are increasingly alert for acts of terrorism as they prepare for an important time and party meeting in beijing. the usb port has released a further report on classified documents from a former tennis a contractor. and maybe among


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