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the crew the apple cranberry and silver salmon. the race governments meeting. that evening the geezer told me
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that the government. handsets he was going to. michael why get out the city. in some countries. the bottom cheating has entered into paul maddock look straight into the sea esteem these growth with equity think oh the bobbin. i'm picturing something to chiles precisely an event the opening ceremony is representing his mother queen is the best athletes at the summit for the first time many kids went into coastal meetings to discuss them and then she adds color to it moves including the english language and judicial systems might help to me and my tone he seems to have tackling climate change. i made at a
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reception will be hosted by the kings of wales and the she is a call will answer a handsome animate it is in cash the conference center and attended many highways to show its transport development achievement to attract investment and chris johnson issued on the president had expressed ahead. the look on the map. each one who sees you. the recruiter. the trust we place in the car window to bring that touch of heat two of trouble. and deliver the very distinction from people. links. the one who is still poised for this. lol wanna be in time. on monday lady. one night. he said one emo. what won us a dime
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i mean. angels. and that's just a guide and nation of fiji is making preparations for the difficult transition i'm living in a tree government of the deceased ally in the two thousand six coal ash announced a new constitution it's as if they had the elections sometime next year old let us say the move may bring an end to the political nonsense into an ongoing regional isolation of despondent i tell you that the small from the port did not see the soldiers are renovating an old preparatory school. considered one of fiji's best. they're part of the army corps of engineers now the types of troops are more likely that the book on the island. it's a stark contrast from just seven years ago when fijian troops tightly controlled diamond street. military toppled the government and the power no one likes to get soldiers are still technically in
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charge. he soon came on her own she's been doing the people helping people teaching. people who choose to do from what he says he couldn't complain what did you know that the gdp the people here mostly light to rule the military government if they think that has provided for them the sixteen year old son of july and it still thinks governments and government. i want to eat anything. but i didn't think the people of baking encrusted cross legged the day. with them. sentiment shared by many people the town's central market to find themselves struggling to earn. the two thousand and six two with the country for
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being independent the military's that it was necessary to clean up the mess from the previous one but the move drew condemnation and brought isolation from the two neighbors to large part because the constitution was offended. or the military government and build new constitution that would hold elections in twenty fourteen the news was welcomed to blame you for new zealand and regional touring australia to be with the youth ranks tenth in place since the coup sanctions which never really deter their nationals from talking to. and then having it easy day. sorry for the price so. the skill of the site. study so much for commenting. still thanks to the actions of years past fiji remains suspended from a large regional forum and from the british lit calm and well getting back in member states will require more action and that may mean a
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lot more repairs at home we're asking for it to keep the tv in nineteen eighteen after three decades of rapid growth. john sees his new economic and social challenges. the green party is thinking and planning you were for us. and there is a lot of ground to come. new land policy. this number doubled. financial reforms wind to make the breakthrough. what is the government's stance. and how can each strike a balance between speed post above watch our special coverage on the third plenary session of the eighteenth century committee of the communist party of china called on cctv me the owner. i know. again a
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tall philippines able to find selfishness as good as dead from last week's a typhoon height yet has risen to three thousand six hundred and twenty one. and that's a jump of more than twelve countries from the previous cabinet was announced any of friday by the national ethos that risk reduction and management console. the big shot to death still remains that he could sit there eating sitting in that briefing testy un spokesperson said the latest desk analyst four thousand four hundred and sixty almost doubled the last location of a given. i miss eating whole of the devastated philippine coast a cd of techno but also said on friday that his death panel was four thousand agents the fuss. they can all depends on a number of fatalities that far exceed its an estimate provided this
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week by pressed into an economic analyst such an nea he predicted the molds of life from the time he's upset because said she lacked two thousand due in two thousand five hundred is an exhausting as caustic huge goes to the country's tourism revenues. preliminary estimates show that thirty to forty percent of reservations the tallest of the country's major travel destinations and pencils so fun an international rescue him abt seven arrived in the philippines ctv tackle opened the area was hit by typhoon heidi and an austrian magic routine is reported to be treating him dead people in the city the capital press makes a providence else led team of the trout that is meant to stop the hands of nineteen men the last pic is funny is that david cameron says that an aircraft carrier is also on route to the philippines he could do is watch the procession of the seventies and the u s aircraft carrier the george washington has a radio writing this in a sea of
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the day take golf before heading to some i meant to provide to the and imagines the simple and the righteous is extending to cargo planes carrying fifty six tonnes of humanitarian aid. and china's foreign ministry says china a living tree easy to imagine c humanitarian aid to the philippines to help people struggling with the aston lots of time when heidi and and ministry says the relief which includes tantrum contractor will be painted but stolen. anna ministry says good morning said the shipment of eight to make show it's probably good that day but will always be to kellie laine and even fellow at the chinese to keep it means national fast ahead take on the situation. so first i would like to say a few words about foreign criticism i think this is so very much and twenty goal oriented. because i'm in terms of number ending in terms of the scale of. the ok if i don't think. and that
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the hundreds of hundreds thousands from us honest eight. by the chinese government is a small and compact it is kind of average number because in the air you can see that in the year two thousand and eight when china at the southern provinces of china was kind of thoughts be that the snow. i think disaster that the us fed data from the us government was going around. um hundred and fifty thousand us dollars and the taylor spent a long correspondence obama the man who went back to attack had been six days out to me so by cp time for my essential that the sense there is theawful act the fool the government to do. so we have made our way back to provo but finally we were here a week ago during the storm in the immediate aftermath of the storm and the situation now and then two different stories. you can see right behind me. the ruins. empty houses and the streets. and this was not the case when we
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were here. there was a lot of chaos. there were people running around people wander around not knowing what they will never get a job. just noticed this. she was typhoon that has swept them away and a lot of dead people on the ground. and people just devastated by the typhoon and now they're all gone there at the airport there waiting for for a flight who were so slight a military flight anything just to be able to get out of here there at the ports the government has promised to carry people out of the floor but because people here are just so desperate. there were say a few days ago that they have not gotten any help that there's been no relief and aid has been coming to this city the city of course is the hardest hit city by the typhoon. now it has been trickling in we saw on foreign aid and relief at the airport in a moment and there would be offloaded. we have not seen at any interesting given to the people there's a long line at the astrodome
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actually we haven't seen the aid being given to those people. probably there will be given at a later time during the day. but it's been so is this though there's been a lot of criticism. my house though this response is this coming from the government that this is an enormous job for the government the philippines has not experienced anything like this in a very very long time this is the most powerful typhoon that has hit the philippines the philippines. of course experience is an average of twenty typhoons every year but nothing like this. so definitely a massive job ahead for the government still. i mean though and here it will change from techno been in the philippines us from the rules of the typhoon ravaged the philippines a story of the installation one cts already begun the task of trying to get back to normal the teacher says he approved the cctv responding to mounting that sent us this recall. there is so much devastation that they can still smile. yet like so many
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places they need help. they have no fresh food and musical groups. but this spirit is strong they are carrying on. this is normal before the typhoon on more than sixty and commercial hub no pics of me although consistency of two hundred thousand people and forty three thousand homes the ninety seven percent of the buildings are being damaged or destroyed even though it's very bad. if you want it in the words it's very very bad. strong dislike for the better of me understand how to use this song that even the eiffel then i can see now. still he's in the dozens. most if not hundreds or thousands. it is as devastating as the city of tokyo dome. there was no tidal wave. so most survive fifteen people went inside
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this restaurant when it collapsed. all will have to their battle to save but don't when the storm began a week. he didn't saw it because we were all straight we thought to be truly full when the wind was stronger all of them as who she scaled down then moves back and we all somebody. perhaps the estate of so many degrees but he had this be put to the new diesel that no robbery. and in eighteen oh four remains. fortunately zero in the mall. i then made a very isolated cases of people really know. above for the most part. you being is doing in our mall. he's an ordinary very stable. for instance our seaports open since the day after the typhoon slightly to sixty years. we went. a few fuel stations are open. the on
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loan schemes. foods that was happening. fresh cookies selling. even some bands atm machines offer it. in the midst of so much. to me with anything can be revealed people here have enjoyed so much but they know that others suffered even more they've lost almost everything. the backup and lost hope. yet they are picking themselves up smiling at the release of their survival. and already beginning to look. most intimate cctv. ghana as we are able to be connected to a style of response into robots making eye contact as take another look at
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the commonwealth heads of government meeting great and just as things in the cc pick up the cto from sri lanka hello there all but i tell us what tied to the cia should we expect the summit to discuss. well the trip a trip that we are back to the opposite of caution at the commonwealth two thousand and fifteen articulate it and pray. if you're at the time our typical of both of them that they are covered with the department of a common that they think that we get to carry it out and get out of mormon on that. nobody or lincoln ne the day off with a cool blog that the only pic i repeat an outfit that. then beat them two of the war of the book to them because if the member countries. i think she is going to come and eat i think that the twenty twelve to trace it back
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because one twelve two. i've been talking about click on the way the team and the date of the cooking pot and if you pick the three countries the top of the faith. well tonight they should not be content that will all be in the pulpit the muffin. with that in some of the fort that have been the victim in the face of that. but they should be expecting up to pee on the call that the costume yet but will the link to the place is like candy or that a human life. chop up the court that if you will find you not be welcome i think should be covered if they don't. steve commonwealth's he's in and steal the highest excellence in the fifty three countries what does it play on the web stats but when you have to knock it off but no they do to ensure that schools don't want it and you really have to get it over to your point that the commonwealth state of the blog affiliate applicant the area will be a
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shuttle that it prevented it the kids off with a half court trap to fall off the kitchen so that they now on. at office till two thousand and twelve he took pictures. both of these but they have come up with a shock to the kid they don't think people ought to go with the ball but the good governance and of course i can thank for that he and kidman got bought out that i got the call to talk to stop thinking that that meant that country the work that chapter not the walk but the connection between them and want to happen occupation at the top twenty in the winter but what they can actually do it without the binky was sitting on a link to the core body of a band member country and think of it after the flop and poking above the buffet would fall. but that did them for the content of lead but when it comes to picking up the kitchen out that is all in the national day to do
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with gold hopeful that they will. that situation well that did not happen. you will if the comment that it was a little and got in a far off but that was it because he didn't like the human condition without blood clot but that goal. but the open enough to take out the if topic in which he thought about that. while these up off the pick up the meditation. you know that with the unlawful and that is when the puppy out that you get that thing i will then because it is instinct that one can believe in the foot of the recap of the ancient china changed so often switching from now. but that's from a standoff through test the down he's a two day visit to china and chinese committee cut town has a of a welcoming ceremony at the great hall of people on friday from a taste of madre de staff last year it can be set to visit china after the country these days it will make an assault the blueprints very full only the facts plenary session of the cpc central committee of the land has been china's second largest
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trading partner leaving the eu for ten consecutive years and the bow tied to trade volume reached at sixty eight getting a raise in two thousand twelve. adelaide during the afternoon prime minister mahmud to her talks with chinese president. she didn't blink and the countries that will legislate to turn it down young danny and says that its cupola diplomatic relations with taiwan but the immediate effect. annie's comes according to u s statement received by the kenyan presidential office. no reason was given for the move again. it gained independence from britain in nineteen sixty five. it's one of africa's least developed nations. a south korean president of hockey has prepared a northeast asian nations in line to a joint history textbook. she says that it may help resolve problems consenting history in every can of pop was speaking at an academic conference in silence the state she says no the station showed them from the way european nations trying to heal the wounds of
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a booklet to an opponent can say to get a divine hands the empress and is seeking in northeast asia keys and cooperation initiative for depressed and that includes tearing down walls the problems of history she said. a chilling textbook on the region may bring that day closer. hard conditions of prose as the costs for building trust. step by step beginning with softer known political issues such as environmentally shoes and socks given these nuclear safety and content areas. but experts note to many south korea have entered the real face of bad relations. you don't day. the south korean government has emphasized the corporation and an off the stage. a tip and that bestows his sincerity to force the issues. the two sections bateman of korean women which soaked in a book or two and tartare a dispute over the top target. park says he's hoping a peaceful and cooperative region about
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what we want to push forward cooperation between your asia and pacific region. this requires me something problems of history and terror targets in the us japan and its neighbors though china japan territory or rowing issues of the perceptions of the stupid japan and south korea which forced the postponement of the freeway cooperation summit. defence minister of foreign affairs to pick up and doesn't need it anymore oh the and stapling of korean women for its troops to one or two as teaching teens had told the south korean decrying the content over that preston park also stressed that disputing northeast asia must be restocked peacefully. she never involved may lead to a means to the ict. japan's air self defense forces have been authorized to use the un vehicles to transport japanese and foreign nationals imagines the situations the wall. i don't make this approved a revised school today and now
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the sds can carry about it it's an encore weeks of japanese nationals fourteen trouble of role as finance and government officials and magic bus stop in the rescue missions. the resolution including flee ensuring safety inland transport missions abroad it was also passed and that in the consents and i trust both cooking more easily targeted in attacks and transposed by an antsy. japanese government decided to revise the spf will only get out once told cnn after the hostage crisis in the mt area in january especially dozens of people were killed including thai and japanese nationals that incident. line ten eighteen fifty five euro note that tall center of the late us president john kennedy has ever lived in tokyo to take up her position as the us ambassador to japan attendees. the festival into a sealed this case she wasn't home when a six by president wright obama in late july and she was whining by second chance they don't carry in
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washington on tuesday at those times with obama comes from playing a pivotal support a brat. during a bomb us presidential campaign two thousand and eight. she's a expected to deal with mates and i do he says that seemed to be trans pacific partnership trade talks the relocation of the u s victory based on a key ally and to rebound from defence cooperation guidelines that japan. i trained china chinese steele's police judicial system to bed to protect the rights and interests of the people their phones all is the reason key policy meeting of cpc sent to nbc which has stressed the importance of the building of that and the fish and socialistic judicial system. china's supreme people's court has announced it would tax jurisdiction reform in shallow had his penalty and counsel to jump on bill and shanxi provinces but to me as a stocking from next month and achilles to racial independence and that is in prosecuting all of these and
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colts at peacock response to the face of that done this and get the job panel and judicial committee especially to prevent appease the palace i almost did and the idea of scientifically investing may seem like an oxymoron especially on to two thousand the global financial crisis. but recent announcements find a back seat as a morgan stanley and goldman sachs inculcate in maine all the fine fetched at the wall street to cheat and say they intend to create a sense is a socially conscious ethical sustainable bond theme of this fund industry sometimes and ask the story from the milk global finance the ears are starting to get serious about social responsibility. companies such as morgan stanley and goldman sachs are creating new platforms for clients who want to invest not just for profits but also for the greater good of society earlier this month. morgan
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stanley wants to work and family institute for sustainable investing the firm plans to make one billion dollars available to improve affordable housing units. the bank is also looking to attract ten billion dollars in client assets to fund projects that are supposed to have beneficial outcomes for the ceo of morgan stanley's new division audrey choice as it's imperative for wall street to lend a helping hand for markets have actually been creeping very important will play in brussels and a large local talent is the alpha. as we look ahead to the globe marketing course on killing people on the planet and the explosive nice is that gonna come with that in terms of food housing education health care. we really believe that government when he came knocking this town has a wild recently goldman sachs launched a two hundred and fifty million dollars social impact fund to invest in projects that improve the conditions of disadvantaged communities across the us. goldman sachs ceo lloyd blankfein says social impact bonds are quote an innovative approach to
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harness private sector financing for important initiatives. some wall street critics dismiss these initiatives as thinly disguised relations efforts to polish reputations badly tarnished by the two thousand and eight financial meltdown but those at the helm of these projects take their mimi responding to investor demand. we see very very powerful to me encouraging needs out there for things like clean energy to a new housing and education. and he illegally think that we had a very important role to play and so when you think that thinks parents our national stations. knowing portal to play not just a function of the overall economy but also in how investors choose to park their money. a growing number of investors who want to put their money to work in a more socially responsible way. for wall street though this is another business opportunity a way to profit from those investors who now have one hand on their wallets and another hand on
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their hearts three feet and a cctv new york. it was shot to come to the end of this edition cctv names on the between beijing and foliage the new do. leung move along. tuesdays is a little bit lost in since we don't really have. her records going back thousands
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of years. you know something about chinese culture and one it used to it. synergy of chinese martial arts techniques chinese from the coherence and useful arts the new and one the techniques. i'd be interested. is that we're not just about learning. now it's clear they're interested in we were. internally. what energizes us but it's still what is this. peace on it but consistently and the suspect it will begin woo hoo hoo. is. when e
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will the ira. welcome to nhk world is one and you know tommy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour the survivors of a massive typhoon in the philippines are facing tough challenges most pressing is the lack of clean drinking water the doula so desperate to japan has arrived. caroline kennedy is expected to bolster relations between the two


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