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tv   RT News  PBS  November 5, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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afghanistan. the next. wound moving moving moving moving and. pa's. whilst faceless march protest movement gonna spread your message across the globe with crowns railing against the once tubing and government corruption. morse by revelations with britain reportedly really a secret listening post in the heart of girl and brian on the roof of the uk embassy. and eastern libya swears in its own government to pass the oil rich region tries to break away from tripoli laney authorities for
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failing to maintain peace and security in the country . my boss to one really counts welcome to the program the hundreds of cities across the world are expected to take part in mass rallies planned by the global protest group anonymous. the day of action is called the million man march. it's uniting those protesting against the violation of online privacy as wells corporate greed and iraq government's protesters wearing guy fawkes masks are demonstrating dear legions when the anonymous activist group infamous for its online anti government actions. american activist graduate says the group hopes the global demonstration will encourage people to stand up for what they believe. one of my big bushes with all of the kind of real world stuff
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we've been doing up the online stuff. for me. it has been to get more people were i like to call back today to get more people out there just doing something you know i don't even care what you believe i want you on the streets telling people about it and getting things done so i think this type of an event is going to just help to get more people active in the system and then i have a feeling that more people active in the system could only be better for the people. now one of these rallies inspected in washington dc where thousands are planning to show up for the march. not met with some of the activist in the us capitol to find out what's behind their protests the anonymous are calling for help. today's activists and ordinary citizens to stand up against what they see is a police state. and
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tonight the time so that was a bit of their calling now i'm joined by the organizer of the upcoming rally here in washington the mealy unmasked march. john anthony fear her stinky so much work for joining the road thanks to come undone. like john at an eu state police state. they say a secure state. we think about that dilemma. i think it's us. lord you are traveling with you the kingdom up to the freedom this decision now. the main criticism is that such a de centralized air force will die down like this as the arctic that movement has in many ways and explain what i mean ending de de de de de stop the overtake the corporate overtake know they did not will you stop the nsa what is your answer to that. i'd like to. no on living where we met when it's known that her speeding up the meanest started this with one event here in washington dc in. as of the last i looked last day we headed over four hundred marches summit on november fifth in
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over fifty different countries and that doesn't work when it's worse on the top job. i looked at the agenda of the rally is very diverse if it's against the persecution of whistleblower suit against monsanto the biggest producer of genetically modified seeds to live out the agenda. what are you trying to change but to change a lot of stuff that on this world but a set of cars like the food that we the oakleigh state for war is like to spend a monday. in other countries in the least on some stuff going on in the madison area. in august our continue where we had an lo is from michigan. don't even talk to my light on savannah million for the commute. can you fix else's house before you fix your own. no you don't know the people all aware of and in some serious change and that that's what we're doing here i r t were closely following the markets as more and more countries joined the us global action demonstrations have already taken place in cities across australia southeast asia and africa with several european countries joining in as well but he also had a line crt
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dot com for the very latest updates and images from the rounds. today within the four hundred cities around the globe are hosting the surroundings for fairness justice and freedom. follow million in us mortgage on our t and r t dot com. the syriac says it's not going to long awaited peace summit to hand over power. former transitional government the statement from the country's information minister has sparked the years. the plan geneva conference will be called off while we now have an exclusive opportunity to discuss this vital issue directly with an advisor to president don said dr the tiniest job on joins us now live for more from damascus think so much for joining us out to disguise this fact out to shop on so
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and will be so many aspirants to call this a real peace conference have failed so far no different. can we expect things to be this time round and will the syrian government and the geneva peace conference. i'm not sure that the many new wire it up without asking me about a government position of dollars in aid that jewel and that's good at. yes i know wondering about sound of participation this year and governments with her or earlier that might not go to ga to geneva this time round so what will be happening how he expects things to be different this time. and what needs to be it to happen in order for the government its hand as the safford well it does then got married that an announcement that i'm not that good that the tight bends in and out without precondition. the problem in madrid at the coast big man in defence and we did that defends they say that no team putting conditions would just
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glad that the dash on gundam i did and how to add to the bedroom and the dough should be one being without the navy conditions of the undecided so about that that's fine with us. while i was out the opposition out in serie i mean how are you ready to sit down to tom when it is or in part an hour down the opposition is becoming radicalized by the time the hill of coogee name perhaps one group that you're ready to negotiate with at this point. whether that monday that drove the ball position the problem is that incline in some countries voting. i'm in the room size of the dishes all around madison had a daughter of god and about them not that the position i think what we need to do is do all that hot that people wouldn't put it that wouldn't kick out of position or bad head of our city on the bobbins as the fade out that they did before. if you had so that i decided yesterday
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the fundamentals that ups or that baby up at you again maybe i didn't realize that a big coalition had not told the president that this isn't a body part is a lot nothing to do with the canadian people. that question really like to live his heart has been put into that don't bow down to it like to know that there have been out about them at the time the event is that the plan the city a better day than i have been underpaid and people. at this point the un arab only get an employee of the governing these meeting the delegates from russia and the us and other permanent u n members by email add to this gathering we don't have any representatives from the syrian government or the opposition presence of how can we expect any progress they are there. what the government is the book a lot better than the engine and outdoor not today not all of that meeting ended that duke would be an invitation
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back to bed a bit sad that i would dump out the bad today but the way in the sudan government would be at abingdon and that duel with valid id be conditioned on the idea that there should be made by the stadium before the problem without hiding now. they've got that from his knighthood added that the us a few of them found to be aimed at ending the city and people. m so they think that he has taken the name of the student to what i think that should not let their words not as if it had been put out about what and who should decide their future and who should donald and hinted that to all and nor should they issued a decision about the future of their country and about with them come to look like in the future was up to shove i just said that syrian government will attended any of these conference where are we hearing that the leading western backed opposition group has refused to attend peace talks in geneva. unless present us to step down. so what's your take on this
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situation. all but the shenandoah was and if not then don't doubt that in may and died so that i felt like a game i might add that the king of the day and alone one day the earth. would these be put into the end of the island. kinda like the coalition wanted it did not want to know. i know that the viewer to the beautician many not sure. the dealer that the wood mission so it could get that matthew has been put into them and that's what i've concluded that the fact that don i think i would call it a second take any this big mess and the mood of the wet. i'm not a change in attitude. and when she thinks he's big one thing and i don't think that
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there's no doubt it got something done on something no i think that that sad thing is that if added to the united states should not what i think that's a matter which had the lead. i made this been done so that people are the best looking best out of the united states mission has been vetted tons of people. well now there's also another player in all of this and it's iran russia insists that iran must be invited to that piece of conference the peace summit by the opposition saying that if iran is in the air out so oh well the diplomats somehow manage to me that other halfway on this one. or come to agreement for that matter i think you have to differentiate. i think i can differentiate between goodness i bought this one has any notion that the guys that i'm doing that but they're still not being totally knows what kind of inspectors on the way of solving the field enterprises and shot shy about it. i'm
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not allowed to be one of the bad guys media outlet that is who said we would not back then that something is not unlimited. we would not go to the fact that people who lived in what they think it may go of the site of the one thing that i would call this rugged canyons and his call. the problem would be up so we have to differentiate between the two sides and no hole in the end of the big advantage. well i as we know the first geneva conference has yielded a roadmap on how to go about solving some problems and how to solve the conflict in general. um but so far things haven't gone exactly to plan how we expect geneva to you to be different and that to be more effective in that sense i am. i miss being in the name old city and people who live in syria. cole had been some flooding is steady on. i would like to say that the bad thing that the city and people who want is followed by last stop was
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sent by the way the feds. i didn't engine and though i'm not glad that it did on the attitude of don't do about that and tried to stop the time to buy telegraph and the stuff i'm into the old door in the shower. these and said he didn't think i invented it and if it had been one big thing that i'll make a bid. don't forget if any of them putting one of the process would soon liao it's not happening is people who say that you know and it started at midday and let the dogs that is the notion what to know what it is so nice so are the sons of men again and that has not been together for those not taking one language with the object it was just a song but that's an insanely up and didn't think it was this indian team would not help it because it had many buttons and made trouble for them. well at the moment series in the process of restoring its chemical stockpiles in your
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opinion is very briefly featured how realistic is the deadline by the middle of next year for spirit to completely get rid of this chemical stockpiles. very briefly taken place. here you know what. when you get better with it. oh and if the guy says everything is made from the dead is that the issue is not the men got into the issue is not good days and weeks. the issue and then putting it away. god is the top twenty. what is the blog and i'm sure they fit in something. they've got nowhere with only me but at the stall. the financing the ogling men for not playing golf. that he understood the front of the appendices when dissolved in two weeks diving in on that. the putting together when it is not the issue isn't that bad that i'm not a venti of the stoppage was
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done and show the stuff in the vicinity when you think you've read my stuff to the tiniest of on the political and media advisor to syria's president assad said. now tell the stories here on our team the uk is operating in secret listening station within a stone's throw of the german parliament and that's why the british newspaper the ipad has revealed. citing documents from analysts noted the equipment housed on the uk embassy roof to be intercepting phone calls and long distance communications across berlin artist peter oliver has more on selena spikes torture. the case of another day another case of ally is spying on each other this time it's that said of the british it seems. these allegations and dawkins leaked by edward snowden suggests that on the roof of the british embassy here in the lane just to chill way away from where we are here that the rookie studios and there was a online listed on the roof listening post. now if that's the case it comes just a week after the united states that supposedly
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removed and listening post of their own all the roof of their embassy which is just next door to the british embassy here in the gym and capital now. there is the argument that their spines this is what they do however this certainly could be repercussions from this if it turns out that it is true that the british based on the sale in peace with cikgu be called in to intercept next on the roof of that and the sea and it's only going to be toxic or relations between germany and britain to close allies within europe and that it also comes a time when given the day officials are in washington to try and get some kind of agreement on mill spying on each other said all of this information coming out. it seems that relentless fashion showing that all of these people who held hands as friends around the world will secretly listening in towards each other with doing now. it's been said this at what the eu have asked david cameron's british government full fat
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ounces on this the british government said well it's a monster of security and they don't comments. omar says of security at all. seems like it very easy and says he did put the serpent to be repercussions from the senate does say inmates. well just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that everybody is in spying on me. my trials and job losses are pushing europeans to the far right and that's what the latest opinion polls show minus the hat of eu parliamentary elections. mainstream politicians and analysts say it's too early to predict just how many seats the euro skeptic and nationalist parties can win him a twenty four team. bob brought estimate suggests anti eu parties can score from twenty to thirty percent of the vote is here in austria on the fly right secured one fifth of the ballot. the movement for a banner hungary made big inroads at the national assembly in twenty can stay here and not be on the national lines came in fourth and in twenty eleven
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the true finns party quadrupled its share of national both parties' tester silly reports from france were the nationalist movement as one of the strongest in europe. the mince no words yes the pumpkin shells european people are realizing that he used an anti soviet union backing track is going to feed them. you will migrate from the climate to mass immigration to europe has been one of the greatest mistakes in recent decades and of all fired up to continue back seat. this is the lead to increasingly popular figure heads riding the wave of nationalist movements across europe. not quite in the mainstream that no longer on the fringes either. germany france the netherlands and belgium austria greece italy and the uk all seen the success of political parties which in varying degrees are anti eu in its current form anti euro
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and anti immigration was over the top seventy five that the uk europe doesn't have economic growth nor does a really nice. the rise in the left again on the minister's all the problems and the fire and feeds off it. a new poll voting intentions so that the former french voters would vote for france's national front and in the twenty fourteen european parliament elections. that's ahead of the country's two leading parties and dismounted the right could very well sweep across europe as good as national front of the dutch anti islam politician get to build this party for freedom climbed into the squad reports that builders in the past disapproved of anti semitic remarks by the teen's father what can reportedly described the dots as more radical than she was but it needs is not. it was and this restaurant that two of the most confrontational politicians and bureaucrats sap down over the other gotten to know each other in the eu and the realize that they had a more common that they might have initially
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thought so much so that both political parties that played patriotism and decided to put their differences aside and pursue an ambitious goal changing your ground flat refusal to know and if they are the europeans and the friendship on the stool into the political structure to the defense beat in the bassinet he is the nation of it. the big decisions made in brussels went barreling in washington could then not made in throngs and this cannot go along. while a potential alliance between far right parties is already stoking fear into some of the new italian ten year and we could get to call the growing popularity of euro skeptics and the far right as the most dangerous phenomenon face of the european union. that could lead to the most anti european parliament in history. in the end it's a numbers game. as far as that's concerned that the device and the vibe is not quite just a blip on europe's radar. chester city on our team. pirates. here
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while on the other side of the atlantic some rural communities are pushing for the creation of a new state as american voters head to the polls on election day hundreds of thousands of citizens in colorado are voting on a ballot initiative to establish the fifty first us state of details straight ahead. i am more the story after church the eye. to noon. really though so we did see bush's security. your party years ago. it seems that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. it's all on politics. only on rte. and in
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. admission free. education week. he is free. maintenance free. freak. you type free read what you want to be the owner for your. the radio in. the you would to rt eastern libya has sworn in a breakaway governments dealing a new blow to the embattled central authority in tripoli named sarah not caught by local militia is the area is home to large share of
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the country's oil reserves it's also been the birthplace of the revolution that was for my work and offbeat the rebels led by partially be in the world were to block oil flows in a province the summer meeting to fifty percent drop in exports prime minister ali said donna say you will order a military campaign to oust armed forces from the oil terminals because there's no organized now. and take on such a task. the governor has been losing popularity over its failure to deal with corruption and rising instability since the fall to the feed in some analysts say four in manly is only making matters worse. the central government in tripoli it's not strong enough by itself to impose its rule over the country so that we are to move around is that the dogs mauled in the league if they can. we have to get this means that they find an agreement to maintain that
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the pollution of the body of the entity within a call from the get off the freeway to hold together the full full force and that i ve been compiled for them to get through by the price to the area of woodstock two key is to help ease from the drop on them for two tribes in the b a and tried the very important for. running of the tattoo three throwing mob justice or guffaw. i'm reminded to hear a pop like we can imagine from the west of the tribes that the columns to control people and that penetrate. it depends how much they borrowed in among themselves but to me opened up did they fight each other and this has been a difficult to predict a defense hopeful light which supports up from outside the new independent unit with the boot of a fighter the breakaway movement is gathering steam and this time in the last state of colorado people in several counties are bound to cast their votes on whether to form their own
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independent state like israel for donna looks into what set them on this path. in a state of five point one million people. democracy is failing the minority. and a battle to break away has begun work on a dress from a systemic issue within the country which is this rural versus urban divide. i live in colorado counties approximately four hundred thousand citizens are voting on a ballot initiative that would pave the way for creating the fifty first u s states the urban areas can assert their will against the rural communities and that it is like tactics without representation and that the role comedians don't have a voice to block the things that are being forced upon them. earlier this year. colorado's democratically controlled legislature exert its power by passing laws fiercely unpopular in the northeastern all parts of the states among them. historically gun control laws and me and eating only rural areas to produce twenty percent of their energy from renewable
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sources. a move officials say will cost farmers and ranchers while also raising the cost of the electricity urban legislators in close to one standard on rural colorado and exempted themselves out of that same standard for their fervent constituents. one might call at turin in my thirteen years plus and the mechanic wish there had never seen folks this frustrated this discontent and the spilling of distant disenfranchised in addition to sending a message to lawmakers here in denver. supporters of the fifty first state say their ballot initiative also serves as inspiration for the many other us cities and states with their own secession movements. i get phone calls on a regular basis. erm. least once a week from citizens in other states that same day. readers don't know how you doing to us from vermont to a north carolina
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to texas and california the us has seen a rapid spike in secession movements policing across the nation in the past decade as the united states has grown extremely divided. i hope that there's a recognition that owned a disconnect exists not just here in colorado but in other states. and that we need to begin to address the problem the problem of america's partisan politics extends all the way up to the top. last month's dysfunctional stalemate in washington because as sixteen date government shut down the next the pianist is going to be more than likely twenty fourteen and statewide ballot initiative which everybody this they reveal the vote the point which to redraw the boundaries of the stick are out of. however these coveted swing states can only be torn into with the approval by the us congress. a powerful legislative body. known best for its own failure at reaching compromise its green up for diana our team
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colorado. stories from around the world now thousands of garbage collectors and street cleaners have been gathering in madrid to protest against nestle op deal government cuts around one thousand stamps the end to lose their jobs adding to the hundreds who were laid off in on his workers burned trash cans and chan that calls for the mayor to resign. police said gunmen who opened fire in a shopping mall in new jersey has been found at them and let off several rounds seemingly random without injuring anyone before shooting himself in at his body was found in the bathroom after a massive manhunt involving hundreds of police officers both inside and outside the building. witnesses say the shooter repeatedly fired at security cameras. i had the beauty of russia's lead by car gets a biological biography. aye aye aye aye aye aye. shea. yours
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the indictment. yours. new
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wing ruling will. and you the new year. us secretary of state to experience and it was kinda of tulips and uribe a huge effort to smooth the strained relations over america's foreign policy in the middle east for eon has been upset with washington over us president barack obama s decision not to bomb syria for its use of chemical weapons. city leaders have also become increasingly nervous that the obama administration could make a deal with severe in his arch rival iran over


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