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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 13, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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new living will. the welcome to new delhi for a special edition of the false bank debt debate on possible doubt india is on the move we've seen growth sometimes in excess of ten percent over the past decade last week the mumbai stock exchange broker new record. literacy is soaring. so is life expectancy. now for some of the changes coming. not fast enough. those who'd like to see freedom from the shackles
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of red tape and corruption for instance. for others. and it is perhaps going too fast especially when they point to be a widening gap between the haves and have nots. but the nation's identity how it's doing doesn't just boil down to how much you earn today in the fall spring kit so they wouldn't be looking at to identity identity playing a big role in politics these days and you can't help notice when you land here in delhi as well as an election campaign going on would it be going today in the false and get to the inside of the next superpower and set were doing it with them and you might remember as former number two to a coffee on a united nations today. he is a state minister or member of palm and shush ito also of the writer of several books including humans act syndicate. welcome to the shelf. thank you to be with you. do you just just to give our viewers a sense he spent a lot of years the united nations twenty
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nine of the american nations and live and in politics and when you come when you come back to india after twenty nine years. i miss you go back and forth but is the same place. to which amanda from police on the new nine left in the same time of no fault of india was this time the sun can be on teaching them the cliche have always considered that cheney was bbling always enough system. social change economic change political change. because all is an odds and capricious democracy lot of these changes tend to be absorbed. i'm changes which in other societies much and american revolutions become an oz as part of the ongoing evolution that people take in stride. satan is quite interesting to see how much industry and said really. the fundamental respects a visibly of the appearances of the places the presence now foreign goods and foreign brands which were not bad and the protected economy of my dad growing up in india. of the number of opportunities available to young people as
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they leave their schools and colleges. other professions available that didn't exist alongside this the business change of his big change every minute of the trip to tuscany mean about it being a capricious to mock job faster it's about a second bridge is capricious. with this as well. we welcome the new muscle to tom who also spent some time abroad you were a businesswoman a journalist and said you come back to india and you're a spokesperson for the main opposition party the bjp. i guess. the question everyone must ask you this euro tumbled. what are you doing in a hindu nationalists. i'm not trying. they agree with that and if a description of my puppy. it is open enough to spot the bcp. and oh yes i was so caught up in the distant window for assignments. but i was happy to come back. i'm happy to get into politics the kind of poppy has given me a quarter
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of its recognition and space and today as ludicrous unthinkable for pompey have got to be read with your title glad to have the required as well. to welcome were busted and talia whose bestselling study of the impact of partition between india and pakistan to love upon the person experience of your family of the book is called the other side of silence. well welcome to the show and of course you have left indeed you've stayed all along. um that you think that there is this evolution not to. i just described the charge sheet or horror or do you think the scene disruptions and. i think of it and bolts leadership can i at the same candidate and i think it might be younger than me and it's a bit but i also remember that what i do the best antidote to the zoo i also remember that dying when we were going up winning it was a bit different it's not where you know there was this insult right in the pot
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of said reliance that he had chosen to follow. and if you visit a b any other post million followers to use all the difference with india a utility that the sudden notion of independence that india was trying to strike a pose subsequently so much has changed them. i'm even though i have lived in indy on my tag buying a smaller two relating to the outside. i have seen the teaching them much more so that gradually we are happening. and i think one off b m areas in which the team has been a mom is in the position of women with it as being bored and had a kidney that cool. and radical that i will get back to appoint someone ask about that. come one man who's not of the same generation of the rest of the paddle is russell guard reconsider thirty six years old the venue of the new venue you are straight out of school. you start. itt start
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a new start another company than a third. and to you today. have your own business school and online business school some stone and seven yuan. people offered you the chance to go work abroad that you decided to stay put yesterday that the oven i graduated top fifteen years back i thought. it is for the fall students that i am glad to see the events wouldn't do for me. i think come. it seems that i've seen is more to the eyes of young graduates. tidy up high and be developed and graduates of my tops fifteen years. i keep going back to my school. at the guide to see a different guide read and even denied that delivers doctrine on practical fifteen years. and i think it excites me and it certainly seems lifeless starts his generation gap with the bidding for twenty oh one as a generation gap but the one after epiphany fits. so we've been asking
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people and that we went to the market yesterday here in delhi and nice we asked was that what you think is change happening too fast or too slow. it states of tuning of the late b it's not too fussed when the other cool thing i didn't get beat up losing touch with adults. off yet to be fast enough to keep in pace with what the midst of the ward is doing good to go to the back of the eighty s to hire them that of the teat the standard of living the facilities zealand amid the economic necessity. now i feel more like an economic disconnect. actually that respect it's not going. if you have a stall due to civil code pink beaches in many trusts are definitely make an unbeaten as good as any other can go. time stood still the woman was saying and in that report in her letters mom and todd and two more parts of india that has been significant progress in changing room and get to disrupt travel that status
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above are the same time of being simply haven't conquered or the problems of that of many parts of the window where religious system of electrified with the roads us the most decent condition. where'd up opportunities for jobs and decent work on mon to the daily available and those or tell them to a book of the biggest and most visible change the ending is in the city that's where cade has been dramatic an entire new citizens from the book values to be a sleepy town too but i was at university here and in the oven no one would think up of looking into the living dead or living in beta but that w it's become almost an extended some of this. it's become a gaming spanking for the first of three said they would show up. which no one would've imagined with god so you've seen changes like that in the villages of disappeared by becoming part of obama's pro. so that has changed but yes we still have serious problems we need to overcome. pop over to the bond of development. but progress has been made of that there's no doubt is the change to slow or too fat and in some sectors
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the status of costco cost now and some of those the us had me he is not given much of that scene. i would hope honestly think we've lost book fifteen year scene comes to picking bill. if you want to get the stupid can get tickets to one goal. but the footage of the rest of the us of india. life in charting said sufficiency in some balance to strike put into practice. i'm as it ascends to the you find that the coupons up to ninety one i'm not anti the support of all everything that comes in the name of who built this nation but still after that this accounts for baking didn't want to know to do this alone the item will stick this baby of being given back to the spinster well. you see progress. but governance and governments to make it. given the lessons and all the excess insufficient and that the cities and white asbestos riddled since you have an altar piece with which people talk and effectively as yet and that this could be because of administration and
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covenants. still not catching up with the times. over estimates are that he thinking beings. recognize themselves in all this change i think yes. the giant but i think they both told me i roasted a confused about who the eye. in the midst of all of this change because that means some reason that the dt with which the changes happening and the leaves and reached the outside word has opened up to india in the night just as them religions are getting swallowed up in the sixties so the source of the cd is seeping into the bin in sch and there's a lot of in migration into cds from the biggest of those toy and boundaries between the belief in the cpi. these are living in some ways of getting meninga solo so india and its international connections i'm making for another team so i think weak and in many ways need to recognize us and to the menu is known to be confused of what will be on
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and with the updates a case of confused as of nursing at the top there is an election campaign going on i noticed the time. how do you identify politically than as a result of a foetus is or is it is the conversation about this issue worse than conversation about something else for now the eviction campaign sent me from the point of real people earn very often be identified in terms of identity is as a particular costa group as a particular the eye. localized rule or even as a group of women. i'm the open court on that basis and the election meeting is also often on that basis what say in the place like danny now but it's awfully late the election is imminent. you do have all the parties' addressing people as citizens of haiti. it's not so much divided up on those questions of identity as it is on the show citizenship which is a much broader issue than the specific plot get that
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specific identity. your greenhouse to tom that identity is perhaps less of an issue in the city more so in rural areas. i think identities in a shul. up to an extent in one part these are all pretence of a mentor it would definitely have an impact on the wii that we could to keep up his tools the candidates chose to have it the pacific. in the distance and communities and pretence. but after that it shows up quite good not to. and like me wanted to switch back and give it the day. so to an extent i can pee pee is critical because you need to pursue it but dr that it is a question of what to do the best jacinto your thoughts on the rare pleasure to be with him but i guess the thing that has been abuzz rights one thing that i do see the liver is that it was a politics of color and simple identity where appeals were made to bolton's only on the basis of identity of god is giving we as in the last
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twenty years or so. rivers in the given lead to a politics of hope for us. that is where people are normal and it's no dumb enough to sit with me because they are the same cost or isn't it time that people like us one of the kind of appeal was recently made to ma for the long ago. the people have to say we give you roads are given at the cd will give you what to what we have given you these things will the government has failed to give you these things. choose a performance on the much much more sympathy the middle of a steel cement when she spoke about citizenship. when we took him up and addiction in a statement daily because of a woman in the oven the issues of governance of the fall months off all from the kinds of things that citizens are concerned about irrespective of cost identity become far more important. in another state to state that it is good but not with is also an election that already the first balloting is already taken place. you do find other aspects coming and perhaps more fundamental issue the development of both left wing violence off up the rights of the tribal people of health cost issues
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and salt in a bigger scale than you've seen in the baby and a stint as a new boss country. very difficult to generalize across the board and cracked a bit feisty it's going to the pores in each of them is a different political reality. but with one thing in common than four of them the bjp and the congress of the principal rivals and that's what's perhaps given that the trappings of some of the kind of media attention that you will be talking about. russell guards your father was not an entrepreneur he was a civil servant is a retelling of labor inspector for. with the factories. the dome against the people of his generation. the thing to define way when they go to the polls from the people of your generation. to think very differently. the great depression so i think of the city's that seems is to fox and acting in the tier two cities the changes to spill it goes i think kelvin and appeared in the amended to my friends and people it's very hard to relate to one periods the end of
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the from freezing temps of sensible that the contents of god's arrogance of aspirations is a fiction sometimes i think that the median family system is due to his neck and hands i think that is the fiction even for standard doesn't suffer some notes of people don't have the job for sure you deliver that you know of but the button so the dumb self ideal disease deaths of principles aren't the complex a sentiment i command you know the face of this people want peace more. it is a bit different something in them so from then on my father's generation. and and my privates am at seaman mine and you know fifteen years as people got to be difficult so i think james is very rapid. let the guy go back to get us off of the city tonight to abandon qb. you know they use to be the number of cholera toxin is going up now it's been hours since the kids a sense from this but it's not still eight hours to stay balanced and i would've predicted fifteen years back that would've been fixed and fifteen is a case in
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identity politics in the tub and india by the way it's up it's religion its ethnic its cap. it's a lot of things and he's saying that it is another aspect to it and you mentioned at the outset which is gender in the whole world watch this horrible case of this the twenty year old student from delhi was raped and gang raped and murdered a turning point that incident. back to the incident. this tool is that yes it was a turning point are a variety of reasons. in the sense that one made to allow a few which protests on the issue of gender and protests in which they were not only women because as you know india is no stranger to protest and the women's movement has been protesting. when does human making different to moms of the state and expressing their anger over certain things but this particular protest because i did it to be raising a young just as the urban elites. this
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incident isn't it beyond just the opening heat that possibility day he was in many other places. and poppy that also has to do with the media and between that immediately to sound. and i think the other interesting thing about this was the international station did go to india. we chose and bought some ways but in some ways back but it's oh so instead of calling the bluff off the indian shining in history because how can you have a shining india stony a copy of occupation is subjected to the was kind of islands and therefore need for scott government into action in some ways much more rapidly than they would have done this. i made opened up the show which has not yet disappeared off the agenda soaking in all of those since as i think it was a significant moment in the history of the struggle for women's rights in this country which is still an incomplete history. and which has some very fantastic stories attached it with them
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they need everyone to swim all right we're going to pick up on that one becomes back. stay with us much more to come where incidentally this is a special edition of the falls and gets great. i want to let got of course when you don't. twenty four seven one of the on going to offer you the gift of insight the national bank. don't i sea. i can use in time for a quick play at our top stories i'm very complex and increasingly angry six days out that i've been high and hit the philippines many of the expected still haven't received any case having the operation is against the new ramos she's now in the sun which was taken at the head. getting reports of gunshots that this is residents complained about
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security of. inner peace negotiators resigned this in protest at its grey plastic filled moments that you are such that in the west bank palestinian president mahmoud abbas says that on a sticky beak and then the negotiations to come back for form and the dedication labels a path to take legal action if it is ousted by the attention on the gospel his spokesman announced that yet. and you've read the messages has been at the disgraced president is on crop production is like in the killing of testers lost it he said domenici kidnapping him one day before they announce this stuff politicians from all sides contend that week they briscoe has just this mistake this tend to be brought to a monkey that has prosecuted as i didn't take any inquiry into the offending had dined at the request of the french prime minister. the three people charged in the two
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thousand and two sinking of the prestige. well time to be in it quits it as disappointing say in crime and tests. it was strange was that the environmental consultant thousands of miles of coastline was a bit second up from the instrument and it's actually a false lead to capture the special cafe in the welcome back. this is a special edition of the false been kept in states where in india where the kids enforcement that has just launched in the new delhi area in english and were presented to have with us he's that the minister for human development and member of parliament should she tell more of the congress party also with its near bala center it on spokesperson for the opposition to the party she's the author of
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the other side of some stills from partition were bought for much of the telly a welcome back and welcome back as well to brush tool guard entrepreneur. young guide to suspend beginning of our discussion of the church it or mention as an example from the city of gold doll. which is this sort of sprung up out of nowhere. he called for false breakout reporters the mid natasha butler and janelle for shade. whence to scratch the veneer can well off the shiny new city selling the talisman of st offices. this is good gallon just that economics is from india's capital headquarters to multi nationals some of india's hopes his ninety companies. he is gay. this is just from that that the city's growing since the last services like power transport and warts are opting to keep up tech support company going and keeps this up since he is a
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canadian success story has more than two million customers complete and is was one hundred million dollars spencer not share pics with me on basics like electricity bill amended it was cool with it the way to think that the boy goes to the bar back of the dc community. this would cause they can estimate the cost of the management is almost no this isn't as much out of the new baby this facility are hiking up the heat of the songs cost us close to a boat with a piece in between. this is one of my kitchen's the costs because transport six gas companies obliged to pay for food to point the texans to. not the safest place you can get to play. you might need it to be to get above the gospel to the bins stated that the north of the cabin at night and won't moan when one of the bulls. infrastructure isn't just a problem for businesses presidents also suffer. it's often at a
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standstill and the priest gets elected. it's somewhat from stomach to become campaigners. he wants authorities to improve grades treat wastewater and stop construction workers dumping waste. yet not feeling good media. you can fit it into the flooded. get with it they like the dustbin. this is the best all worth it. it's not likely. it was started by private developers historic opportunity to finance and build offices may lead to more into businesses he could attract small with custom daily. the keychain found a tick announced changes on the ski season this is good decades ago he warned it would be decent services to the fair its potential as a world city. but apathy means the government remains on the fact that he has been the domain. to me being the best of the infrastructure such as seoul garden. the main site towards that goal. you know
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the head. in the jaw. i was all started to realize the urgency of the situation and supports cut gowns for the growth and ten people to pay for its potential husband is sick with the monotony of sixty. she tore the unit in that example of quito. we see the shiny new building to receive the private sector to pick up the slack alot where government services have failed. again it respects the question of whether things are going too slowly or too fat. no question of when dd inadequacy of gov and his own joke about how india's economy grows of life of the government is asleep in that kind of think that some kind. a bit better that all the challenges governments of hasn't always been able to keep up with the rapid changes of the group growth of population the skin of the pressure is put on them and i i i i don't it or disagree with some of the observations made the two of looking at many places where you compromise hundred
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percent owned electricity and therefore you have to have your own private backup compromise on services garbage disposal maintenance or of these things unto itself it's a gluttony once again said he did his new city in india which this is not true to a greater or lesser degree of its principal intelligence units populace would challenge of organizing. and i do disagree do we need to do to get these things fixed. increasingly however when this is only the more effective learning as new cities are coming up and is moving more and more towards the creation of green fields of season left to grade seven new ones and an investor call a bill that the city of mumbai over the next two decades. and they would observe that lessons right. in the process of bacon bacon just some of these big new because it was them i'd be able to manage the best. russell garber me ask you before it turns in a mala on. jersey is an online
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business school. traffic jams one of the reasons you opted for an online business plan you know it falls in love with these in but something that helps us a little bit of it is up. did are just a little off topic sounds it's hard to get the scoop if you are the physical school and i think it cost intensify and productive if the system and sky meet some of the kiddos are the stories you've seen in the media no one who preaches that stuff like that so it certainly isn't the fact that the need to stick some mom dying minutes and again they will come of this is the other sisters. i must insert some cd on the thief did. church it or was just saying how. yet it's not perfect by any stretch imagination but urban planning. he's improved the menu coke off of and planning in india. the navy has some appeal but km east of seventy. it insists that it includes rubik's cube even sbc can cure this photo paul
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christopher gordon loneliness above the fourth minute to pop and candy. was accused of many of the metropolitan cities adults who got the certificate of history not the argument here. it's about making the norm in india but to be approached the city all over you from the sippy lid open. before you read carefully and yet never been the migration may not be sold not. migration would be wonderful goals one more post. know what to do it on the quantity is mine not focusing on tour in india to be hit the button you in ducking directly into thinking you think you will perfect it s a decent speed and thereby your thinking you know i've been sent to a suite of population concentration in a kinda sums it up. so all in all dream of landing has either been too unfocused all of them focused but i did with me. being truly human condition has not taken priority. i mean that the film and because of
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the cold so probably that of the increased migration which got me the open. i think they should be the focus on making faces and above the normal humdrum but we are reversing that debate extensive and electrification. the decision to connect everything and it is to broadband. briggs helpful. your dog would have been facilities in rural india. fact is that there's no particular reason why a call center has indicated a banana. as always are people willing to live and who better with all the facade of his eighteen hour days to make the people of courting from from its nod to get the credit card service or tivo with airline tickets into the death of us is that he now has a greater emphasis on going pee pee or some other comments in the states come into this a common simple than it does. talking of the state government's those you know those are not centered but the states to comments that are focusing on creaking top story in all the peels and so on. but the fact remains that could lead us to comment all of the central government the half focused on connecting with sentimental
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hamlets protest march in india say is get inside a small note had the patience to look at that selective investment by the. well you know establishments on some of the appeal towards your old center has always been you'll understand why pendants like umpteen of that may help us to begin with those sentiments but i kind of a more whole foods sold in rich media is really making people knew what to do should be getting on the connectivity with it so far no more clothes and a formal rules overlook any of the conduct of the nativity in front of the state governments have been given assistance financial assistance but many of the book of guidance on hopefully to compete. some of the mensa been thinking all the books and people performing better in some sectors that some of those that are performing full day in dorset has sold up on his own pocket when the temple can get a pretty kitty stayed calm and sleep and forty mini open market and have ideals of the week and this light
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pink. this explains the despotic the victim wanting to know what state and at the mitchell dark. his most intimate of august so that we need more savings. i think we have to make the savings and debt in mumbai and they have eight or nine metro cities. i think this just not enough of a country like india have loved to see. the city's twenty five thirty metre cities this is off on a sofa based band or because at the goodness of the benefits to a city. you know it the lights and climb and opportunities of me becomes investment destination. some of the cia mega cd in every state can own it. on monday of this era defining said the interview if they can create whatever kind to give you this. city attracts people for sfineed aer is ag o provide that little tedious. what would people want and if the's an old school band pic of yourself and joe volpe said. i would actually come back i met up with the syrup. i am the lead
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tha my dad that sound you need to make the conditions of life because in reading yet but i don't think it's a city that dead in its contract and enjoying migration is the answer to the migration into the cd to me is a phenomenon that osaka and it is the city. but i wonder pointed to things to get an invitation to all uanization andto get rap the christian the deal closing above the speed of hange. one of tho is that kate one of the things that has happened in the recent cost of the opening up all our economy is the growth in aspirations and the possibilities of new kinds ofaunt me all kinds of entrepreneurship and so on stor. creative economy on the back. the cta is often hostile to the growth of these in the ways in which it separates as attention and publishes these in the ways in which it makes the basic price of the real estate still high that smaller businesses and he pushed to the mine since i'm ok these
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don't make enough money to get to the phoenix avoided being on hold on to finish it in no way that any country shod be proud to have. i think that's one thing. this aching to get by me is that in the same way the ctu control in cities has brought in and out into the space and new kinds of jobs and the cd has not kept pace with the game needs as citizens to access spaces pounds for liking him daily count the number of targets toilets for women and men and you would find that there are hardly any for womenecause the oil consumption was full to the space is not the space when women should be tested or in your home constituenc in kerala. people want to go to the big city for debate mama. he'll keep what they have a job as a bit on typical in the sense that the of the untied states is both simultaneously coburn than normal in the sense that your most of the sea mist
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from dish from oven to let many of the girl that is have you been to some of these paved roads up to housing electricity telephones and the internet and saw lots of chat about some difficult. my own constituencies is the capital of kim and get it sooner but for the pope was in the oven. i have a huge bill to folk of the coastline official full cost rivals in the hills and so on. in my constituency. bob and then i would to the best in the areas where a mob of these facilities haven't reached and should reach but you don't want it to britain where he talks about real estate prices that the function of scarcity when nigel speaks about them about to taunts for two debacle makes them and entrusting to us. one of the palms of the country's lenders so scarce because of one point two billion people sitting on. that being able to acquire land for things like highways widening of roads creation of mortem spaces over this becomes one of the tube expense. and so we have some of the matter was high praise in the woods at the kennel as a
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particularly egregious example because we had a bad idea didn't sleep well and it states. we just come get people to sell them and so the ideas can be widened so everyone goes into the metal roads and traffic has grown over the last two decades so it becomes impossible to get through one of these or so reflections of our population the size of the physical limitations of space. we're not discussing these forms an impeccably discussing them in india and to their most points that some migration is something that should be watched and managed to grab some symbolism both sides of this discussion she's right that we need to create good facilities in urban areas and you get out of the topics that this is happening. i'm sorry but evan facilities in rwanda. so that people don't feel the need to migrate but i was so upset i didn't wear shoes when the when they do migrate the city becomes that which appears as a tipping point in terms of law the numbers of people. for more job opportunities more things you can imagine activities in the city that would not be possible to
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the vendor to risk it wouldn't be that the permits so certainly you know you will you will need cities as well why not give money to give it to get. it's not the needle around to open my kitchen i mean you're my drinking from one counted on to six weeks. and that's happening on the county that speculated that the onto courts would fall back onto mental but to augment the bike but the sum and substance of what the buddhist i can say is a private book to my words the bean and running leap in funding for not been included in its bid for navy had the foresight and screamed pretty quickly as possible to predict that the game tying three when the bidding violence and pigeon senate rules than twenty years old we needed them. i'm yet again it's a crystal. this comment above that comment but if this movie all looking at the future. but the most anything before we headed thinking for future planning now spending now investing now. so the computer is a big
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mole men you know and don't fall but in back i think the freedom to devote to save twenty five years ago but not yet tried to catch up and then you're going to catch it all of this half of the total speaking province to post. catching up is being recreated you know it's like stopping everything afresh seal the deal have this problem. but at peace now i think we should have no plan for the next fifty years and started to get the best month of the band. don't the media to climb ends being had been having in the gift requirements couple top agenda. after getting my fall of two years since you are interested is our next topic which is come. you mention yours and nationalist party the indians took place. what relation going forward. with its neighbors corporation going for it most notably with up to one neighbor that everybody always looks at pakistan. the agreements. we need to get the order of
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the bits that he would change its behalf to get the pockets of the savior and not lose heart. what is it. it means that the book that mentioned last half of them but i just flipped out and makes the victim open to compromise on any off your interest at any cost. so look up the street that kid is not to say that i birthed me know what the next mistake they can be. but if the da instances that the standard disable fabio compromising guilt or saudi and can be handled differently. me undermined the point that investment justice bean it'll kill you looking and i believe the national interest is in session. all you can gobble even christensen subcommittee of the greatest sundays are the things that one which we want to stand up and speak. it's not to say about the girls made the connection the state but the fact remains that the pistons protect the un said on boots and a police vehicle. and what message does that sound for instance to a nation. like pakistan when your candidate for um
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prime minister. um there was a massacre of blossoms on his watch and is often inflammatory statements. um i think i disagree completely with you. it wasn't in the massacre it's a very upright same as the cycle which people die on that seventy four cases of long said the investigation to happen. the supreme court twenty third of the note this team into two that the kids and it's not. it's not a prob enough to make but india has witnessed such rights in the year to parts of the complete film. but the want is the equal treatment for all of them except on judgments if you want but to target when some of the stove. so don't fall clothes at all wet and excessively focus on just one comment one lead. one pot the one state. minogue released the full fifty chechen terrorists in your book. umm you show tough love for pakistan from its
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unequivocal you. indeed especially about them mumbai's course to attack do you get if you had to be ready because you wrote it last year of the future be ready to write a little bit differently now that malice or reef has been elected prime minister know enough to society if a storm that has spawned two of them a note to say that in that we too like all of the puppies were going to be fundamentally motivated by our national interest existed we may have a broader and more generous definition of the national interest. a new lincoln would more elements of our own society in its. then the bjp seems to want to do but then coming back to your question. as far as baucus on this consent of me in india have really nothing we want from pockets none other than peace. we have no territorial designs on them we have no particular desire to subordinate them to anything the buzz we would like him often have created open borders with the mission the problem is this one something with that which we are not going to give that which happens to be two thirds of us state of jammu and kashmir which they claim
7:40 pm
is part of the unfinished business a politician for us politicians finished business and then bm are interested in in negotiating opted to send me an awful the point of a gun and not because of actions to intimidate the people. not in the morning establishment and pop style which includes a minute as well as the severely. can appreciate that the action they have the same interests as us in giving the terror that originates on this cylinder that is doing damage to them as well as to what's under the bus to tell the neighbors and i'm gonna stop. he became a common cause with us lincoln sent me tackle this problem but to be condoned and promote this that i'm sorry to say. we will have to have. tough love is to put it in sydney my position would not change we we we upgraded to the welcoming of democratically elected governments for the misses of the days of awesome illustrates. but they have to show the building and the will to control those elements on this or that tacking on a professional ties beavers who said at the outset your family fled
7:41 pm
pakistan a partition. has your view of india's role in the sub region and specifically of the bilateral issue changed over the past years. i know not many i mean i think that india has a major goal is to pee in the beach and up to an invitation to practice on the condition ability of the countries in the region which unfortunately it does not lead to the best if it's a bit guilty because i suppose in politics your name to match that stomps is not what the compromised by the we repudiate to the white getting to match the scenario um but i think that in particular invitation to pop this time. and i don't get the rich and tj lisa's class the kitchen is finished business it's not that i love the underdog eu has eased off in the main motion in a job a little odd to me this mainly to have to confront your pasta and so on but i don't think that eighty one to watch this change and it is that people in india and pakistan. by and i do not
7:42 pm
want this kind of rehearsing up this constant in making me want to be living peace with the eyes to a different countries. a when to visit each other and share things walk in each other's countries. i mean why can't we do that. i think that seeing the sense that this is a necessity it is imminent it's going to be done among the lot of people that's the changes are so brittle garden we only went to the market then spoke with people. she was in pakistan that the nation on their lips china. and among his students is the model. the united states the door is the model china. the more willful more squad what i see is running good and it hurts getting the job screening the business is making good life for themselves. heidi i think of it so often i find hearing a lot of comparisons people are always saying will you know you are in relation to china were like this and bring a lot of talk of china and me are i think sudden csi is more on them i can think of of and then focused on
7:43 pm
the specially at the heart on you the conservative political issue but i think sen is a more open economic this year. i think that sell people and gone for a bba in their businesses of the jokes and stuff like that. recently china has more. the present and conversations are keys to my doctor soon to let go of the youth here thinking but how the son of kong for the deacon on the case of horses for the tequila that dorian. my hearts that means the minds of even the common citizen of the country because to be your markets asset can be flooded with cheap chinese goods. i give you one random example between oct post i cook what otherwise but because the sentiment from the two one two feet. even small list of things that a baby typically when the indian market though being paid out to get from china up and that the bnp that be keep an awful kids. it's typical in fourteen games and then caught the market. having beaten the crap that they have to buy comes from china and innovate it appeals to
7:44 pm
buy it. main aisle the cold this cannot be as good as what has been an effect but sector means that the goods to believe that the tool growth. you know the technical me you keep an eye goop real prayer. if the thing is to be from china and citizens of conscious of that place because it's cheap and probably even much of the book one to keep you can cook like them. if conscious that the market is now complete mean those made in gold to chinese activist who bikes they would want to buy it. it's also a fact that it remains to remind the mindset that many of these can be considered again products on mopping so this i'm upping supplied by atalanta practice and that of the pond. that's the best. one final question on its mutations or calm. we talked alot about identity politics during this discussion. um you know that in europe and in france were also in discussions about identity politics for a little indians think the conversation we're having on that. above is to do during your wedding a lead
7:45 pm
that he listens a different conversation in the sense that you are trying to figure out how you can become the kind of society real video is her trying to be a society where people have more than one color tvs in wake of more than one kind of faith. i'll speak more than one kind of man was he more than one kind of food bill revealed that send some ways i think the european union he is going to be in about a hundred is reading this today we too are a common market of thought is going to call them up as you well. but we are one nation the most hits while we are. we have as many differences to flee the country meeting with sticky and so on. as you have between say the difference between sea between them from suburban front of the city of is in some ways less great than the difference it can and i'm pissed me of the state of my life. all over northern region of the zone enormous differences in not in our country. we all manage to live together. on the same sort of sleep under the sea and sky and using the same dreams. i think we fit in some way to catch up with us. alright so we can come back to the deli for
7:46 pm
some lessons and i was anxious to work. i wanna thank you. i busted it out at all sorta think that the most absurd tom russell guard. we want to thank you for joining us here for this special edition of the false injected it into thanked the people of india for welcoming us. so now broadcast in the deli a lose lose. ong. d. it's a he
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7:48 pm
gets off to the end of the state. it will. she is all to join the queue each ticket. to celebrate this event. the gp group feel it yet in the historic center of the problem. we discussed the bulk of the portico and economic situation of the car tpg group chairman said dole in his opening address underlined that it takes energy determination and belief in the future to go with less than one generation state of war to being a fully fledged member of the biggest club but the bumper six. we admire everything has been
7:49 pm
the context. and he added that the ep peat group has always supported cr which is european ambitions are supporters constant and unwavering because we are convinced that we are destined to belong to the same community of values we welcome you with open arms as a partner. they're very much looking forward to working with the croatian democratic union president you must love come on go. it was party played a catalyst role in pushing for the eu accession. what is there an hour or an opposition is today addressed the meeting by underlining the importance of eu membership. the first of july twenty thirteen croatia is returning home to the u word belongs as a central european country. he was much more than a common market is a community of free nations for which it wishes to contribute to this community we will support a strong europe strong for which a change of economic policies required for which to enjoy real benefits for the membership info to the european elections is a vote for that change. during the second day of the meeting participants discussed
7:50 pm
the prospects of promoting sustainable growth and jobs you which is tightly linked to the ongoing budget debate the optional but the best two ppp group vice chairman responsible budget and structural policies explain the framework of the debate don't send jokes. domingo and unless you get in the end of dinner. so it is very sad that the girl up the discussions that he got to the budget the budget of some of that today tokyo but it is the thirty five percent this might have discussed go to the main addiction. way to the superdome and so cheap
7:51 pm
alicia forty six who was given. for the youth culture for the increasingly choose to cling to produce gold and jewels. he says what the dpp would it would go. support for the student addiction. to have talks and jokes. you know. we went to. the what don't be put to the temple she had to cope with the auction page. saved by a succession of may holds the call whether west about the companies which order gets quite a joy. following the fall of that element in afghanistan woman have been finding ways to express themselves. some have been successful the media the buckeyes the first human baby stationed in afghanistan it looks it up in that office epo was a shady but a canadian team deal in two thousand and three. will be the same temptation runs the station. she saves much if its programming is out of the gigantic moment. thus the need to cut off. i
7:52 pm
thought that the hospital's twenty oh six due to the front sidewalk. the first time. the new as in most of the pasta but at some of the presenters have often discussed the problems faced a woman in laws are the topics could be delayed due to family marriage custom or social issues. i get it after that i have had to add up. i think that they can. he said the ship the essential athletics east gable but the most fit in as many adults consume out of that. a bomb it was a little tricky but none of that me on my second cup that i added the scotia law to have a shotgun and fish at the subtle social sciences and the city is just a few station has attracted lots of listeners not just women but also men who take it in turns
7:53 pm
to dj at the sight of all of that and yet kickoff of the savannah. at the time but you have any of those last sunday said it was this unification of all moments afghanistan is that it means to be the conservative society. the folders have got access to the gk to tell but have recently for some girls schools to close those women who do manage to choose get on that in life have had to work hard for it. at that the condiment of the pack i then head bobble hat day at school means mileage in china on the fact that i have a lot of vegemite official on the shuttle's nose. i don't check the sake of a contract with the time i make. i even said this the buffet that is good and the sunna. the new economy cannot buy the bottom section of the covenant and emotion love. they are
7:54 pm
getting more than just arrived. they're getting in each case. thanks to an initiative of the hebrew university of jerusalem and israel railways train passengers are treated to a lecture but some of the universe is but i didn't have socks. he says. joe interested in what was coming into the room. we don't work just as much sense to work. i saw the trade the series develops its leader but at the university set themselves up in one of the cars and passengers are invited to join for free. i was dead. i guess i still celebrated in einstein's birthday honor his contribution to the country a member of the early zionist movement likes that one of the status of the hebrew university and the creatures intellectual property to the institution besides the senate race series. the unique way to reach out to the and allow
7:55 pm
them to experience firsthand the benefits of research and education. upon investigation linked office look that i get on top of the week. india is expected to revisit the wedding she is going on for automotive i can teach me i met up with the font was thinking that if the setup it is called upon to that spot kick by two thousand and six by that of what you've done overnight see's with local fight to get to see. shared office and all that i saw this and just as i'm not the knife that is what the conflict ended. he said and what the fight. but since this pic is me. it was fine in this credential in the indian auto parts sector and that in the process of setting up manufacturing units and that the fox the president. the royal borough of kensington and chelsea constituency phallic
7:56 pm
say. and by the royal which the cultural society the event will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary gifts he joined a firm hundred and sixty thousand visits his shadow is the will of god. meanwhile it. on tuesday the queen is in you make your visit at the da's joseph our cities or so from day to showcase need tons in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixty eight summit friend. a special dining tv friends with some details. days five hundred exhibit a space that is entering sunday's day stretching the imagination and inspiring one and i wanted to. i offered him a treat since seen here with that the structure of current sales. most discussed in captures the essence of happy accidents. beads to the event a sensory delights with colors and text is combine to
7:57 pm
produce breath taking patients. that takes place at the former head of king henry the eighth. so cool to have a stylish as it is not just in a while. britain has a week scouting heritage gardens with all the news. cc has cost of god intends as a history with string cheese to the city in iraq. i did stop crime trust. did project in cornwall is to paste a futuristic by humans. this is the gateway to the royal botanical gardens team is going well as heritage sites it's beautiful victorian palm house was built in eighteen forty eight she's a dorm the cottons. the ten storey chinese and that was built in seventeen sixty one he who holds the nazis connection of comics in
7:58 pm
the last. i want. i also hung my head. and they've seen the torrens title the head it's nice to be counted for a new way of teaching to which he did. it took an age it's always like stepping onto a shoe in check. paul mary and their intimate. too many films and tv series the art of architecture comes with a gentle spirited rehabilitate we had incredible views of the way
7:59 pm
today ninety three to find what mary and became customary kind of chance it he was still working ony emptl to find the itch to go the way to the beach became its th a tourist attraction we tasted the building being used is called cascades choking to increase its ok still snow. even cooler was one of the brick buildings exterior design. it's just didn't want to remain unnamed when it's ninety s for you it is a model for these cupcake. needless to say to his creation. sadly it seems the street and design star incomplete. the kitchen tap she's coming down to the once and for many and today is a top tourist attraction in north wales
8:00 pm
need. the bottle or two the congress' approval ratings were low before they get a new poll looks at how americans feel about their lack of lawmakers and let's just say it's an all time low take a look at the numbers just ahead. then part of a secretive trade deal known as the cpp has come into light we do it too is docked in ensuring that the trans pacific partnership would affect us another negotiating nations from medicine to internet freedom. more on that coming up. they're growing calls for the guantanamo bay detention center to be closed as there was pse


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