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it. and when. yours. the us the winds. the atlantic forest a bit sick of the second lead over st a fingerprint or told me with queen elizabeth the second is an old summit but the minister didn't have a drink before he stepped to the pass is a motion calling for get this bad events of the far left wing hit by progressive party accusing it of promoting north korean ideology is seeking to overthrow the government once the new generation of plastic that stronger and
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more rigid than the airline has been developed and commercialized in korea. it uses the new material called all the kinks out and will tell you what it takes a look next to me. welcome to primetime years it's to say november fifth here in korea lot from fulltime to pay them come and thank you so much for joining us. we begin with president fox latest news overseas after wrapping up or stayed in paris. hockey is now in london on the second leg of her european tour to get her state visit by attending a welcoming ceremony where she reportedly received the royal treatment from buckingham palace the president's office correspondence austin to reports the sixty s it
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officially started on tuesday with the welcoming sera many at buckingham palace with queen elizabeth the second in attendance. she becomes the second korean leader to make a state visit to britain following former lake preston no one can pack in two thousand for taking it to camp in britain only invites readers from as many as two countries the year the present office of tell by this as president xd since it reflects the close ties that bind korea and pretend we know was that the students have invited the leaders just fifty nine nations during her breed of sixty one years. it is all sick and that legal aspect herself has personally select the president for the korean president and even the wind and made new build the searchers the state dinner with chris impact on tuesday precedent that will be staying at every of them but when palace were present at work in print and two were for a long boom boom of that in my feed is clearly shows that britain is preparing for a very high quality refined
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schedule for president last week visit with them political critics say this and president it for korean presidents to be invited to pretend for state that sits within a span of ten years tele officials explained that the french monarchy had as president have to visit the country as soon as possible. immediately after being elected president unless it was an overall bilateral talks with british prime minister david cameron in which cooperation of the sectors of the creative economy and finance will likely top the agenda the dictator's law says i'd ever and that you see these fields for president next day and monday. watch and cheer i think it's legit. first time in the nation's constitutional history the korean government has filed a petition calling for this pendant of the political party the party in question is to unify progressive party whose members were recently arrested on charges of plotting to topple
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the government a touchy one tells us how the final decision will be made by the constitutional court in the next six months this is the first time gig every man has lifted its ban the existing political party cabinet ministers approved the motion to be standing by progressive party on tuesday morning accusing it of promoting north korean ideology. attempting to overthrow of the korean government. to leave the ministry found that the unified progressive party's doctrines is its political goals and main activities violate the constitutional democratic order. the justice ministry has banned the feeling in the ocean point two months after mommy can you tell the men are scum and i know that this opposition party were rested on charges of plotting to topple the government and the last major facilities such as communication centers in all the stories takes indeed and
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double war with north korea the plan was devised in conjunction with vendors the secret organization called the revolutionary organization. we did this and mentioned notion passing attack in at the justice ministry to the case to the constitutional court and around you in on tuesday what has the final say about with their political parties in korea can be disbanded you love this ad with that the party's political goals and ten babies are in denial with the democrats or dare is to be found in the constitution to pass the motion must mean the approval of six of the courts can i get hits it in the ocean goes through the parties. this will be transferred to the government and the party will be banned from launching a new party in spades. during his side's progress the party has denounced the motions passed this as the revival of the nation's dark dictatorial past. this is not only an act of persecution against the party organization. this
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also constitutes an act of destruction against democracy log into buildings unity party welcomed the new characterizing it as an unavoidable decision necessary to protect the natural order. the main opposition democratic party said he's concerned that together an emotionless process your taste. we doubted the laurel review of opinion. he won the county hopes. they have korea's intelligence agency has admitted that some of its agents were involved in election meddling during last year's presidential race but he has denied that its organization and carried out a systematic campaign to influence the outcome of the election. our political correspondent kenyan she has details. it's cheese of the south korea's national intelligence service non indigenous confirmed that over two thousand that is what the message is targeting the operation presidential candidates murder scene in a terse two were posted by
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twenty two and i as agents before the december election he also said they are currently looking into some twenty six thousand tweets to determine whether the work posted by in his agents as well. prosecutors said last month that former as head of one table and allegedly ordered the agency psychological warfare each team operates a smear campaign against the opposition candidates on twitter postings and give it five thousand comments before the twenty twelve presidential vote the revelation of reinvigorated the main opposite democratic party's offensive against the inner yes it was previously believed. the smear campaign with only limited to web portal sites. jerry game commentary on it into the spy agency in attack where he has colored my date. and i asked you not to the intelligence committee. at the wallsend seven of the twenty two agents in question can the prosecution next week for a probe into their role in the campaign. now however
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denied allegations he and i as a couple launched a systematic campaign to influence the outcome of the election. he said the case reflects a deviation by some members of the north korean psychological warfare unit which he says didn't have specific guidelines about its operations at the time. not also voiced his strong objection to the democratic party's demand the nis get rid of its department in charge of the wordy and an espionage activities in the south and transfer its operations for the prosecution and police the ruling party lawmaker putting naman saying that transferring these operations would not be the symbol because there aren't many infiltration by north korea into south korea through a third country which nom said the prosecution and police would have difficulty handling on their own. nom also said he and i as well some of its own proposal for internal reforms after the outing and this week tvnz
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identities. figuring out to washington and the nuclear envoy said south korea and the us discuss ways to resume the six party talks aimed at the nuclear rising north korea at this as china's nuclear negotiator a ride and come down for tks on the same issue of foreign affairs correspondent and spunky reports. after nearly four hours of marathon discussions on monday in washington. the yeti that a state of the affair and stationary position on the conditions were the opening of the stalled six party in your life nation talks. describing the meeting as very productive and useful south korea's chief nuclear envoy to pale and said he had reaffirmed that its us counterpart leigh davies that very thing and in the process of fine tuning their strategy ab said that the two officials discussed all aspects of the north korea issue adding that the cops were part of an intensive series of discussions that
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they and had a decent weeks the meeting comes on the heels of a visit to washington by trying to keep a negotiator with ellie and babies is believed to bring his south korean partner honestly his meeting with middle. after his visit to washington. the chinese diplomats who is also scheduled to meet him until next weekend the chain paid a surprise visit to having an on monday. fuelling speculation that a resumption of the multilateral senior high patient dialogue meeting here. elaborate seoul's foreign ministry said it's too early to discuss specific progress made. we're hoping for productive discussions on measures to make a substantive progress. the six party talks involving the two creamy as the united states china japan and russia have installed since late two thousand and eight. ageing as candy and closest ally has being active in its efforts to bring its isolated neighbor back to the negotiating table. while
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sullivan last week and save the north must first think that the show it's the fear out of the new right patient before the talks can resume silly babies will meet again on tuesday for further discussions which will that be followed by a trilateral meeting between south korea and the us and japan. on sunday evening. meanwhile us vice president joe biden will visit seoul early next month for talks with president up inherent economic relations and security threats on the korean peninsula the white house says biden will also make stops in china and japan on its east asian tour reflecting washington's commitment to its policy pity towards the region. the trip comes just a few weeks after president barack obama was forced to cancel two asian summits due to the debt crisis and government shutdown. biden's talks in beijing are expected to focus on trade issues and cyber security. the vice president's trip to china is gaining special attention as
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biden had a good relationship with chinese president sheet in pain before he was elevated to state leader despite recent reports point to korea's ability to withstand shocks that may emanate from the essential tapering of the us fed's stimulus policy. what mean currency exchange rates will also remain stable. perhaps not so especially if one needs to workings of the former imf chief here joined by john howe president of a chef find in society and former professor of economics at korean university in the studio to mark the start of potential currency war thank you very much for joining us with the newest including me. well since the two thousand a financial crisis plan that korean won dropped to its lowest eight we have seen a very solid rise in the korean won but a recent report from the us
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department of treasury says the korean won is still undervalued by today percent does that mean we're going to be seen. the korean won a prize even more this year and next. the school to do one or two kw introduced to new assessment on the podium in the scenic artist isn't that great in that endeavor for courses. he quotes the end of the political races in june the cia. o when korean due to knit. whoa is a very high of eight hundred in oakland traded mainly due to the most korean reason that innovation by dint of korea. that way i'd be the man. this is a dutiful with the head to some proper in one piece assessment that nobody me of two months of the cia put in one of these that you can do appreciate it more. mainly due to stupid and cruel blow
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from the previous two of the home ported in vista bobo play both may be close and presentable or so the audience the people it into his crib. and when he's content to be open to small i guess government has called on korea not to intervene with currency market weinstein was so keen on a stronger claim was that maybe because. the a new coupon to use the real heaven go to sushi. all will. what do that it could be used to it and honestly the good news into the clinical condition that he appears to wake up with wendy on the end of next year. oakland is that it appreciates it. well the real issue of the next year after receiving a fax of the outback to the us stimulus policy. how does a move like that de stabilize the currency markets and how likely is the currency war where the consumer experience to review and nine in
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the nineteen ninety nine to pull off the front seats more to the eu is leading to the interest rate. as it is the author to improve entering this market therefore in the intensive and many moods and economy no priest the crunch question should i see nifty or so on when you wear so we could stop him freeing. maybe welcome to review crew into his clutches. promina was too much. with the economy. duke was only when the economy could be in cream cone condition. so today indonesia and india. the sister of winfrey's the possibility of crunch crunch is that when given the news that i did appreciate it but it is common to all three seem possible. you didn't get to go to the impressive korea that's who. she has this to you maybe you know with a
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clearance to war continues and bothersome of countries that have been. because oprah is in full. laramie birds heard trading competitors like japan china and taiwan korean won has the strength and all that much but our local exporters. they constantly complain about dad being hit by a strong korean oh one are their acclaimed strong enough to warrant national sacrifice. susan is to you. anyone who views could move you should see the need to contend with in all forty posts in the business the baby continued to korean. it's cool that the corset when it's cold and stiff resentful about competing in the womb of teh ais team and it's the dude who debated the issue. though contribution in putting a condom and are a few balm bistro thank you very much for joining us today as i mentioned that good. for your
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dns and another begins. get the latest line from seoul any expert analysis from ages fourteen with a viewpoint on the cold its global network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. i was a target of us spying by the national security agency according to a recent report by the york times elaborate on the extent of the agency's eavesdropping on both friends and foes alike the soul has expressed concerns about the report has demanded an explanation from washington eighteen and in the courts the nsa has been eavesdropping on as friends and foes for years collecting data to get into it and as opponents and south korea is
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no exception after the new york times reporter november second on the korean government requested that leads us to provide a detailed examination and don't want it measures the early waiting for their decline. the new york times reported recently that the nsa began monitoring the south korean government starting in january two thousand seven. wait and the mistakes in the week on the illustration of the known pop. seoul's consider cardiff are four reasons diplomatic policy intelligence strategy and the us military bases stationed in korea. the times said that and it's a officers operating out of overseas military bases and american missions abroad. even un secretary general punk emo and was the target of us intelligence gathering. i was at the white house in april for which the nice things to discuss a range of issues including syria chemical weapons and the israeli palestinian peace talks
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the times reports the nsa intercept the ponds talking points in advance of the meeting was productive and american presidents and heads in the discussions between the two. and then i ten days. it's being dubbed the dream material a crane company has developed a new form of plastic which is highly resistant to acidic solvents and high temperatures. tim gill has details on where this new plastic will show up korean conglomerate whole song group has developed a new kind of high performance normal plastic polymer called holy quito. this new classic shows great resistance to chemicals and heats when tested for its strength toxic solvents your original plastic melted while the new plastic shown no signs of deformation history materials also able to hold oil bubbling away at over two hundred degrees celsius. all
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this hype was because there is a new form of stuff which can be used as substitutes for nylon. as the new classic shows great chemical resistance and is expected to be used in various value added and docile products such as automobiles and plastic fibers. with this new blessing has great strength and nobility that has a great deal of potential to cause some group has invested nearly fifty million us dollars over the past ten years developing and commercializing its material the company started mass production last month and cost to produce fifty thousand tonnes annually by two thousand and fifty. and yet at the news. the old joined the fight against port stoking having been elected to the board of global anti
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doping body and stephen j joins us to tell us more about the development stephen k g eight nation on the world outside till the agency has selected south korea as one of four asian representatives on its foundation board will join china japan and saudi arabia along with member representatives from europe the americas africa and oceania and getting rid of coping and sports around the world. sports ministry said that they'll help establish anti doping measures in developing countries that don't have a national building watchdog south korea last sat on the board from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand and six. and moving on to bigger queens unionize planning to finally return to the ice next month in a minor dent in croatia. according to our agency show compete at the golden state loves the grand opening on to center said her first international competition of the season and quite possibly the last one so the material
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and it's insulting and injured her right foot in practice and is sitting out of the ongoing isu grand prix events. meanwhile let's talk about baseball the competition on the field might be over but the free agency action is heating up up first it's the sons of lions star closer or someone who got permission from his team to search for teams overseas. it's not yet clear whether to go to japan or the united states with all seen the thing has been set in stone just yet. meanwhile across the pond the cincinnati reds may be one year to fourteen point one million dollars qualifying offer to the gulf mentions in so the chances are that shoe will decline and seek the mochi year big money deal. now ending things off let's go to the kb yell action beats way he eats the red elephants and the algae say action starts off hot in the meantime cook county breaks out in the second quarter thanks to
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tina don't want take a look into the f up twelve points all the while he teared can find an answer despite a fourth quarter points. lg is christmasy get to ten ten double double teams and will sport a team high fourteen points and the stickers weighed eighty to sixty. for me near the sports center this has been speedy check setback at midnight for the latest in the world of sports i am. ay ay ay. a team i amhe. this treat us
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all are quite colorful thes days than to the changing color of the lehi they certainly are further details on how much longer we can enjoy the fall colors as well as the forecast for tomorrow let's go over tracking them down at the weather center of the doubt. a nice audience he ad the mountains in streets around the central reasons are beautiful and at the peak days at the fall party expects to continue and tell mid november so if you haven't already said tt we head out and take out the college believes the floor and a visit here now moving onto the highway satellite map. if you can see we have lig on covering up of the nation and it will only get on here in spirit and ninety five will remain and tell tomorrow early morning so those of you in the west coast and central regions said be careful on
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the roads tomorrow with an orientation day for the cats ate as much to be and drizzly one. there may be sprinkled in the central regions and the morning with exactly move down south south east aspect of the best on ground up before you head out. looking ahead at tomorrow's camp that says warning sprinkles and a low of nine victories for it have to stop updating all of which will get fifteen in the afternoon. the mop head when and if it reached eighteen degrees. like you act out every day and hubby said this that make it to twenty degrees while fulfilling am not content to keep that eighteen and eight degrees respectively. want some now but i'll be back with my updates after midnight. thanks gal. and that's air broadcasts on this tuesday night santa came so the showman thanks for watching will see you soon. i
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was. oneworld programming for globally minded people sponsors and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works done or seven o three seven seven o seven one four seven the international mystery da see how it all began in eighteen international mystery present a special week long event showcasing the very first episodes from fourteen of our most popular show. plus wrong nascar's final appearance as a colander into pyramid. your favorite model bonnets for cats. don't miss any team to natural history's first case we get for ten to sixteen details and complete schedule and it makes the network's dot or. it's
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korean armed forces day the special forces demonstrate the flight capabilities while korea continues to play an active role in color but uncertainty his recent pledge to extend the current deployment in afghanistan. it is the commitment to improving health care and education. he was keenly felt by the local afghan population of poland province and beyond. links up with our own war in recent history. the koreans know it takes three divided the nation as captain cousin laura explains her how little there was no homework to do you add in something in the last few months they'll be perfect and none of us even in a compact and medical products and upload some video of the scene in the sudan and today knew it she went out with miss m is that we too mig add. i stayed up into a medium soft like a nice likeable up for some photo op at ten am and that of assistance the korean hospital program
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at race was a fishy attended a court two thousand and ten it reeks like all young people almost exclusively by sting of dental unit searched the patient x ray rooms pharmacy more medicines and physiotherapy practitioners of the seventies treated at the eighteen thousand patients to type and some patients such as mine and connie came to the hospital stuff from on top of the injury has not been a full treatment is received with a very big difference and eight. behind them if i am about to be deducted on a cookie. today was the fifth of the group and it got to be good and blessed us with a mentor and programs designed to train doctors nurses and pharmacists is what is going like that registration stuff the koreas have competed at no cost to meet a couple times. it is just healthcare with a head to the lost legacy. munich is good through the woods. we left the theater just next door to the hospice and a sticker invitational quarter inch pipe and in two thousand and ten. jointly funded by which
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the koreans and americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle the comics construction will be coming the next thing i like to think of future past and it died in detention on tuesday and. chris and mary total recall was that some children in this case and on the salmon. you just know it all on your total order. she just added to the end chairman the chief guest the priest. the chili us a light t study life expectancy for a contest increase from forty two to sixty two. and he is there now three point two million adults in schools compared to just fifty thousand under the tub up with afghanistan and treated you what economists priest caught up on their institutions the focus on improving education and healthcare. stochastic or a hospice and vocational question of how the country built what price the future this is jake tuchman
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reporting from prague rome afghanistan. the next. wound moving moving moving moving and. pa's. whilst faceless march protest movement gonna spread your message across the globe with crowns railing against the once tubing and government corruption. morse by revelations with britain reportedly really a secret listening post in the heart of girl and brian on the roof of the uk embassy. and eastern libya swears in its own government to pass the oil rich reg


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