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tv   Journal  PBS  November 13, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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thanks to a doting and that i can say that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks wound new living room. ay ay ay. lacey. these are all in one the eighties they did not reach its budget. arts the exports. russell wanted to investigate the controversial tree. a kid looks like. what you get
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this all that often. some two million people still have no food or clean water in the aftermath of typhoon friday on its nearly six days since the superstore made thousands of tonnes of relief supplies of streaming into the country. iran and us planes or helicopters for distribution by now the united states is spent is sending more planes in an aircraft carrier will drive soon but in the meantime security has become a major issue with some people resorting to desperate means to get by. the narrow side to the pet bunnies in urging residents to get help. that's easier said than done. in what remains of the airport and took over and crowned the weekend to escape the nightmare. some have been
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here for days trying to leave the art of insanity. only about one hundred fifty people to court each of the scarce liked that disasters and the military has said the priority is to effectively children the sick and the alchemy the others are forced to remain. often without the most basic necessities. the aha. i feel that's my style because they don't help anyone in action since. most people can leave and most of the eu cannot get real. there's a shortage of trucks and many roads are impassable. in desperation survivors have turned to the team. eight people were crushed to death and thousands of people stormed a rice warehouse on a wall collapsed the government has deployed troops to maintain order. ikea store decent autobahn are struggling to
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come. the only were able to keep all the elements of transportation has been destroyed. we completed the mass grave site yesterday afternoon so we can bury many of the dead it. the stench of corpses painting year and the risk of disease increases as each day passes without clean water supplies the sense of growing less water and food are just repeated soon the chaos will worsen. and our correspondent bass and heartache is in or max eighty s about one hundred km away from cup filled on one of the worst hit islands of late tap. we asked about the efforts to reach the survivors. though we own up to complete it in a debate that the panicking at dc
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it all up or walk and time they are benefiting from it to celtic the current thinking in terms of top and bake and not let the moves are being cheated. well for the team had been handed out in the water hasn't had enough of people hear me most because they're going to laugh at it but the petition is not bad at riccarton on the other side of the oven obama the destruction of human work here. i'm no authority prefab like walking through the city. many of the house was completely destroyed your wealth the reason why i'm like not having anything to the doctor coming from a philippines. i mean take a few pm and headed to the scale of the whole construction and pondicherry to complete large. about the coordination of that relief after what is your sense of the way that authorities are handling the situation. the people we
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talk like a little cooler today they failed court to a baby they are expecting more in that light up and he got many thing by getting them to the lady from the filipino a ticket to use it at that time it was different. handing out food for example in one weekend when you get in trouble because you can get the crowd at the end of it wise that we can play the giving not getting anything. it is that because of logistical problems. with the epic local authorities have been handing out what they know not what they got from boyhood and youth that ethan and everything but they've run out and underwriting for forty two. a tooth to come in. bus and hunting ban on accident change is now in some business news. the americans were complaining about this in the recently now the european union has placed germany under scrutiny from doing too good until all the predicament is that europe's biggest economy is producing such a big export
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surplus that it could be throwing the rest of the block and one that will go to an exposed in a moment does this report german products so well around the world. that's great for germany because exports create jobs and bring money into the country. in the countries that import german goods delivered it means fewer jobs and money leaving the country. when exports exceed imports the result is a current account surplus. for several years now. germany's has exceeded the eu limit of six percent which is designed to prevent imbalances. last year germany exported goods worth almost one point one trillion euros while imports amounted to only about nine hundred six billion. that puts the current account surplus had one hundred and ninety billion euros. now the eu commission has announced it plans to take a closer look at german economic data. this list does not necessarily
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mean that it is in balance but you'll need to examine these for them and understand whether the house of blues in gemini is something that is affecting the fraction of the uk economy as a whole there's been growing criticism of german economic policies. one complaint is that wages are too low. we just helped make german goods competitive but they also mean germans have less money to spend. some economists say higher wages could help close the current account surplus but many here in germany rejected criticism of the sea journey is successful because it makes high quality products. well it's way up the criticism with a simple thing and call them as foliage of a government advisory council. you call this a problem for the global economy why is it so wrong to be so successful. the success is certainly not the problem is very good thing that tony is still strong. these expose the problem is that it also
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weaken our info so for all the money that we again the moral of the vote of the revenues that the cps been when it is critical. for the rest of the ball than i think that is creating a deflationary impact on the global economy in the fall. i think the criticism that comes from the united states also for the appeal commission is different if he wanted. how to get more people to spend more money what question i think is the most important thing is to get jones it into more investments libby of self in the john economy since quite a few years the investment is extremely weak. right now is the investments is is almost as sweet as it was me it was awesome the line so i think the important thing for the new government is due to spring for investment and give incentives for companies in this mall i think most of the dome government has no vacation in this mall because right now. make investments all the dumb government may
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get to the exposed i'm the possibilities for more spending and foreign using comic con so pissed and fall rebalancing to kill the economy. someone into giving incentives could actually under germany's labor reforms of the pasta cake. i think. the neighbors homes. bill not be fundamentally changed by the new coalition. i think nobody wants to go that we have a discussion right now all that he wants to introduce the overall a minimum wage of eight euro fifty. i think this is something which is standard practice in all civilized economies the things he and johnny is making behind. and we have two months off. david and saul studies that show that the effects of minimum wages on unemployment. i love them so i think even with the minimum wage that johnny will remain as successful in the kill those yet. as it is as it is today. the whole thing and thanks for joining
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us. and now peter both endurance on angela merkel's all an official panel of economic experts which has issued its annual report with eight being good morning don't turn back on economic reforms the morning comes and the movie consisted of time just as nickel and the conservatives are trying to negotiate a coalition government with the opposition social democrats. those talks have been continuing today in berlin. and the economic experts say that some of the plans the two sides are talking about are not good ideas the team bearing good news for europe's biggest economy. the german government's panel of experts forecast gdp to grow by one point six percent next year coupled with stable jobs market and rising consumer demand. he couldn't put a lot is the economic situation is going. we are concerned about the future with the foundation is being made to deal with the challenges of a particular demographic
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changes to the principal then a warning shot against plans to boost state pensions the experts say that would unto key reforms the majority of the panel opposes plants being pushed by the social democrats for a national minimum wage the report will provide time to america with fresh ammunition and or coalition talks with the fussy about death and forced a mile from the past some of the issues referred to the subject of much debate. and it's good to him and tell him that respect the record isn't writing it just the right time after finishing second. jimmy message although during these economic outlook is good this is no time to splash the catch. the political correspondent terry martin has been falling all of the developments he joins us from our parliamentary studios that a pretty clear where these advisors stand on spending do you think that their outlooks will have any influence on these coalition talks of. whew like politicians everywhere those in germany tend to ignore advice from independent
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economic advisors. unless that advice matches their political priorities and it s a local welcome this report from the economic advisors largely because it's put internal labor market policies are least the ones they can that the conservatives of favor of the and that the social democrats up roos so i think that said that the parties the negotiating parties are going to be happy about many things enter in this report and political expediency will prevail over what might be regarded as economic wisdom i was thinking of those negotiations when they stand right now. the negotiating parties are hoping to have a deal in place by november twenty seven. that means that the law according to the room calendar they should be about halfway through. they got the easy stuff like european policy foreign affairs dealt with at the beginning now they're entering a really tough territory with family policy. a wage policy for example so i think there's tough times ahead the big question is what compromises
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or the parties willing to make in order to square the political circle. alright let's see if they can form of government terry martin a given much for the update well on the corporate crime german construction giant hall seats is set to cut more jobs here in europe the chief executives mostly as an end as it is is continuing his restructuring the company the opera in tones of management have already been on the latest cuts are expected to pay for twenty one years. it is who is appointed the new divine with the spanish parent company and see as he's been charged with returning the sun to profit. it's been a clear how many joneses had to go in the latest cost cutting drive. a second day of losses for europeans still pundits trade is going to deflation risks in the eurozone as well as on uncertainty over the us federal reserve's economic stimulus plans. his goal from friends long live the negotiations take the bigger it is
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the uncertainty. kiera of the frankfurt stock exchange traders pm. that's the price is like the cops in the wind and the teen section further on the earnings season does not go too well the menu that's the price is two and to trade as some very careful watching the hulk milk so that companies which are rather pessimistic these days this track down the back so which fell under nine thousand points before recovering again. and let's look at exactly where the deck speed and up to date another slight smoltz by about four percent nine thousand and fifty four the exact number the euro stocks fifty the leading companies here in the eurozone and three thousandand twenty one was the closing number down by almost five cents. i've been to deal with the dow jones is only up to the innocence of the fifteen thousand seven hundred and sixty four points
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the euro is trading for one us to look to the full fifty flights up in a cave in positive character set. while we ever take a short one minute break but when we come back for some dry is of far right here in europe. he was there. ew. for it. the trip
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political parties have been on the rise here in europe ever since last dec crisis struck a few years ago will know two of them are forming a cross border alliance is caught the eye of many analysts the anti immigration group within the saloons the pee dee dee is joining forces with france's national front that the platforms are identical in a different standpoint on these on israel and gave riots out what they agree on is that they don't want brussels telling them what to do in their home countries it has the makings
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of a perfect political match the dutch right wing puppies and it is in front says marina and was handed the far right national front the euro skeptics have to shake up the eu with their alliance. this led to the nice post doc. this is an historic day for me all night about the fighting. the kids because it's the beginning of our liberation. from the leaves and the monster of the brussels will fall on its dorsal. most ironically it is displayed and solidarity during a session of the dutch parliament making it clear they had to overcome any differences. business is now spoken critic of islam and a close friend of israel the pens national front has often made anti semitic remarks. for this insists that the pen is democratic and they want to focus on the future. polls show the national front is cut the front is strongest on sea
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it could receive mall and twenty percent of the vote in next year's european parliament elections. says here that the goodness of the shows were on the right path. it may be the dawn of a new era in the voice of the people is becoming louder and the eu bureaucrats aren't shaking with fear. he is and who can spot called up princes and lappin had been trying to dump a euro skeptic counties to join determination. madrid since the uk independence party has already said it once because of the far right alliance and right wing parties around europe looking confidently and two elections in twenty fourteen in france next year brings both the european parliament elections in may in municipal polls that much while we have the support from france is industrial north onto me young and ambitious the national front candidates and was making the phone right so attractive. i do is
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twenty years old along national front canada. he's twenty one to study spanish and is also national front candidate. those are young college educated and they follow the same woman machine and that's fine. no other party in france attract as many young people. one third of its members are understood to your soul. the inside. he said. men want to become the years to the upcoming municipal elections due to the car still has his sights set on the northern town of fifteen. once a thriving industrial site today it too depressed to rust belt city which eighteen percent unemployment. it is because joe campaigns on economic
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issues of our home the sexy new taxes will present its own business honest and pretty heavy on the up the whole family. in dealing with dying a slow death he was known about the green pen for gifts. i've voted for her lots of times that you people are the only one to care about us. doris is a sensitive girl. joe has promised a movie theater for the team better security. and to parking fees. sounds like small town politics could affect the entire country the parties looking to cement its influence on the bottom up the ideology may be old but the marketing is cutting edge. he she should because local people tell me that i'm young. when i get the item and seasonal maintenance of no hesitation in rising to the town's historic this but it's the best villain. the fact that most french regard his party is right or has a shrug
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of the shoulders. but it doesn't look good when the peanut and closes with the young party activist recently a post on the woman's face book page detected france's justice minister in a highly insulting manner. that doesn't fit with the party's new image. maybe i can have the young women silenced blatant racism could frighten voters. because i also pointed me or selfish gene is not far from the team. in last year's presidential election the national front took thirty seven percent of the vote here. oscar and dedicates all his free time to the campaign. he's ambitious and pop either in the party and his benefactor say he could go far. due to go. this year. i think you've joined the national front because with the only party that against the system. we want a true break with the current way of doing things we promised radical
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change in his will. that's also what the party's founders don't eat it and wanted. he's been convicted of making anti semitic and anti muslim remarks and playing down the holocaust kevin costs less as the national front isn't about partisan politics. to whom the front is neither right nor left it to the melting post. that's what i like about it. it's this title was horrible. because chile cutting costs and want a different friends to give people a conference. and those people online the extremists in the russian capital moscow have attacked the polish embassy always have arrested four people for throwing smoke bombs and flair since the embassy grounds the incident comes after far right extremists in poland attacked the russian embassy earlier this week providing long standing tensions between the two neighbors poland's president has formally apologize for that attack. the united nations says that opium poppy
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cultivation in afghanistan has reached a record high. it blames the surge on increasing insecurity and political instability them onto the european disease may care o one which is supplied to winston countries. these snakes report paints a very gloomy to. mm opium cultivation is booming in afghanistan. it's a huge illegal economy and almost billion dollar industry according to un estimates much of the raw opium is smuggled out of afghanistan where its process and a harrowing. opm brings in more money for farmers and other crops. but they just get a small cost compared to those further up the drive chain the lunch provinces the main coffee producing area. it's also a taliban stronghold. the iron millions taxing poppy farmers to fund their insurgency against the government and international forces. and there are fears for what might happen next year when foreign troops leave. his
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mode of transition. who needs to make show that the international and regional communities at the nesties time to make a big choice today. is this going to do going into action often it is typical of me what is this going to be underpinned by the us economy as the old age. it would be kumble wants to be seen tackling the issue officials held a ceremonial burning of confiscating trunks. twenty times and smiled. just a tiny fraction of what's produced here every year. international forces spent decades fighting opium production in afghanistan the new figures showed the battle appears to be lost i'm just a mom an eager investors keep setting records and the art world global markets is winded post some of the stories and three. should i. ukraine's parliament has failed to agree on a bill that would have allowed former prime
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minister yulia tymoshenko to be released from prison to receive medical treatment in germany. the eu has made commission has released a condition for a landmark trade pact with the ukraine the greenpeace activists have protested at the un climate conference in warsaw poland for the release of thirty comrades being prosecuted in russia. the crew of the greenpeace ship was arrested in september after trying to board a russian oil platform to face charges of hooliganism the court has found the crew of an oil tanker not been guilty of causing the country's biggest ever oil spill in two thousand and two but it didn't find the captain of the vets all the prestige guilty of disobeying the spanish authorities the tanker was wrecked in a storm including thousands of kilometers of atlantic coastline. that was his piece about to be auctioned off has gone under the hammer at christie's in you you'll know it was a nineteen sixty nine painting by british artist francis bacon that sent the new world record. still
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the one on friday saturday though. the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction when for one hundred twenty seven million dollars plus fifty million commission the final sum even surprised auctioneers deacons three studies of lucien freud was snapped up by an anonymous buyer after six minutes of years creating a baking rack cool. before he stated that the lows of the treacle there will be broken for many many is a very special picture of an incredibly rare trip sick the nineteen sixty nine where it depicts beacons artist friend lucien freud from three different angles the painting is a study in movement and a beacon masterpiece. each of the cases has been sliced in half then reassembled in cuba style. the sales matched the previous record for the most expensive artwork sold at auction held by it but monks the screen which sold last year for some one hundred twenty million dollars. a flood victim wasn't the only record of
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the auction by a sculpture by jeff koons became the most expensive work by a living artist. the three meter tall blue dogs sold for fifty million dollars. experts say the market for artworks is being treated like cash from the middle and far east. it is an intense storms if you know a lot of new money has come into the market in recent years and are sharing the love of my ears from the continental countries the united arab emirates for example. the real collectors who are investing huge amounts in chinese the russians and obviously when i'm trying to get a price. i am staying off the piles of it the entire sale brought in almost seven hundred million dollars the highest total for any single option in history. at the top of the channel i was there telling you again. get
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i am. the company to cover any of the employee. read your troublesome when he exposes them. local student like me. the thoughts i will get a good player that didn't like it was totally shocked not actors too. through him it's no sin to his friends to whom you can be simple
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