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tv   RT News  PBS  November 16, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PST

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stocks. good news. or what's a floor behind bars after breaking into about spying database run by u s government contractor bishop probably send him a paycheck considered sending him to prison for the next ten years the report of a story of jeremy humm and allegedly used by the fbi as part of a private army of hackers and punished for going astray alarming figures in japan's radiation odd spot. this is close to the average level of the goals down with that in the chernobyl zone. only with one exception. the place
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where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living hard to travel to the exclusion zone the fish in about the government has vowed to make fit for habitation soon applied to some see as hopelessly unrealistic box russian police received a militant hideout leading to an intense gunfire with several terrorists dead reportedly including the met orchestra to last most people could ride bus bombing. it's three pm and off white mat as the berry good to be with us our top story this hour a cyber activists by the massive expos am the us private intelligence firm that spied for the government has been sentenced to ten years behind bars. analysts say the case that was anything but clear cut than is being described as a warning shot to whistleblowers but he's
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honest us teacher can reports after two hours during a packed courtroom in the federal courthouse in lower manhattan twenty year old activist impacting jeremy hammond was sentenced two hundred and twenty months behind bars he's going to spend the next decade in jail in march twenty twelve hammond was arrested for breaking into two hundred gigabytes. a five million emails of information of private security firms trapper and leaking this information to transparency urbanization week two weeks in the sea thousand was revealed that the private security firm was spying and human rights activists upon the request corporation and the us government's earlier panic and plead guilty to one count of the computer abuse and fraud act. this was a classic case of whistle blowing. beware of malfeasance in criminal activity by a private corporation on the staff of both corporations and the government has exposed the government and the judge felt that the idea of causing the hammer causing
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destruction was incompatible with that. jeremy's stated political calls and time and then we disagree with that some of them and supporters have dubbed him the robin hood of our times the defense team inside the courtroom argued that he fought for the better good trying to bring about real change to the system and shed more light on what the us government was doing the prosecution however said that he stole the numbers of sixty thousand credit cards causing the damage of one to two point five million dollars to businesses and individuals people who have influence and people whom he or do not stand up and defend people like germany the judge said that he is not the almighty yellow adopt a kid i was the sole rights activist jeremy's every much as a progressive humanist and despair of those leaders as as we said in the defense is medicated by his political beliefs. his desire for transparency in its desire to highlight what's wrong with the private security industry and with government
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surveillance a total of two hundred and sixty five letters from journalist to this human and constitutional rights groups were sent to the judge asking for jeremy having to be released also thirty six prominent freedom of information act to this. i sense their request to the courthouse however the huge support for jeremy heavens did not affect the judge's decision. if we don't have jeremy am and since we don't have edward snowdon says we don't have chelsea manning's fairgrounds. we don't have a free press this and this comes on the heels of the nsa scandal continuing debate on what should and should not be kept secret in the us compound wall the unprecedented war on whistleblowers will continue as well as the war on freedom of information. is this the chicken up rt meal. exact details of how this predicament not clear but his ears his aversion of the events have been part of the activist group called lol seconds behind a number of high profile stunts one of its members caught by the fbi in turn informant allegedly threw in the agency federal
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sec with pre selected targets including web sites in turkey iran and brazil. jeremy ignored the plans though hacking into intelligence firm strap for instead of publishing embarrassing and sensitive data. the group's members arrested soon afterwards. it's been a journalist david seaman says the hacker it seems to have been led at every step of the way. he was approached by an fbi informant is fbi informant is apparently the one who quote on quote cheer led by jeremy interacting in the disorganization of this fbi informant also allegedly gave them a list of other targets. the chairman should go after and which i did not go out there and once he wants to receive the information he apparently downloaded it to an fbi controlled server at the request of this fbi informant so this was basically an fbi operation the audition of how we sat in the case that instead of sending him to prison for the next ten years. what few weeks revealed a degree of wrongdoing bits in the interest to know about. so i
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was totally shocked that they would with a full ten years the maximum possible that's an outrage. this judge represents everything wrong with the american justice system today we should be silencing guys the jimi hendrix to be giving them jobs and is an innovator that he hacked into something that the behest of the government us spy activities may be sowing doubts among european partners in a few minutes we hear from former off the chancellor of the doctrines of the relations have been damaged by the u s surveillance of revelation spots. syria still getting a roadmap for the elimination of its chemical arsenal but finding a construction site proving the almond extract first in japan or group of government officials decided to come clean and admit that residents of the fishy map may never be able to return to their homes. ac radiation levels there can be brought back to normal soon and are urging leadership to abandon plans to make the area that for a living. but only a handful of those residents actually say they want to go back more than two years
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after the earthquake and tsunami that crippled the teaching of the power plant. main reason for that ideally the radiation level should be just one mill sc for her year since this is an impossible target for japan the government reportedly hopes to ensure people are exposed to doses of more than twenty times that. but in some of the worst affected areas. geiger counter show measurements of around fifty times the recommended amount that's halfway to cancer causing levels. the diesel x air shows he has more from the exclusions it's hard to say what gives you a creepy or feeling the trail of destruction left by the twenty eleven tsunami or the houses and costly natural disaster but the band and off to the new year accident walking through the deserted streets of the pushing exclusion zone weekend seaplane to go. technically we're now well within the push him a no go zone with just ten km from the new ipod station these houses ravaged by the tsunami went eleven still standing he and all we needed to be restored
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the surprise and on the radiation level care i will wear that in some of the european cities. this prompted the decision by the japanese government to allow the people to return to their home. scientists say that suicidal because radiation my grades and because it exists in hot spots scattered all across the area. the pope's will lose the accused along with the redemptive work today and concentrated store. it is almost impossible to find out all the hopeful to come though before we moved all of their product and company must inform their houses. we actually stumbled upon this process review the material from personal belongings to contaminate the soil is stored in plastic backs and dairy. the radiation even when berserk even from a considerable distance imagine our surprise when we found similar levels in an area which had never been included in the no go zone i've traveled to the chernobyl exclusion zone more than a dozen times and
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this was probably the scariest at this old one which would have radiation mean on the ground on the layer of moss and it produced more than eight times that my car on the us dollar that is forty times more than a normal human radiation level here. sixty km on the cushion when you play a far flung the readings of the us and that this is close to the average level of a ghost town all week that in the chernobyl zone. only with one exception. the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living. mrs mores ono is one of them. she wore her aviation meter and no patrols the area looking for hot spots. we had after school classes for children that our house but had to close it because of higher radiation. in her short life this girl has already got used to seeing a lot of radiation meters just like mrs mores on all her mother joined in and geo group of ordinary women united by fear for the future all their children and distrust of
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the government's actions the seminar gave it to government officials everyday i would get no reply don't see any action from this is the time to play down the scale of things meanwhile our children are already suffering from clarity she is. the voice of dissent is now intensifying despite assurances from tesco has spent nuclear fuel roads are removed from reactive for pushing with itt. the walking all we have the under control it's a challenging race as we have the equipment to perform it. anti nuclear protesters in tokyo saying no one should be allowed back into the petition area unt it's complete the site which in truth may not happen for centuries their peak it has just surpassed eight hundred dates and they will stay in longer they say to force their government into rethinking its nuclear policies. lexi rush of ski on scene reporting from japan warnings that foreign problems could be coming home interior security chiefs out in the alarm saying more europeans are joining the rebel campaign in syria
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and coming back radicalized plots the eye the idea activists protesting outside the white house against the devastating civilian cost us for a war. but first an hours long standoff between group of militants and police in russia's restive north caucasus republic of dagestan seemingly all for all five gunmen believed to have been killed one of them are known to have been involved in a deadly terror attack in the city of boulder grab last month. bart's tie the knot se joins us live now with the latest so tell us it is a very dramatic events are unfolding there in dagestan give us the latest details the day dramatic scenes and sneak out to me and that it's in my quest to allow wake up to the spontaneity of hiding out under the hot favourite
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bands in rock bands the house that continue to get into it and it is to cement that all of which the band east of the best she said the youth wing in bad housing woman and a child's eye they continued a sheet in the wake of the gunmen asking them to release the woman and child. there were lights and nissan honda and it's not that one of the woman at that woman was to use was actually at the wide open one up but then it says was in that house. now these out once and a woman and child needs from the house the gunmen and for these wingnuts on a sheep dogs at each other up at the pace and tried to calm things down other the bid to buy at trying to speak to them that they commented that it is the fact that the gunmen inside the house that is all wanted me to use up the duff who has been to investigate the tuning up for the volvo front of its nation his mother was called in to try to speak to him to try to get into the rain to cheer the conversation with his mother he wanted. defence that he was indeed the price
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in the south fulton excursions that we used at the bald look like. thus exposing you to think about terror attacks is that he helped. he helped to orchestrate the giants mind and that he said. what i said to be patient when nod towards me not to be three of them and then killed jean that she got to be that they have achieved what also feels that the companies who has not yet supple up was the snake all for helping out die then tonight that i see yellow box for carried out the celtics bench and on that bus in the global drugs that killed six people. i did not say thank you very much about it. well on our t dot com the fullback store at last month's bus bombing in southern russia and coming out in the program libby is seeing its worst violence was with deadly clashes at the headquarters of a powerful militia group despite the government's
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attempts to make rival factions lay down their arms that story and more dangerous tool . if you don't move. new gun law opportunity what he did for me and you start to construct your own terms. the day the gangsters beyond me. the roads bono kgb agents. the stooges. i'm going to do. what if the ride but i said what about them a few. i didn't really do now
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and i tagged the onion me you think your country iraq and afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even iran's in each washington finds itself under the un man out weeding alone for readingrom behind in a muddled pack the us simut of touch or its histo in the region is nearly gone the eye. we are now global chemical weapons watchdog outlined in issues timetable for the destruction of serious toxic weapons the end of june twenty fourteen said is the deadline for damascus to get rid of its entire arsenal although the end of this year. while the organization is positive about the results achieved so far there are still many obstacles to come. heavy fighting in syria putting off the international team of chemical weapons experts c where t stopiles toill not
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be destroyed with albania vehemently rejecting a request to be a host site and norway saying it will help but only with transport. lana was crisp and read from the international socialist group says finding a willing partner made up. what i find incredible was that it is a norwegian not much tship come in by norwegian naval this which is going to syria to pick up these weapons the sheik was mustard gas and sour. the agreement albania the norwegian city to fix the season ability to dismantle the chemical weapons. i would ask is the richest one of the richest countries in europe don't have the expertise and knowledge to do this i can expand the poorest country in europe to do this smacks of colonial mentality that some i will going to dump these things in albania when no one to bring them to grits and why did he choose a country which has the expertise prince instance in britain as the old the last in a chemical weapons facility. i would trust us to dismantle its weapons for the good in both high levels expertise and
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also i'll be the most emotionally stable countries in europe this is not to attack the albanian people but the albanian state as hotel will restrain myself a nice table disapproval guys cry i cry now i think is a very strange decision to stay with aunt sadie's deadly weapons and put them in a country which was security must be an issue. as chemical weapons in syria are being sought out and destroyed spy chiefs in europe at one of a rapid rise in citizens going there to buy counterterrorism analysts say one in ten foreign fighters comes from the continent. when the news top intelligence official has warned they pose a serious threat to home countries if they make it back from the fight. in the mind french born to french parents went to amazon atheist and he knows the mind to any religion. great beans on a guided me to do. no calls themself a more down time i'm having found his thumb on the internet in two thousand night. in this video he's
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urging muslims to join the fight in syria. his younger brother john daniel was slated to join up till he was later killed in aleppo spoon on both fronts well known people that is the time you'll save your soul from fire hard news. this is just one and then a second videos online of young europeans calling their peers to harvest. western intelligence services have intensified their warnings that europeans heading to syria to fight nowadays they'd notice not only is copyrighted to the number of individuals heading over there but also in decline and if people want to winning the fight. they say that more and more they are more committed to this trouble upon the return to europe there's still no clear ut way to de michael eisner these individuals. when the french and then read it every time i've mentioned muhammad never either killed seven people is still flat heightening fears of an ep one radicalized and matt returned to france. most of those people on the eighth
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day of french people and all travel to again stand in pakistan and poverty to alter the basis of all fail and yet you will fail. annie was not co counsel a huge debate your ads and to all we knew we are able not to arrest him. on the wrong said he had been fighting and the indians and aunties training. this summer in germany's interior minister suggested a temporary ban on fighters returning home belgium on the other hand i've been working with turkish authorities to bring in the nationals back the senior outcome already been made. but there still isn't a one size fits all solution. andy hughes and intelligence as more could there be no difficulty remains. tanner has the potential for the one who is at the sarasota rt areas
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mayor of toronto around me embarrassed for drunk driving smoking crack cocaine some rude comments caught on video now this trip to some of his power by the city council details on this latest twist in his rollercoaster ride the rt dot com. and open sesame to you and signals it's going to give russia exclusive rights to the us was in the disputed sea zone find out more about the resource rich area called in aladdin escape by one politician. a protest in libya escalated into an armed confrontation with at least thirty two people went dead a militia group opened fire to disperse a crowd growing outside its headquarters demonstrators returned with guns and shot back. there's footage of a chaotic scene erupting on the streets the worst violence seen there in months. rival militias have been fighting a turf forces to help out was former leader mark cannot be the prime minister trying to
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persuade them to lay down their weapons but defense consulting well we knew our roof. things are in groups are too powerful for the governor right now. he blows them cope with the bulk of the nation unite tools of revolutionary mob of the toffee almond so yes the day of the build of the west and the forces of nato nations of member states' oldest coming at them knew there would be odd chaos in the country. the film added to the fact that the content that is filled with the result of motoring be told. they disbanded the military on the seventh of this debt is in effect no law of allah sent the military will be made by anyone that has no security is not shy to study dropped two points and told them that they are also confident of coming from different topics and tried to take control of truth for the books that's all busy. these two crashes and motor off on civilians and in tripoli. makeshift rose and tombstones a way of saying no to us use of un manned aircraft to carry out deadly attacks. protesters converged outside the white
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house claiming that collateral damage from the anti terror tactics used to hide. the procession leader headed for the offices of general tonics the maker of the drums and when the strikes. this talk at roughly one in ten of the people killed by us uab straight seam yemen and pakistan as a civilian. a group of devotees who lost family members inside the strike came to washington i strode straight i don't plan on meeting with lawmakers over the coming days our message to them is clear to the tin and stupid drunk and eighty two and jan and their assets are also asking for them than not i just find a drama program to hear at least for those documents of any and for the dumbest things you get the conversation we heard from a cannon them and us as his brother in law and nephew were killed by us drone strikes a deal to me so i loved ones who are enjoying the waging of snow and getting cut to pieces by these new songs he says there is a brother in law was a very outspoken critic of lk
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down and got if he were to be tell that it would actually be bought by a from that i am a member now peta but much as we hear it turned out very differently. here the white house was all over guarantee it. germany postponing the purchase of one man warplanes over legal and ethical concerns lawmakers condemning the drone strikes as illegal killings and recently chancellor merkel was criticized by human rights groups between backing us operations in pakistan the german mp tells us that despite the decision the government is more keen than ever in getting involved in foreign conflicts. i think it's working there acting that way then sat down one to be calm that it's been more was more military interventions and to add this isn't really big scandal because it's going to be more killings. more people will die with this outcome the drones and say hi. in fact now i know what they want to fly its side in the us so with this military
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operations as moody as solid in the last eighty years. for example the social democrats they wanted. actually that gemini will be able to hack into it or not so vomiting again cynthia. what's the cause and that is they way they decent nights and now it's a different situation and i want to be coming to the moonwalk wallace and more military operations that's what i can see enough of this agreement us mad surveillance activities have been pouting relations with key allies since edward snowden started leaking an estate documents earlier this year. our reaction from europe has so far been limited to angry statements discontent could be growing to discuss the word transatlantic ties are having our computer offer spoke with office former chancellor who still closely involved in the country's politics. relationship between the european union and the united states seems to escape something of a rocky patch of late. and that's why i couldn't get to the identity with a former european leader to gauge his opinion on the current
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situation. she's the thank you very much for talking to us. just how damaging as the nsa spying scandal being full eu us relations. he did take it to the to see him more in the pacific is among twenty years. but the queen superficial point even know was that the oil companies are looking around for information people need to cut the currency's before the dc area. arena. this is because he too will compete to be free. because he is stationed in germany is in the air including the frame and you should never. i love you afraid to take a look and again at the sticker asking god to me that peace that can book a potential tool tip is it possible even healthy for a ninety year of american exceptionalism to exist in the mall kmh. i don't think
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that any pics of one use the exception of cocoa some pti taken the gamble. i don't even with these two traditional four wheel when he cooked me a province and sistas. and it can be macho are or can be mo powerful tool that can do. you can really let it be in that we are going home. we could both go on the hill. we are the same sheet. the head that he is the same team we have to find the common loons have to find the key of course the future. the booking and exceptionalism these days in la that the nation's think it's the balcony but only because of the nineteenth century and during the twenty first century. i think we are equals. she's a cute image the key that was me control the speaking too formal austrian chancellor delta will try to slip here in vienna on our team. stay with us breaking the set coming your way next. i knew. eye
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room. he'll love these rare moments where action of some daily sunspots to share with you. eft is working the band partially hydrogenated oils which are the leading source of trans fats in foods and possibly the cause of up to twenty thousand are taxed for your across the usa according to fda commissioner margaret hamburg. as you know i like the chemicals in my foot kept to a minimal but t thing is the people of tft are surely aware of all the hormones in the windshield most being produced with the spinach to two very narrow narrow focus in fact when you look at all the things that americans consume small use that as for help. some of my work than ever while others are completely tolerated it ever took the hardcore marijuana smoker guilty that you used it for use in the year and that's the old man to come to
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a point i think there is this is one of those rare instances where a balanced position is a really good idea what all the country could go the libertarian robin let it be everything be legal but people make their own choices. or do what i think would be much much better actually really bad all the things that are destructive to our health both of these paths have positive and negative effects but they are a lot better than our current plan of the unsung harmful thing for some reason no other harmful things because both the lobby better. but the ashes back the room. you can see it go so riveting that separates us with a camisole come up pretty soon i will miss out isn't that busy people with habitat for an encore to
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report that he would the detainees beach. ask she's going to hit you on the up to the ddt activity all you need. intestines and one heck of a boss. maybe that'll be it a fantasy the kids were misled over so my mom agrees she still says it over with for one balls as of end of this. due to it when the robot. he is. as in his will. the you're a box of
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