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rich is the study. still it's cool. through it all happens. but it is not really hits its medicinal the eye mm mm mm in one week. i knew the novel. journal. news of the top stories. a tray in the construction industry he it gets. household. messages from sydney to a historic deal on brian's new conditions could be and making faces. hands. friday
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when the match between hunter and talents by his regrets and not go without making the hajj . why it's a time when heidi on one of them as powerful typhoons in history according to the vet process has cost the lives of at least one thousand two hundred people went in the philippines on friday just in time town's status to a text the full extend of the damages any now beginning to come. the company scenes of devastation as far as the eye can see in the eastern city of gold bond the storm has left little standing. new amateur footage of the storm has just now
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with work. the red cross estimates at least a thousand people died in total bomb the city has been almost entirely destroyed with winds of up to three hundred kilometers an hour. typhoon heidi on race through cities and towns across the archipelago. many people have lost everything. and many families have become separated the mice on the other. i reeled in this league i accidentally let go of my two nd. no one knows how many bodies being buried under the rubble. some places are still completely cut off there was the joneses. is it i titled the bill was forty history will repeat. it's a great human tragedy additional workers tonight but the sun sunset to sunset
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it's so dark you just don't have to make your way. threw up. with the likes of joe the government to send fifteen thousand soldiers to the worst hit areas to try to assist survivors emergency relief teams are also seeking to do what they can. but with hundreds of thousands of people displaced. the size of the task is overwhelming. now it's just seem to have a great bike typhoon high on in the philippines and now people in india now mom bracing for the final of the monster storm of this country out of the south china sea and is heading towards central vietnam is expected to make plans for that. annie on sunday authorities have ordered evacuations in vulnerable areas with hundreds of thousands of people being moved to imagine c has helped us today need an owl in dramas heavy water reactor has become a sticking point in high level nuclear talks in switzerland. these crucial toll between six while
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palin's anti iran on tehran's nuclear program and had an unscheduled that day on saturday and the arrival of russian foreign minister sergei nostrils has added to the anticipation that a deal actually might be struck but fronds and pray that as at school and dance he insists that the house still some hackles to take in the mood to be as relaxed as the talks continued. the negotiations in geneva as intercontinental hotel had bean in tents although the need to say that progress is being made we've also been trying to keep expectations of a sweet deal in chad. well i hope there'll be an agreement there were still important points to deal with. jesus on the ends and get steam line on the negotiations are in a difficult but also decisive phase. he can cause them b a we he exchanged our opinions on different levels he demanded to know but there is still no consensus cos
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the most kind i need to cut down. iran's foreign minister mohammed jem but said he has already suggested the talks may have to continue in a week's attendance. he said differences of opinion remain including among the six world powers. one of the main stumbling don't says reducing iran's growing still kind of highly enriched uranium another area stopping construction work on the act react to it which could produce enough to tend him to produce nuclear weapons when it goes online. francaise voiced doubts about whether the proposed deal goes far enough. it is apparently demanding tougher conditions to tehran. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov raised hopes of an imminent agreement might join the talks on saturday morning to see allison cost. that optimism has faded. when school is close to downtown correspondent models dennis who is in geneva for us
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michael's everyone is waiting to see the sun deal comes out of the stokes what is really just your hearing well it's still quite confusing because the some minutes ago but just the two in june and solace to and he told me that well. that is still the possibility that we got them that emit more than just a statement explaining a postponement. all of these talks but from the iranian side i really heard the odds and is more likely to see a postponement of four and i to know the next within the next fourteen days but the reason for that possible postponement is still unknown now i smell a deal is reached at night what would be the next steps. well a new deal about it she would mean doubts the pink skirts on the lower level than
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the minister and that'll cost to deal again have to prepare the remaining issues to find some common agreements. and then maybe in an unknown. oh ten days fourteen days. there will be another meeting halls of that that a higher level we've seen here in geneva to relieve the coast. this agreement. the nsa in geneva thanks for months for this update. moving on top and is now the head of the central council of june st anthony's as anti semitism remains widespread in gemini and across europe. stefan common sense to you is still space for a top eight ranked as a half centuries has come and come on the seventy fifth anniversary of tying up the november nine nineteen ninety eight there was a campaign of all the nice violence against throughout gemini path that races. by the authorities and that pair on the three dogs. it kills hundreds of people and found
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a non cynical sometimes and businesses. commemorations on today to help her out. it was another important historic anniversary in gemini on saturday the back wall came down on november nine nineteen eighty nine he and ben and the histories have been marking that day and ten seventy european council president on some rope lights go down in favor of maintaining freedom of movement in the eu. and he warned against a points about the cake cutting. oh and being open borders among eu states. change is the sports now and at football where gross at dortmund rounded off a difficult week that two one loss at once was. mom will fly as i opened the scoring for dortmund with the second time free cake box macabre rodriguez and all the cars on its stock to grab three points for the hosts find unique. meanwhile dismantled the dowry and bibles our
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books through e mail to complete and recollect that the seventy games unbeaten old from geelong black and fall into the hands to most men that and now the reigning champions to pull away from philip and at the top of the people. he is in no doubt the best of saturday's results have bomb. plus look surprised or planned series of coups in the town that find great find in a cruise to victory against alex looks like a defeated frame and ask around. also my meals to chose one that had been in sunday's late game is on the way with nineteen of taking on new arm back on friday hanuman on strike rate as cool as drool and on and sunday minds coast sunset and five book on facing off against two cups. friday's match between bombs fly again however that was at the mosque from the pasta has any encounter between the two sides in fact e seventy is one nice man came as tommy's the match took place amid tight security the results
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noble's a number of injuries and a handful of arrests. we were expecting trouble one thousand officers were on duty at railway stations and along the route to the stadium. many fans were nervous too. maybe the media has contributed to the weird mood because they've been predicting chaotic scenes at me. ole miss is going. there won't be any trouble. they will lead to the idiots go wild. football doesn't need the idiots in this way inside the stadium there was the usual noisy rivalry but no aggression. apart from a few players. hanover started out with some classy action montreal won with a good chance of a mind bender. what a book with little drops like refuse to be intimidated miracle baldwin produced a fine long distance top just before the break. the second half. hamburg are close to
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scoring several times but didn't. goals were the only thing lacking in the match which ended in a meal will drop out homer for the team's other relief for the police with no director or vanquished the rowdy your pants had little reason to rampage. things could've gone much worse. fourteen officers and several spectators incurred light injuries. and the results leave the bundesliga table looking night this. at the summit fly and haven't even sells the company of the opening up of four point gap of the post until monday because the meanwhile had eleven points counting again. to put the squeeze on you then come signed books book on in the final ten weeks but for now off an impressive four wins in a rat. in the bottom awful sometimes the most active and agencies and slipped the net and bounced i could lift themselves off the bus and depending how not en tre a still htinghis or tir size to one of
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the season. shisha president result the ongoing scheduling controversy about the twenty twenty two. sowell cop on saturday to protest the spending that ornament from some of atonement a the forties and the sging is badly in the eight could lead to a class with the twin two thousand twenty two when ten weeks he's the president said dante in the gulf emirate of qatar that sen has again tryinto end the control to see if the wellcome by moving to tone it back. it is the ot he sees competition at the end of year. tickets at the end of the earth to the november december because said in a generative community. it gets into some really big into camps the tunnel the two competition to see them. to add it to count out what
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remained unsold. organizers hope to come. it's odd that this announcement any raised fresh questions. critics are osteen watson attend the world cup will mean pathetically changing. well why. russia is making history as a pastor has sixty s when ted and takes in and take towards the sky and beyond as they stroll outside the international space station. two cosmonauts on a speaking with the unlit that often tours that will be used at next year's games in salt sea back kl on that various places i'm now preparing to bid for the twenty twenty two winter games. sunday's season referendum in munich and three other potential bad news we find that area. one went up on not to back a towing it so after an hour yet. both sides campaigned hard labor to deliver it to those who want the winter when fix it in the southern bavaria and those who don't politicians and sports functionaries have been trying to drum up support. no need to have been explaining the reasons for saying no
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the cpp a boom in the dead were going door to see where the pinnacle of munich on november to have. we've is doing everything a set of the artist calls for and against the console and comfort to him. opponents say the extensive construction work needed would be back to the environment. the site reported environmental damage and so she as it prepares to host the link takes you to submit a bid for twenty team that lost our plans for their schemes for softly then use unique thomas plan kitchen and can't say for twenty twenty two proposing would be fourth annual hosting triathlon and cross country the facility is already shacks are also availabn including say. along with alpine ski jumping here and comment on the scene supporters point out that eighty percent of all the facilities needed already exist and that many prestigious competitions are already held in the area
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it's time to stick to your many of the world leader in winter sport of it in my most participants and some of the most self employed or sportsmen and women. i would say germany doesn't know he's gay he's just being fifteen and it's a good twenty only be submitted ifamsan all four banks have beens in safer in tomorrow's referendum. my mornis in forty five minutes. please stay with us. i know. and you we are. if you still have
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lots of questions you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here information on courses the commission required its qualifications costs and much more. dw done to the start of gingerbread. the first port of call for anyone interested in studying in germany the offer. he is alive and colorful me in the german capital. a generation ago it was part of that gesture and no man's land created by the berlin wall. anyone who tried to escape to west berlin which sought by east german border guards on patrol the song. living here she said it's because i have
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some new friends. the review the cheeky still know what's called it some milk. with eastern and western germans living alongside citizens from around the world the uncharacteristic tells us she started families of eight nationalities in her apartment house. by nineteen children twenty two ago she says in the almighty to its name. this is what precedents on in august nineteen sixty one as construction of the war began. neighbors friends and whole families divided by a concrete school apartment blocks on one side is announced last week in the eastern sector directly on the border with west berlin. windows were turned into brick walls as the sun
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became part of the wall. just one step away from the sidewalk was in my street nineteen seventy three apartment buildings were demolished as the east german police state to fund its security system. land mines and screen devices. barriers along with paid students for tea scones and every few hundred meters the infamous watch towers. all part of an effort to discourage illegal immigration. still many escape attempts were made here because the death strip was relatively narrow. today the full scope of the meats run between construction sites and pricey apartments there's a lot of room to play. it's a favorite place for an increase in kenya she's from easternermany and theeading into raised him on the wall fell twent four years ago. the patrol
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passed lie behind her apartment. the knowledge that i sent out in front. tom's parents she has a magnificent view of what used to be the capital of east germany be. apartment building sits directly on the former no man's land. today the central location makes the syrian prime real estate i don't i we changed into two and candy contest and her family her husband hails from a village in the area in which to beat west germany. he has two children. jimmy use the younger one that i'm gay kiss in the construction of her new home was a real adventure. she visited the site every day with her older son johnny the basement was going downtown to
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the discovery the foundation of the building that wants to own property in the future. i tooled is an old communist like an archeological dig she says the wind. so now you can see the water including connections to the heights or from all of a quarter of tony and aunt johnnie she acts danny care homes and the boys into pieces to the neighbor's cat in kenya they have two children as well. neighbor on the dow is also there with her daughters he moved into the neighborhood a year ago the locals agree with ninety eight to breathe new life into form and texture. want to admit that the real estate prices and can damage caused to where we are walking on the block this property and they had no idea just how
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hard it would be to you here it was five years before they could move in the all important towpath was a particular problem. building inspectors would allow the construction crane to be cocaine he has one of those who don't wanna be in the eye games as it took awhile to realize the true significance of what they were doing. he says the family came to terms with some unusual situation building in a place to be stigmatized that decade. but the key reasons that wasn't always the case apartment houses existed here before one four two and were torn down on the war became further entrenched in the empty space was left over he says. and that's why he thinks is reasonable to rebuild family home. i had to experience history displays every day. the past has become part of their daily life in pristine beach. it
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was the site. lights. then alex last in the mid nineteen sixties. no sign of mine just a cold concrete wall dominating what had been once a life the residential district. be sure to schedule a reconciliation church was demolished in nineteen eighty five to the soldiers watched tellers unimpeded views of the boys. the today the wind wall memorial has been erected as a place of remembrance at chapel of reconciliation sits with the old church wants to i am to noon. inside cleaners percent of those who were killed trying to escape from totalitarian east germany thanks to some of the former
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pastor at the reconciliation church. he spent his childhood and announced across the border. his family moved to the wall was built a compass to him that he either tells us it feels strange to walk along been our skies and now there's no wall no police in any document in only nine people entrance it's amazing he says they can stand here now free to say and think whatever he wants to come in and steven king will agree that i should be. it is a frequent visitor to the berlin wall memorial must be hard to imagine for those who never experienced the wall first hand. this place contains powerful reminders of how locals dealt with the start position between east and west. for example some east germans even ten tunnels below ground to try and escape to the list some books to friends and loved ones while others found the lives of the alliance the most likeable and shows us a place to play important
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role in his mind. lesson number two. she says is the address of the woman who would become his light to the warriors bedroom the living. and the kitchen became addicted to his eye the memorial center has recorded the story as the keen and you can get lunch for posterity dateline shows us a photograph of him and his brother looking out towards piano lesson and the key from east berlin to waste. from one country to another state to invest in them though. oh and though the floor in the ankle still converse with their friends he explains. even though the world is already under construction. chemo event on the phone. ganache is placed she said to me the rest of the property owners. it is
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the meeting friday content to plant. it was unfair. so anyway we all have different at all. i haven't done it once the children educated and well told stories to the wall and placed each chosen to build a new home the pilots have. this place in its history has brought together children and adults eastern and western germans institutions from around the world renowned live here choose from a bygone era helped to bring the past two months. it is. the students i did take the places where the coronation cents. this is denounced by seeking the nineteen sixties before the apartment buildings were torn down. this film clip shows the trauma to capture local attention and seventy seven year old woman attempting to freedom. it's one of the countless stories of the nearly forty years
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then on nov nine to nineteen eighty nine. everything changed the wedding. the fall one tells us that he finally won his way through the brandenburg gate an increase to make its way there that i'll never forget he's a matter of time it was over powering he says. we never thought we'd see this on my time. it was an idiot one baby. one guest wonders what he thinks about all the building project in what used to be the no man's land the bar. he she hid it behind the stones to the wall can be mean everywhere he goes history is fleeting. he adds it was clear that the wool would eventually fall. he considers himself lucky. the event first hand of the month at historic evening. he held that in the quarter century after
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the left of it the column gets his nose. one memory will never see those shot and killed twenty three. many analysts cos it was the best hope for speaking to freedom children are in christ the story of adventure and be one of the cure at how many times he can take to read help from a window to the ground the smoke it the inside. the cake and to lie cheat and on everyone's trying to solve the many more by this unknown because one does need to anchor the rest of them. with that. someone
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asks if she could imagine repelling down the side of the building herself. oh yes he replies. thompson has been transformed from its former status as a tipster and a symbol of the division between east and west berlin parents house for the children hearing now the news. international mystery date to see how it all began the international mystery present a special week long event showcasing the very first episodes from fourteen of our most popular show. plus ross nascar's final appearance as a colander into pyramid. your favorite model bonnets for cats. don't miss any team to natural history's first case we get for ten to sixteen details and complete schedule and it makes the network's dot or you knew
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you. in. the yours. what's more it's a story each day exclusive amy g networks. to top story line is today's most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back any glitch. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting your age so it's good to hear. seventeen with me
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